A “Seven Year Hitch” In Time Saves “9” (Or, Corsi Codes Blue)

Caught Without A Single Stitch, Much Less Nine

As noted at ConWebBlog,  Jerome “Deputy Jerry” Corsi is still playing games with the truth:

Jerome Corsi is either an idiot or utterly dishonest.

In a brief summary of the cold case posse “investigation” of Barack Obama’s “eligibility” in an Aug. 16 WorldNetDaily article, Corsi writes: “In addition, the team found computer codes handwritten on the Obama long-form birth certificate are inconsistent with information filled out on the form, suggesting the document had been altered.”

In fact, whatever coding system was used on Obama’s 1961 birth certificate , it clearly wasn’t the 1968 system Corsi, Mike Zullo and the rest of the posse used as evidence of an “altered” document.


As background, there are certain penciled in numbers on the online image of Obama’s long form birth certificate. These numbers were for the purpose of coding the information for subsequent computer input.  The confusion arises from the number “9” penciled in the block for “Race of Father.”  The block was filled in with “African”, which has reportedly sent large untold numbers into catatonic states.

A previous Internet Article from ConWebBlog explains how the Cold Case Posse screwed up by using the WRONG YEAR’S coding protocol:

Zullo’s coding error

During Cold Case Posse chief Mike Zullo’s July 17 press conference to announce the latest findings from his so-called investigation, he touted one item he purported to be a bombshell regarding handwritten codes on Obama’s long-form birth certificate, as WND reporter:

The codes seen on the document issued by the White House are not consistent with the          information entered into the various fields, indicating the document has been altered or amended.

In the coding system, the number 9 indicates the information is not stated, meaning there should not be any information in the box in which the number is written.

However, the number 9 can be seen written in pencil next to the fields for “Usual Occupation,” “Kind of Business or Industry” and “Race of Father” on Obama’s document. Each of those fields are filled with information.

“This proves the document has been tampered with and information has been placed on it,” Zullo said.

In fact, according to the Obama Conspiracy site, Zullo is citing a coding system established in 1968, which would not apply to a birth certificate from 1961. The coding system at that time [1961] defined the number 9 as “other nonwhite.” Given that the number was found in the box for the race of Obama’s father, this may explain why his race is listed as “African” — it may be nothing more than a 50-year-old misguided notion that a black man from Africa was not a “Negro.”

Here is a link for the full story:


And here is a link to Dr. Conspiracy’s story on the coding, including the mysterious number 9:


Obviously, the “9” on the image of Obama’s  long form birth certificate is CORRECT, and the Cold Cut Posse is once more, full of baloney.  They used a book to check coding that wasn’t even invented for seven more years.

Sooo, a seven year hitch in time saves “9”. 

Oh, I just love it when you can work puns and word plays into a post!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Puns and word Plays.  This is for people who may be ESL, which is English as a second language.

Seven year hitch is a word play on seven year itch.  Hitch, of course, means a problem. And there is a seven year time difference between the 1961 code book and the 1968 book.

The Seven Year Itch usually refers to a psychological term that suggests that happiness declines after around year seven after a marriage. Sometimes, seven year itch means scabies, or a parasitic skin infection. or, a movie as noted below. For the Image caption, stitch is a slangish term for clothing.

A hitch in time saves 9 is a word play on the old adage, a stitch in time saves nine, about which Wikitionary says:

Proverb: a stitch in time saves nine

Etymology: From the practice of knitting.

A little effort expended sooner to fix a small problem, prevents it from becoming a larger problem requiring more effort to fix later; A little preparation can eliminate the need for repairs later; consistency (achieving a set rhythm) is better than trying to rush ahead.

Code Blue” is generally used to indicate a patient requiring resuscitation or otherwise in need of immediate medical attention, most often as the result of a respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest. Blue also means sad, which I imagine is how Jerome Corsi and the Cold Case Posse felt after learning they used the wrong year’s manual, assuming the mistake was unintentional.

Note 2. The Image.  This is Marilyn Monroe from the 1955 film, The Seven Year Itch. August , 2012 was the 50th anniversary of her death,  so I am happy I could work her into an Internet Article. This movie included this famous Subway Dress image:


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