The Birther Cotillion (Or, Coming Out In Phoenix!!!)

No Matter How Hard They Tried To Pass As Normal, The Birthers Could Never Quite Pull It Off

Talk about deja vu.  According to Stephen Lemon’s blog at the Phoenix New Times, the Birthers are planning a gala event on September 22, 2012 in Phoenix, Az:

Here is a link to the full Internet Article, which is pretty funny:

Stephen Lemon’s Blog at Phoenix New Times

Many Birther Celebs are going to be there, including Pat Boone, who will probably sing one of his No.1 hits,  “I Almost Lost My Mind”  no doubt rubbing it in on Terry Lakin and other Birthers who, unlike Boone, went all the way.

Anyway, here is what I think is behind this event, besides the chance to goose Obama, rack up photo-fees,  sell books, and pick up votes and Birther chicks.  I believe the Birthers are trying to pass themselves off as normal and rid themselves of that crazy as a sh*thouse mouse stigma. Which rather colorful term is defined by The Urban Dictionary as “an incomprehensibly crazy person”  and warns the term is “not used to describe a spell of psychotic behavior. A sh*thouse mouse is permanently insane.”

Sooo, you put a famous singer up on the stage, along with a real-live big city (county) high sheriff, a film producer, and few people who actually wrote books. Now, the average Birther can pretend he or she isn’t really all that stupid after all.  After all, famous rich people who can read and write believe this Birther stuff.

That’s my take on it – – – a big coming-out party, where the Birthers can pretend to be sane and weasel themselves into polite society. If they can get Donald Trump, and few more generals and naval officers there, they may pull it off.  Look for the Tea Party people there to be totally upstaged by the wild Birthers.

Meanwhile, don’t look for Mitt Romney to be there. He will be face-palming himself along with Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh, while they pray for the Ghost Of Bill Buckley to rise from the grave and rid the party of these idiots. After the election.

This ought to be a hoot, particularly if  backwoods Birthers and Sovereign Sitizens show up drunk with guns, muskets, pink dildoes, and various artillery pieces.  The bouncers are sure going to have a time keeping Riff Raff out.

Hmmm. I wonder if the aluminum foil concession is still available???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Cotillion:  Originally a dance with prescribed routines and steps. Wiki says:

The cotillion is a type of patterned social dance that originated in France in the 18th century. It was originally made up of four couples in a square formation, the forerunner of the quadrille; in the United States the square dance, where the “figures” are called aloud by the caller, is a form of rural contredanse that also descended from the urban cotillion. Its name, from French cotillon, “petticoat“, reflected the flash of petticoats as the changing partners turned.

The cotillion, of repeated “figures” interspersed with “changes” of different figures to different music, was one of many contredanses where the gathered participants were able to introduce themselves and to flirt with other dancers through the exchange of partners within the formation network of the dance. By the 19th century, the cotillion evolved to include more couples with many complex dance figures.

In modern usage, a Cotillion is usually a highly formal coming out affair, again as Wiki says:

In American usage, a cotillion is a formal ball and social gathering, often the venue for presenting débutantes during the débutante season – usually May through December. Cotillions are also used as classes to teach social etiquette, respect and common morals for the younger ages with the possibility of leading up to a débutante ball.

Debut presentations vary by regional culture and are also frequently referenced as “debutante balls,” “cotillion balls” or “coming-out” parties. The male equivalent is often referred to as “beautillion ball”.

A cotillion or débutante ball in the United States is a formal presentation of young ladies, débutantes, to “polite society”. Wearing white gowns and satin or kid gloves, the débutantes stand in a receiving line, and then are introduced individually to the audience. The débutante is announced and then is walked around the stage, guided by her father who then presents her. Her younger male escort then joins her and escorts her away. Each débutante brings at least one escort, sometimes two. Many débutante balls select escorts and then pair them with the debs to promote good social pairings. Every débutante must perform a curtsy also known as the St. James Bow or a full court bow. This gesture is made as the young woman is formally presented. Débutante balls exist in nearly every major city in the United States but are more common and a larger affair in the South.

As a side note, pre-Cotillion virginity tests were phased out in the 1960’s for some unknown reason.

Note 2. The Image. This is a still from the 1975 film version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where Dr. Frank-N-Furter shot the notion of natural born citizen all to Hell and back.  The tap dancer is “Columbia” played by Little Nell.  The Easter Egg begins with a line from “Hail Columbia“, also known as The President’s March and once considered a National Anthem, until 1931. Now, it is the entry music for the Vice-President. The actual part of the song goes, in tribute to George Washington:

When hope was sinking in dismay,
When glooms obscured Columbia’s day,
His steady mind, from changes free,
Resolved on death or liberty

Note 3. Bonus. Occasional Music from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, performed acoustically:


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