Orly Taitz Chomping At The Bit To Find The SEALS!!!

The Talking Mule Was Pretty Sure She Had Found A SEAL. . . But Where Was The Ball On The End Of His Nose?

Well, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. is bound and determined to get wrapped up with the ex-SEALS who have come out against Obama.  Four Attempted Orly Team Insertions in 2 days!!! Here are snapshots from her website, in chronological order:

I know the SEALS are tough and all that, but I recommend Escape and Evasion here. To the best of my knowledge, the SEALS haven’t been certified on butterfly nets.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the 1950 film, Francis (aka Francis The Talking Mule.)

Note 2. Chomping At The Bit. The Wise Geek describes this idiom:

The expression chomping at the bit, also rendered as champing at the bit, refers to a noticeable eagerness, especially when prompted by frustration or impatience. A movie buff may be chomping at the bit to see a critically acclaimed blockbuster movie, or a computer geek could be chomping at the bit to try out a new operating system. The person may be barely able to control himself or herself until the opportunity to take action arises. There may only be a few minor details or regulations standing between a person and the thing he or she cannot wait to possess. The frustration at being artificially restrained at the very last minute can be compared to an animal struggling at the end of a leash or chain.

He says more at the link:



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5 responses to “Orly Taitz Chomping At The Bit To Find The SEALS!!!

  • Northland10

    How lazy can the lady be? She is “chomping at the bit” for some Seal action but cannot be bothered to pick up the phone or email herself? She has to send or FM’s to contact them for her? If it were that important, maybe she might consider doing it herself.

    Then again, the ex-Seal may not be answering her calls. I couldn’t possibly imagine why.

  • G

    Sometimes I wonder how Orly manages to bathe and feed herself, without having her Flying Monkeys do it for her…

    *ick* now I have to remove those disturbing images from my mind…*hurl*

  • linda

    Yes, I am at a loss for why Orly, her highness, doesn’t contact them herself. Is it because she knows she is toxic? Probably not. Is it because she knows they will not respond? Maybe.

    • G

      Because Orly is both a spoiled brat and lazy. There is nothing unusual about her behavior in this matter. She is always demanding that her Flying Monkeys do all of her work for her. She is a meglomanical prima donna. Simple as that. SOP for her.

  • Suranis

    Orly does this crap to make her cult followers feel involved and that they are right there with her. That makes it more likely they will donate.

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