Did The SEALS Tell Orly Taitz To Go Jump In The Lake???

Orly Would Do Just About Anything To Convince The SEALS She Could Keep Up

Well, after bugging her Flying Monkeys for days to find Larry Bailey, the Birther SEAL, Dr. Orly Taitz apparently got some kind of email response. While she has not yet revealed the contents of the email,  apparently things did not go well, and Orly Taitz believes the sender to be an imposter.  Down below is a screen shot copy of her request for help identifying the offending party.

I read through this, and you will notice a box that I put around 3 lines which indicates the subject of the email was  “Please cease and desist.”  That sounds a little too polite for a hoaxer.  Plus, there is a definite return email address. I would not be surprised to learn this is a real email from the real SEAL.  Plus, I can not imagine a person who is trained in Situational Awareness, would find her a valuable asset.  He may be a Birther, but he has Survival Training skills.

If this is real, look for this to disappear from her website,  or to be followed by a screed against the guy. There is some reason that she is not revealing the contents of the email. I could be wrong about this, and it could actually be phony, but my antennae are twitching for some reason. At any rate, it is a valid story whichever way it turns out. Plus, as you can see even further below, all of us here got an Honorable Mention in Taitz’s comment section!

Here is the link:


Rambo_Ike, a Birther who has posted here before, and who is fairly visible around the web, suggested to Dr. Taitz that one of us here sent the email. Here is a screen shot of that insulting accusation, because I am sure that none of us here would ever, ever try to put something over on Dr. Taitz. Ouch!!! My darn pants are burning!!! Drop and roll, drop and roll. . .:

Oh, my! Mr. Rambo sure must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. I found it at this website, where it is listed as having been included on a DVD of  Carnival of Souls (1962).



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20 responses to “Did The SEALS Tell Orly Taitz To Go Jump In The Lake???

  • G

    Well, this article appears to not be satire. Although who still has an AOL address these days… Oh that’s right…really, really old RWNJ people…

    So yeah, that would fit the profile for the cranky old Seal Birther. Considering Orly’s “reputation” and ability to harass people, even other Birthers, I would not be surprised by a “cease and desist” response from them to her at all.

    Rambo Ike is nothing but the typical nut job bully. He gets his ass kicked on every non-RWNJ blog out there and then just runs to his safe havens of delusion and proclaims victory. Typical loser cretin and bore.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      No, this one is serious. Plus, from what I read about Bailey and SOS, they are not into Birtherism. The mission is something else entirely. I just have a feeling Orly is going to find out she put her foot in her mouth on this one.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  • Monkey Boy

    Oh, my. Twinky_Ike is on to me. Squeeky, you have to provide me with a safe house to go to ground. I did it all for you…and mad Julie.

    With both Twinky_Ike and Seals PO’ed at me, I need a new ID and a ticket to Rio. You owe me, Squeeks!

  • Yulia

    Ha Ha Ha. You are dumb obots. Not smart like Rambo_Ike.

    You try to pull cloth over eyes of Dr Taitz, esq and fail. She still go after userper with tooth and hammer.

    • Sam the Centipede

      Ha Ha Ha. You are dumb obots. Not smart like Rambo_Ike.

      Yeah, too right, I’m not smart like Rambo_Ike. Nor am I heavy like a feather, fast like a snail, poor like Warren Buffet, green like the sky, hot like an iceberg, sane like you.

      However, a tin of tomatoes is smart like Rambo_Ike.

      You try to pull cloth over eyes of Dr Taitz, esq and fail. She still go after userper with tooth and hammer.

      Now I have an image in my mind of Taitz as a parrot in a cage, screeching away, while her owner tries to put a cloth over the cage to put her to sleep.

    • Richard

      Orly with tooth and hammer running after the POTUS? Now that’s an image for an extended ROFLMAO 🙂

  • notaxj

    Their campaign is intended to be a pure smear job. Why let Orly Taitz horn in on the action when she could only make things worse when they got a good thing going (in their minds…). Larry knows Orly’s track record of losses and her inability to litigate a lawsuit. It wouldn’t surprise me if they already have a REAL attorney.

    • G

      Yeah, these folks are pure and simple hate-based propagandist smear merchants, looking to manufacture a new “Swiftboat” attempt.

      They may peddle crazy to the gullible, but they aren’t crazy enough to believe their own BS. Therefore, they have no desire to let the real crazies (like Orly) attatch themselves to their cause…

  • SueDB

    Man, that was tough – He is an AOL customer this Commander Bailey…

  • Richard

    re: Note 1 The Image:
    Did you aleady grant Orly the right to include this on her sensational DVD on the NH and GA court hearings?

  • Yulia

    Rambo_Ike may be obot on low down. He work with schwartze obot, Monkey Boy, to lead staff of Dr. Taitz, esq. into rabbit hutch to cause much waste of time.

    Golem Obama use many wolfs in sheepskin to trick opposition.

    • Sam the Centipede

      So, Yulia, it seems you’re saying that Orly Taitz cannot possibly be the vile lying seditionist that she portrays, but is in fact an Obot working to make birthers look stupid, and complicit Republicans look like they’ll trim to any rubbish if it might win them another any vote?

      I might buy that. No sane person could possibly be as vile and delusional as Ms Taitz. (I won’t call her Dr, because I haven’t seen and handled a paper copy of her certificates, so I have no credible evidence that she is who she says she is nor that she has any qualifications of any sort.)

    • Monkey Boy

      Julie, girl, you get a couple of facts right, and then go off the tracks again.

      I have long suspected that Twinky_Ike and David Farrar are obots on the down low. Simply, because no one, I believe, could be so incredibly stupid as they portray themselves to be. They could be “wolves in sheep’s clothing” to make birthers look ridiculous by making contradictory, and oftentimes, ridiculous assertions that are easily disproved. So, you may be right on that point.

      However, it is not true that I am working with him. Neither of us led you into a rabbit hole; you fell into one by walking while blindfolded. Although I admit, Twinky_Ike pointed you in the direction.

  • Reality Check

    I first glance I thought the photo of the diving mule at Saltair was one of the famous diving horses at the Atlantic City Steel Pier. That of course sent me Googling and I read the interesting story of how Doc Carver started the business at Atlantic City. Apparently, no horse was ever injured over the many years this ran but one of the riders, Doc Carver’s daughter in law was permanently made blind when she hit the water face first in an accident. She continued to ride the diving horse for many years after the accident. http://www.steel-pier.com/dedicated_to_the_diving_horses.htm

    This of course has nothing to do with Birthers but IMO is a hell of a lot more interesting.

    • Jim

      Actually, perfect analogy RC. Even though the birthers are so blinded by their hatred, they continue to dive in face first. Thanks for the post!

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