Gatekeepergate??? (Or, “Indirect Confirmation” SEALS Told Taitz To Go Jump In The Lake)

Remembering Her Mail Order Classes, The Talking Mule Slyly Took The Fifth

Well, following up on last night’s supposition that the phony “Obot”  email Dr. Orly Taitz complained about was actually a  “go jump in the lake” communication from Birther SEAL Larry Bailey, today we get this little hint from Dr. Taitz in her comment section:

Here is the link:

Here is a screen shot of yesterdays headline post at her website:

I feel strange using Birther Butterdezillion’s favorite term, indirect confirmation, but I think it applies here. Yesterdays “OBOT CLAIMING THAT HE IS E-MAILING ME ON BEHALF OF COMMANDER BAILEY” seems to fit in with today’s “Bailey has a gate keeper.”

And, her statement, “I am sure Bailey never saw anything we sent him.”  fits in with that line buried in the “Obot” email about “Subject: Please cease and desist”.

Here is the link to last night’s story if you need a refresher:

Yep, I would call that indirect confirmation.  Dr. Taitz is probably feeling pretty stupid about the whole phony Obot email thing, and feeling even worse because us Obots and Anti-Birthers know about it.  I bet the contents of that “Obot” email must be a doozy, but  we will probably never see what the Gatekeeper wrote.

Would it be too much to call this Gatekeepergate???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the 1952 movie, Francis Goes To West Point.  Talking and diving Mules have been the theme for all three of the Orly Taitz-SEAL stories here.


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