Donald Trump’s Big Surprise???

Sometimes Parties Can Get Really Weird In A Hurry

Well knock me down with a feather! A secret source in Tampa, Florida sent me a copy of Donald Trump’s surprise that he has planned for the Republican Convention. He said he wanted to get it out to the world before the hurricane hits and knocks out the power.

At first, this thing didn’t look right to me, but then I read Trump’s My Big Speech that accompanied it, and well, if it is good enough for Trump and all those experts, it is good enough for me. First, here is the Secret Information that Trump found, a hitherto undiscovered letter and poem from 1972 by Frank Marshall Davis. (Click on images to enlarge or just hit the link for the pdf copy for easier reading.)

FMD Poem

And page 2:

I mean was that groovy or what???  Anyway, there were some things about the letter that just didn’t seem to fit to me, but then I read Trump’s speech. Sooo, here is that document. (Click on image to enlarge or just hit the link for the pdf copy for easier reading.)

My Big Speech

Like I said before, I had my doubts about the document, but if a lot of really smart people like Donald Trump, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Mara Zebest, Garrett Papit, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullo, and a whole dang Cold Case Posse believe that you can tell whether a document is forged or not from looking at an online image of it, who am I, a mild-mannered little Girl Reporter to disagree???

There are pdf copies of all these documents above, in case you want to check them for layers, masks, smiley faces, errant pixels, and whatever.  They don’t seem to have any, but I still get the nagging feeling something isn’t right with all this stuff.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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28 responses to “Donald Trump’s Big Surprise???

  • Ben Dover

    That was the truly the biggest waste of my time ever. I truly don’t get the point of that drivel. It certainly wasn’t funny and didn’t seem to have a point. Were you bored? Hallucinating?

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi Ben Dover!

      Well, it is a little different, but it ties in several diverse themes, including:

      1. Birther Fascination with Obama’s parentage;
      2. Birther’s making up fantastic tales about Frank Marshall Davis;
      3. Birther’s insane belief that they can determine forgery from an online image;
      4. Birther gullibility in believing anything negative about Obama;
      5. Donald Trump falling for this Birther nonsense;
      6. The ridiculous Birther expectations about what the Big Surprise is.

      Tie that in with the poem, Scary Black Man, and it makes a certain point. Plus, there were several little funny inside jokes for people who follow the Birther stuff, for example the recent World Net Daily story about the house FMD lived in BEFORE FMD lived in it.

      I am sorry that you did not enjoy it.

      No, I was not bored, but yes I was hallucinating.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      • Slartibartfast

        Now Sqeeky, you know what they say about hallucinogens… did you bring enough for everyone? 😉

        • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

          Oh, it is just me and the cats. I think if I gave them anything, somebody would report spaced out cats in the neighborhood, and there I would be in the slammer.

          I am just sitting here grooving to some old-timey music on Blues Before Sunrise on NPR, and making the cats do the boogie-woogie. Which they are confused about.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        • Slartibartfast

          Well, if you get busted you could always write an article about it like he, Lucas Smith did when he was extradited cross-country… 😛

          I’m following your lead and listening to some jazz my assistant sent me (he plays bass). No hallucinogens—although I do live in a state where certain medicines are legal… :mrgreen:

      • Monkey Boy


        You may like some of the shows on this station that I used to listen to a lot when I lived in New York.

        All times are Eastern, but why not record to hard drive whatever you are interested in for playback at leisure.

        I’m a big fan of early Delta blues and post-1950 Chicago Blues, so for me, Tuesday’s Just As Bad is the joint.

    • Slartibartfast

      Ben Dover said:

      That was the truly the biggest waste of my time ever. I truly don’t get the point of that drivel. It certainly wasn’t funny and didn’t seem to have a point. Were you bored? Hallucinating?

      What an apt summation of the entire birther movement.

    • RoadScholar

      One has to be nearly as smart as a fifth-grader, enough so to understand satirical humor, and a minimal grasp of the real world to appreciate the humor in Squeeky’s articles.

      So, I understand your missing it. Maybe you should stick to comedy at your intellectual level, like Garfield or Marmaduke.

  • Yulia

    You send this to Dr. Taitz with affadavit, maybe you avoid jail.

  • AFewFunctionalBraincellsLeft

    One day you will be remembered as one of the fascist morons who, rather than look at facts decided to use your life to marginalize your opposition in the typical Alinsky style, while trying to undermine their truth by calling them “racist” among other things. One day when millions of children are born into bondage hearing about their people once being “free”, that will be your legacy.

    You’re clueless, classless & careless just like the Germans on the wrong side of history from the Nazi era. You won’t just be remembered for cowering & having no guts, oh no, much worse than that. You’ll forever be seen as a person that spent their time poking spiteful, mean spirited “comedy” at those trying to save the Republic, that so many before you had fought, died & bled for.

    “Birthers” aren’t about “hate”, but they are about “reality”, no matter how unpopular it is. That would be the constitutional crisis America finds itself in at this time, with the most spiteful, divisive, racist & constitution-shredding POTUS in it’s history finishes off the last remaning freedoms of the citizens & leaves thousands of innocents dead & destroyed in his wake all over the world. But I bet a fascist like you feels the genocide of Christians in Syria, Lebanon & Africa to the Muslims he put in power or that of the whites in Africa to a tyrannical racist government with the blessing of your hero “deserve it”, right?.

    Just like Rome, most the citizens of America would rather not see the truth, as though that somehow stops the inevitable from happening. Keep laughing yourself thorough the loss of your freedoms, prosperity & hope for the future. People like you get exactly what they deserve.

    As for those you love to trash; they may be marginalized in their day to day lives now by the media & BHO worshipers like you..But tomorrow they’ll be remembered as patriots, speaking up when there was hell to pay & trying to save the Republic.

    The future will remember them as heros & people like you will be looked upon with contempt & spite, just like all previous fascists that assisted the takedown of their once free countries.

    The amazing thing is; in any time before the rise of your plastic packaged for consumption “black Jesus”; a moment like the one where he was caught on a hot mic making incriminating statements to the Russians, would have been the scandal of the century & the people would have immediately demanded impeachment.. But today? Nope, because he will play the race card & immediately no matter what he does to destroy your country in your face, it’s not only OK; but you’ll continue to worship him all the way to hell. And of course, anyone that speaks the truth that is on display for all to see is called “racist”. I for one believe the true racists are obvious & it’s not your opposition..

    Some of us who voted for the man the first time are “birthers”. Other “birthers” are minorities themselves, (not sucking off the govt. teet of free entitlements trading freedoms for free stuff).

    But you wouldn’t know about that I’m sure. Just keep playing around while your welfare comes in & enjoy your slavery !

    • Monkey Boy

      Ha. You don’t fool me Twinky_Ike. That diatribe had Obot-false-flag dis-information post flashing in neon.

      True, you hit most of the ODS talking points, but you carried them to such ridiculous extremes that you alerted everyone: “This is BS.”

      … , with the most spiteful, divisive, racist & constitution-shredding,,, .

      This doesn’t work, Twinky, because even hardcore birfers realize that THEY are spiteful and divisive to “save the country.” They openly make racist appeals, whether they are personally racist or not–again, to “save the country.” Most will not admit to attempting to destroy the constitutional system in order to “save” it, but, a portion openly call for either a jacobinic or military overthrow of a popularly elected government.

    • G

      Wow…speaking of hallucinations. Good grief…no wonder you only have “AfewFunctionalBraincellsleft”…from your insane rant, you’ve proved that is all that remains and that over 99.99% of your brain has rotted away…

    • Mathew

      Its sad to see you are the only person in here that knows whats going on and your post is totally correct, you should know not to talk to the sheeple about the truth. They LOVE their welfare police state and its completely pointless trying to wake the sheeple with their blinders on that are bowing down to their King Obama. There are a whole boat load of people on here that their ignorance is not only laughable but entertaining so dont waste you breath with them.

      • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

        Hi Matthew!!!

        Well, it is your choice, but I wish you would spend a little time here. There is some pretty good legal stuff that you can read, like the stuff at the top of the header.

        Plus, I spend a lot of time trying to write stuff that is fun to read but also informative on all this Birther stuff. Like for example, this one about Minor v. Happersett and how belief in that takes place in a parallel universe or something:

        In short, if you are a Birther, hang around here and learn something new. You don’t have to continue in your mistaken path. You don’t have to like Obama either, because I don’t plan on voting for him either.

        But I am not going to lie about him and make up Imaginary Laws and things and stop being logical in the process. That is what Birthers do, and it is just wrong.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      • G

        Oh, what vivid fantasies you conjure up! Obviously, you are from some sad, alternate dimension.

        Sorry, but there is no “welfare police state” and we don’t have a King.

        I suspect you’ve too often gotten drunk or high while watching cheap made-for-tv movies and can no longer distinguish between reality and fiction.

  • The Busy Post

    Reblogged this on The Busy Post and commented:

    IF this is true, and I’m not convinced it is, it would be awesome!

  • Monkey Boy

    This has just come in over my transom. It corrects my perception of Twinky_Ike.

    My informant says that Twinky_Ike is a sockpuppet of prissy, limp-wristed Mark Gillar! I am inclined to accept it, because the sentence structure and lack of real argument by Twinky_Ike is identical to Gillar.

    Both rely on unsupported assertions that require acceptance on faith, and resort to pejorative adjectives that merely reinforce the already converted.

    Thank you, mysterious “Town Crier,” I stand corrected.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi Monkey Boy!

      Do you really think Rambo_Ike is Mark Gillar??? Because I really clobbered one of the Tea Party guys named Judson Phillips today WITH LOGIC.

      The bad thing is, I really don’t have anything against the Tea party on a lot of stuff, but why in the world do they believe all this stupid Birther stuff. I talked to Gillar a few times here, and he is not stupid or anything.

      Do they have to take some kind of Birther Oath or something???

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    • Slartibartfast

      I also think you’re wrong about David Farrar—he’s actually filed suits in Georgia (hey David, if you’re out there, who wrote your first complaint? It’s certain that neither you nor Orly could have done it…) and allowed himself to be used by Orly. This seems a little extreme for performance art…

  • Tom McFarland

    Want a shock? Check out this video taken after Barack Obama was elected to the Senate – he admits he was born in Kenya.

  • unifiedserenity

    Reblogged this on unifiedserenity and commented:
    wow…. but is it real? Trump isn’t trustworthy either… I think they want a revolution and this would do it.

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

    Hi UnifiedS!!!

    Thank you for re-blogging this Internet Article!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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