To Judson Phillips – Yes, Maniacs Scare Sane People!!!

Strangely, Godzilla Could Never Rise Above 5% In The Polls

Well, this is a really dumb Internet Article by Judson Phillips. Here are a few excerpts:

Anyone want to scare the left?  It can be fun.    Do you want to see liberals running and screaming like kids frightened by scenes at a Halloween haunted house?

There is one issue that terrifies the left.   This one issue gets them in such a lather that it is fun to watch.  It is also revealing that they are so terrified by the issue too.

What is it?

The birther issue is gold for conservatives.  As I have mentioned before. If Obama can be proven to have been ineligible for President, everything he did as President is void.

He even asks this question:

The birther issue sends the left off the deep end.  Why?

Uh, Dude, people are scared sh*tless of MANIACS!!! Haven’t you ever heard of Hannibal Lecter??? Michael Myers escaping from the mental hospital on Halloween Night??? How about Jack Nicholson in The Shining??? REⱭЯUM, REⱭЯUM, REⱭЯUM. . . Here’s Johnny!!!

Did you ever go camping, and somebody tells the story about the one-armed, hook-handed, axe-killer maniac who just escaped from the Funny Farm??? How about the Joker in the Batman Movies and his escapes from Arkham Asylum??? What do producers turn to time and time again to frighten people – MANIACS of one sort or another. Cannibal maniacs. Serial killer maniacs. Sadistic maniacs. Whole families of  inbred Mutant Maniacs living in caves kidnapping travelers for food and procreation.

And, beyond the movies, where you were when Jared Loughner went bonkers??? Or the nut in Aurora, Colorado??? Do you really think people want a Maniac President and a Maniac Cabinet, and an administration full of delusional maniacs??? Sorry, but subjective reality is not real popular right now.

And make no mistake, Judson Phillips. Birthers are maniacs. Birthers are delusional. One group of Birthers thinks you can determine forgeries by simply examining online images and trying to figure out  how they were scanned into a pdf file. You don’t have to prove any information on the image is false, or materially altered. Nope. The scanning process itself is the Alpha and Omega of Birther Forgery Science.

The other group of Birthers is even more horribly messed up in the head. They can’t read one or two legal cases and properly figure out the standard for natural born citizenship. They can’t do it even with judges in multiple courts helping them out and telling them that the citizenship of the parents is irrelevant for people born inside the United States.

Nope. Just like the Jack Nicholson character above, they sit there obsessed and scribble the same nonsense over and over and over. They think all the judges and lawyers in the country are in on some conspiracy to cover up the truth that America’s laws are based on some 18th century Swiss guy’s writings about French Law.

Dream on, Judson Phillips. America DOES NOT want a delusional, obsessive, conspiracy theorist person sitting there with their finger on the nuclear button. Maybe some  maniacs might approve of that, but not mainstream America. Which makes me wonder why you want it???

Exactly which side of the padded cell are you on???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Godzilla, of course. I did not use an image of Jack Nicholson in The Shining because I just recently used one of Hannibal Lecter.  The important point is that FEAR is not something you want to associate with your own candidate.  Rather, it is something that you want the voter to feel about the other guys. Think mushroom clouds here.


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5 responses to “To Judson Phillips – Yes, Maniacs Scare Sane People!!!

  • G

    Bravo Squeeky! Well said! Keep the maniacs from any reigns of power…and away from sharp objects…and other people…

  • Yulia

    Only braindead obots real maniacs. Dr. Orly Taitz, esq. try to take back asilum from lunaticks. Nurse Ratshit was obot.

    Dr. Taitz really need help from all to continue. Send donations and maybe Dr. Taitz not need to make home equity loan to continue. She fight to save country from forein peoples and obots.

    • G

      You mean foreign peoples like you and her? In that case, by all means, I champion Orly’s efforts to self-deport for the good of the country.

  • Plutodog

    No, they don’t need to deport. This is America. We can handle the steaming refuse from Moldovan soil. Lena and Yulia just need a vocation change to something they’re naturally suited for — Circus Clowns!

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