Orly Taitz Thanks Clint Eastwood For Empty Chair Speech???

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Well, what else can you say??? Everything is always about her.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. For those who do not follow all this Birther stuff, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. and several Birther lawyers lost a courtroom battle to an Empty Chair, who represented President Obama. This all took place in Georgia, in front of ALJ Malihi. In all fairness, the Empty Chair was very loquacious.  Bolstered by this victory, the Empty Chair has reportedly enrolled in an online law school.

Note 2. The Link. Some people have reported that the link does NOT lead to the article. I have researched the matter,  and OMG!!! I discovered that the Empty Chair was only having a bit of fun with me, and emailed me this Forged Image as a joke.  Darn, I should have checked the layers and pixels and stuff. Where is the Cold Case Posse when you really need them??? I can not believe that I got PWNED this easily. Let me tell you, that is one slick Empty Chair!!!


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15 responses to “Orly Taitz Thanks Clint Eastwood For Empty Chair Speech???

  • notaxj

    I think you’re wrong about the chair enrolling in lawschool. Word has it, it already had a JD from Harvard.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi notaxj!!!


      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    • RoadScholar

      Gosh, that’s hilarious. I get it! If a black guy can get a law degree from Harvard, then a wooden chair could too! That’s really funny! ‘Cause, you know, black people and especially our President are so stupid! Dang, I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard!

      Seriously, I love your kind of humor. Like: What did the sign say on a barn full if old black people? “Used Farm Equipment”! ROFLMAO!

      Really, keep ’em coming. Comments and attitudes like yours are exactly what America needs more of!

  • Lena

    Gosh, that’s hilarious. I get it! If a black guy can get a law degree from Harvard, then a wooden chair could too! That’s really funny!

    People want to know how a certain black guy managed to get degree from Columbia without attending classes. Or, how he get into Harvard with poor grades from a school he didn’t attend.

    There are people, who are wife and mother, that manage to EARN degree for lawyer and not be handed one like “black guy.”

    Brainless obots like to spread lies over internet, but cannot escape certain irrefutable facts like Obama not having verifiable history. Where did he come from? Who pay for expensive schools? Indonesia? Kenya? Underground Nazi elements? Nobody knows.

    Pastor James Manning, who is black guy, is honest and upstanding with spotless name prove Obama is legend created by someone. As it now stands now, Obama is indicted for treason and criminal fraud by peoples court.

    People are fed up and now demand justice for this criminal. On the forefront for justice and decency is Attorney and Dentist, who is also wife and mother who want to leave wonderful America for sons.

    • G

      You truly live in a world of self-delusion. There is no hope for you. Your case is terminal.

    • RoadScholar

      Oh, NOW you’ve done let the pussy out of the proverbial purse. Nobody’s supposed to find out how black Americans are given everything for free, like college degrees and such. You can see them riding around in diamond-studded BMWs, flying their Lear Jets, thumbing their noses at white people who never get a break.

      Just the other day I interviewed applicants for positions at my business, and I told all the white applicants “Look, I can’t hire you, I have to give half the jobs to illiegal immigrants who speak no English, and the other half to black folks with criminal records and no skills, because Obama will confiscate my guns and my business and give them to Mexican drug gangs and put me in a FEMA camp if I don’t.

      Unlike you, Obama didn’t even have the self-esteem to carry on numerous adulterous affairs, or the humility to lose every court hearing and get defeated in every election. He was such an elitist snob, he earned more money before he was 35 than you’ll make in a lifetime, and won elections at every level up to President. What a jerk! And apparently he was too much a coward to risk being sanctioned repeatedly for filing frivolous lawsuits as taxpayer-funded seditious self-serving political theater, like you.

      Such a shame he couldn’t make the kind of positive, charitable, healing, responsible contribution to America that you have.

    • Monkey Boy

      Thank you, Lena, for your edification on how easy it is for “black guys.” I’m an older black guy that didn’t get into Brooklyn College in the 1960s, despite having good grades (from night school) and outstanding SATs (94 percentile on Eng. aptitude). Some people told me at the time that BC was reserved for other ethnic groups–not upstart ghetto youngsters. But, as Malcolm X once said: “Those that know don’t say, and those that say don’t know.”

      So, if Obama managed to pull it off–merely by being black–then I would like to know where I screwed up. But, before I can go screaming for reparations on the basis of your assertions, I want to certain that my proverbial ducks are in a row and my logic “irrefutable.”

      “Or, how he get into Harvard with poor grades from a school he didn’t attend.”

      “Who pay for expensive schools?”

      How does one get “poor grades” from a school he didn’t attend? That is a conundrum beyond the ken of a dumb obot. And, if he didn’t attend, why a need for anyone to pay? You see the problem I would have selling this, girlfriend?

      • Rambo_Ike

        Boy Monkey,

        Now I understand what the source is for the anger I’ve been seeing in your comments, and why you support ObummO.

        • Monkey Boy

          No, Twinky. I[‘m very disappointed with the President. I am inclined to defend him because of the rabid and unfair attacks that you and you ilk subject him to. It makes my blood boil, and persuades me to swallow my disapointments just to shove a tree trunk up your rectal cavities–whether you be a half-wit bigot or a foul grifter inciting and preying on the dull-wits..

    • Monkey Boy

      Uhh, Lena…

      Pastor James Manning, who is black guy, is honest and upstanding with spotless name prove Obama is legend created by someone. As it now stands now, Obama is indicted for treason and criminal fraud by peoples court.

      Tis true that Manning is a black guy, but that is the only true statement in the paragraph. Your “honest and upstanding” black guy is a convicted housebreaker and felon who awarded himself a degree from a fictitious front of a school he created himself. His name is spotless only because it is so completely soiled–no spots of clean.

      He has sensibly found a new hustle that affords him peace of mind inasmuch as he doesn’t have to keep peeking over his shoulder for “the man.” He has donned clerical robes much in the manner of the medieval Medicis–as a cover for despicable behaviour.

      If you want a mystery, tell me how, because it is unexplained, a half-dozen parishioners can support him with expensive suits, body guards–and from his appearance, meals that Friar Tuck would salivate for.

      Here’s hoping (not really) that he will not sully his “spotless name” by getting picked up at one of 116th St’s drug marts. Several videos that he posted provided strong indications of usage of some stimulating substance.

  • Yulia

    Braindead obots come like rabbits. New ones come to fast.

    They not know Obama is golem created by Hitler followers to destroy world. They try to get revenge for two wars.

    • Rambo_Ike

      Hi Yulia,

      A ‘tip of the hat’ to you & Lena. You both have the ObummO figured out.

      Now if only we could come up with a way to break through the contempt barrier Obots have placed around their minds. I know you’re laughing at that and thinking “totally illogical expectations”.

  • Monkey Boy

    Say, Twinky, how do you manage to hide your proclivities from the tea-tards? I suspect that it would be harder to fleece them if the found out. It would be bye-bye to the radio talk show, wouldn’t it?

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