Birthers: The Jeremiah Wrights Of the Republican Party!!!

Later, After The Rescue, Someone Would Have To Figure Out How The Birther Got Stuck In His Chamber Pot

It really wasn’t strange that Birthers were neither seen nor heard at the recent RNC Convention in Tampa.  Even Donald Trump got the bum’s rush out the back door.  Romney and Ryan are, trying to present themselves as a rational alternative to Obama, and the last thing they need is a bunch of loud-mouthed conspiracy theorists whooping it up in front of the television audience with charges that every judge in the country is on some scam. Or that Obama was secretly born in Kenya, and both his birth certificates are forgeries.

The people we label as independents are already the kind of people who don’t  easily follow the herd. Put off by the antics of both parties, they try to cast an intelligent vote without regard to the labels. And intelligent people are not going to look with favor upon either candidates, or parties, who consort too much with openly wacky people.

A good example of this occurred 2008 with Obama’s pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Wiki has a very good detailed article about the entire set of events, and here is a brief recap:

The Jeremiah Wright controversy is an American political issue that gained national attention in March 2008 when ABC News, after reviewing dozens of U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, excerpted parts which were subject to intense media scrutiny. Obama denounced the statements in question, but after critics continued to press the issue of his relationship with Wright he gave a speech titled “A More Perfect Union”, in which he sought to place Dr. Wright’s comments in a historical and sociological context. In the speech, Obama again denounced Wright’s remarks, but did not disown him as a person. The controversy began to fade, but was renewed in late April when Wright made a series of media appearances[.] After the last of these, Obama spoke more forcefully against his former pastor, saying that he was “outraged” and “saddened” by his behavior, and in May he resigned his membership in the church.

It wasn’t that everything Rev. Wright said was wrong. For example, Republicans, conservatives and even Birthers could sign on to his general thesis, Governments Lie and Where governments lie, God does not lie. Where governments change, God does not change.  Liberals, libertarians, and Democrats could give a standing ovation to, the government lied about a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein and a connection between 9.11.01 and Operation Iraqi Freedom. But, buried in that dissertation are gems like these:

The government lied about Pearl Harbor too. They knew the Japanese were going to attack.

The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color.

Which, along with several other more publicized remarks, led Maureen Dowd  to call him a wackadoodle. Libertarian commentator Andrew Sullivan said Wright’s comments on the tour were a “calculated, ugly, repulsive, vile display of arrogance, egotism, and self-regard. Columnist Bob Herbert of the New York Times also suggested that Wright was being a “narcissist” and trying to “wreck” Obama’s campaign. (from Wiki article above) And that’s not even getting to what the conservatives said.

All of which led to Obama cutting his ties with Wright, and finding a new church.  This was a politically smart decision, because the Republicans tried, and continue to try, to make people associate Obama with Wright, and other questionable sorts like Bill Ayres. Even to the extent that Wright and Ayres are not necessarily the people they are made out to be, the mere appearance of undifferentiated wackiness, alleged un-Americanism, or extremism  is enough. Elections often hinge on a few votes here and there.

Now, turnabout is fair play. The Democrats are working overtime to associate Romney with the Birthers. Even if they have to invent some Birthers for the purpose.  A recent internet meme had it that  seven Birthers were going to speak at the RNC convention. When I read the list, I thought there were maybe 1 or 1 1/2 genuine Birthers on the list, those being Donald Trump and some clown from Georgia.

For example, poor Janine Turner was thrown into the mix for questioning the reasons that Obama’s book bio said he was born in Kenya. Which, if a Romney book bio said “I was born a poor redneck child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi…” , the Democrats  would be all over that. And rightfully so.   Mike Huckabee was there, in silver underwear. (Damn it, I can’t get that Rocky Horror Picture Show music out of mind from a week or so ago!!!) They’re both called Birthers for either asking or saying far less about the birth certificate issue than Chris Matthews.

Speaking of whom, Matthews is popping Adderall and doing Jagerbombs,  so that he can stay awake long enough to smear every Republican he can lay his mouth on with the Birther Brush, including Condoleeza Rice.  As the Blaze reported:

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has made it clear his goal this election fall: He will be the one trying to remind everyone that birthers exist within the Republican party  (despite the fact that it was a theory introduced by Hilary Clinton in 2008). And it seems he will go to great lengths to do it. Take this interview with Condoleeza Rice on Wednesday.

After Rice wowed the crowed with a sans-teleprompter speech, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell scored an interview with her. During it, Matthews seemed unhappy with the questions and at one point awkwardly (and to the seeming frustration of Mitchell) interrupted Mitchell to interject a question about — birtherism.

“Andrea, Andrea, can I ask a question?” he asked. “It’s Chris Matthews. Could you ask the Secretary — her speech was so overwhelmingly positive — but was it kind of a rejoinder to all the birtherism and the narrowness she’s heard in their party?”

Mitchell then repeated the question, but only after Rice gave a puzzled look during the period of silence.

Then there is Soledad O’Brien of CNN and her piece with John Sununu:

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN: Why the birther thing? I mean, I’m going to make an assumption that you don’t agree with Donald Trump –

SUNUNU: I don’t know. Why is CNN – why is CNN so fixated on this? Why don’t we talk about the jobs issue in this country?

O’BRIEN: Sure. And we’re going to get to that in a moment but let’s start with this.

SUNUNU: And the disastrous — but you – it’s CNN that wants to bring it up. I don’t want to bring it up. Mitt Romney has made it clear –

O’BRIEN: I bet you don’t.

SUNUNU: Mitt Romney has made has clear that he believes that President Obama was born in the U.S. You had Donald Trump on last night. And now you are asking the question this morning. It’s CNN’s fixation.

O’BRIEN: So you don’t think it’s a valid question to ask of someone who is posing as a supporter-slash-surrogate at a high level? Donald Trump isn’t your random supporter. He’s a high level big-funder. He’s talked about how much money in the millions of dollars he’s thinking about donating to the campaign. You don’t think that that’s a big deal that that person consistently talks about the fact that he believes the President of the United States is not a citizen of the country?

And of course, there is Romney himself, with his recent little ” Nobody asked to see my birth certificate” joke in Michigan. Democratic pundits are immolating themselves at Romney campaign stops to draw attention to it.  As Jonah Goldberg writes:

Within hours of Romney’s joke, the Obama campaign was trying to turn its outrage into cash. An email appeal from campaign manager Jim Messina repeated Romney’s quote and then said:

“Take a moment or two to think about that, what he’s actually saying, and what it says about Mitt Romney. Then make a donation of $3 or more to re-elect Barack Obama today.”

I know some people take this “birther” stuff very seriously. But I find the whole thing ludicrous. Apparently, if Romney jokes about Obama’s birth certificate, white Americans will suddenly notice the president is black. But when Obama jokes about his birth certificate — or even hawks birther-themed swag on his campaign website, it’s all in good fun.

But I don’t see anything wrong all these smears during an election season. It’s what political parties do. If you can make the voting public think the other guy walks like a maniac, and quacks like a maniac, and is in a crowd of maniacs, then go for it. That is not to say this is the stuff of rational discourse, but if the other guy is clobbering you with a metal folding chair, then the Bible says it is okay for you to pick up your own metal folding chair and clobber him back. (I think that was in the chapter where Jacob was wrestling with somebody???)

And Romney is doing exactly what Obama did with Jeremiah Wright. He is distancing himself, and doing his best to keep the Birthers out of sight. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was sent to give his speech over at the local zoo’s gorilla enclosure. Donald Trump didn’t show up at all.  Both are crowd pleasers, and both have important things to say about other issues. But even if they could erase the Birther crap from the teleprompters, the GOP just couldn’t take the chance that their well-known Birther antics would overshadow any sane remarks they might make.

(I hear from my secret sources that several prominent Tea Party Birthers were slipped mickies and then photographed in the nude with hookers to keep them from spouting off any Birther nonsense in public. I am trying to get my hands on the negatives, but have so far been unsuccessful.)

However, Romney has a much bigger problem than Obama ever did. Obama only had one or two screwballs to distance himself from. But, there are millions and millions of Birthers, and many of them very active in Republican politics. The Democrats are doing their best to shine the spotlight on them. Meanwhile, Romney operatives have already purchased a ton of rufies and cameras, and are involved in active negotiations with hookers across the nation.

This ought to be interesting!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is a picture of Ebed Melech, the Cushite (Ethiopian) pulling Jeremiah from a cistern. I can not figure out who painted it.

Note 2. Links. Here is the link to the Wiki article. It is a great read:


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28 responses to “Birthers: The Jeremiah Wrights Of the Republican Party!!!

  • G

    I thought that was a pretty good and fair assessment of the overall state of political opportunism and its converse – guilt by association. I thought you covered the topic, of the importance of trying to distance a party from its craziest voices, fairly well too.


    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Thank you G!!!

      I worked a long time on this one. I started in Thursday night and just now got it done. Interruption after interruption. Plus, my cats have been needing a lot of attention lately sooo it has like been perpetual group hug and purr over the last few days. Maybe there is an earthquake coming???

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  • David Farrar

    Hey! This is great news.

    So if you guys see a pic of me naked, drunk, with my arms draped around a whore after I file my Georgia ballot challenge … I was framed!

    But seriously, Squeeky; I was thinking you would have used Erick Erickson’s, Red State posting of Jake Walker’s article: On this “Natural Born Citizen” Issue, Part I: From Alexander Hamilton to Lynch v. Clarke.

    ex animo

    • Monkey Boy


      Otherwise, we will have to think you a liar…oh, wait… .

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


      First, I edited your comment to correct a typo.

      Second, please forward any such pictures here, and I will do an Internet Article on it. (LOL)

      Finally, the link you gave was very interesting. I didn’t think Erickson even allowed the topic on his website. Anyway, I have been planning a Lynch v Clarke thing for quite a while, and just haven’t gotten around to it.

      I like the point he made that even as far back as 1844 nobody would have questioned someone’s parents as affecting their natural born citizenship is a good one. This looks to be a good series, and I will do something to give it some attention.

      Be on the lookout for the upcoming The Book of the Apuzzites here. I will probably post it tomorrow.

      When you file your next thing, let me know and I will post it here if you want me to.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      • David Farrar

        I would, of course, eviscerate him and his college school boy friend all the same had I not been banned from RedState for doing it once too many times before. This was before he put on his present Tea Party persona and was running around as some kind of GOP expert.

        ex animo

    • G

      “So if you guys see a pic of me naked, drunk, with my arms draped around a whore after I file my Georgia ballot challenge … I was framed! ”

      Ok…that was a bizarre and unappealing image to throw out as some sort of attempt at humour.

      So David, is there any actual “subtle” connection between the illustrative portrayal in your attempt at levity and this article itself…or were you just going for random shocking non-sequitor imagery???

  • Plutodog

    Squeeky — I do think you’re avoiding the obvious case of “have your cake and eat it too, Romney and Co. are and have been up to in regards to birther support during this campaign. Of course, he hasn’t been real good at it with birferz sick and tired after four years of loss after loss in the courts and elsewhere and recognized the fools gold Romney leaves behind with them with his palling around with Trump, thinly veiled birther jokes, etc. But that in no way means he doesn’t want to win some votes amongst the hatriots if he can do it without losing more votes amongst the relatively sane. So don’t give him too much credit or compare him too closely to the Obama 2008 campaign. There are subtle and not-so-subtle differences.

    • G

      You said: “So don’t give him too much credit or compare him too closely to the Obama 2008 campaign. There are subtle and not-so-subtle differences.”

      First of all, I agree with you – of course there are. However, I don’t see anything in Squeeky’s article that actually implies what you took away from it. Trust me, I am strongly against false equivocation. I did not see any of that in her article here. I think she successfully was able to cover the issue without actually going down the road of insinuation that you took away from it…

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

    G and PlutoDog:

    I agree that Romney wants the Birther votes. Heck, he want Democratic voters, Temperance Party voters, Independent voters, whoever. I do not think he has played to the Birther vote much, if any at all, because that is such a crazy a$$ bloc of voters.

    I think this happens in the same way that Obama wanted “Jeremiah Wright” voters, Temperance party voters, Independent voters, and whoever. And, let’s face it, he got them. The same people who think America deserves being “damned” for the lies about Iraq, for example, weren’t going to turn around and vote for McCain and Palin who wanted to pour it on Iraq even harder.

    But Obama couldn’t actively court the Jeremiah Wright vote. The guy comes off wacky to most people. Plus, if the press hadn’t said anything, Obama would still be going to that church, because from what I have heard, Wright’s speech is far from being atypical.

    In the same way, Romney is going to get the Birther vote. I think he has too much sense to actively court that vote, because the Birthers come off wacky to most people. (And I might be wrong here, because I think their Big Lie has succeeded more than most of us want to think or admit.) My GUESS is that Romney was just trying to make a joke when he spoke about not needing a birth certificate, and he would probably pull back those words if he had the chance.

    Additionally, Romney and his people are not stupid. They know Obama is looking to grab any distraction he can, and associating Romney and the Republicans with the Birther maniacs is a great one, if it works. I don’t see the Romney people polling mental hospitals, and coming out with, “OMG! Obama has a double digit lead over us with the insane! Quick, say some Birther stuff and let’s see if we can get back on top!”

    I look for the Democrats to try “Birtherize” even more in the future. I saw one article about them trying to “Birtherize” him for his remarks about Neil Armstrong and “needing an American” to do it, or something like that.

    Birthers ought to feel some shame that they have done this to their own party. But they are too narcissistic. And delusional.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    • G

      Overall, good analysis Squeeky. I do think there are some areas in which your perceptions, however, may need refining and additional backup.

      For one, let’s consider what you said about Jeremiah Wright, who I consider to be an over-angry reactionary (I don’t care for him) and I really don’t want to defend. I consider the remarks by him, which garnished that press, to be stupid and offensive. Further, we’ve heard him say other similarly stupid things in anger since then…in the few times that he pops up anymore in the media. So yeah, I generally view him as a jerk with issues. Then again, I think a lot of these over-self-important mega pastors of various faiths are often guilty of similar hyperbolic reactionary and offensive statements.

      But even though my perception and assumption would be that he spouts off like this a lot, I can’t find the evidence to back it up. The big brouhaha in 2008 all came from mainly TWO sermons that researchers digging into him found. Purportedly, they had scoured well over 200 of his sermons, just to come up with those 2 little “gems”…

      So, while it is clear that he holds those personal beliefs and has made those crazy statements and others, the evidence is just not there to demonstrate that he went off onto those types of rants to his extremely large congregation on any regular basis. It is more probable that for the most part, his sermons were fairly standard fare that wouldn’t raise any eyebrow.

    • G

      In regards to Romney, I agree that he himself is NOT a Birther. But he is a pandering opportunist, who doesn’t want the “stink” of Birtherism attatched to him, but doesn’t seem to have any principles on the issue either.

      He openly embraces general support from Birther Trump, as well as having AZ SOS Bennet as his co-campaign chair in that state. So Romney doesn’t have the political instinct nor moral courage to distance himself from controversial surrogates like that. To say the least, I think that is just more evidence of how politically “tone deaf” Romney is as a candidate. He essentially invites his own “guilt by association” problems in the process.

      I would also say that much of the flack he received over that stupid “Birther joke” he made is deserved. He thought he could simply get away with a simple toss-off glib little piece of “red meat” humour with his base, without thinking of any bigger implications in terms of not only how it might be “inspire” certain ODS crazies, but also, how it just easily gives the Obama Campaign and entire Democratic party another talking point & fundraising point to use against him. On simply a political campaigning level, it is a self-inflicted error that distracts from their own campaign and a sign of political incompetence. Never giver your political opponent more ammunition to use against you, which can easily be played up to motivate them.

      I do think the list of “7 Birthers at the GOP convention” that made the news story rounds was way over-hyped. Most of them aren’t really Birthers and quite a few of them did nothing more than attempt some stupid toss-off glib “red meat” pandering as well. Most of these folks aren’t stoking this stuff on a regular basis though… but then again, had there not been any negative social push-back and consequences on the times they got caught, these cynical panderers might have kept pulling that immature nonsense and pushed it much further…

      • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


        You made some good points. I think you are going to see both of them stumble some between now and the election, and see both of their teams try to maximize the damage.

        Maybe I need to do a post called, “60 Days Of Popcorn.”

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        • G

          I like the title of that post idea! Then, a month from now, you can do another follow-up called “30 Days of Popcorn”…and that one can be a clever spoof on the cool vampire film/comic “30 Days of Night”…

          That being said, while I expect both campaigns to make some more entertaining gaffes (there always are, especially in the 24/7 spotlight of a modern Presidential campaign), I predict we’ll continue to see a lot more of them come from Romney’s camp. Regardless of who one personally prefers, it is hard to dismiss that Obama’s campaign is widely regarded as very skilled and experienced and that Obama himself is a skilled campaigner.

          Romney’s campaign organization in contrast, has not demonstrated much skill at their “craft”, other than having endless sums of money at their disposal. By just about any fair historical comparison, Romney’s campaign organization has been quite error prone, amateurish and ineffective. That, on top of having a pretty uninspiring, uncharismatic and terminally insincere, flip-flopping candidate. If it wasn’t for economic malaise, overall dissatisfaction with government and a strong batch of ODS on the right, Romney wouldn’t have any realistic chance at all. He’s just lucky that money alone was able to help him decisively beat the other GOP Primary challengers this year, in what was the weakest GOP Primary field I’ve seen in my entire lifetime.

    • G

      One final point. Your concluding paragraph noted: “Birthers ought to feel some shame that they have done this to their own party. But they are too narcissistic. And delusional.”

      I certainly agree. But since most Birthers are simply the delusional brainwashed flock, I put the real blame on the GOP itself as a party for tolerating and stoking such demeaning “red-meat” slander in the first place. There are a number of actual Birthers in real GOP positiions at the state levels and the GOP has done very, very little to tone down or kick out ANY of their own crazies. Sadly, they seem to like stoking them with “red meat” to keep them always riled up.

      So I would say that the GOP as a Party is deservedly tarnished by the shitstain and foul stench of Birtherism (and other craziness) and they mainly have themselves to blame for that.

    • Plutodog

      Squeeky — I could say more but I’m probably already giving this more attention than I should. I’ve enjoyed so much of what you’ve said since you came through the birther fever. But here’s a quick and unpolished response:

      First, comparing Obama’s Wright problem – a longstanding part of Obama’s earlier work as an organizer and then, perhaps more importantly as his pastor, the guy who married him and his wife, baptized his children – and whom Obama publicly disagreed with the quotes mined by the opposition early in the 2008 campaign, and whom he disavowed and separated from, including the church when he continued going over the deep end with Mitt’s recent hook-up with birthers like the Donald and disagreeing with their despicable talk but continuing to hang on to the relationships – I see a difference.

      Not only that, but I see a continuation of the Republican pattern of dog-whistling politics – bringing publicity and credibility to discreditable people and beliefs whilst denying any intention or coy strategy in doing so—maintaining the most threadbare deniability. So in total, I don’t see the comparison between birthers and Romney and Obama and Wright – in history, motivation or credibility of distancing/separation between the two.

      Janine Turner is not “poor Janine”. She’s a right winger with an agenda – an actress-talk show host who can’t figure out how Barack Obama II, who was born in Hawaii might be confused with Barack Obama I, who was born in Kenya. She finds it convenient to be confused, questioning. Pffft on giving her a pass, IMO.

      And then for added material, Squeeky brings in Glenn Beck’s publication, The Blaze. Glenn Beck!!! That is so, questionable, to put it very mildly. And Matthews, who often rubs me wrong was not seeking to smear Condoleeza Rice with his question. It’s clear he was asking her to comment on the difference between her overwhelmingly positive speech and the narrowness, birthers in her party. It was a stupid question because Condoleeza wasn’t going to answer it and didn’t answer it. But the smear was clearly on others, seeking to have Condoleeza agree with his assessment that there was a difference, a distance between her in terms of rationality and decency with others in the Republican Party. Using the Blazes’ twisted interpretation (which others on the right are also doing, as google shows) is not a wise choice of sources, IMO.

      Solodad’s questions of Sununu? Reasonable, given the dancing with birthers Republican leaders have been doing. Sununu wanted no part of it. First, the thing about dog whistling is that you deny you’re doing it. Second, what’s second, even if Sununu had no part or knowledge of it? It’s not good for his party to have their candidate held to account in any way/shape/form, either personally or through his surrogates.

      Then you bring in who? Jonah Goldberg, RWNJ columnist and author whose first book was called “Liberal Fascism” and who claimed he was nominated for two Pulitzers. He wasn’t, of course. Him you cite as well. And you bring in Newsbusters, another biased “news” source. You need to work on your sources, Squeeky. I generally expect to be called on bringing in folks like the Huffington Post and therefore work to find other more mainstream sources (and still find birthers and RWNJ’s denouncing the story and the source when it’s convenient) and I’d sure like to see you do the same.

      Again, Mitt is not, like Obama breaking ties with the birthers. At least not yet. He’s just trying to maintain a deniability distance. My best guess is that so far, he doesn’t regret the birth cert “joke”. He thinks he pretty much got away with it, got what he wanted. Later, he might. But he certainly can never admit it was planned, brazen dog-whistling to birthers.

      For that matter, what you don’t have is any Republicans of any stature denouncing birthers. Only meekly “disagreeing” or avoiding the discussion altogether. Cowardly and/or calculating. They know what they’re about.

      Now, Obama’s a politician and acts it. But comparing the two candidates and their surrogates on that basis and finding them so similar is not just a little inaccurate, IMO.

      So for me, the whole column fails the fair AND balanced test.

      • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

        Hi P’dog!!!

        I appreciate your critique and the thought you put into it. This is why I try to stay away from politics on this blog as much as possible, because it is difficult to write anything that isn’t going to piss off one side or the other. And to me, the most important thing is to deal with the Birther idiocy and delusions. Because while today it hurts Obama, tomorrow it is going to hurt Rubio, Jindal, and others. And mass idiocy and mass disregard for basic rationality is not a good thing.

        Sooo, that is where I am coming from. Both parties have their “dog whistle” routines, and that is plural. But I don’t discuss the Democrats or the Republicans bad behavior unless it hits the Birther issue.

        There are many things that distress me about politicking, and there are times I just want to jump in there and start going to town on people, (on both sides) but I bite my tongue. Like for example, I don’t see racism as the main factor motivating the Birthers, It is one of the factors for some of them, but not IMO the main thing at all.

        But I could be wrong, too. Maybe racism is the main thing that gets most of their juices flowing. So if I did an Internet Article on this subject, what would I accomplish??? There is no way I wouldn’t be pissing off some people, and maybe screwing up the story, to boot. So I just stay away from that because politics is a very emotional thing right now, and those of us who are out here raising hell with the Birthers don’t need that distraction.

        So, I won’t be doing much stuff like this article, because it is just too hard to walk that tightrope. Right now, I think it is best to just concentrate on kicking Birther Butt. Because I think they are winning.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  • Monkey Boy

    Lying sod, Farrar, falsely claimed that Trump received and exhibited the hospital records of his birth. Lying sod, D. Farrar, refuses to tell anyone WHERE they are.

    The lying sod, knew better when he made the statement, but expected everyone to just accept it or ignore it.

    Lying sod must be reminded over and over that lies will be debunked.

    But, alas, lying sod DOESN’T CARE about being proven a lie, he just moves on to another. Typical birther/neo-Confederate supremacist. No honor and doesn’t care about honor. J. C. Calhoun would be proud..

  • G

    Speaking of the overall fecklessness of the current GOP and Romney, The Onion’s latest take on the GOP convention was hilariously brutal…because it really hits too close to home on the truth…,29383/

  • Monkey Boy

    Did Trump and Birthers Lie?
    (Internet News Service) – Perpetual motor mouth and–as George Will referred to him as–“bloviating ignoramus,” Donald Trump is making an issue of the hospital records of President Obama’s birth.

    Trump triumphantly presented a souvenir “certificate of birth” from Jamaica Hospital in New York without an official certification. One observer noted that it could easily have been printed in a “novelty shop on Times Square.” Trump later offered, without any apparent embarrassment, what appeared to be an official birth document from the City of New York, but no hospital records.

    Internet news service attempted to verify, from the administration of Jamaica Hospital, the presence of Mary McLeod Trump and the birth of Donald John Trump in Jamaica Hospital for the date listed on the hospital souvenir certificate.

    “I’m sorry, but federal privacy laws forbid us to release any information whatsoever concerning a patient,” a hospital spokesperson declared, “but, I can tell you that we don’t have that record.

    Internet news service was unable to reach Trump or elicit a response from a spokesperson. “It is what is is.” one lower-level public relations person in Trump’s employ told us off the record.

    David Farrar, a self-professed Georgia birther, general asshat, and prolific anti-Obama blogger calling for release of the President’s mother’s hospital records from fifty years ago, was also uncharacteristically mute on the subject when confronted with the hospital’s statements on the subject.

    • G

      That is because David can’t back up any of the gibberish he states. He simply masks his own intellectual incompetance in blindly spouting the hack beliefs that have been spoon-fed to him by con artists such as Mario the Putz and Leo the Paraclete and throwing together a bunch of words that tend to never mean what he claims.

      He’s no different than the typical high-school drop out bar lout who spouts off on an endless array of topics that he has no clue about and who is the only one in the room who doesn’t get that everyone else can quickly see just how ignorant his statements are…

      He dodges and changes the subject a lot, because he is incapable of backing up what he belches forth. He’s not man enough to admit his errors or have an honest conversation. All he can do is keep switch between spewing several of the same endlessly debunked retread nonsense points over and over again and hope that nobody notices.

      He’s a classic case of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action.

  • Monkey Boy

    He’s no different than the typical high-school drop out bar lout… .

    Hey…I resemble that remark!

    • G

      I know some decent high-school drop outs…but not all of them turn into bar louts. I know a lot of folks who hang around and have a good time in the bars too, including getting fairly sauced up when they are there. But still, most of them aren’t “louts”.

      So I hope you really only fall into those former categories and not the “lout” one… it is the “lout” aspect that I have a problem with, not any of the rest.

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


    The Onion is always hilarious. I love the thing they did on Michele Bachman a few days ago. (It was them, wasn’t it, with the “I glad no Americans were hurt” or whatever???

    As far as David Farrar, you all should be sweeter to him, because he is one of the nicer Birthers. Plus, when/if Romney wins we are all going to need a Birther friend to keep us out of FEMA Re-Education Camp #14.

    Which is something I have been seeing a lot more of around the Birthersphere lately. Seriously, I have. Really,

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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