Earth To Orly Taitz!!! (Or, Another Sheriff Speaks Mighty Words Of Wisdom)

The Lights In Her Spaceship Were On, But Was Anybody Home???

Well, Orly Taitz is out there trying to run down Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo and get some commitment. She’s carrying like some poor knocked up little chippy with her,  “But you told me you loved me, and now I’m pregnant, and you won’t call me back, waaaahhh!”  Here is her latest:

(Click to enlarge.)

This is sooo pitiful and pathetic that I can’t bear to imagine the incredulous look on her face while she was typing it in. It’s like somebody who went on a “Snipe Hunt” and is still holding a bag out there in the woods four days later. Some Good Samaritan has to tell them it was all a practical joke before they die of exposure. It might as well be me.  Here is my “Open Letter” to her.

Dear Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

What part of “It Was All A Bunch Of Bullsh*t” don’t you get??? Arpaio and Zullo haven’t filed any charges because they didn’t find anything to file charges on.  Their whole investigation was a farce from the get-go. They did it for the PUBLICITY and for something to smear Obama with.

You see, Deputy Jerome “Jerry” Corsi was caught flat-footed back in April 2011. There Corsi was, just about to turn loose his brand new book, “Where’s The Birth Certificate?” and SQUABASH!, Obama  coughed up the long form whilethe book was en route to the shelves. Ooops!  That made Corsi look kind of stupid, even to the faithful.  And, as he continued to pump the old “It’s A Fake!” spiel, he looked even more like a cheap hack writing “Big Foot Baby Daddy” stories.  Corsi, and the folks who were still Birthers badly need a shot of respectability.

So in combination with a bunch of kooky Arizona Tea Party Birthers, they all prevailed upon Sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate. Arpaio appointed the Cold Case Posse to look into the matter with Corsi playing a big part in the investigation. He even became a “Special Deputy.” You probably never read it, but back in April, I wrote an Internet Article here about YOU being investigated by the DOJ with the Obots helping them.  That is the same silly thing happened when the Cold Case Posse let Corsi in.  The whole thing became an even worse joke than it already was.

Fast Forward six months or so and we have the Cold Case Posse press conference and the idiotic forgery claims. Do you really understand the basis for the forgery claim? It isn’t that they proved any information on the long form was false, or materially altered with the aim to defraud someone out of some benefit. That is the LEGAL definition of forgery in most states. No, what you have in Phoenix, is some photo-shopping experts testifying that they can’t figure out how the long form was scanned and uploaded to the Internet. And some questions about a 30 year old postal dating stamp.

In fact, the Arizona Secretary of State got a verification from Alvin Onaka Ph.D,  the Hawaiian State Registrar, that Obama was born in Hawaii, and that the long form information matches their records. So you see, Orly, there isn’t any forgery and there isn’t any ObamaForgeryGate. Even Sheriff Joe and Zullo openly admit that they are not accusing Obama of doing anything criminal.

I mentioned something called a “Snipe Hunt” above. You probably didn’t have these in Moldova, so let me explain how one works. A group of people decides to fool some naive and trusting individual. So they set them out in the woods with a bag, and tell them to wait while the rest go off and drive the snipe toward them. When the snipe(s) get there, the gullible person is supposed to catch them in the bag.

But the other people really aren’t out in the woods driving snipe toward the bag. No. They are in a bar somewhere boozing it up and laughing at the idiot out there in the woods holding the bag, waiting for the imaginary snipe to come along. Orly, that person in the woods is YOU. You are the sucker who bought into the whole Cold Case Posse thing, the same way you bought into the Susan Daniels foolishness.

So, while you call on Mike Zullo and Sheriff Joe to come to your rescue . . . they aren’t coming. Figuratively speaking, they are sitting in a bar somewhere, boozing it up and having a good laugh at your expense. I might be wrong about Zullo. Maybe he is out there on the other side of the woods, all excited, and holding a bag, too. Whichever, let me permit a very famous American Sheriff to give you 4 seconds worth of great advice:

A Famous Sheriff’s Advice


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. The blank “RKO” image was provided by Deveiver at Deviant Art:

Thank you!!!

Note 2. Links. Here is the link to the post referenced above:

Note 3. Open Letters. Wow, the Birthers are right! This Open Letter stuff is fun! This is my second one, so I am putting it on some Birther Think Tank stationery and doing a pdf of it, too!

Open Letter To Orly

Note 4. The Image Easter Egg. Wiki says about signal to noise ratios:

Signal-to-noise ratio (often abbreviated SNR or S/N) is a measure used in science and engineering that compares the level of a desired signal to the level of background noise. It is defined as the ratio of signal power to the noise power. A ratio higher than 1:1 indicates more signal than noise.

Signal-to-noise ratio is sometimes used informally to refer to the ratio of useful information to false or irrelevant data in a conversation or exchange. For example, in online discussion forums and other online communities, off-topic posts and spam are regarded as “noise” that interferes with the “signal” of appropriate discussion.


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23 responses to “Earth To Orly Taitz!!! (Or, Another Sheriff Speaks Mighty Words Of Wisdom)

  • Northland10

    I have a hunch that Orly would be the one that would tell the Good Samaritan to go away because he is scaring away the snipe. Any day now, she will catch them.

  • David Farrar

    I am still waiting, Squeeky, for one solid piece of evidence, independent of Obama’s Hawaiian Health Department records, that would substantiate those records.

    ex animo

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi DavidF:

      I don’t think there IS anything more solid to substantiate the records than the State Registrar coming right out and telling you the records are valid.

      You do have the two newspaper reports, and the copy of the long form. I guess there is a one in a ten million type chance it is all a big fraud, but I don’t stay awake at night worrying about 1 in a ten million things happening.

      I don’t wrap myself up in electrical tape when a thunderstorm comes along. True, I might get ZAPPED through the window, but I figure if God wants me that bad, I’d best just go along with him and not pi$$ him off even more. Because I have seen those Final Destination movies, and the escapees always get it worse in the end.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl reporter

    • notaxj

      You, sir. are not a “Constitutionalist” as you claim to be. Why do you not understand the “Full Faith & Credit Clause” of the Constitution. Since you choose to ignore it, I can only come to the conclusion that you are an idiot.

      • David Farrar

        I’m the kind of idiot who actually knows how Art. IV, §1 is applied, specifically as it relates to state certified documentation and you, obviously, don’t.

        What kind of idiot does that make you?

        ex animo

        • G

          No David, you just an idiot – period. And a xenophobe.

          Further, you’ve repeatedly demonstrated that you don’t know what many english words, legal terms, or portions of the Constitution actually mean. These blogs are littered with your demonstration of how continuously wrong you are.

          You are just an incompetant blowhard and xenophobic Cult parrot, that’s all.

    • Monkey Boy

      I am still waiting, Squeeky, for one solid piece of evidence,

      David, Doofus, the Hawaiian Health Department records IS the “solid piece of evidence,” no substantiation needed.

      Do you have anything to controvert that evidence?

    • Slartibartfast

      David “out of breath”,

      The word of the Hawai’i DoH is sufficient in any US courtroom—period.

      All your protestations otherwise just show how contemptible you and your seditious delusions are.

  • RoadScholar

    Actually nobody should answer DF, because the assumption of his query is faulty. THE BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON THE ACCUSER. Yes, there is a mountain of evidence supporting BHO’s birth, but that’s beside the point. There is no ACTUAL EVIDENCE against him.

    DF doesn’t deserve any intercourse whatsoever until he answers the challenge of providing PROOF of BHO being born overseas and/or being ineligible for any reason. He can’t, so he tries to subvert the entire philosophy of American legal and political custom. He immaturely, pointlessly and pathetically tries to shift the burden of proof to the accused.

    PROOF, DF. Without it you have nothing but a membership in the Loser’s Club.

    You don’t get to talk about our evidence any more. It isn’t an issue, never will be. That dog won’t hunt!

    • Monkey Boy

      Good point, Scholar.

      But, on the other hand, if he didn’t show up here spouting nonsense, who would amuse us?

    • David Farrar

      RoadScholar is absolutely right…Obama doesn’t need to do anything more to prove he has met his U.S. Const.requirement than to slap a jpg up on the internet. Something a court would not accept as evidence in court, but RoadScholar here thinks that’s more than enough for his subjects.

      ex animo

      • G

        Sorry David, but Obama doesn’t even need to do that. The burden of proof completely is on the side of you losers – the accusers.

        All you folks have is whopper after whopper and nothing that amounts to squat.

        Obama doesn’t have to do anything, no matter how much you stomp and wail – he’s President and none of your tantrums change that fact at all.

      • Slartibartfast

        David “out of breath”,

        President Obama already “proved” his eligibility in the manner required to get on the ballot, passed muster with the American people, and had his election certified by Congress with no objection (something that President Bush couldn’t say after the 2004 election). If you feel that he is ineligible it is incumbent on you to find evidence to that effect—evidence that cannot be refuted by an empty chair. I don’t think you can do it—you are a complete loser and the best you can hope for if you get in front of a court is that they dismiss on procedural grounds to spare you the embarrassment (and possible sanctions) from having your case considered on its merits. Face it, you’re holding a losing hand and everyone knows it—it’s time for you to fold it and move on.

      • RoadScholar

        Proof, David. It is YOUR proof that is lacking.

        Try again when you have some, and DO try to stay on topic.

      • Northland10

        David, there is nothing in the Laws or the Constitution that states how he must prove he is NBC. As it happens, it does not even say he must prove he is NBC. He only needs to be NBC.

        Since there is no requirement of proof nor a required method, it is up to the objectors to prove otherwise.

  • Mark

    Squeeky, you did know that Orly harbors fantasies about what she wants to do with your treasonous mouth once she proves that you are aiding and abetting ObamaForgeryGate:

  • Dave B.

    Zullo’s too busy looking for a duck that weighs the same as President Obama to mess around with Orly Taitz. I figure that’s the next big thing they’ve got coming up before the election.

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