Israeli Birth Certificate Article Disappears!!! (Or, The Invisible Hanukoglu???)

Though A Little Lax Scientifically, Hanukoglu Prepares To Apply Phenolphthalein To The Computer Screen

Hmmm. Remember the BIG STORY yesterday about that Israeli scientist, a Mr. Israel Hanukoglu, who claimed Obama’s long form birth certificate was a phony??? Well,  guess what happens today when you hit the World Net Daily link for the Israeli Scientist’s article:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)

Here is the WND link again, so you can try it for yourself:

I played around the website a little, and the 404 still shows up, even if you try to link from the site index page. Oh, I wonder what happened??? I hope the swift response from The Birther Think Tank played a part in this. Plus, Dr. Conspiracy discovered the article was an inaccurate retread from May 2011. (See links below in Note 2.) Did we spook Mr. Hanukoglu, or make him look silly???  Is he hiding out, ala:

Israel Hanukoglu??? Uh, No. My Name Is Smith. Uh, Fred Smith.

Perhaps Mr. Hanukoglu just couldn’t fix the problems with his article by putting band-aids on it.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Images. These are from the 1933 film, The Invisible Man.

Note 2. Links. Here is a link to yesterday’s Internet Article about this:

Here is the link to Dr. Conspiracy’s article:

Note 3. Put A Band-Aid On It:  Word playing on the Invisible Man’s bandage disguise. This is an American idiom which means:

A temporary solution to a problem, or something that seems to be a solution but has no real effect.

Usage notes: Band-Aid is a trademark for a thin piece of sticky material used to cover small cuts on the body.

A few food and medical supplies were delivered to the region but it was little more than a Band-Aid.

Note 4. The Image Caption And Easter Egg.  WTF, Phenolphthalein??? Well, it lends that scientific air to this Internet Article. And according to Wiki, phenolphthalein is:

A white or pale yellow crystalline powder, C20H14O4, used as an acid-base indicator, in making dyes, and formerly in medicine as a laxative. Because of its toxicity, it is no longer used in over-the-counter laxatives.

Sooo, get the word plays??? Bring out the base. A little lax.


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6 responses to “Israeli Birth Certificate Article Disappears!!! (Or, The Invisible Hanukoglu???)

  • Yulia

    Mossad know that Obama is golem made by Hitler doctors. Doctors learn to make zomby from Haiti people and use dna from Hitler and Haiti people. Mossad know Obama is Hitler son and try to destroy America.

    America very stupid.

  • ehancock1

    Obama actually was born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate from there shows. The facts on his birth certificate have been confirmed by the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii, and by the public Index Data file, and by the fact that the DOH of Hawaii sent birth notices to the Hawaii newspapers announcing Obama’s birth back in 1961.

    Only birther “experts”—who have not proven that they are really experts, and who certainly have not shown that they are fair and impartial—have claimed that Obama’s birth certificate is forged. Those are two reasons why Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Relly and the National Review do not believe them.

    The CONSERVATIVE secretary of state of Arizona has accepted Hawaii’s confirmation that Obama was born there, and he has not changed his mind following Sheriff Joe’s press conference. Recently he stated that he accepted the confirmation of the officials of Hawaii and that Obama’s name will be on the ballot in Arizona in November.

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