Oh, For Goodness Sake Blog Has First Hand Account Of Kansas Birther Hearing

Well, Gaughan Was There, And Some Fruit Loops.

There is a GREAT first hand account by slash2k of the Kansas Birther Hearing at the blog, Oh For Goodness Sake.  Here is a brief teaser from the full account to whet your appetite:

Taitz said the board had 10 days to consider qualifications, Obama using stolen SSN, Connecticut, forged selective service. Kobach repeated the board didn’t have jurisdiction, there were 3 days, not ten, and those days were up on 9/11. If Orly had wanted to, she could have filed her own objection, even as out-of-state resident, but she didn’t do so. She demanded he read the statute 25-208; a staffer eventually read it, noting that Obama’s filing was not a petition or declaration, and this wasn’t a state office, so the statute didn’t apply.

Kobach repeated she could have filed, and if she had the board would have listened, but she didn’t. Her objection was not timely now. Taitz repeated about withdrawal under duress; Kobach said nobody had provided the board evidence of duress; Taitz was free to pursue this in court. The board had been very gracious in allowing her to speak, but they had no jurisdiction and no statutory authority to accept new objection. On 2nd by Campbell, the motion to enter the Hawai’ian documents and adjourn the meeting carried, and it was over at 10:10.

Kobach and company beat a swift retreat, while Taitz started giving interview in the auditorium to multiple reporters, telling them about the MS and IN hearings, her mound of evidence, etc. (she gave copies of a DVD to several, claiming it explained everything). Gaughan interrupted her (pretty belligerently), demanding “where are you from?” and “we’re citizens of Kansas and you are interrupting US with this.” Officer Lee, standing in the auditorium observing, ran him off for yelling and creating a scene, and Taitz packed her belongings and headed out into hallway trailed by reporters, one of whom asked her if she would be filing a court action in Kansas. She said no, she could add the three in her current federal case.

The rest of the exciting action, with a photograph, may be found here:


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Paul Gaugin’s self portrait with Halo 1889:

Oil Paintings By Gauguin, Paul(1848-1903)French Painter

Title: Self-portrait(Gauguin) with Halo 1889

Artist: Paul Gauguin (1848-1903)

Oil on wood 79.6 x 51.7 cm (31 3/8 x 20 3/8 in) National Gallery of Art, Washington

Description: Gauguin painted many self-portraits, but few are as enigmatic as this one. It was part of the decoration that Gauguin and his colleague Meyer de Haan created for the dining room of the inn where they were staying in Le Pouldu. In six weeks, soon after their arrival in late 1889, they made dozens of ceramic works, woodcarvings, and sculpture, and they covered the walls with paintings.

This self-portrait, and a paired portrait Gauguin did of de Haan, may have decorated cupboard doors. At the time, Gauguin’s likeness was described by friends as an “unkind character sketch”, a caricature. Today, it is the subject of intense analysis. Some see the artist casting himself in the role of Satan, others as Christ. What are we to make of the imagery: the apples that precipitate man’s fall from grace; the halo over Gauguin’s disembodied head; the snake that is both tempter of Eve and the embodiment of knowledge; the bold division into vivid yellow and red, evocative of both hellfire and the heat of creation?

Perhaps it is most likely that Gauguin is revealing his conception of the artist as hero, and, almost to challenge his colleagues’s view of himself, particularly, as a kind of magus, a master who knows that he possesses the power of magic by virtue of talent and genius.



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