Quelle Horreur!!! Birther Jumps Into Chimp Enclosure To “Be One With The Monkeys!!!”

Somewhere In The Middle Of His Exposition On The Two Citizen Parents Theory, The Birther Just Went Bananas

OMG!!! Can you believe this story from AP wire service:

An unknown Birther lost it today at the Philadelphia Zoo. The Police reported that “the man just tore his clothes off and leapt into the Chimpanzee enclosure while yelling that he, “wanted to be one with the monkeys.”” A copy of the book, “Where’s The Real Birth Certificate?” by Jerome Corsi was found in the pile of clothing, along with several full page newspaper ads cut from the Washington Times about Obama not being eligible for the Presidency. Additionally, an eyewitness reports that the man was muttering the phrase “once a Brit, never legit” over and over prior to the incident.

Police and zoo workers are attempting to rescue the man, but they are unable to distinguish him from the other chimpanzees. They are sure he is still in the enclosure, because the count is one more than the number of chimps at the zoo. Forensic dentists are being called in to compare dental records.

Wow!  This is unbelievable! I wonder if to save time, the zoo workers could try calling some common Birther names and see if any of the chimps turn their heads???

Mario! Mario!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. AP. American Primate Wire Service.


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