Very Interesting. . . But Stupid!!! (Or, A White Rose By Any Other Name)

Wolfgang Mistakenly Applied For The P.I. Job Thinking It Was For Wild Irish Rose

Well, just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet, darn if there isn’t a Secret Birther Group working to round up all of us Anti-Birthers and Obots. The name of the group is The White Rose! The original Internet Article was scrubbed, but I managed to get a copy of it anyway.  It looks like somebody accidentally posted the article and then realized they had let the cat out of the bag. There was even an abortive posting at Free Republic, but that was pulled also.

Anyway, here it is again, this time from a reposting at  a secondary website. You might want to screen save it at the link  before The White Rose discovers somebody accidentally posted it again. But, if you don’t, or it is pulled first, just let me know. I have the original.

New Crack in Birth Certificate Conspiracy

Frustrated by the lack of progress in fully exposing the conspiracy behind Barack Obama’s fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth, a nationwide group of web researchers, private investigators with access to national databases and individuals with computer hacking skills, led by a teamleader now located in California, have been investigating the individuals and sites involved in the creation of the fraudulent document and the disinformation campaign associated with the false narrative of Obama’s personal history.

Working over the last several months, using information already gleaned by other investigators and communicating via encrypted email and private social networks, the group has pieced together a web of conspirators including members of the legal profession, the IT community, journalists, web bloggers, Obama operatives and government officials.

The team leader noted: “The focal point of the conspiracy has always been Washington, D.C., but it has been supported by a small group of individuals residing in other parts of the country with bursts of activity in such places as the Seattle and Chicago areas and, of course, Hawaii. The number of individuals directly involved in the fraudulent birth certificate is small, but the disinformation campaign is much wider. There are both unethical and criminal activities involved.”

The group, loosely known as “The White Rose” named in honor of the resistance group fighting against the Nazi regime in Germany, has linked literally thousands of emails, blog posts and other information to identify both major and minor players in the birth certificate conspiracy, many of whom have used monikers, multiple email accounts, access through “gateways” and other techniques to hide their identities and locations.

Oh, this is turning out to be fun!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Arte Johnson from the old timey TV show, Laugh-In. He had a running gag about which Wiki says:

Johnson is best known for his work on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, an American television series (1967–1973), on which he played various characters including “Wolfgang”, a smoking World War II German soldier scouting the show from behind a bush (still fighting the war) invariably commenting on the preceding sketch with the catchphrase “Very interesting…” followed by either a comic observation or misinterpretation, or simply “but stupid!” Johnson indicated later that the phrase came from Desperate Journey, a 1942 World War II film with Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan playing Royal Air Force pilots shot down in Nazi Germany; they managed to cross much of the country without speaking German or knowing the territory but, when captured, their Nazi interrogator doubts their story with the phrase.† Johnson reprised the role while voicing the Nazi-inspired character Virman Vunderbarr on an episode of Justice League Unlimited.

† Johnson was somewhat incorrect in his recollection of the details of this movie, and his faulty recollection was subsequently misquoted and widely repeated on the Internet, further distorting the origin of the phrase. In the movie, after getting shot down and captured, an English-speaking German officer played by Raymond Massey interrogates the flyers. During the interrogation, they see through a window some nearly-assembled aircraft being transported on trucks, and the Raymond Massey character says “I see you find that view most interesting … too bad you saw that, now you can not be even considered for exchange…” but it was not spoken doubting any story told by the flyers. The flyers escape from the interrogation and begin their “journey” across Germany and The Netherlands, traveling towards the English Channel in stolen vehicles while wearing stolen German uniforms. Along the way, they have several violent engagements with German troops and commit sabotage; they are actively pursued by the Raymond Massey character and at the end commandeer a British bomber previously captured by the Germans and fly it back to England, without any German remarking, to either the flyers or to another German: “Very interesting … ” and, the Errol Flynn character is fluent in German. It is possible that the actual source of the phrase is the movie “Berlin Correspondent” (use of the phrase in the movie is reported but unverified) and that Johnson had confused elements of the two movies and/or misremembered aspects of them.

Note 2. The Caption. P.I. can stand for Private Investigator, or Public Intoxication. Far different than White Rose, Richards Wild Irish Rose is a quintessential bum wine. Wiki explains:

An early reference to the problem of cheap and poorly made wines is in the “Report on Cheap Wines” in the 5 November 1864 issue of The Medical Times and Gazette. The author, in prescribing inexpensive wines for a number of ills, cautions against the “fortified” wines of the day, describing of one sample that he had tried:

“When the cork was drawn it was scarcely tinted, and was a very bad one – a thing of no good augury for the wine. There was no smell of port wine. The liquid, when tasted, gave the palate half-a-dozen sensations instead of one. There was a hot taste of spirits, a sweet taste, a fruity taste like damsons, and an unmistakable flavor of Roussillon [an alternative name in France for wine made from the grape Grenache]. It was a strong, unwholesome liquor, purchased very dearly.”[

It is reported, however, that the popularity of cheap, fortified wines in the United States arose in the 1930s, as a product of Prohibition and the Great Depression:

“Prohibition produced the Roaring Twenties and fostered more beer and distilled-spirit drinkers than wine drinkers, because the raw materials were easier to come by. But fortified wine, or medicinal wine tonic—containing about 20 percent alcohol, which made it more like a distilled spirit than regular wine—was still available and became America’s number one wine. Thunderbird and Wild Irish Rose, to name two examples, are fortified wines. American wine was soon more popular for its effect than its taste; in fact, the word wino came into use during the Depression to describe those unfortunate souls who turned to fortified wine to forget their troubles.”
—Kevin Zraly, Kevin Zraly’s American Wine Guide (2006) p. 38.

More recently, the appeal of cheap fortified wines to the poor and homeless has raised concerns:

Community groups in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland have urged makers of fortified wines such as Wild Irish Rose and E & J Gallo’s Thunderbird and Night Train brands to pull their products from the shelves of liquor retailers in skid row areas. In Nashville, Tennessee, one liquor store owner told Nashville Business Journal reporter Julie Hinds that police warned him to stop selling his biggest selling product, Wild Irish Rose, because it encouraged homeless people to linger in the area.
—Janice Jorgensen, Encyclopedia of Consumer Brands: Consumable Products (1993), p. 492.


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2 responses to “Very Interesting. . . But Stupid!!! (Or, A White Rose By Any Other Name)

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    Doesn’t pass the smell test. The story is just totally lacking in details.

  • Jane Whitman

    Yes, this is verrrry interesting:

    “Working over the last several months, using information already gleaned by other investigators and communicating via encrypted email and private social networks, the group has…”

    Wowzer! They use encrypted emails and private social networks? How many Cheetos were tortured or killed in the making of this infrastructure?

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