Reed Hayes And The Crapomite Maneuver!!!


In Hindsight, They Probably Should Have Realized He Was Just A Big Dummy

Well, if you have never seen The Corbomite Maneuver from the first season of the original Star Trek TV series, then SPOILERS! Don’t read any further!

Now, for those of you are are still here, this is what Wiki says about the episode:

On stardate 1512.2, the Federation starship USS Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, finishes a third day of mapping stars, when novice navigator Lt. Dave Bailey (Anthony Call) spots a large spinning colored cube floating in space. Kirk arrives and orders the ship to back away from the object. The cube responds by coming even closer and emitting harmful radiation, and Kirk destroys it.

In the midst of a series of attack drills, Spock informs the Captain that a much larger object is rapidly approaching.

Responding to the object’s destruction – which the crew soon learn was a boundary marker – a gigantic glowing sphere quickly approaches the Enterprise. It fills the bridge viewscreen, even at low magnification. The vessel’s controller, Commander Balok, identifies his ship as the Fesarius, the flagship of the “First Federation”.

Mr. Spock manages to get a visual of Balok, a grotesque, blue-skinned humanoid with a frightening face. Balok ignores Kirk’s greetings, and announces that he will destroy the Enterprise for trespassing into First Federation territory and destroying the marker buoy. Balok informs the crew they have ten minutes to pray to their deities before their demise.

Mr. Spock compares the situation to a game of chess: “In chess, when one player is outmatched, the game is over.” He regrets that he can find no logical answer. Kirk replies that the solution is not chess, but poker. He bluffs, telling Balok that the Enterprise has incorporated into it a protective substance known as Corbomite which, when the ship is attacked, creates an equal force rebounding on the attacker.

Apparently falling for the ruse, Balok does not destroy the ship as previously announced. Afterward, Balok makes direct contact with the Enterprise, requesting details on the Corbomite device. After allowing sufficient time, mostly to cause Balok to worry the details, Kirk refuses.

A tug ship then detaches from the Fesarius and tows the Enterprise deep into First Federation space, where Balok announces he will intern the crew and destroy the Enterprise. Under tow, Kirk orders the Enterprise to increasingly resist the tug ship’s tractor beam. Just as the Enterprise’s engines are about to explode from the overload, it breaks free. This disables the alien vehicle.

Rather than flee, Kirk, McCoy, and Bailey form a boarding party to render assistance. Spock remains on the Enterprise to assist them, in case this was a trap. Scott, operating the transporter, tells them to bend down, as the scan on the alien ship reveals it has a very low ceiling. Upon arrival they discover that the “Balok” who appeared on their monitor is just a dummy, and the real Balok resembles a hyperintelligent human child. He enthusiastically welcomes them aboard, offering them “tranya”, his favorite beverage.

Balok explains that he was merely testing the Enterprise and its crew, to discover their true intentions. Although he had read the Enterprise computer records, he felt they could have been a deception. He created his dummy alter-ego, as he knew his true appearance would never frighten anyone.

Everybody lives happily ever after. This is what I suspect is going on with Reed Hayes, the document expert for Deputy Zullo and the Cold Case Posse.  First, no report from Hayes has been presented either in court or in any of Zullo’s numerous appearances.  If such a report even exists, then it must be pure crap or it would have already surfaced.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Posse have already tried to get prosecutor Bill Montgomery to prosecute Obama, and he refused for lack of evidence. A copy of the refusal is in Note 1., below. If the Cold Case Posse had a report from Hayes, and presented it, then it obviously did not contain enough to permit prosecution.  If the Cold Case Posse had such a bang-up report, and did not present it to the prosecutor,  just prior to the presidential election, then there is something else going on between Obama and Arpaio, such as been alleged by Orly Taitz. In that case,  the report will probably never see the light of day.

Post presidential election, there have been numerous chances for Zullo to present the report, and no particular reason to prolong the process. Zullo has gotten egg on his face for his numerous statements that all legal hell is about to break loose, and then there is nothing but the sound of crickets. His credibility is suffering.

Just a few days ago on June 1, 2013, Zullo spoke before the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention in St. Charles, Missouri. Supposedly they were shocked and awed by what they heard. They may have actually had the chance to go into full seizure mode if there was a credible report from Hayes. I don’t think there is any kind of explosive report sitting out there, or it would already have been detonated.

Second, I don’t see Reed Hayes risking professional Hari-Kari by becoming known as that Birther document guy. Imagine Hayes has just recited all his credentials for a jury, and gives his opinion and then. . . opposing counsel gets up and asks, “Hey, aren’t you the same expert who said President Obama’s long form birth certificate was a forgery???” That’s when a judge has to give his Everybody STFU! or I’ll clear the courtroom! speech because of all the laughter.

Unless the rent  was due, or the pantry was bare, I don’t see Hayes putting any of this silliness down in writing in any big way. You might get a little speculative musing that falls far short of accusing Obama, or his handlers, of forgery. Which brings us to the final reason why I think this whole thing is a Crapomite Maneuver, where Zullo and the Gang are trying to get as much mileage as possible from a pile of crap. That is, Zullo has already tipped his hand about what he has, and what input he got from Reed Hayes.

From FreeRepublic, we learn that on June 1, 2013, Zullo said:

Some of the anomalies that we have pointed out today were first discovered by a certified document examiner named Reed Hayes.

Mr. Hayes conclusion after examining Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate pretty much says it all. Mr Hayes says that: ‘In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion the birth certificate is entirely fabricated.'”

Oh WOW! I am all in a tizzy! NOT!!!  Again, no report has been presented to back up this claim, and Hayes hasn’t even seen the actual long form birth certificate. All he has seen is a PICTURE of it on a computer screen. Sooo, there are some anomalies on a computer picture. Did somebody violate the Online Picture Anomaly Act???  Did someone cross state lines to perform an act of Incompetent Uploading???

Nothing new here. Same old crap we have been looking  at for months.  Meanwhile, Captain Zullo struts around with, “I got an expert! I got an expert!”, and all the time he is holding 5 crummy cards, with an 8 high. I call the bluff. Go ahead Zullo and pull the Crapomite Maneuver. Just do it outside, and take a bar of soap with you. I’ll turn the water hose on you to clean off all the crap. With the nozzle set to “sting.”

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Refusal To Prosecute. This is from the ObamaReleaseYourRecords website:

Arizona Refusal To Prosecute

(Click On Image To Make Larger.)

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7 responses to “Reed Hayes And The Crapomite Maneuver!!!

  • Monkey Boy

    Blame the economy. Handwriting analysis consultant is not much in demand right now. Reed really needed the $300.00 fee, so, like housebreaker Manning who made himself an internet preacher and PHD, Reed invented an expertise in document analysis and verification.

    After all, he is just as legitimate and competent as any of Orly’s experts. (yeah, I know, they work for atta boys.)

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

    Hi Monkey Boy!

    OH, you will never guess what somebody just sent me! I will publish it shortly and it is going to blow the whole Cold Case Posse and Reed Hayes WIDE OPEN!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  • Lena

    The so called expert presented by Zullo is complete fraud like Zullo himself. First of all, he is not expert is documents like former high ranking typesetter, Paul Irey.

    Orly Taitz has already brought forth expert testimony to impeach Obama. She also brought forth the most explosive evidence proving Obama is criminal squatter in White House. That is the proof of Obama using a stolen social security number belonging to dead man, Harry Bounel. Complicit criminal Zullo refuse to touch this because it is irrefutable proof of a felony by Obama which would make him subject to arrest.

    Zullo and Arpaio has stolen all evidence amassed by Orly Taitz and pretend it is new in order to receive donations fraudulently. Karl Gallops and Zullo play with each other and Arpaio drink prune juice and play with himself. They are complete frauds and are criminally complicit in Obama usurpation.

    While criminals Zullo and arpaio diddle, the illegitimate squatters live high on pig with french chef, and 100% American housemaids, who are their betters, to make beds and clean shoes. HOW LONG O LORD will this kenyan lord over us and put on airs.

    When Pat Attic try to capture Billy the kid, he didn’t go to Congress for help. He make posse right away brought criminal to justice. Arpaio has evidence against Obama, will he take posse to 1600 Pennsylvania street and arrest criminal Obama? He know where to find him.

    Moreover, supporters of Orly Taitz reveal that Reid Hayes live in small apartment. Not a house, some expert. Moreover, it has been found out that he may be former gay lover of Obama in Hawaii and trying to distract people from corrupt judge England with phoney “report.”

  • Craig HS

    Hi Lena, how is the Dentistry business these days??

  • Plutodog

    Lena! Ha! Squirrelly desperate Orly Taitz. Yep, Zullo’s fulla crap but he’s pulling in birfer bucks you ain’t a getting. Ain’t that great?

  • Court Certified Document Expert From Hawaii Confirms Obama's Birth Document Is Forged - Page 6 (politics)

    […] for political purposes only. Obfuscation is Dr. Conspiracy's main motive in his article.…mite-maneuver/ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Posse have already tried to get prosecutor Bill Montgomery to prosecute […]

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