Deputy Jerome Corsi Jumps Birther Ship!!!


Before Deserting The Ship, Jerome Corsi Says Good-Bye To The Rest Of The Cold Case Posse

Well, one thing I missed during my time off was Jerome Corsi’s departure from Birferdom on April 19, 2013. Here is a link to the story at Dr. Conspiracy’s website:

During the 2 minute plus excerpt from the interview, Corsi called the Birther issue a “dead horse.”  He said the issue has been marginalized. However, he maintained that he still believed it.  But. . . there were other issues which need his attention. Imagine that, an author just walking away from what would be one of the most devastating stories in American history to go off on some other issues. If true, this story would be bigger than Watergate. Our very own Manchurian President, and Jerome Corsi just prisses away from it with an, “Oh, I’ve got some other fish to fry. . .”

Corsi now has his own website:

It has been up and  running since January 24, 2013 as near as I can tell. There are no overtly birthery articles. No stories about the Cold Case Posse. As a matter of fact, Corsi managed to completely ignore Deputy Zullo’s shock and awe speech June 1, 2013 speech t0 the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention in St. Charles, Missouri.  The speech which supposedly impressed so many law enforcement personnel. Corsi should have been beaming with pride with his recent comrades scoring a victory like that.

But he wasn’t. Corsi is in Washington now, and is running with a more sophisticated crowd. He needs to distance himself from all that wahoo Birther stuff. That is how you can be sure that there is nothing but crapola in the Cold Case Posse report. That is how you can be sure that there were never any legs to the story. That is how you can be sure Corsi never believed any of it.

Anybody who bought into the whole “Where’s The Real Birth Certificate” farce he peddled out to be mad as heck. They got PWNED!  To give the Devil his due, Corsi never endorsed the idiotic “two citizen parents” nonsense pushed by Mario Apuzzo, Esq. and other Birthers.  I guess there is some stuff even rats will turn their noses up at.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image: This is PLAGUE: DANCE OF THE RATS. Rats dancing at the time of the plague. Oil on canvas by an unknown Flemish artist, 17th century. Copies can be purchased at:

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14 responses to “Deputy Jerome Corsi Jumps Birther Ship!!!

  • Julia

    You #1 worst obot. Patiots later see you in labor camp and laugh very hard.

    Maybe Corsi and Fara be roommate and you have stupid obot party.

    • Andrew Vrba, PmG

      Oh, so you want to see people who don’t agree with your ideals, thrown into camps…
      Doesn’t sound very patriotic to me, in fact it sounds like the exact opposite of what patriots fought for.
      Get the fuck out of MY country, you un-American pig.

      • ramboike

        Yo Gay Vrba.

        Julia/Yulia is Squeeky, and Orly Taitz is Lena

        Those 2 are playing a sick game.

        • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

          Hi Rambo Ike!!!

          I am not sure if Lena is Orly Taitz or not. I know for sure that I am not Julia/Yulia. So, I am NOT sure what you are talking about.

          Plus, I saw your comment about me at her website, and at Lucas Smith’s place. The Free Republic Birthers are chicken little cowards and poltroons, and scared of debate. So if I was you, I would be careful about associating with them.

          Or you will need to change your handle to “RUNbo Ike.”

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        • noname

          Twinky Ike is very sick and stupid. He try to send patriots into rabbit hutch with lie all time. But, Yulia very smart, not stupid like twinky ike and obots.

          Yulia play chess! Twinky ike lose all money with internet poker. Very stupid.

          He be chicken meat in big house.

  • RoadScholar

    Oh, Julia. Consider this: if everyone the Birthers say is “complicit in the treasonous conspiracy” to keep BHO in office were to be sent to a “labor camp,” it would be hard to tell the inside of the camp from the outside! Besides, how are 18 “patiots” going to even BUILD a camp capable of holding 300 million co-conspirators?

    You have to think these things through, dear.

  • Lena

    Yes, rats are leaving sinking ship. You leave blog to go to new job in White House like obot poster here say, but now you come back to blog…why?

    Maybe because USS Obama-Soetoro-Soebarkah-Bounel about to hit rock in ocean.

  • ramboike


    I’ll try to clear up what I stated, which is based on flimsy evidence.

    Last year when Yulia & Lena were leaving comments here your fellow travelers at Foggy’s FagBlow outed you as the one using them. My own thoughts at the time was you were Lena based on some common ways of phrasing, and Yulia was Misha “lit’l marxist” Trotsky based on one uncommon word that I’ve only seen them 2 using. Like I said “flimsy”.

    If you remember, many of the mindless Obots here were accusing me of being about 6 different sock puppets, including Yulia & Lena, posting here. One even copied my handle, except for the underscore, and posted a bunch of psyco-babble. As the site owner you knew they weren’t me and never said nothing. No big deal. Butttttt, it didn’t end there……

    They carried it to other sites accusing me of all sorts of racist & sexist statements that I never made and have no idea what they are talking about. It’s possible that somebody is doing that under those other names. As an example, one of the most dumbest & racially obsessed Obots accused me last month of making racist slurs & smears on a site I’ve never posted on and on another I haven’t posted on in well over a year or two. When I ask them to provide these statements they wouldn’t. I even offered the dummy $500 if he could connect me to just one of them, he cut & run. Right after I made the offer Orly publicly posts my email & IP addys.

    If you check, Lena is connecting to Orly’s site. Look at the captions – I’m assuming they are yours – under the pictures in the article you posted at Lucas Smith’s site. They lack the prepositional connections – same as in Lena & Julia’s comments. Who is playing who here? Lmao

    BTW. It’s your fellow traveling Obots that have been degrading you – not the Birthers. Right after you did a posting complimenting Fatty McKinnion, he posts this about you: “..tends to show some dislike for males. Also claims to be drunk most of the time.” Do you understand what he is hinting at? Talk about backstabbing, sheesh!

    • Monkey Boy

      Twinkyike whines…

      I’ll try to clear up what I stated, which is based on flimsy evidence

      What a surprise! The entire birther Geist is premised–not on “flimsy evidence”–but, instead, on no evidence. Twinkyike is true to the soul of birtherism.

      I am starting to believe that he isn’t just duplicitous, but that he really is mind-boggling stupid. But, again, he is a birther.

      He accuses you on the basis of usage of a single “uncommon” word. Since, he alleges that the poster could be Misha on the basis of that word, it is logical presume that the word is Yiddish. Now, that is real evidence.

      Dummy TI apparently doesn’t realize that anyone that lived in the NYC area for a while would be familiar with Yiddish phrases AND Sicilian curses. You got ugatz, Twinky.

      Cross-acculturation is common in diverse societies. Get out more, Twinky.

      Here in Vancouver young white kids, who I presume come from affluent and well-educated household which populate this neighborhood, frequently and un-selfconsciously address each other as “nigga”.

      Wot’s da haps, nigga! (fistbump)

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

    Hi RamboIke:

    First, I would never post anybody’s IP address or email. Period. I don’t even look at that stuff. I assure you that I am NOT Lena, or Orly Taitz. Sometimes, I might make up some stuff like it is from Orly, but that is always INSIDE the post and it will almost always be apparent from the silliness of it. Like the time I did the “Dear Orly” advice column stuff. That wasn’t really Orly.

    I can understand your anger at people who pretend to be you, because some Obot(s) used to pretend to be me. Which is why I started my own blog, the first one on Blogger.

    If anybody pretends to be you on this site, just let me know and I will remove the comment. But like I said above, I don’t even check out that stuff on comments. The Word Press moderates the first comment from a place, and if it is not spam, I let it through.

    After that, it just comes straight in. As far as Obots talking about me, that is just a risk I run because I am not an Obot. I am an Anti-Birther, and politically I would be classified as a Blue Dog Democrat. I am conservative about most things like the 2nd Amendment, and liberal on some others like the economy.

    On those FreeRepublic pictures, I was trying to talk like a North Korean. That is why the language was like that. They didn’t really come from an Undercover Freeper.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I do try very hard to be fair about stuff.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    • ramboike


      I’m not angry, this is nothing, been through much worse online. Mainly, I was curious who it was and how they were doing it. The one I had forgotten was an exact copy of mine. I didn’t know you could do that on the same site. Finally found it:

      October 21st, 2012 at 9:20 am

      You are right. I am a racist moron and I never added anything to the discussion other than to disrupt it. For that, I apologize.

      Now I am going to crawl back down into my basement, suck my thumb and hold my blanky cuz I is still scared of finding Muslims in my closet and commies in my underware.]

      The Avatar shows it to be: anotherparadox

      Mostly it just a bunch of paranoid Obots like the Boy Monkey who last year believed everyone that came in here he didn’t know was me. Lmao. If the ones making those accusation had anything they would of produced it.

      The word I was referring to was “golem”. Prolly hundreds of people use it but I only seen them 2.

      • Monkey Boy

        Tee hee hee. Poor widdle Twinky has had his tender psyche bruised by mean Obots. How could they!!!!

        The purpose of a namejack is to ridicule, not to mislead.

        That can be done by making ironic statements that is the opposite of what the jackee(no, not a pun, Twinky) would make, so it would be instantly recognizable as fake by anyone familiar with the jackee’s posting.

        A more common, entirely ethical, tactic is to choose a handle that is similar to another poster’s handle and create a verbal caricature of that poster.

        A caricature exaggerates certain features of a subject in order make the caricature recognizable as a representation of the subject, although everyone realizes that it is not an exact image.

        The substitute poster then makes postings that exaggerate the risible features of the subject’s previous postings and tries to show up their absurdities. If the substitute poster doesn’t mimic the subject, the caper doesn’t work.

        So, Twinky, if someone successfully jacked your handle, it is only because they mimicked you and said things that were credible to your persona–for amusement purposes only. If you don’t want to be ridiculed, then don’t be ridiculous.

        And, grow up.

      • Monkey Boy

        The word I was referring to was “golem”. Prolly hundreds of people use it but I only seen them 2.

        You’re a birther. The things that you haven’t seen, don’t know, and are terrified by, would fill several volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

  • Julia

    Twinky ike is big obot who always try to trick patriots. He make team with schwarz obot Monkey Boy to trick patriots. Pretend to fight.

    Both very stupid.

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