Orly Taitz Flirts With Sovereign Citizens!!!

flirt 3.Streetwalker,RueQuincampoix,1932

In Her Typically Cheesy Fashion, Orly Taitz Solicits Some Input

Well, now Orly Taitz has done gone and  put her foot in it! One of her recent posts is a shout out to a Medical Quack who is also a Legal Quack Sovereign Citizen type. Here is the link to her story:


Here is a pdf screensave of the post:

Orly’s Sovereign Citizen Post

And here are the individual page images. You can just click on each Image to make it larger:

Page 1:

Orly's Sovereign Citizen Post Page 1

Page 2:

Orly's Sovereign Citizen Post Page 2

Page 3:

Orly's Sovereign Citizen Post Page 3

Page 4:

Orly's Sovereign Citizen Post Page 4

After reading No. 7 above, about Social Security numbers being issued by the IMF, I wonder if Orly will send them a subpoena??? Anyway, I clicked around to get to Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s actual web page, and OMG is he a looney tune! Here is a link. Wrap your head in tin foil before clicking on the link to get into the spirit of things!


He sells something call BePure, a full body cleanse. I am not sure if you are supposed to drink it, or squirt it up the other end, but I sure suspect the latter. If so, before curing any Birthers Dr. Coldwell and his helpers should mix up some extra-strength BePure, and replace their regular catch buckets with 55 gallon drums. And stand way back!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image, and Captions, and Easter Egg. For ESL’s and others, please notice the Fromages shop across the street from the tart. It is a cheese shop. Mont d’Or is a kind of cheese. Mont d’Orly would have an entirely different connotation.

Note 2. What If??? What if Dr. Coldwell and The Birthers hook up??? Daring to think about the implications, Enquiring Minds at The Birther Think Tank wonder  if Dr. Coldwell will implement realistic exercises to train his staff for the influx of Birthers???

elephant poop

Mario, The Elephant, Had A Lot To Get Off His Mind


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