Obama Of Arabia Outflanks Cold Case Posse!!!

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The KGB Helped Obama Escape Into The Desert, One Step Ahead Of A Traffic Ticket

Well, one of the latest rumors is that Obama is a Saudi. That one came from Sheriff Mark “Big Iron” Kessler of Fracktown, PA, who supposedly got it straight from the Cold Case Posse’s lips. Here is what we learned before Kessler decided he wasn’t part of the “birther deal” any more:

Kessler's Cold Case Posse Info

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Now Kessler supposedly learned this at the June 1, 2013 Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention in St. Charles, Missouri. Let’s examine the rumors a little more closely, and what he was told VIA cold case possie:

1) Bozo isn’t American nor was he born in Hawaii;

2) They believe he’s Saudi;

3) Their not his real parents;

4) Russia is involved;

5) It wasn’t an accident he’s President;

6) Bill Ayers and the weather underground are involved;

7) Kenya played a role, Hawaii state officials did the birth certificate;

8) He has several other names , not just the ones the public knows about;

9) He doesn’t exist in the USA until the age of 5…..


Now most of those are just variations of one sort or the other on previous rumors. But No.10 really bothered me. What in the world did the CCP mean when they told Kessler, “WE’RE ALL F*CKED”??? Then it hit me. Maybe they were talking about themselves, not the country. Maybe it is the Cold Case Posse which is “F*CKED.” Because, this little tidbit came out a few days later as a result of the Taitz-Zullo-Gallups kerfluffle:

Zullo said Taitz “apparently… doesn’t understand what jurisdiction means” because Obama “has not committed a crime in Maricopa County or the state of Arizona regarding his Social Security number.”

“I know [Taitz] had 20-some-odd court cases on this very issue and maybe now she’s feeling very threatened,” Zullo said. “There is not enough evidence to convict him on jaywalking … let alone anything else.”

But Zullo said he is seeking a congressional hearing to remove the president from office.


Zullo said this in a video, which is also at the link in case you want to hear it out of his own mouth. But isn’t this kind of THE SMOKING GUN??? Because when you are conducting a criminal investigation, and you don’t have enough evidence to convict him on jaywalking … let alone anything else doesn’t that mean NOT GUILTY???

Yep. I would say Deputy Zullo and The Cold Case Posse are, in their words,  F*CKED.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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