Birther Smells Another Birther!!! Maybe. Who Knows???

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Something Just Didn’t Smell Right, And Farrell Began To Wonder If His Skinny Friend Was As Dumb As He Seemed

Birther Chris Farrell, late of the French Foreign Legion, must have some kind of sinus problem. Here are a few excerpts from his recent Nasal Exposition.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Orly Taitz? “I smell a rat” says PPSIMMONS Contributor

By Chris Farrell


Question: I am convinced that Atty. Orly Taitz is an Obama plant; an agent working to get out in front of any given dimension of the eligibility issue and derail its progress in the courts and diffuse its truthful dissemination in the media.

Now wait a minute. Orly Taitz can’t be BOTH a rat and a plant??? What’s next, she’s some kind of mineral??? Chris Farrell goes on to ask:

Could what appears to be an advance in the District of Columbia wherein Orly is proceeding in court against the Social Security numbers that have been employed by Mister Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah/Bounel be a subversive effort at getting out in front of the evidence and destroying its credibility–an effort on the part of the Obama camp to achieve a ruling against such evidence as credible that will undermine the presentation of any related evidence presented in front of the Alabama Supreme Court where Atty. Larry Klayman is reported to, at some time in the future, present the evidence uncovered by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold Case Posse including evidence related to Mister Obama’s fraudulent Social Security numbers?

Actually, in Earth language,  this was a very short Internet Article. Let me recap the whole thing for you:

Paragraph 1. Question. I am convinced Orly Taitz is trying to mess up and derail the eligibility question. (Note: This is a question??? It looks more like a statement or conclusion to me.)

Paragraph 2. Is Orly Taitz trying to mess up and derail the eligibility question in Washington D.C. before Larry Klayman can mess it up and derail it in Alabama??? (Note: OK, maybe I added a few snarky words, but the general thrust is the same. Plus, I think I found the missing question from Paragraph 1.)

Paragraph 3. Could Orly Taitz be a covert Obama agent  trying to mess up and derail the eligibility question??? (Note: Oops. maybe this is the missing question from Paragraph 1???)

Paragraph 4. Could Orly Taitz be a covert agent who is trying to mess up and derail the eligibility question through incompetence before it gets to the Alabama court??? (Note: Strangely, this question sounds familiar. Did I hear it just a few seconds ago, somewhere???)

Paragraph 5. Could Orly Taitz be a covert agent who is theatrically trying to mess up and derail the eligibility question before someone else can get it to court??? (Note: Now I know this is starting to sound familiar. This guy better lay off the questions because he is running out of room.)

Paragraph 6. Could Orly Taitz be a covert agent who is choreographically  trying to mess up and derail the eligibility question before someone else can get it to court??? (Note: OK, wait just a minute. Is Chris getting paid by the word???

Paragraph 7. Whose side is Orly Taitz on??? (Note: This was a very short paragraph containing only the six previous words. And, another darn question.)

Paragraph 8. If you ask me, I smell a rat. (Note: Now wait just a minute! WE didn’t get to ask anything. YOU did all the asking! Six whole paragraphs that all sounded about the same!!!)

Notice how Birthery the whole thing was.  Chris gave us a conclusion, then asked a series of questions which were all similar. Then, he reached the same conclusion that he started out with. Uh, isn’t something missing out of all this??? Like ANSWERS. Proof and evidence. That kind of stuff.

If anybody wants an example of how totally screwed up the Birther Mind is, this is it. Conclusions. . . backed up by questions. .    .with no evidence. . . and ending in the same conclusion. Hmmm. At least Orly Taitz should understand the process.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the hilarious 1931 Laurel and Hardy movie, Beau Hunks.  This seems appropriate for Mr. Farrell since he claims to have once been a member of The French Foreign Legion. Those who have seen the movie, or who know anything at all about the Legion, know that everybody who joins up is doing so to forget some woman. Here is a photograph I obtained which show the woman Mr. Farrell is still trying to forget:

Orly Worly 2

Note 2. Beau Hunks. Here is a link to the full movie. If you have never seen it, it is well worth the 35 minutes or so.

Note 3. For ESL’s, The Image Easter Egg,  riff raff:

riff•raff (ˈrɪfˌræf)

1. disreputable people.
2. the lowest classes; rabble.
3. trash; rubbish.

[1425–75; late Middle English rif and raf every particle, things of small value < Old French rif et raf]

Just for fun, the Rif were Moroccan tribesman and the enemies of the French Foreign Legion in the Beau Hunks film. See this, from Wiki:


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