Carl Gallups And Deputy Zullo – – – Sync Or Sink???


Mike Zullo (Second From Right), Carl Gallups, And The Cold Case Posse Practice Synchronized Manipulation Of Dumbbells   (Click On The Image To Watch Them In Action!)

In a recent video Pastor Carl Gallups stated that he was in daily contact with Deputy Zullo of The Maricopa County Cold Case Posse. You can hear it for yourself in this Scandal of Scandals audio/video from ObamaReleaseYourRecords. First, starting at 1:34:

Mike Zullo and I are in contact with each other every single day. I do not claim to be an official spokesperson for Mike  or Sheriff Arpaio, but I do work closely with them and we stay as I said in daily contact.,

Then, at 6:03

I am in daily contact with Mike Zullo, who is the lead investigator . And when I say daily, I mean every single day usually 2 to 3 times a day and this contact has been going on for months now. Mike and I traveled to Capitol Hill together. We’ve talked to Congressmen and chiefs of staff together. We’ve went to CPAC together. CPAC 2013.

We’ve spoken to all manner of VIPs, very important and powerful people together. So what I am getting ready to tell you is absolute fact. And that is.  This case is moving forward.  There is the distinct possibility, and I can only speak in possibilities     because we can’t make anybody do anything.  But if the people, if  the VIPs who are involved in this now, will keep their promises, there is the distinct possibility that within a few months, there will some major Congressional movement on this.

Hmmm. There is a distinct possibility that maybe in a few months, somebody else, not us, will do something. But it is all out of Zullo’s and Gallups’ hands. It all depends on some un-named VIPs, very important and powerful people. Yeah, I hope the Birthers hold their breaths waiting for that.

Now where all this breaks down is that Zullo has already said there isn’t enough evidence to convict Obama of jaywalking or anything else. Which means, that there isn’t any new information in the mix.  No new investigatory work is turning up anything, The only thing they can be doing, and this is evident from the audio/video above is trying to convince people in Congress and elsewhere that Not Enough Evidence To Convict Him Of Jaywalking, is Enough Evidence To Remove Him From Office.

In other words, Zullo and Gallups are just lobbying.  And what they are trying to sell is pure crap. Gonna happen NOT. In the meantime, they have to keep the Birther Rabble entertained and interested.  If they can just keep the crap  going for 3 years and 6 months, then Obama will be out of office and they can breathe easy. What’s the alternative, admit they don’t have anything??? Zullo can go back to selling cars and writing parking tickets for the MCSO.

But Gallups is strung out there as an author and a pastor, and a radio personality. He NEEDS his reputation. At least some of it. That is why they are working so closely together. Gallups can’t afford to let Zullo fold. Zullo can’t afford to let Gallups wash his hands of the Birther stuff, or it’s no more trips to Hawaii. No more conventions and doe-eyed conservative chicks  in the hotel bar getting sloshed on Sex-On-The-Beaches.

So, its work together, or lose out and get creamed together. That’s what it looks like to me. This also explains all the sudden belligerence toward Orly Taitz. She won’t play ball with the two of them. She could care less if Zullo or Gallups get embarrassed. She expects them to do what they say, and get the case to a prosecutor.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Images. These are Nude Gymnasts from the 1930’s. The dumbbells they are holding are actually called Indian Clubs, which are described here:

Indian clubs — is popular in the early 20th and late 19th century in US, some parts of Europe as well. It looks like a bowling pin, made of woods and comes with different sizes and weights and they are swung around.  They can range from a few pounds each, up to special clubs that can weigh as much as 50 pounds. They were used in carefully choreographed routines where the clubs were swung in unison by a group of exercisers, led by an instructor in the front, similar to modern aerobic classes. Indian club is used in India and is used by martial arts.


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3 responses to “Carl Gallups And Deputy Zullo – – – Sync Or Sink???

  • The Magic M

    > If they can just keep the crap going for 3 years and 6 months, then Obama will be out of office

    Brilliant strategy. They will go “thanks to our ongoing efforts, Obama will not run for a 3rd term, he is too scared of us, he won’t even dare declare Martial Law, US ARE HEROEZ!” and birfers will sing their praise till kingdom come.

  • ramboike


    Why? You know that picture of nude males will get the Boy Monkey, G-string, Magic M, and Fatty McKinnion all excited & drooling all over themselves.

    • Monkey Boy

      Didn’t understand you, Twinky; take the sausage out of your mouth first. Didn’t you mother teach you anything?

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