The Plundered Paradise Of The Post and Email!!!

You Could Bring Your Own Birther, But Sharon Rondeau Insisted On The Cover Charge!!!

Imagine a Birther/Patriot Island Paradise! Tuesdays and Fridays would be dress-up day, and Special Snowflake Patriots could put on their tri-corner hats, grab a fife, or a drum, or a musket, and march around to their hearts delight! They could even sing the Patriot Song

The P and E Patriot Song
(to the tune of Streets Of Laredo):

Patriot 1:    I see by your outfit that YOU are a Patriot!

Patriot 2:   I see by your outfit YOU’RE a Patriot, too!

Patriots 1 and 2: We see by our outfits that WE are both Patriots!

Patriot Chorus:  If YOU get an outfit, YOU can be a Patriot, too!!!

At which point, Empress Sharon Rondeau, points out that P and E sells Patriot Outfits in sizes up to 6XL at the P and E Store!

Bestest of all, even if nasty old Obots and Anti-Birther trespassers made it to the Blessed Isle, they would face an Impenetrable  Wall Of Pay to prevent them from harassing the merry crew and interfering with their fun!

Sharon Rondeau is presiding over just such a lost kingdom. The cheapest of the lowly pay two bucks a month to enter the cloistered site,  and are stripped naked on the way out. They are permitted to take nothing with them. However, Birther paradise, with its tawdry Birther love slaves, is slowly disintegrating before her very eyes! Paradise is being PLUNDERED! Some Birthers and Patriots are having their fun for free! Here is an excerpt from Empress Rondeaus’ royal snit:

The Post & Email’s Work Stolen, Reposted, Altered without Permission

Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Sunday, June 16, 2013 @ 11:56 PM In National | 2 Comments

by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 16, 2013) — The Post & Email has become aware that despite copy-protection and copyright notices on every article it publishes, various bloggers are reproducing our work without our permission or proper remuneration. To our knowledge, those who have stolen our most recent articles on Glenn Beck’s news are not even subscribers to The Post & Email.

Because of extraordinary expenses made necessary by Obots hacking the site over more than two years, The Post & Email must ask a small subscription fee for its work, which we believe is unique on the web.  There is also a free level which offers limited content.  We believe our rates are the lowest for the high-quality news and editorial we provide.  The stealing of our work is injurious to our attempts to grow into a full-fledged news organization.

Making copies of copyrighted news reports is the same as copying music:  illegal.  The copyright owner will never reap the rewards of his or her diligent work if it is copied without remuneration for the time and effort required to produce it.  If America is to regain any semblance of capitalism, its people must think like capitalists rather than take other people’s work and expect it to be free.

Whoa, I haz a confuzzled! How can you rip off Glenn Beck’s news from the TV or some other website,  dress it up a little, put it on your website, and then complain when somebody else takes it off yours, and puts it on their website???  Particularly when they properly attribute the news back to the P and E. The news itself, is NOT subject to copyright.  If a person reads in The Post and Email that Glenn Beck says Justice Roberts was pressured to approve Obamacare, then relays that same information, that is not necessarily an infringement,  as long as the form of the information is different.

However, it appears people have simply been cutting and pasting and forwarding the entirety of her Internet Articles to new places.  Frankly, she is nuts to complain about it. I am sure she reaches a far larger audience that she would otherwise. Some of those more distant viewers are likely to visit her website, and she has a better chance of making a subscription sale. This is particularly advantageous when you are a relatively small website and not highly or widely respected.

First, you lasso an audience in, and then you grab for the money. This is how the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal work. Plus, they give the reader a number of free articles without a subscription. This is because they want people to visit their website and grow to love it over time. To come to need the website along with their Cheerios and toast in the morning. To get to where visiting the website is a routine. But that is how people think who don’t live in self-imposed isolation from the Real World.

Not so much at P and E. Like any group of animals isolated on an island, there is a lot of inbreeding going on at The Post and Email. Most of her articles are just a rehash of the same Birther nonsense that is on all the Birther websites.  Or a rehash of the other latest breaking news making the rounds of the Patriot Circuit. By and large, if you don’t read it at the P and E, you can read it at a hundred other places.

About the only original material is the occasional Open Letter from an Indignant Birther, or Outraged Patriot.  Monroe County Tennessee gets an undue amount of attention, but that will probably end whenever Walter Fitzpatrick starts taking his meds on a regular basis. Because of all the wackadoodle content, even when Rondeau breaks a story, she doesn’t get any respect. Witness the reception of her EXCLUSIVE that a Glenn Beck Interview wasn’t coming off after all”

Glenn Beck’s Earthshaking News Postponed until Monday.

Breaking: Exclusive: Sen. Mike Lee Not Scheduled to Appear on Beck’s Monday Show
Wingnuts1 day ago • Views: 389

Right out of Wingnut Central, Sharon Rondeau’s Post and Efail discovers that GLENN BECK LIES.


On Friday, radio show Glenn Beck announced that Sen. Mike Lee would be a guest on his show on Monday, June 17, 2013, to say that surveillance of lawmakers by the Obama campaign occurred during the run-up to the 2012 elections, which was stated by Rep. Steve King that day.

At 12:12 p.m. EDT, The Post & Email contacted Sen. Lee’s office and asked for the media person. We were placed on hold for a few moments and connected with Emily Bennion. We asked her if a press release about the contention that Roberts was pressured would be issued after his appearance on Beck’s show today, to which Ms. Bennion responded that, contrary to Beck’s announcement, Sen. Lee is not scheduled to appear on Beck’s show. “We’ll have to contact the producer of his show,” she told us.

I bolded and italicized the lead in above: Right out of Wingnut Central, Sharon Rondeau’s Post and Efail discovers that GLENN BECK LIES.  This is her real problemnot that a few of her subscribers spread her stuff for free. Rondeau is not a bad writer, at all. Her stories are coherent and presented in a professional fashion.  But her respectable stories are all mixed in with the idiot stuff. Take a look at today’s front page:

P And E Front Page June 18, 2013

(Click On Image To Make Larger.)

The stories on the left would be worth taking a gander out. The stories on the right???  You could set Earnest Hemingway to writing that stuff and it would still go nowhere except to a very limited bunch of nuts, and a very limited number of people who like to laugh at those nuts. I can understand and relate to Rondeaus’s desire to make some money off all her work. Blogging takes a lot of time and energy. But Rondeau errs when she says:

The stealing of our work is injurious to our attempts to grow into a full-fledged news organization.

No. It is the nature of your stories that are injurious to your attempts to grow.  What person from the wider non-Birther universe  is going to believe anything you write about California State Lawmakers when the story is sitting right next to Will Dan Pfieffer Respond About the Forgery??  If you are attached to nutty conspiracy theories, at least pick out some with wider appeal. Like Big Foot, Roswell, and the Alien Autopsies.

And quit protecting your Birther and silly-ass Patriot Special Snowflakes.  You don’t earn any respect by shielding them (and yourself) from valid criticisms.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Images This is the Empress of the Galopagos, Baroness Eloise Wehrborn, and one of her lovers,  the toothless dentist Robert Phillipson. I thought she was a most appropriate representative of what usually happens when people flee the real world for supposed Paradises. Here is a brief blurb about her, by Dunwoodie Hall:


The name of Baroness Eloise Wehrborn is now virtually forgotten in the dusty pages of history. Yet a little over a quarter of a century ago this voluptuous noblewoman from Vienna shocked European high-hats first as a sexy belly dancer in the cabarets of every capital city and then as the self-appointed Empress of a Pacific island which she ruled with a Colt .45 slung around her curvy waist.

No story in the annals of violence can match the fantastic and bizarre account of the itchy-fingered Baroness who turned her tropical paradise in the Galapagos Islands into a hell-hole of murder and lust. From her crude castle of stones, clay and palm logs, Eloise ruled like a female Napoleon, brandishing the ugly .45 with which she shot to death a number of victims in her mad drive for power.

From the time she was 16, Eloise was a problem child to the Austrian family that boasted of an old noble lineage. Instead of finishing her education at the convent, she escaped and set her sights on Paris. There in the Left Bank she achieved a kind of notoriety with her escapades among the cult of free-love practitioneers.  Thus in July 1932 she left Marseilles with Paul [sic, Alfred] Rudolph Lorenz, who was her dancing instructor, and Robert Philippson, weakling son of a wealthy German merchant.

The trio’s wild plan met with a temporary snag when they arrived in Panama. They had to wait several months there until they could scrounge up a ship to take them to the Galapagos. Thus only in December of 1932 did they eventually land on the tiny isle of Floreana in the Galapagos. Hardly had the boat, which brought them to Floreana, disappeared over the horizon when the crazed Eloise showed her true colors.

She stripped off her lady-like clothing to the bare essentials. Strapped around her hips was a low-slung holster with a pearl-handled revolver. From her suitcase she extracted a short, but mean-looking whip. Both Lorenz and Philippson looked upon this act as quaint, something of a delightfully eccentric touch. Their surprise was turned into sheer amazement, however, when Eloise—her blonde hair bobbing in the sea breeze—jerked out the Colt, fired two shots in the sand, gave a short snap with the whip and proclaimed herself Empress of the Galapagos Islands.

No two men could have been more stunned than Lorenz and Philippson. They had pictured this jaunt as one of romance and excitement. Now they recognized the Baroness was simply out of her mind. She had been plotting an entirely different set-up from what the two would-be adventurers had anticipated. And when Eloise informed them they would serve as her “slaves,” the men realized they were the dupes of a twisted mind that would know no bounds.

There is also a fascinating 4 part series at the Smithsonian Website, with one rather interesting video:

And, an upcoming movie with the voice of Cate Blanchett and others:

No wonder that all these years later those events inspired documentary film makers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine to co-produce and direct “The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden,” featuring the voices of  Cate Blanchett, Diane Kruger, Connie Nielsen, Josh Radnor, Sebastian Koch, Thomas Kretschmann and Gustaf Skarsgard. As reported in “The Wrap,” The film is now in post-production and will be released later this year.

Note 2. Plundering Paradise. This is from the title of a book about the people who live in The Galapagos.

PLUNDERING PARADISE: The Hand of Man on the Galpagos Islands

Michael D’Orso, Author . HarperCollins $24.95 (368p) ISBN 978-0-06-019390-4

With rich, witty prose as colorful as the characters he describes, D’Orso reveals the human side of the Galápagos, including the owner of the Galápagos Hotel, Jack Nelson, an American who has lived there since 1967; Christy Gallardo, an American who visited the island as a tourist and fell in love with and married an Ecuadorean man; and Mary Rodriguez, the wife of a Galápagan farmer who in 1992 opened the first and only “gentlemen’s club” called Quatro y Media. This is a stellar study of the alchemy of man and nature.

Note 3. Bad Fiction has a great Internet Article about this, too. It is at the link, under June 16, 2013. Here is an exceprt, and to protect your keyboard, be sure you swallow any Coke or Pepsi or Franzia White Zinfadel wine before you read it:

And finally, since when has it taken hours for Sharon Rondeau to research anything? For that matter, since when HAS Sharon Rondeau researched anything. Her usual criteria is that if it’s against Obama, then she’ll print it. Unless she’s trying to claim that articles that claim President Obama is a “Reptile Person” are “well researched…..”

“Because of extraordinary expenses made necessary by Obots hacking the site over more than two years, “So some right-wing nutcase copies and pastes Rondeau’s crap all over the place, and yet somehow it’s the fault of the “Obots”?? Ooookay then.

“The Post & Email must ask a small subscription fee for its work, which we believe is unique on the web. “It’s not unique. There are pay sites all over the place, and conspiracy sites too. Sharon Rondeau simply thinks that the same people who can get this crap for free at The Blaze, Stormfront, and other sites like those, are willing to feed her delusion that her blog is a money-making journalistic source.

Professional seditionist Sharon Rondeau has a problem – her target audience is too cheap to subscribe to her blog. Yet she can’t complain too much because they’re her target audience.

Note 4. Special Snowflakes. I first heard Michele Malkin say this on Megyn Kelly’s show yesterday. Maybe I am NOT getting out enough??? Here is what it means, from the Urban Dictionary:

A member of that newly-adult, me’er-than-me generation which expects attention and praise just for being themselves — doing anything to deserve it is completely optional.

Oh, he’s too much of special snowflake to get a day job — his mom’s paying the rent while he hangs out waiting for the perfect high-paying project to come along. I guess the market for C-minus filmmaking majors is a little soft right now or something.

A problem person. A person who thinks they are unique, different and therefor more special that everyone else. Derived from too many parents telling their kids they are “special,” like a “snowflake.” Typically used by used by those in the customer service or retail industry to refer to bad customers.

That lady was a special snowflake, in a blizzard of other special snowflakes; shes unique, just like everyone else.


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2 responses to “The Plundered Paradise Of The Post and Email!!!

  • Frank Bolivar

    One thing the movie makers got right in the Empress film was the costuming… Especially that if the Empress. Very cost-effective as well. 🙂

    As for Rondeau… piffle

  • Dave Muckey

    It would seem that everything in the Pest and Efail is copyrighted, whether or not it’s a work by RonDieu or Baroness Eloise Wehrborn. I’m not so sure she’s getting good advice from her legal department.

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