Whither The Butterdezillion Emails???

typist flu-typist

Planning Ahead, She Was Careful Not To Get Her DNA On The Email

Well, today I learned from Bob at the Fogbow that Butterdezillion is having computer bo-bos, again. To wit:

butterdezillion wrote:Somebody stole some emails that I sent to Mike Zullo. I had to send them to a 3rd party and have him forward them, in order to get them to Mike. An IT-professor friend told me that could only happen at the Homeland Security level.

I KNOW they are messing with the investigation. I have experienced it personally. Add obstruction of justice to the list of crimes by this regime, on this issue alone.


Of course we already know that the NSA is monitoring everything she does to help develop weaponized illogic bombs to destroy our enemies’ computers. (see yesterdays post), but I have it on good authority that in this case, her emails were simply intercepted by Deputy Zullo’s spam filter. Here is a copy of one of the emails:

To:  deputy.zullo@possegalore.com

From: butterdezillion@gee!mail.com

Subject: indirect confirmation of me

I believe Bacterin has the opportunity to use these facilities in school PE. Have a shitty rest of your life? To understand, you
can still talk about the good stuff. Yoga offers a myriad of wellness tennis elbow treatment prevention benefits: flexibility, balance, vision and a sublime finish to score a goal because I dread to think what is needed to protect the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

I have others, but I have to be careful here about letting too much of my secret stuff loose.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Message. OK, so this didn’t really come from Butterdezillion. It is just one of the spam comments I got yesterday. But it was so damn weird that I had to find a way to get it out there in public. This piece of spam is so bad, that it morphs into an ARTFORM! Plus, I would have gotten busted out anyway because  this makes way too much sense to be from Butterdezillion.

Note 2. The Image. This is a picture of a nurse typing during the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Which also explains the Easter Egg pun.


About Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

Hi!!! I am a Girl Reporter on the Internet. I am 31. Plus I am a INTP. I have a Major in Human Kinetics, and a Minor in English. I have 2 cats, and a new kitten! I write poetry, and plus I am trying to learn how to play guitar. I think that is all??? Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter View all posts by Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

18 responses to “Whither The Butterdezillion Emails???

  • Patrick McKinnion

    “Possegalore.com” sounds like a western-themed porn site. *chuckle*

  • ramboike

    There goes Squeeky’s neighborhood in the gutter. Fatty, the kiddie-porn perv, showed up. If anyone would know about porn sites it’d be Fatty. He could spot one in a New York second.

  • Patrick McKinnion

    *Chuckle* I don’t quite know which is more pathetic. The fact that Ike is parroting Yoel’s lies about me, or the fact the best insult he can some up with boils down to “uh-uh, you’re fat” like some particularly slow Jr. High School kid.

    • ramboike

      Psst Fatty,

      The truth is I would be grade school compared to you when it comes to smearing people.

      Yoel did post it up 1st, but you verified it with a followup on your smear site. Since that time there has been some further developements regarding your obsession. I’m not at liberty to discuss it at this time.

      Couple corrections on the most recent tripe you peddled on your smear site: Pastor Gallops is right on the Brandonburg Gate. It was used as symbol/logo by the Nazi 3rd Reich.

      Fatty smearing people over Holder being called a Boy: “Boy”, eh??? “But we’re not racist, honest!!!”

      Here’s Holder on Obama: “I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s still work to be done. I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with *my boy*….”


      No race group has a patent on using that term to denote close pals/associates. Buttt, we do have those that have the luxury of spending their whole day, every day, trolling Birther sites, hoping they can find some statement to twist into a racist smear.

      • Patrick McKinnion

        *LAUGH!* Oh Rainbow Ick, you’re still on your kick of calling other people racist.

        What I find really funny is your belief that if I quote a birther being racist, it somehow means I’m racist too. It’s really quite funny.

        I’ll note you’re still the only person who ever got banned from my blog for your repeated violation of the rules. Including rather racist comments. Which echoed the ones you posted at The Blaze, Gulag Bound, and a few other places.

        “Since that time there has been some further developements regarding your obsession. I’m not at liberty to discuss it at this time. ” Wow. That’s straight out of Yoel’s lie-o-rama. Are you going to start claiming you’re an attorney/green beret/intelligence agent as well??

        Here’s a bit of a difference between me and trolls like you and Yoel. When I post something, I provide links back to what I’m citing. I also quote them directly without any changes, and I note any redactions. Trolls like you simply paste a reply without any links, and more often than not creatively edit what you posted. Just like I caught you out in repeated lies, I caught Yoel out in repeated lies as well.

        But hey, if you want to play internet tough guy, that’s fine with me. Because at the end of the day, I have friends. I have hobbies. I have productive employment and wonderful people in my life and heart.

        And at the end of the day, you’re still Rambo Ike. Sad to say.

  • Monkey Boy

    Twinky Ike is quite the duffer
    With mean skills as a slurper
    But in this latter day
    Floyd Brown dough gone away
    Back to being a porn set fluffer.

  • Monkey Boy

    Ike was unarmed in war of words
    He’s short of wit, so he hoards
    In face of disaster
    he cries to ring master
    “No one beats me swallowing swords!”

  • roadburner

    twinky would constantly spew
    old memes confirmed as untrue
    when shown to have fail
    he´d stamp, pout and wail
    `i´m not a racist – it is you!´

  • ramboike

    The desperate act of a nutless pervert made him reckless.

    Oh Fatty Boy, you changed up the 1st & 4th. The 2nd & 3rd looks to be correct. I had 2 people look that were following it back then. Both agree with me: you added the 4th question to the 1st one, and the last sentence or some words to the last sentence of the 4th one.

    What a dummkopf. Even my liberal adversaries that go back 10 years know I never used the N-word, or have even hinted at hanging who i’m assuming you mean Obama.

    You can see from the responses that there is no mention of the 4th question in the 1st one. You, mental midget Brown, paranoid Magic M, and the G-string would of gone spastic had that been there. Same for the 4th one. When you were manipulating my comments you should of changed up some of the words in the replies to me then you might of got away with your sleeze. What a Crapweasel you are and perverted at that.

    You blocked alot of mine besides changing up the wordings. The only other one that I’m aware of that did change some words was Woodman but he put [Ed]=edit when he did it.

    Quit lying. You couldn’t handle Ike’s Truth Machine so you banned me after blocking alot of my responses to your sleezy smearing propaganda.

    As Always,
    Rambo Ike {riding roughshod over Obot Ignorance & Deceit]

    • Patrick McKinnion

      *chuckle* I’m simply reposting what you wrote, along with links to your posts. I rather figured you’d claim someone rewrote them, rather than take responsibility for your own posts.

      “You added to my posts” is pretty much the internet equivalent of “the dog ate my homework” when it comes to excuses.

      No changes on my end – and, as I’ve told you repeatedly, the only posts of yours I ever blocked was AFTER I banned you. Up until that point, every thing you posted was published.

      Still the same troll you’ve always been. Some things never change.

    • Patrick McKinnion

      Oh, and I find it funny that your “dog ate my homework defense” centers around the claim that I supposed rewrote two of your posts – while stating that the ones that used the terms “towelhead” and “afro-marxist muslim messiah” were in fact your own words.

      As a rule of thumb, stating “well, I used those racist terms but not those OTHER racist terms” does nothing except show to the reader that it’s quite likely you did in fact use the terms in question.

      *chuckles again*. You’re occasionally quite amusing.

  • ramboike

    Btw Nutless McKinnio,

    What happened to your claims for the Blaze & Gulag Bound? More lies?

    I found one for each: At the Blaze I took a shot at Beck & O’Reilly for misleading their viewers on Obama’s records. At Gulag Bound I told a poster making threats he could expect a visit from the FBI.

    Put up or admit you’re a blowhard pervert.

    • Patrick McKinnion

      It’s funny, this is exactly the same tactic you took when debating de Vattel. You’d make a claim. I’d provide links and evidence to refute said claim. You’d then either:

      a) Ignore it.
      b) Deflect it.
      c) Ignore it.
      d) Try to claim something different
      e) Ignore it.
      f) Resort to ad hominem attacks.

      Same deal here. I provided links from your very comments at my blog. You used option “d” to claim the dog ate your homework, and then went “well, you didn’t show the other examples you cited, therefore you’re lying.” And then used option “f” as per your usual debate style.

      Thank you for showing the world – yet again – why you were banned. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I actually have a life to live, one that doesn’t involve debating internet trolls with inflated egos.

    • Monkey Boy

      Twinky Ike, corrupt and foul,
      covered his stench with a cowl
      But, Pat busted him clean,
      making like Paula Deen,
      So, Ikey lied, “I ne’er said towel.”

  • Monkey Boy

    Twinky Ike, corrupt and foul,
    covered his stench with a cowl.
    But, as it leaked out,
    and showed him a lout,
    he started to spin and to howl.

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