Did Orly Taitz Find A Whistleblower Or A Smokeblower???

whistleblower 2

Orly Just Lay There And Prayed For A Whistleblower To Come Along!

Orly Taitz has found a WHISTLEBLOWER! Here is page 4 from her recent filing which contains all the juicy information. I converted it to text, and then back to pdf to make it darker and easier to read. The entire unedited pdf is in the notes.


Here is a text rendition:


I am an appellant In Taitz: v Obomo, Fenstein, Emken In front of the Fourth District Court of Appeal,
State of California CaseG047746. I have personal knowledge of the facts described below and attest
under the penalty of perjury of the following;

1.    On 06.19.2013 I participated In a rally in front of the U.S. Capitol.

2.   At the rally I met a whistleblower,  who is an employee of the Higher Education Services Corporation In Albany New York. (Hereinafter HESC)

3.   The whistleblower  advised me that she is seeking to provide to a judge evidence of fraud.

4.   The whistleblower  stated that she personally reviewed financial aid records of Mr. Barack Obama. She reviewed  the financial aid microfilm, where it stated that Mr. Obama received financial aid as a foreign student, citizen of Indonesia.

5.    Whistleblower stated that usual modus operandi of the Higher Education Services Corporation, Is not to destroy the records and as of the date of our conversation 06.19.2013 the microfilm of the record was in the safe of the corporation.

6.   Whistleblower stated that she and several other employees made copies of the aforementioned foreign student record for Mr. Obama in case someone in the corporation management decides to destroy the original records.

7.   Whistleblower stated that she made the statement due to the fact that she is concerned withfraud committed  by Mr. Obama, as being a citizen of Indonesia he was never legitimate for the u.s, Presidency.

8.   Whistleblower  provided me and wrote in her own handwriting  her first and last name, her home and cell phone numbers and her work and personal e-mail addresses.

9.   Whistleblower  stated that she is concerned about retaliation  by Mr. Obama and Obama regime.

10. I did my due diligence and verified that indeed aforementioned whistleblower  is employed by the Higher Education Services Corporation.

11. I verified that  Mr. Obama indeed transferred from the Occidental college to the Columbia University in New York, therefore his financial aid would be handled by Albany, New York office.

12. Due to the fact that the whistleblower  is concerned of retaliation.  I am asking the court to allow to submit her identification  information  under seal and any testimony, if needed by the court, to be done in camera.

I attest under the penalty perjury that all of the Information  is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

/s/  Or. Orly Taitz. ESQ Appellant
Taltz v Obama, Feinstein, Emken

Here are my thoughts. First, she has a reasonably competent legal assistant working for her. The format is much cleaner, and professionally put together. The language appears to be English, which has been doubtful in the past.

Second, if these claims pan out, Taitz will have found evidence that Obama either lied on his college financial request forms, or does in fact have dual Indonesian citizenship. Whichever, this will prove more of an embarrassment, than proof of ineligibility. Whatever Obama may have put on his college forms does not trump the Hawaiian birth certificate.  This is much the same as the publisher’s blurb. Interesting, but not proof of ineligibility. We already know Obama smoked pot and snorted coke when he was young. Finding out that he lied about where he was from would be kind of anticlimactic.

Finally, I sincerely doubt that these claims will pan out. If the Whistleblower did have documentary evidence, it should have been attached to the filing. And, one would think Orly would be bragging that she had the documents. This leads me to believe that any alleged documents are in the hands of the Whistleblower. Which means even Orly hasn’t seen them yet.

It seems weird to me that if the Whistleblower(s) had any desire to bust Obama out, why wait until after the election? These papers would have been worth a mint to Donald Trump, or numerous other Republicans. The Democrats were poking Romney with him teasing some kid in high school. This would have provided some good pokes right back at Obama.

And too, why would a Whistleblower who is scared of retaliation go to a California lawyer who hasn’t won a case? Wouldn’t they seek out a good New York Republican lawyer? Additionally, these records would have existed in 2007 and 2008.  Either the Clintons, or the Republicans who were still in control of the White House, would certainly have uncovered this information. So, I don’t think there are any such documents.

But that is just my opinion.  The documents will either surface, or they won’t. Time will tell, but I suspect this will fizzle out along with all the other wild Birther claims.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Taitz Whistleblower. Here is the complete pdf:

Taitz Whistleblower Filing

Note 2. Smokeblower. For ESL’s this is a wordplay based on the idiom, blowing smoke, meaning:

blow smoke  (American) to say things that are not true in order to make yourself or something you are involved with seem better than it is

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4 responses to “Did Orly Taitz Find A Whistleblower Or A Smokeblower???

  • Mary

    She doesn’t care about “evidence” or “rules of the court”; all she cares about is puffing herself up to her flying monkeys. It will be interesting to see what happens with this claim!

  • smrstrauss

    Re: “On 06.19.2013 I participated In a rally in front of the U.S. Capitol.”

    It has been about three weeks since the incident took place, and Orly hasn’t said a word about obtaining copies of those microfilm documents, much less publishing them. Wonder what happened? Could it be that she was fooled again???

  • smrstrauss

    It has just occurred to me that the normal thing that a reporter (boy or girl) would do in a situation like this is to call up the New York Higher Education Services Corp. and ask for the PR department and ask whether or not it administered any programs at all that offered financial aid to foreign UNDERGRADUATE students in the 1980s. (It isn’t very likely that it did.)

    (I could do it too, but then I don’t have a site.)

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