Did Duncan Do Nuts???


A Member Of The House Homeland Security Oversight Committee Has A Whole Lot Of Things To Worry About!

In a radio interview with Rick Wiles on June 14, 2013,  Congressman Jeff Duncan (Rep. S.C.) of The House Homeland Security Oversight Committee, made the following statement:

DUNCAN: There you go. I’m all with you. Let’s go back and revisit some of these things because Americans have questions about not only the IRS scandal but also about the president’s validity.

Dr. C. has a great Internet Article at his website, Obama Conspiracy Theories along with the audio:


This is probably just another case of Talkitis.  A person gets stuck on live radio or television with a nutty host, and when really stupid stuff comes up, the poor guest is just stuck there trying not to come right out and says something like, “WTF are you, stupid or something??? What you just said is really idiotic, and I can’t believe you believe it, or that you think I would believe it.”

That kind of response violates the conventions of general etiquette, and so the guest just tries to blabber his way on through it. That is the way this seems to me, because the prior conversation ran like this:

WILES: While you guys are rounding up and deporting the illegal immigrants, any chance the House may actually pursue Barack Obama’s phony identification papers? That’s the original scandal, congressman.

DUNCAN: People should have voted against him in November. I’m afraid that that wouldn’t get to the Supreme Court where it ought to get.

WILES: But if we know they’re lying about all these other things, why not go back and say, “well maybe the first scandal was a lie, too?”

Duncan didn’t seem particularly predisposed to discuss the issue. But maybe stuff like this is where Republicans and Democrats alike would do well to just throw some of those etiquette conventions out the door. Intelligent members of both parties believe they have to massage the more extreme elements of their party. But maybe it is just time to call a nut a nut. Mark Levin did it well on his radio show:

I want you to listen to me on my social sites. Marco Rubio was born in Miami, Florida. He is a natural born United States citizen. And if I get any more of this Birther crap up there. . .this is a warning, and I don’t care who you are, you’re going to be banned. Okay? This is a site I put up for rational people. Marco Rubio was born in Miami, Florida in 1940, excuse me, 1971. He’s 40. There’s no debate. So take that Birther crap somewhere else. Just a warning. . .got it? I’m not into all that crap. You can go somewhere else for that.

Mark Levin
Sept. 28, 2011

Duncan didn’t do it. And now he looks like a nut. Or a doer of nuts.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is  Donut Universe with Centaur and Mummy (Wayne Ferrebee, 2010, oil on panel). Mr. Ferrebee has a website! One of the really fun things about researching these stories is the serendipitous discovery of fascinating art work. Mr Ferrebee has another Donut or torus painting:

donut 2 ferrebee

This one is called Torus with Spearman, Bagpipes and Barnacle (Wayne Ferrebee, 2011, oil on panel). As he explains:

Here’s the story behind the genesis of these works: when I was cleaning my pockets before doing a load of laundry I found a sketch of a centaur, a clock, and a snail trapped in a miniature torus-shaped universe.  Although I’m not sure what prompted that initial sketch, I have since made several tiny paintings based around toruses which, as explained here are elegant metaphors for insular universes.  Indeed some cosmologists and topologists feel that the actual universe might well be torus-shaped (or more precisely, shaped like a triple torus) an idea which appeals to my inner gourmand. The paintings are obviously echoes of each other.  Both feature huge predatory animals lurking under pastries floating in outer space.  The splendid toadfish (Sanopus splendidus) in the first painting and the gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) in the second are even facing the same way as if both waiting in ambush. Each panel also has an invertebrate, a galactic backdrop, and ancient beings brandishing hand weapons.  However the cast and the props are quite different–a bold Assyrian warrior takes the place of the desiccated mummy while the gothic clock sunk in icing is replaced by a mournful bagpipe floating in space.  A yellow lipped sea krait seems intent on escaping the entire scene.

This is a really great website, with wonderful images and articles. Mr Ferrebee is fun to read. Sooo, I am going to add his website to the “General Interest links” because we could all use a break from the Birthers.

Note 2. Do Nuts. For ESLs there is the word play on Dunkin’ Donuts. The verb, do, also has the slang meaning:

to copulate [with] someone. (Usually objectionable.) : He did Martha, then he did Sue, then he did Gloria.


This makes the title read, in effect, “Did Duncan Get In Bed With The Nuts???”

See also, for example Hank Williams:

Lovesick Blues

I got a feelin’ called the blu-ues, oh, Lawd
Since my baby said goodbye
And I don’t know what I’ll do-oo-oo
All I do is sit and sigh-igh, oh, Lawd
That last long day she said goodbye
Well Lawd I thought I would cry
She’ll do me, she’ll do you, she’s got that kind of lovin’
Lawd, I love to hear her when she calls me
Sweet dad-ad-ad-dy, such a beautiful dream
I hate to think it all o-o-ver
I’ve lost my heart it seems
I’ve grown so used to you some how
Well, I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now
And I’m lo-on-lonesome
I got the Lovesick Blu-ues.

As performed by Patsy Cline:

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2 responses to “Did Duncan Do Nuts???

  • Dave B.

    My goal for recovery of my laryngopharyngeal reflux-ravaged vocal chords is to be able to sing that song again.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      OH, my father used to go around the house singing that song. I asked him once what it meant, “she’ll do me, she’ll do you” and he said it meant “she’d play like she was that person.” I believed that for the longest time.

      Here is the Hank Williams person doing it, which is probably the best version.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

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