Whistle Stop??? (Or Obot Prank???)

whistle stop

The Town Was Mostly Deserted Now, But Old Blue Swore He Heard Someone Whistling

Hmmm. See if you can find the the major piece of news hidden in the little tidbits from Orly Taitz. I have given you a hint:

I am extremely concerned that i was not able to get a response from the whistle -blower either through e-mails or phone . I talked to her at the rally on WD, from what I understand she was at work on Th, but she has not been responding since.

I need help in research. I am wondering if these units of name with bogus addresses and SSNs are related to different schemes. Please, look at the report by investigator Neil Sankey

1. I need to get  info on Maya Soetoro and Mark Ndsanjo (half brother of Obama). where did they study, what residency did they claim and whether there were student loans. I am wondering if some of these bogus numbers are related t some fraudulent student loans.

2. the property of Obama is in trust. a judge is a trustee, it appears that Bounel’s name and ssn are listed in this trust. I wonder if there are other similar trusts around the country

3. I wonder if this is related to some tax returns


Yep, she is having problems locating her whistle blower. That would be a major blow to her efforts in the Taitz: v Obomo, Fenstein, Emken case.  I wonder if she was the victim of an Obot Prank??? This is certainly interesting and we will stay on top of this!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Whistle Stop. The primary meaning of Whistle Stop is:

whis′tle stop`
1. a small unimportant town, esp. one along a railroad line.

1. (Transport / Railways) US and Canadian
a. a minor railway station where trains stop only on signal
b. a small town having such a station

So, for ESLs, this is a word play on that meaning, and a whistleblower who stops whistling.

Note 2. The Image. It can be found in this NPR photo story:

‘People Of The Clouds’: A Story Of Ghost Towns And Great Migrations 


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