ACHTUNG!!! Is There A Birther ODESSA File???

orly plastic surgery 1963_s01e05_the-sixth-finger

Orly Said It Was Normal For Her Head To Swell A Little After Plastic Surgery, But Her Receptionist Still Suspected Malpractice

What many people do not realize is that the Frederick Forsythe book, The Odessa File (1972) and the movie in 1974, were based on a REAL organization. This is what Wiki says, in part:

The ODESSA, from the German Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, meaning “Organization of Former SS Members,” is believed to have been an international Nazi network set up towards the end of World War II by a group of SS officers. The purpose of the ODESSA was to establish and facilitate secret escape routes, later known as ratlines, to allow SS members to avoid their capture and prosecution for war crimes. Most of those fleeing Germany and Austria were helped to South America and the Middle East.

Several books by those involved in the War Crimes Commission (including T.H. Tetens and Joseph Wechsberg) have verified the organization’s existence and provided details of its operations. Wechsberg studied Simon Wiesenthal’s memoirs on the ODESSA and verified them with his own experiences in the book The Murderers Among Us.

However, while Nazi concentration camp supervisors denied the existence of the ODESSA, neither US War Crimes Commission reports nor American OSS officials did. In interviews of outspoken German anti-Nazis by Joseph Wechsberg, former American OSS officer and member of the US War Crimes Commission, it was verified that plans were made for a Fourth Reich before the fall of the Third,[3] and that this was to be implemented by reorganizing in remote Nazi colonies overseas: “The Nazis decided that the time had come to set up a world-wide clandestine escape network.”

“They used Germans who had been hired to drive U.S. Army trucks on the autobahn between Munich and Salzburg for the ‘Stars and Stripes,’ the American Army newspaper. The couriers had applied for their jobs under false names, and the Americans in Munich had failed to check them carefully… (the) ODESSA was organized as a thorough, efficient network… Anlaufstellen (ports of call) were set up along the entire Austrian-German border… In Lindau, close to both Austria and Switzerland, (the) ODESSA set up an ‘export-import’ company with representatives in Cairo and Damascus.”

There is a lot more at the link.

I am beginning to suspect that Birthers are making the same kind of ODESSA plans. I call it Organisation von “Dementieren Eignung Sprecher” schick abermals! This translates roughly from the pidgin German to, “Organization of “Eligibility Denier Spokesmen” sophisticated again!”

I am just getting into this theory, so I will need to do more research.  But, I wanted to go ahead and float the trial balloon so that others can start keeping an eye open, too. Anyway, let’s look at a few of the more outspoken Birthers who seemed to have disappeared from the Birther scene, or tuned it waaaaay down low! Like I said, I am sure there are many more:

Dean Haskins seemed to have given up Birfing last year.

Jerome Corsi, formerly of World Net Daily pronounced Birtherism a lost cause in April 2013.

Mark Gillar, of the Tea Party Power Hour, seems to have taken a sabbatical from Birtherism about the same time.

Leo Donofrio, former Birther attorney extraordinaire shut down his Birther blog in March 2012.

Dianna Cotter, ertswhile Birther Reporter seemed to have shut down about the same time as Donofrio.

Other Birther websites seem to be adding more and more “patriot” and “anti-big government” stories to the mix. Today, The Post and Email has 15 stories on the front page.  Not one of them is completely a Birtherism story. There are stories about Birthers, such as Darren Huff. There are stories about government overreach and harassment of Birthers.  But no purely 100% Birther story.

ObamaReleaseYourRecords has a banner blurb that reads Change is Coming and promises Groundbreaking News Coverage is Coming Soon! I suspect that website will begin the transition to Patriot news, also.

It only makes sense that the more prominent type Birthers would make plans for a life after all this silliness finally takes it rightful place next to the Moon Landing Deniers. Yet, many of them can’t just get plastic surgery, do a name change, and then move to South America.  They have to continue paying their mortgages, and paying back advances on book deals and stuff like that.  They have to transition and hope that nobody notices or remembers.

If they just quit, and go back to working as dentists, and lawyers, and mechanics, then they will lose all the attention they have grown used to. So, I suspect they have been making organized and structured plans to get to a new life outside of Birtherism where they can still get attention without all the negative moon bat aura.  At least that is my opinion.

Sooo, keep your eyes and ears open! Watch the RATLINES carefully!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the old TV show, The Outer Limits.  It is available on Hulu, and on the THIS channel. This particular episode, The Sixth Finger,  starred David McCallum and as Wiki notes, you would see the pointed ears again!

Influence on Star Trek

A few of the monsters reappeared in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek series later in the 1960s. A prop head from “Fun and Games” was used in Star Trek to make a Talosian appear as a vicious creature. The moving microbe beast in “The Probe” later was used as the ‘Horta’ in “The Devil in the Dark”, and operated by the same actor, Janos Prohaska. The process used to make pointed ears for David McCallum in “The Sixth Finger” was reused in Star Trek as well.

The “ion storm” seen in “The Mutant” (a projector beam shining through a container containing glitter in liquid suspension) became the transporter effect in Star Trek. The black mask from “The Duplicate Man”, is used by the character Dr. Leighton in “The Conscience of the King”. The Megazoid, from “The Duplicate Man” and the Empyrean from “Second Chance” (1964), was seen briefly near Captain Christopher Pike, other cages in the first Star Trek pilot “The Cage”.

Gene Roddenberry was often present in the Outer Limits’ studios, and hired several of its staff, among them Robert Justman and Wah Chang for the production of Star Trek.[7]

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