Mark “Big Iron” Kessler Calls Out The Arizona Kid!!!

Big Iron Kessler Calls Out The Arizona Kid

Mike “The Arizona Kid” Zullo Refuses To Get Off His Ass

Well, the Birther Cowboys are having a dust up over to the local saloon. From ObamaReleaseYour Records:

It is a short interview with Orly Taitz.  Police Chief Mark “Big Iron” Kessler comes down clearly on her side in the latest Birther feud.  He accuses Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio of being frauds, and Zullo of “just wanting to write another book.” It’s well worth listening to. Here is a transcript of the really juicy parts:

Wednesday June 26, 2013

Breaking All The Rules With Chief Kessler

at 6:15   And then you have Mike Zullo running around the country pretending to be some kind of law enforcement official, that he has powers to arrest and he has all this damaging evidence. Mike Zullo, ladies and gentlemen, he couldn’t, he could not investigate a flat tire. He is a fraud, 110% fraud. The question I pose today is what has Mike Zullo done besides flap his gums? He has done nothing, absolutely nothing but run his mouth.

at 14:43  Mike Zullo, he disgusts me. To bring law enforcement officials [in the country?] into a room and pretend to be a invest, uh a  detective, a lieutenant, a commander, some kind of a chief. He’s a liar.  All he is, is a liar. He’s a mouthpiece.  He’s looking to write another book.

Next, I am waiting for Big Iron Kessler to say to The Arizona Kid, “Ah’m your huckleberry. . .”

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