RUMOR! Sharon Rondeau Tries To Save Zullo!!! Orly Taitz Vindicated!!!

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Stealing An Idea From Obama, Sharon Rondeau Thought That A Whiskey Summit Might Bring The Two Birther Factions Together

In his June 28, 2013 weekly radio show, Breaking All The Rules, Police Chief Mark “Big Iron” Kessler said that some reporter named Sharon, asked him why he was hammering on Mike “The Arizona Kid” Zullo of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse. Apparently, the two men first met at the annual convention of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in St. Charles, Mo., earlier this month.  The Cold Case Posse held a closed-door session for police officers, elected officials and others.

Reading between the lines, it looks like Zullo got Kessler got all riled up about Obama’s alleged ineligibilty, but then Zullo wanted him to sign a confidentiality agreement before he would actually hand over the Posse’s information. This is one of the things that has Orly Taitz angry at Arpaio and Zullo, too.  Their anger is reasonable in light of the circumstances.  If there is any credible evidence that the birth certificate is a forgery, then that should be fully disclosed. But there ain’t, and Zullo is just four flushing.

Here is a transcript I made from the show on the portion which mentions the mysterious “Sharon.” I also made a pdf of this transcript for easier downloading.

Chief Mark Kessler June 28

Chief Mark Kessler June 28, 2013 Breaking All The Rules Radio Show

at 6:20 I had a very interesting phone call yesterday from a reporter, one of Mike Zullo’s friends, guess you could call her that, or whatever. Uh, she wanted to know why I was bashing Mike Zullo.  I’ll tell you why, because I think Mike Zullo is a piece of garbage. He is a lying sack of shit and excuse my French, but when you bring law enforcement from all over the country into a room and pretend to be a law enforcement officer and host a alleged top secret meeting, it’s a slap in the face to every cop on the planet. Every law enforce,  especially those officers because they were considered, or are considered constitutional peace officers.

at 7:28 Mike Zullo could not arrest anyone. He has no powers of arrest.  He is not a sworn anything. So I put a challenge out to this lady, and to Mike Zullo, because I guess she was going to interview him after my interview, and I let her record it and all, and I gave it to him left and right.

First I started out with, if Mike Zullo comes to Pennsylvania, my jurisdiction,  and whips out his badge and his credential, I am going to lock his ass up for impersonating a police officer. In a heartbeat.  That mother, he, I will take him to county under Pennsylvania statutes.  I’m not playing games. I will lock his ass up.

at 8:10 Now, if Mike Zullo wants to come in and sit down and show me this devastating evidence,  allegedly devastating evidence, that could bring down a sitting president, allegedly. And I’m not sticking up for this piece of garbage in the White House, either. Because I didn’t vote for him. He’s not my President.

If Mike Zullo wants to come to me and sit down in my office and spread out all his stuff, his damaging evidence that he has, I’ll glad, I’ll be glad to go over it. But I’ll report what I see. I didn’t sign no confidentiality bullshit. Nothing.

at 9:00 They didn’t give me a piece of paper saying that I must, you know, there’s no confidentiality agreement between me and Mike Zullo with that little fiasco out in Missouri, that dog and pony show. Sharon, I can’t remember this reporters name, Sharon something, from I can’t remember, its in my email.  I’ll have to look it up.

at 9:23 So I guess when I had Orly Taitz on the other day, I guess Mr. Zullo you know is starting to get a little nervous. Now here you have Orly Taitz, who is a Russian immigrant. And I had her on for an hour.  You can look it up through the archives at chief kessler dot com and click on the radio show. And listen to our interview. It was a good interview. And apparently he had a shit fit over that one. Because Orly Taitz is actually doing something about it,  all this information she was able to acquire.

at 10:05 She has filed lawsuits. She has, you name it. She has Obama in court. She has [all of ‘em???] in court. She has Feinstein in court. She’s a maniac. I give her credit. She has balls of steel.

My guess is that he is referring to Sharon Rondeau, Editor of the Post and Email. I have always respected Ms. Rondeau as one of the more intelligent Birthers. She is one of those persons about whom I wonder, “WTF is she/he doing being a Birther???” She clearly understands the dangers of in-fighting, particularly when the underlying Birther case is extremely weak on substance. So, I can see her picking up the phone and getting in the middle of it trying to do damage control.

Not that the Birther Titantic can be saved. But they might be able to buy enough time for a few more verses of Nearer My God To Thee! The other thing we learn is that Big Iron Kessler has a lot of respect for Orly Taitz. As is apparent, Taitz walks the walk, while Zullo just talks the talk. As we reported earlier this month, we fully expect that Orly Taitz and her followers will eventually prevail over the Team Arpaio with its empty promises. For what ever that is worth.

Time may not tell whether or not it was Sharon Rondeau.  There is nothing happy for Birtherism in the interview, and spreading the story may just cause it to stink more. Which, is why I am writing about it! Is that wrong???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the fantastic 1954 Sci Fi film, Devil Girl From Mars. Here is the film on youtube:

Note 2. For more info on the Birther Uncivil War, see:


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97 responses to “RUMOR! Sharon Rondeau Tries To Save Zullo!!! Orly Taitz Vindicated!!!

  • Dave B.

    Well bless your pea-pickin’ heart, you did put the whole thing up. I’m going to have to sit back and watch that one.
    It’s kind of interesting to see just exactly what is the last straw for a birther– what breaks down their credulity regarding a particular claim, rumor or birtherleiter. If anything ever does. I guess Kessler really does have some kind of personal code as a police officer, and Zullo, who may or may not have some kind of personal code as a used car salesman, ran up against it.

  • Ann

    I am a Canadian and I have been following this stoy for two years; I am also married to a retired Police Officer of many years. Mike Zullo, we take our hat off to you. You and Sheriff Arpaio have done an excellent job. We understand the steps you are going through and know that nothing could have been done until Obama made public that phoney BC. We also know the pecking order for dealing with the situation and the position you are in in that you cannot take the case to a process where it will be dealt with and in the hands of Obamas friends only to be disposed of., and that it must be dealt with through Congress.
    I suggest that your Congress get off their A– and start doing something to help save your country that is rapidly going downhill.
    Yes Chief Kessler, I do support totally Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio with their efforts in saving your Country.
    God Bless you Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio and God Bless America.

    • Lena

      You are foreigner and have no dog in match. Mike Zullo is not “policeman of many years,” he was constable for few years. Now, he is not policeman of any kind and is complete fraud.

      Moreover, Zullo and Arpaio did not do excellent job. They took the work uncovered by Orly Taitz and other patriots and lie about “their” investigation results. Zullo and Arpaio raise millions of dollars on this lie, and then they do nothing. Zullo is trying to make more money with book that repeat lies.

      Moreover, it should be clear even to foreign fool that Congress will do absolutely nothing about Obama and any approach there is waste of time. But, time is what old car huckster Zullo has, and he try to turn his time into money.

      If anyone is serious about saving US, I suggest that they support the efforts of attorney Orly Taitz and help with donations. Don’t be fool and waste money on fraud Zullo.

      • Lena

        It should be noted that Orly Taitz did not take Hawaiian holiday with public funds and donations tricked from patriots. She went to Hawaii several times to seriously try to get to the truth about Obama on her own dollar. And, she did not live in plush hotel that others pay for, her bank balance paid for it all.

      • jayHG

        Orly, you’re hysterical. You’re right that Zullo is full of shit, but frankly, so are you. You are pissed because Zullor and Arpio conned money out of stupid birthers that could otherwise have been yours. Everyone, if you click on “Lena,” you will go straight to Orly’s website.

    • Dave B.

      Okay, I guess the last straw of in-credibility hasn’t been loaded upon Ann’s credulity yet.

  • Ann

    Lena; I might be a foreigner but at present, we are about the only “friend” and neighbour America has, especially considering what you have for a President. I have nothing against Orley Taitz except the fact that she is trying to ram down the throat of Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio, the same things she was capable of doing. If you follow her trail you will notice she has already lost 25 cases that she put before the courts with regards to Obama already. I would say let Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio alone to complete what they started and in the end we will see who the winners are. Maybe it is you who should get from Mike his standing in this case and the fact that he has done most of the work. In our country we are thankful for someone who has the balls to come forward and standup for his country. And what exactly have you done to rectify the situation yourself?. .

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi Ann!!!

      Orly Taitz may have lost a lot of cases, but what Birther lawyer has ever won one??? So far, none. If I was still a Birther, what would bother me most is the fact that Zullo hasn’t released any sort of substantial evidence of anything, including Reed Hayes’ report.

      Then he goes on the radio and admits that there is not enough evidence to convict Obama of jaywalking, much less anything else.

      Whichever way this Birther Feud plays out, I don’t see any of this ever going anywhere except into Conspiracy TV shows in the year 2040 or something.

      Then, with some scary background music, it might get a little wider play.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    • Lena

      Okay, I tell you slow so that even foreigner can understand.

      Congress twice had opportunity to challange Obama at vote of Electoral College. Not a single member raised objection to Obama. Now, you think that Congress will say we were stupid to okay Obama when we knew of his forged documents and stolen SS number? For many years Congress knew that Obama had noncitizen father, yet not one said “He is not nbc and can’t be President.” Now, you think they will reverse and look like fools that they are? You are more stupid than Zullo is crooked.

      Orly Taitz is not police chief or Sheriff. She cannot go to Washington and arrest Obama. Walther Fitspatrick, high ranking naval officer, tried to do that, and what happened? Arpaio is Sheriff, so he can issue call for arrest of Obama and dare corrupt prosecuter not to follow up. When marshall Dillon saw crook, he did not need stupid posse to “investigate.” He went with Chester and put cuffs on bad guy, or give him to sundown to get out of town.

      Arpaio and Zullo will complete nothing except to raise more money for vacations and hookers. Arpaio is to old for hookers, so he take lifetime supply of prune juice and diapers. Arpaio will die soon, so he try to give publicity to his paisano to run for Sheriff then.

      Carl Gallops is corrupt TV preacher wannabe who cannot make enough from redneck idiots who give him money, so he try to expand the number of suckers by tapping patriots who oppose muslim Obama.

      • Monkey Boy

        You tell them, Lena.

        I am tired of frickin’ foreigners trying to tell Americans how to run our country. Let them go back home.

        • ramboike

          And yet the Boy Monkey supports a foreigner operating his destructive agenda for America out of our White House.

          And like the majority of Obots also supports the tens of millions of illegal aliens that have invaded America – they’re foreigners too.

          Anything that’ll help destroy America, eh?

        • Monkey Boy

          No film shoots today, twinky? All those flagpoles are not going to raise themselves.

        • Slartibartfast


          What’s wrong with taking millions of illegal aliens and making them into legal taxpaying residents? Either way, their next generation will be as American as you or I. It seems pretty hypocritical for a nation built on immigration to be anti-immigrant… but I guess you’ve never had a problem with massive hypocrisy. In any case, this is a serious problem that the government has not just a right but an obligation to deal with.

        • ramboike

          Boy Monkey,

          I just got a good laugh over reading the revisionist WWII history you & french socialist Lupin spewed at Dr. Con’s propaganda blog. Both of yas dumber than a box of rocks. Shaking my head at you 2 spinning it for the commie motherland.

  • Ann

    Hi Squeeky:
    I think this case is going to go very far. It has to be handled carefully and to perfection. Obama will be pulled out of his position kicking and screaming. Every decision he has made will be reversed back to what it was prior to his making it.
    He cannot be impeached because to impeach him is admitting to the fact that he was eligible to be President and we all know that he isn’t eligible to apply for a janitors job.
    I researched this man and I have never researched anyone more disgusting in my lifetime. I have always respected your American Presidents because that was the people’s choice but boy did they get a dilly this time around.
    I believe no matter where he goes from here on it, he will be treated the same as he was with 1000 people protesting on his arrival in Africa. Once the word get out that this President is phoney…..a rendition thereof, people will start rebelling and not want anything to do with him.
    I truly do feel for you Americans and I do pray that things can get back to normal for you.
    I hope you all have a great celebration on you Independence day and that good things are around the corner for you. God Bless you all and God Bless your Countlry.

    A Canadian neighbour and friend

    • Dave B.

      Well, about the only thing the CCCP has done “carefully and to perfection” is to make sure they didn’t produce a shred, scrap, stitch, sliver, smidgen, snippet, speck, spritz, wafer-thin slice or scintilla of admissible evidence. They nailed that one.

  • Julia

    Orly Taitz use many foreign peoples in house. She use foreign people in dentist business. She pay very poor money to foreign peoples.

    So how she say that she is against Obama who allow foreign peoples to come here? She is fraud who try to pick up every one kopek.

    Orly Taitz very stupid hooligan and need stay in work camp.

  • Dave B.

    Dare I hope that Lena and Julia square off and duke it out?

  • Ann

    It is most obvious to me that we have a foreigner problem here and one being Lena who in fact is a foreigner in her own country. Listen to how she speaks. Certainly not American made.
    I would say you don’t have the authority to speak on behalf of Amereicans unless you are 100% American born and you obviously are not Lena. We don’t need another Obama..
    I am not a foreigner in my country Lena. I am 100% Canadian. I don’t knock and slander my American Cousins/friends…..I do my best to help them instead of slandering those who do come to their defense . Maybe you should do the same thing.

    • Dave B.

      Well now. I guess I’m going to get my money’s worth out of a Lena vs. Ann matchup.

    • Lena

      You sound just like brain dead Obama operative. When you have no satisfactory answers for issues raised, you resort to personal attacks and defamation. These obot tactics we have been fighting for five years now.

      Perhaps, you would like to explain why fake Zullo will not touch the most explosive evidence against Obama. The fact that Obama has not a valid SS number, and why is he using one of dead man.?

      Ann, since you are “100% Canadian” and native English speaker, you maybe should know that Zullo is not complete “phoney” but 100% phony. But, that is nitpicking.

      More important is the fake “expert” who live is small apartment who has made “report” that no one can see. If it is so good, then show it to nation to condemm Obama. My guess is there is no report, or if it is, it is complete garbage and scarecrow man that obots can easily knock over. But, still, he trick many older people who hate Obama for racial reasons and tell them, “I can get rid of Obama if you send me money.” He learn from Carl Gallops who is expert at this. He steal money from old people and claim to give them live forever. He belong in Sing-Sing.

      Maybe, you need Zullo to make something from his complete garbage “book” so he can catch up alimoney. I understand.

      • ramboike

        Lena [Orly or someone affiliated with Orly],

        Your comments are way over the line, You know what you’re saying isn’t true. You need to correct your statements.

        What Pastor Gallups said about Orly also isn’t true. Him & I believe in the same Big Guy in the Sky. He should correct “Orly being an Obot”.

        i’m not pointing fingers or taking sides. Together we have a common enemy, a pure evil operating out of our White House, whose agenda is to destroy America. Obots are his cheerleaders.

        • Lena

          You are proven obot. Obots here have outed you. You try to post on many patriot websites and cause trouble by silly statements. Go back under rock, obot frog.

          You get good practice when you give Obama gay mouth sex.

        • Monkey Boy

          Hey, twinky, what does “the Big Guy in the sky” say about liars and fornicators?

          Beware, summer is here and lightning storms are frequent.

        • ramboike

          Orly [oops, scratch that], I meant Lena

          Too funny! These silly Obots here won’t agree that I’m one of them.

          Boy Monkey,

          That’s a question you should be asking your hump buddy, kiddie-porn perv McKinnion.

    • Slartibartfast

      Ann said: “I don’t knock and slander my American Cousins/friends…..I do my best to help them instead of slandering those who do come to their defense

      Ah, the irony. President Obama is one of your American cousins and you have shown no hesitancy in slandering him (and those of us that come to his defense) with lies.

      • ramboike


        Ah, the irony! Calling Obama an American cousin is an oxymoron. Are you calling his wife Mooch a liar? She said he was Kenyan and Kenya was his home country.

        The Birthers are laughing at you. After spinning it 6 ways from Sunday your “list of released original records” is still blank.

        • Slartibartfast


          First off, I’ve read the transcripts of the First Lady’s speeches and there isn’t anything that isn’t pretty clearly referring to the known fact that President Obama’s father was Kenyan. Unless, of course, you are prejudiced against the president and have your confirmation bias turned up to 11.

          Secondly, why should I care about what a group that continually displays their bigotry, willful ignorance, dishonesty, lack of intelligence, and lack of patriotism thinks of me?

          Finally, since anyone with the slightest bit of objectivity can see that I’m raising reasonable objections which you are completely evading, I think that anyone reading this (who is not already irredeemably a birther) knows which one of us is spinning and tap dancing to avoid the truth—that, whatever you think of him and his policies, President Obama is a natural born citizen and the legitimate POTUS and people who think otherwise are considered loonies even by others on the right.

          If you weren’t so completely deluded by your baseless biases you’d realize that the best days of birtherism are long past (and they weren’t really that great anyway…) and that getting mocked on any blog that isn’t moderated to keep out everyone but the true believers is a pretty pathetic pastime. Is it really worth it just to hold on to your irrational prejudice against President Obama?

        • ramboike


          Mooch says Barack’s “home country” is Kenya:

          Mooch says Barack is a Kenyan at the 2:10 mark:

          The Birthers are gloating & rolling on the floor in laughter over your “list of released original records” still being blank.

          Remember this wasn’t about raising objections, whining or excuse making. Only a list of “released original records”. Reality Check cut & run leaving you on the hot seat.

          Lot of ad hominem smearing and race-card playing by you.

        • Slartibartfast


          Birthers are gloating over my refusal to accept your impossible standard for President Obama? If that’s the closest birthers can come to some sort of victory then the term “pathetic” doesn’t even begin to describe you. Sorry, but what you think is completely irrelevant—you have long since passed the point where anything you do has any impact on the president, good or bad (beyond giving him some killer material for the National Correspondents Dinner).

          Here is a list of all of the records (“original” or otherwise) that President Obama has access to, have probative value in determining his eligibility or fitness for the office of POTUS, and that the public has a reasonable expectation of seeing which haven’t been released:

        • ramboike


          Now its an “impossible standards”. Never heard that excuse before.

          If I’m understanding you correctly your final word on this is that all of Obama’s original records have been sealed away from the American people so they’ll never find out who he really is and where he was born. So then you are in agreement with the Birthers on this issue.

          By now you’ve watched the videos and realize Mooch was talking about her boy Barry [not the alleged Kenyan father] as a Kenyan and Kenya was his Home Country. There’s alot more of that. That’s why all them records Obama has hidden has to be released.

          Regarding you farLeft ideology, lies, and smears: “What’s wrong with taking millions of illegal aliens and making them into legal taxpaying residents? Either way, their next generation will be as American as you or I. It seems pretty hypocritical for a nation built on immigration to be anti-immigrant…”

          Your most obvious lie is substituting anti-immigrant for anti-illegal immigrant. There is a 5 year backlog of foreigners waiting to migrate to America legally. I’ve followed this issue for more than a decade – it’s part of my main issue. The majority of these illegals have no intention of assimilating to what it is to be an American. I started to debate this with Dr. Con & his useful idiots last year on his propaganda blog, and as soon as I mentioned the word “assimilation” he blocked me. All they wanted to do is paint anyone against Amnesty as racists & bigots. I can tell you have no understanding of what all is involved on this issue with the illegal alien invaders in our country.

        • Slartibartfast


          I was pointing out that we are a nation of immigrants and for most of our history there was no such thing as an illegal immigrant. Nor was I implying that anyone against amnesty is either racist or bigoted, I was implying that amnesty makes economic sense—i.e. converting illegal immigrants into taxpaying residents generates revenue and saves money on enforcement. But that’s really not the point of this blog…

          As for the issue of “original” and “sealed” documents, there is no evidence that President Obama has sealed any of his documents (orignal or otherwise). Saying that documents have been sealed implies that President Obama or someone acting on his behalf have taken action to prevent those documents from becoming public. Not only have the birthers produced no evidence of such action, they’ve never even given a single example of a document which had been sealed (as opposed to documents which are are simply unavailable whether they pertain to the POTUS or some whining birther). Truth is, President Obama has been more open with his records than any of his predecessors having taken the unprecedented step of releasing his birth certificate (twice).

          You birthers have already lost in every way that matters. You lost in the courts, lost on the ballot, lost public opinion, lost at the polls, lost in the Electoral College, lost Congress (really, how hard is it to find a single Senator and a single Representative? The Democrats managed to do so to challenge President Bush’s election in 2004…), and there is nothing that any of you can do to cause President Obama’s removal from office until January of 2017.

          Deal with it.

        • ramboike


          You sure do spew alot of nonsense on immigration. America is not a nation of immigrants – that’s pure lunacy. Amnesty was tried in the ’80s and the results has been a disaster. It didn’t generate revenue or save money on enforcement. You need to get yourself educated to the truth.

          The word on the Web is you’ve become a complete embarrassment to the anti-Birther Establishment for your failure to list even 1 of Obama’s original records. They want to cut their losses on this issue, have you quit making excuses, admit there aren’t any, and then put a sock in it.

          There are a number of examples where Obama’s lawyers have blocked the release of records. Whatr happened with Occidental? Then there was the Trump Challenge? Obama is on the run. Lmao. What was released were not birth certificates.

          Over 200 cases in the courts and still no records submitted by Obama. Anyone with a lick of sense can see something is rotten or corrupt.

          So it turned out you spun Mooch’s speeches. The prejudice was all yours and you had your bias turned up to 11. Nice try, no cigar!

          Rambo Ike {riding roughshod over Obot ignorance & deceit]

        • Slartibartfast


          I suspect that my education (on politics as well as in general) greatly exceeds yours as your lack of objectivity must sabotage any attempt at learning you might make. Faulty assumptions and an unwillingness to consider the possibility that they might be wrong are enormous obstacles to understanding. Just sayin’…

          Since there is no “anti-birther establishment” there isn’t any way I could be an embarrassment to them, but refusing to fall victim to birther fallacies wouldn’t be embarrassing in any case. President Obama has been far more open regarding his personal history and records than any of his predecessors and every anti-birther is aware of this fact.

          If there are “a number of examples” of President Obama blocking the release of records, why can’t you cite them? I think it is because if you referred to anything specific it would turn out to have been debunked long ago.

          As for “what happened with Occidental”, first off, that’s not an example of President Obama “sealing” records because he wasn’t a party to the case. Orly demanded records to which she was not entitled (because they were protected by privacy laws) and, due to her judicial terrorism and legal incompetence was ordered to pay Occidental College (the defendant) $4,000. Occidental’s lawyer opined that a rhesus monkey could have gotten sanctions against the woman known as the worst lawyer in the history of the universe in this case.

          Let’s take a look at the “Trump Challenge”… While the very notion that President Obama, in the midst of managing a multi-trillion dollar economy, a $50 billion natural disaster, and his second (successful) billion dollar campaign for the presidency, should have wasted a millisecond of his time on The Donald’s inane publicity stunt is ludicrous on its face, even had he wanted to it was clearly set up in a way that, even in the unlikely event that it was possible to meet Trump’s challenge, the goalposts could be moved long before President Obama got near them. Not to mention that the whole thing would probably constitute an illegal bribe.

          Yes, there have been over 200 cases in courts: all birther losses. While President Obama has only been a party to a few of them, several of them have unequivocally declared him to be a natural born citizen and a certified copy of his birth certificate (prima facie evidence of birth in Hawai’i and sufficient proof of natural born citizenship) has been submitted in at least one case (Mississippi—the time-bomb of a case Orly Taitz desperately wishes would go away before she gets hit with substantial sanctions). So your “no records submitted by [President] Obama” comment would be a bald faced lie. Something certainly stinks here, but it seems to be coming from you…

          Once again you demonstrate that when birthers accuse their opponents of “ignorance & deceit” they are merely projecting their own faults on to others via baseless accusations—which, after all, comprises the entire arsenal of the birther movement.

        • ramboike


          Wow, say it isn’t so! You’re still shucking & jiving over Obama’s “original records”? According to one source it’s said you’ve been thrashed like a red-headed stepchild. Apparently you’re extremely slow on the uptake and don’t realize it. God knows I’ve given you at least a 1/2 dozen chances and your list is still blank. You’ve replaced McKinnion on the Birther Grapevine as the Butt of the most jokes. ~Grin~

          Re: “I suspect that my education (on politics as well as in general) greatly exceeds yours as your lack of objectivity must sabotage any attempt at learning you might make. …”

          What you say might be true, but at this point in time, based on the 1/2 dozen responses you’ve made to me – it’s not showing. The only thing I’ve been able to ascertain for certain from what you’ve been peddling in your spiels is someone replying with either an ignorance or deceit [or a combination of both] all wrapped in a natural condescending racist/bigoted attitude that I’ve have previously profiled in a number of your fellow traveling anti-Birther comrades.

          I’ve pointed out a number of times to the Obots/liberal weenies over the last year-plus that these Birther Issues – i.e., Obama’s place of birth, citizenship, natural born citizenship – were a learning experience for me. I’ve also admitted to playing loose with the words to get responses so I could garner an understanding of where the Obots who call themselves debunkers or anti-Birthers fall in on the political spectrum.

          You showed you’re totally clueless on the illegal aliens occupying America – ignorance. Lied about Mooch’s speeches – deceit. Have no idea why you denied the Obot claim of Obama being born in Hawaii on 8/4/1961 and then go to a quote from Madison – totally illogical. Then you crawled in bed with that lying perv McKinnion – advise: sleep with one eye open. ~Chuckle~

          For your “List of original records released by Obama” you’ve supplied nothing other than to constantly make excuses in different forms as to why he hasn’t. “He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else” ~Ben Franklin. HT-Tracy. Without original records there is no ‘foundation of conclusive proof’. Thus it makes everything the Obama operatives/Obots have said either theory, hearsay, speculation, or outright lies. Orly didn’t have original records, and besides my request was for what Obama has released. Obama could of taken a few minutes to sign a release form for what Trump asked for and be $5 million richer.

          “When you’re running for president, everything should be public – including your full medical records. I believe in a right to privacy. But when you’re running for president, which is such an important job, the need of the public to know supersedes it.”
          ~Charles Schumer, D-Senator, N.Y.

          As Americans we have a moral & ethical duty to each other and our posterity, because of the many sacrifices made by Americans who came before us for the freedoms we have today, to be positively certain exactly who we have in positions of power in our government.

        • Northland10

          Ike, what’s with your obsession with Patrick? It’s like the middle school punk who tries to bully somebody because they are actually desperate for their attention.

          Does Patrick’s banning and ignoring you create some giant hurt?

        • ramboike


          You’re out of line. Did you read the orders one of the leaders of your Cesspool left at McKinnion’s smear site. You’re not supposed to be engaging patriots at this present time. Your orders are “to sit quietly, study your Alinsky, and await instructions from your Soviet Overlords..”

        • th3bt

          Most of your post was tripe. A plethora of run-on non-sequiturs. You claim to know the political bent of people who are anti-birthers, but what you fail to realize is; Birtherism is not a political stance. Birthers are racist, liars or morons. The President is a natural born citizen. Just because a failed DUI lawyer disagrees does not mean the President’s citizenship is in doubt. The end of your post is a quote from Senator Schumer, which is his OPINION of what a presidential candidate should release to the public. Then there is this gem:

          “As Americans we have a moral & ethical duty to each other and our posterity, because of the many sacrifices made by Americans who came before us for the freedoms we have today, to be positively certain exactly who we have in positions of power in our government.”

          That is why we vote. As Americans, we have a duty to support the office, even when we don’t like the person who holds that office. As Americans, we have a duty to respect the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution. As Americans, we have a right to disagree on matters of policy and ideology, but not on basic, established facts. When you smear the person who is the President with vile lies, you smear the position and you do a disservice to anyone who ever sacrificed for this country.
          Being a patriot entails more than calling people who disagree with you communists.

        • Monkey Boy

          Being a patriot entails more than calling people who disagree with you communists.

          Twinky and birthers have an occult-like belief in the talismanic power of pejorative terms, so they spew a constant stream of words like: communist, socialist, fascist, Hitler, Stalin, etc., without knowing the precise definitions of these terms and how the definitions apply.

          The also believe that by giving themselves macho screen handles like “falcon,” “rambo,” etc., they can intimidate by presenting an image of a fierce warrior; in truth, this practice is meant to hide the fact that they are milquetoasts. The invocation of Rambo is supposed to trick others so that they don’t suspect that the user is a twink.

          Tee hee hee.

        • ramboike


          You make McKinnion sound like a wuss. Total up how many times I’ve commented on him vs the hundreds of times he has smeared every lawyer & other Americans involved in the lawsuits against Obama. On his site they’ve been called n-gg-rs, racists, referred to women as wh-r-s along with other vile labels for their body parts. He constantly refers to blacks in derogatory terms. He tried lies & smears on me but it won’t fly. Smear merchant is in essence what McKinnion is all about.

          Little georgie porgie pudding pie,
          Ogled his porn, and rubbed his thigh,
          When the men called him out,
          Little georgie began to pout.

        • ramboike

          th3bt [Bobj’s sock puppet],

          It’s replies like yours that get me angry. Not at you, but what people have done to you. I know from profiling many of the Obots like you that you’re also a victim of the brainwashing by the propaganda meisters in the anti-Birther Cesspool. They prey on the weak minds who will open & swallow what lunacy they’re peddling in hopes that those they have victimised will go out to other internet sites and regurgitate it. Honestly, I have sympathy for you because I know you’re clueless.

          I think you’re too far gone to understand so I’m going to make this short.

          You don’t know what non-sequiturs are, I understand where the mind-masters that control your thoughts fall in on the political spectrum, Birtherism is about as political as it can get, and you use what has become the calling card for Obots and call people racists. Obama, the afro-marxist muslim messiah, is illegally squatting in our White House, cannot be a natural born Citizen with the father he is claiming, and I could do a smear job on one of the Obot ex-lawyers. I take the same position as Obama and Schumer, as do millions of other Americans who feel that have a right to get answers on the many controversaries that surround Obama’s life story. That goes for all public servants that want to represent the American people in government – not just Obama.

          Your response to my last paragraph I made to Slartifartfast is illogical – your attack was to a strawman & not my position/opinion.

      • ramboike

        Boy Monkey, Bobj, & Northland.

        Do you all understand what “Stand Down” means? You’ve been ordered by an Obot leader to cease and desist from engaging us American patriots, and await instructions from your Soviet Overlords. In the mean time you’re to sit quietly and study your Alinsky.

        You’re lucky your Uncle Joe has passed on to Hades. He’d exterminate all insubbordinates in his American 5th Column ranks.

        • Monkey Boy

          Somewhere a porn set is holding up production because its fluffer, twinkyike, is missing.

        • Monkey Boy

          twinkyike and birthers in same boat,
          but his proclivities got their goat.
          To them he did plead,
          “Your members I”ll knead,
          for work I have to save my throat.”

        • ramboike

          Little Patty Waddy with his insect pie,
          Ogled kiddie-porn while he rubbed his thigh;
          Then the Monkey Boy joined in to view,
          For he loved Barney and Dragon Tails too.

          When the men came and called them out,
          Patty & Monkey Boy began to shake and pout;
          Then they run away and tell about mean ol’ men,
          Squeeky give ’em cookie & make ’em happy then.

        • Monkey Boy

          twinky tried the Buddhists to follow
          Alas, his efforts were hollow.
          With veggies to eat,
          whene’er he saw meat,
          it was his habit to swallow.

        • Jim

          ramboike:”Ogled kiddie-porn while he rubbed his thigh;”

          So you admit you’re out taking pics of kids for your personal sexual needs. It’s always the subconscious that gives you pervs away.

        • ramboike

          Jim the window licker,

          That won’t work. Every obot site I’ve posted on has tried changing up what I’ve said. Shows desperation.

          This is about Patty’s 800MB online collection. If you’re in to it like him maybe if you ask him he’ll send you some of his treasures.

          ha ha

        • Monkey Boy


          Just about every RWer is a freak and a hypocrite; they love to project their own perversions and abnormalities on others simultaneously decrying their own lusts.

          This allows some BS preacher to denounce same-gender attraction while he procures a “rent boy.” It allows fluffer ikey conjure up made up allegations of misconduct, all the while bamboozling tea-baggers concerning his own proclivities.

          It allows birthers to bemoan the “loss” of Constitutional values while they loudly cry for a military takeover of our government. They should be careful for what they wish for.

        • ramboike

          Monkey Boy,

          Re: “….conjure up made up allegations of misconduct,…..”

          Nothing was made up. What someone posted on it was confirmed by Patty da Perv. You only know about the 1st part. Hello?

  • Robert Christopher Laity

    Many people do not understand the fact that the requirement that a President and a Vice-President MUST be a “Natural-Born Citizen” includes not only being born on U.S. Soil (Jus Soli) One must also have Parents who were BOTH American citizens at the time of birth (100% Jus Sanquinis). See: “There is NO ‘President’Obama”

    • Dave B.

      Robert Christopher Laity doesn’t understand the fact that no competent authority agrees with him.

    • Northland10

      Have your read 48 on the 1828 Catachism on the Constitution on the website of the “American Justice Foundation?”

      Q. May any person be chosen President of the United States?
      A. Not every person; none may be chosen unless he has been born in the United States, or was a citizen when the Constitution was agreed to, nor can such one be chosen if he is less than thirty-five years old, or if he has not resided within the United States for fourteen years.

      Nothing about parents.

      I recall you have some affiliation with this group. They materials disagree with your opinion.

      • ramboike

        So you’re saying the children of foreign ambassadors, ministers, and invading armies born on American soil can be president too when they reach the age of 35 and have live on the soil for 14 years?

        • bobj

          Interesting group of people to consider. Of course a supertroll with a little bit of knowledge has few options. Is that the best you can do?

        • ramboike

          Ah, it’s pro-commie Bobj. Haven’t seen you in over a year.

          I’m trying to overtake McKinnion for his title of King of the Trolls.

          The catachism lesson gets even more interesting when you think about what the King of the Red Herrings is peddling. Not only children of invading armies but also children of the illegal alien invaders now occupying America are natural born citizens.

          Remember that Hitler quiz I took last year? I aced it. That’s why Dr. Con wouldn’t give me the answers.

        • Bobj

          Don’t want anyone to think I am hiding behind sock puppets: I am th3bt and bobj.

        • ramboike

          Looks like Northland cut & run from the question I asked him.


          You should of stayed hidden behind your sock puppet. Now you’re showing 2 without any signs of intelligence.

          Very informative posts by Mario Apuzzo at his site on July 9, 2013 at 10:44 PM (&) July 10, 2013 at 12:04 AM. Also, the same goes for what h2ooflife posted on July 10, 2013 at 9:10 PM

          Excellent !!!!

          On another note: I don’t understand the contempt that Obots have for our American citizenship and the Article 2 natural born Citizen. They treat them as if they were Dime Store novelties, whereas the Birthers see both as a highly valued prized possession. It’s as if the Obots are on a mission to destroy.

    • Monkey Boy

      : “There is NO ‘President’Obama”
      Dickwad, who authorizes the issuance of your cushy welfare payment every month? If there is no President Obama then you should reject such payments–if you have any honor; but, alas, there seldom is among thieves, grifters and liars.

  • Ann

    You are 100% correct there Robert. 10 minutes ago Obama stated on national television from his location in Africa., that his father was born in KENYA…..not America. THERE IS NO PRESIDENT OBAMA and watch and see what will begin happening when the rest of the world becomes aware of it. Bye bye Obama. .

  • Monkey Boy

    Annie, Annie, proud canuck;
    flat-footed like Donald Duck.
    Lena got her told,
    topped off with a bold,
    “I don’t give a flying pluck.”

  • Ann

    Mary. His father being born in Kenya is one of the reasons he is inelligible to be President.

    • Slartibartfast


      If you had grown up in the US, you would have learned in school that anyone who is born in the country and is not the child of a foreign diplomat or invading soldier is eligible for the presidency. Spreading misinformation regarding our Constitution isn’t very neighborly…

    • Dave B.

      According to whom, Ann?

    • ramboike

      Ann, best of luck to ya trying to get that through their thick skulls.

  • Ann number 1

    I am not the Ann who made that comment. She is Ann number 2 even though she won’t say so

  • Ann

    Sorry about that it was someone else replying. I think the conversation here has to do with Obama being eligible to be President. As I stated above, Obamas father was born in Kenya therefore Obama was not eligible to become President. Both Parents have to be American Citizens at the time of Obamas birth…..his father was never an American Citizen.

    • Lena

      What’s wrong with this statement

      George III was not a legitimate king. His grandfather was German, not English, so the peace treaty that was signed in his name granting Independece to the American colonies not valid.

    • Thomas Brown

      Where is that in the Constitution? I can’t seem to find it. Oh wait… that’s because it’s NOT THERE. It is UTTER NONSENSE.

      What thrills me no end is that your grandchildren and their grandchildren will read about a good if not great President named Barack Obama, the 44th President, and they may or may not also see a footnote that says a few fringe wackos claimed he was ineligible for the office, but they were wrong. President Obama, Ann. That will never change. And you are commenting on a site run by a person who is NOT pro-Obama politically. She is just a very smart person with a strong grasp of reality.

      Not like some.

      She knows that 1) BHO is perfectly eligible to occupy the office, and 2) Birthers are amusing but ultimately inconsequential buffoons whose follies invite ridicule.

  • Ann

    AS PER TERRY LAKIN:…..Fired for questioning Obamas legitimacy.

    “So, because I believe that Obama is sitting in the White House illegally, he needs to be removed as an illegal criminal. What difference does that make, you may ask? If he is removed as an illegal criminal, all that he has signed, vetoed, Executive Orders, appointments, and treaties, would be null and void, as it would be realized that he was an illegal entity when he signed such documents and someone without legal standing cannot sign a document and it be legal.”

    • Dave B.

      I reckon the World According to Lakin would be the Defunct Officer Doctrine. Here in reality, we have something else.

    • Slartibartfast


      Here in the real world people know that even in the impossible hypothetical of President Obama being impeached (the only Constitutional way to remove him from office) none of the laws he signed or executive orders he issued or appointments he made would be invalidated.

      As for convicted felon Terry Lakin, he is a coward and a Blue Falcon. He was told that he didn’t have the right to demand the president’s birth certificate (the military simply could not function if every soldier had this right)—a document which had been made public long before the birthers ever started crawling like cockroaches out of Phil Berg’s suit—and chose to disobey a direct order anyway (given to him by one of the two active duty Medal of Honor winners, no less). As a result one doctor was required to stay past the planned end of his tour and another was forced to deploy early. At Lakin’s trial, this surgeon reported that, due to his incomplete training, he wasn’t able to deal with a multi-casualty incident which occurred shortly after he arrived in-country as well as he could have if he had completed the training (or as well as Lakin could have if he had deployed as planned). In my opinion, he got off far too lightly for his crimes and it is disgusting to watch how you birthers fawn over this worthless scumbag.

  • Monkey Boy

    Johnny Wadd stood under a cloud
    He sagged and drooped, then sighed aloud
    “Oh, how I would like,
    the attentions of ike,
    in no time I’d be standing proud

  • Slartibartfast


    Since you seem to think you are an expert on “original documents” and their release, how about you tell us what President Obama should have done and when (both to prove his eligibility and in general). Or you could tell us what you would have released and how if you had been running for president.

    • ramboike


      Back for more punishment? You’re a real trooper. Aren’t you embarrassed over all the lies you’ve been caught telling?

      Here’s another one: “ seem to think you are an expert on “original documents”…” I never said that, and stated just the opposite. Said these birther issues were a learning experiences for me.

      Now if you want to get on to other issues like Occupied America by the illegal alien invasion or the true history of WWII to correct the revisionism of the dummies Lupin & Boy Monkey, then I can dazzle you with brilliance. ~grin~

      The people who run for political office at any level of American government need to have the confidence & trust of the American people. In order to acquire that those seeking political positions must be open and ready & willing to provide whatever records the American people are asking for. I take the same position as Obama & Schumer on that:

      “..I think what’s important if you are running for President is that the American people know who you are, what you’ve done, and you’re an open book..”

      “When you’re running for president, everything should be public – including your full medical records. I believe in a right to privacy. But when you’re running for president, which is such an important job, the need of the public to know supersedes it.”
      ~~Schumer, D-Senator

      It is my understanding that all of Obama’s original records have been sealed away from the American people. It’s also my understnding that Obama could sign forms that would release all of them except for the original birth certificate alleged to be on file at the HDoH. On the birth certificate it’s my understanding that it could be released with an executive order, subpeona from Congress, or by order from a higher court.

      It’s also my understanding that not even one court [judge, lawyers, and juries], in over 200 lawsuits, have ever seen any of his original records, and the rights of the American people to know have been dismissed on technicalities such as jurisdiction & standing, rather than merit.

      Did you notice?: The Nordyke Twins were born about the same time that Obama is alleged to be born in Hawaii, or so stated by a number of sources. Did you notice the difference in the official statements at the bottom of the Nordyke’s copy & Obama’s copy? The Nordykes’ says “This certifies that the above is a true and correct copy of the original record on file.” Obama’s says “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii State Department of health.”~Alvin T. Onaki, Ph.D. Was Obama’s copy from an original record?

      • Slartibartfast


        Here’s some information about immigration reform and how it will benefit the country (according to the Congressional Budget Office).

        • Thomas Lee Brown

          I love how the knuckle-draggers keep carping about how this country is being destroyed, as every metric shows it just getting better. They’re like a psychotic standing in the full sun under a torn umbrella, complaining loudly about the rain.

        • Jimmy

          Certified document analyst Reed Hayes, who has served as an expert for Perkins Coie, the law firm that has been defending Obama in eligibility cases has recently produced a 40-page report in which he says “based on my observations and findings, it is clear that the Certificate of Live Birth I examined is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate, but a digitally manufactured document created by utilizing material from various sources. In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types, I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion, the birth certificate is entirely fabricated,”.

        • Slartibartfast


          What makes your newest “great white hope” any better than the other failed birther egg-spurts that have been shown to be quacks, liars, unqualified or have had enough integrity to say that analysis of the birth certificate images reveals only artifacts most easily explained by algorithms rather than human intervention? “Dr. Polarik” aka Ron Polland, Tech Dude, Susan Daniels, Martha Zebest, Paul Irey and many, many more have all been completely debunked and none of them could pass voire dire to be accepted as an expert in anything relevant by a court. Reed Hayes is a handwriting expert. First of all, his area of expertise is not an established scientific discipline. Second, his expertise isn’t relevant in determining whether or not a document is a forgery (unless he is claiming that someone’s signature isn’t legit), so his conclusions wouldn’t bear any weight in court in any case. Most importantly, his “report” isn’t going to get within a light year of any court for any reason whatsoever. Lord Marshall Zullo understands that he doesn’t have enough evidence to accuse President Obama of jaywalking and his continued grifting of suckers like you depends on his sooper-sekrit ebidence never seeing the light of day. Besides, according to your buddy Ike, he can’t be trusted—after all, he’s gay.

          By the way, I find the birther obsession with things like Perkins-Coie amusing. Why do you think it matters that a lawyer who used to work for a (huge) firm that does some work for the president’s campaign had Mr. Hayes testify as an expert case a long time ago which most likely doesn’t have any relevance to the expertise he’s pretending to now? Grasp at straws much?

          Fact is, the images of the LFBC shows a number of artifacts that are consistent with digital scanning and compression algorithms and inconsistent with a human-made forgery. Any “expert” who says differently is effectively throwing away whatever professional credibility they might have.

        • Jimmy

          Thanks for the link to the credible source.

      • th3bt

        Ramboike asked:

        “Did you notice?: The Nordyke Twins were born about the same time that Obama is alleged to be born in Hawaii, or so stated by a number of sources. Did you notice the difference in the official statements at the bottom of the Nordyke’s copy & Obama’s copy? The Nordykes’ says “This certifies that the above is a true and correct copy of the original record on file.” Obama’s says “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii State Department of health.”~Alvin T. Onaki, Ph.D. Was Obama’s copy from an original record?”

        Hmmmm, well let’s see if that can be answered.

        Release date for the twins long form birth certificate- May 5th 1966.

        Release date for the President’s long form birth certificate- April 25th 2011

        The way the state of Hawaii copied birth certificates was different in 1966 than in 2011. The people releasing the certificates were different and the way the certificates were used were different. When you take into account that after 2001 Hawaii stopped issuing long form birth certificates the differences make even more sense. Unless you are a moron, liar or racist.

        Check here:

        You can parse minutiae all you want, but it does not change basic fact. The President was born in Hawaii and he is eligible to be in the White House.

        You keep using the phrase: “It is my understanding…”

        That is your problem. You want to cling to your ignorance and make feeble attempts to denigrate and label. Try to find actual facts instead of relying on what you think you understand. The profound ignorance you consistently display is staggering.

        Here is a good place to start. The author seems to agree with some of your ways of thinking.


        • Northland10

          That is your problem. You want to cling to your ignorance and make feeble attempts to denigrate and label. Try to find actual facts instead of relying on what you think you understand.

          He denigrates and labels because he is only a troll looking to pick a fight. All his name-calling of others, the obsessions with those who banned him, and any lack of looking up or responding to actual facts shows his disinterest in anything but trolling. It’s quite childish and quite sad. really.

          He claims others were afraid and ran away. This is the typical response of a school yard faux bully to those who ignore him because he is not worthy of our time.

        • ramboike

          A different day, oh what can I say,
          “Another Obot runs away”;
          Excuses plenty, smears galore,
          Loss of integrity at their core;
          While I ponder on their lore,
          The Raven says, “it’s forevermore.”

          1st we had Reality Check cut & run. Then came Slartifartfast with spiel after spiel of Spin ad nauseum – enough fancy dancing there for one to have waltzed it across Texas. Hot on the heels of that comes Bobj – still showing no signs of intelligent life – keeping the spin going.

          Now long time Obama kowtower Northland has brought another embarrassing moment for the anti-Birther Establishment. This one’s unique, a gimmick so completely original in the annals of excuse making, I must confess, I’ll save it for future use when necessary.

          The Northland Gimmick: To avoid having our collective butts held to the fire, just paint those asking us tough questions as school-yard bullies wanting to pick a fight, say we’re going to ignore you, and you’re not worthy of our time.

          Butttt, to Northland’s dismay the question to the 1828 Catachism Lesson on the Constitution lives on: So you’re saying the children of foreign ambassadors, ministers, and invading armies born on American soil can be president too when they reach the age of 35 and have live on the soil for 14 years?

          Hmmm, I have a theory on it: 50 years after the Constitution was ratified, and alot of discussion & writing about it, it was ‘a known’ that no foreigners were allowed to ascend to those 2 unique positions in American government. It was reserved for children born on the soil to citizen parents.

          Bobj didn’t answer the question, but he also didn’t disappoint. He lived up to his billing of providing humor to keep the intellectually inclined from getting too serious.

          “My understanding” is a gimmick I have used for years – something that would be foreign to the majority of Obots. As a recent example, I read a short presentation on “Obot Red Herring” by a Birther attorney. Trolled some Obot sites to see if there were any responses to the factual presentation; maybe pointing out something that was overlooked – found nothing but the usual ad hominem attacks on Birther Facts. From that I can come to a reasonable conclusion [My Understanding] using intellectual honest, common sense, and logic. Contrast that with how Obots get an understanding: Open & swallow the brainwashing their propaganda meisters constantly feed them for later regurgitation.

          Slartifartfast said this site was the wrong venue for immigration/illegal alien invasion. I agreed and dropped dazzling him with brilliance. Now he does a 180 and brings an Obama pro-illegal alien amnesty lobby propaganda video. Still clueless.

          ♫♫♫ Same Obot songs, just a different day ♫♫♫

        • Monkey Boy

          Ron Jeremy was spent, and tired to the bone.
          Chastised ike who wouldn’t leave him alone.
          “Quit being a bleedin’ jerk,
          I only use you for work.”
          Then with a sigh, gave him a bone.

        • th3bt

          Ramboike, all I can say is: I am sorry. For awhile I thought you were real. Your last post makes it obvious that you are a high school ESL student in need of practice. Google translate is not a viable source for your ramblings. From the mangled punctuation to the misspellings, and the added bonus of sentences that don’t make sense, there is no way english is your native language. If I am wrong you may have legal recourse against any of your high school teachers.

          Your nonsense about foreign armies, with regards to the 1828 catechism, is laughable. Why didn’t you include slaves? Did the readers of Catechism on the Constitution of the United States (1828) believe that slaves could be President?

          Regardless, the legislation of 1866 ( you look it up.), the amendment of July 1868 ( you look it up.), and the court case of March of 1898 ( you know the one.) are all pretty clear. Learn the meaning of the phrase: “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” ( as an aside, that is how you use a colon.) Also notice that 1828 is before 1866,1868 and 1898.

          Your explanation for why you use the term: “it is my understanding…” is entertaining. It is not a gimmick that you use exclusively. It is a weasel phrase that people use when they can’t cite a source. You never cite any sources except birther sources. Why? Also, what does the following sentence mean: ““My understanding” is a gimmick I have used for years – something that would be foreign to the majority of Obots.”? Maybe you should have used better translation software, or let your teachers proofread read your crap before you put into the public sphere.

          I think it would be great if you had the stones to take Dr. C’s challenge, but I am pretty sure you don’t. I know you won’t shut up, but can you put up?

          In closing, I would like to thank you. Your posts make great lessons in false bravado, illogical thinking and piss-poor writing.

        • ramboike

          Yo Bobj,

          Re: “Your nonsense about foreign armies, with regards to the 1828 catechism, is laughable. Why didn’t you include slaves? Did the readers of Catechism on the Constitution of the United States (1828) believe that slaves could be President?”

          Those are questions you need to ask Northland. He presented it as if anyone born on the soil was qualified [no exceptions] to be president. We would have to assume from that he was also including slaves. He cut & run from my question.

          You’re not totally ignorant. You noticed that 1828 comes before 1866,1868 and 1898.

          I would love to take up Dr. Con on his challenge but I’m not qualified. That is for those that have done the research and investigation of Obama’s birth story and COLBs.

          My position since Oct. 2008 has always been that I have no idea where your Dear Leader was born, and he has to release his “original records” to provide conclusive proof of where he was born, and since he didn’t he has never qualified to be in our White House.

          If Dr. Con wants to take me on politics in general at a neutral site I’m all for it.

      • Monkey Boy

        Mark it, nuncle:
        Have more than thou showest,
        Speak less than thou knowest,
        Lend less than thou owest,
        Ride more than thou goest,
        Learn more than thou trowest,
        Set less than thou throwest;
        Leave thy drink and thy whore,
        And keep in-a-door,
        And thou shalt have more
        Than two tens to a score.

        This is nothing, fool.

        Quite a prolix, Palinesque word salad with no apparent purpose.

        That’s nothing, fool.

      • Jimmy

        Hey Rambo, keep up the good work. They have no comeback for the hypocrisy.

        • Slartibartfast


          Exactly what “good work” is Ike’s nonsense accomplishing? I have plenty of responses to Ike’s hypocrisy, but I have better things to do than to waste my time on a pathetic member of an impotent cult who have managed to lose just about everything they’ve touched: two elections, over 200 court cases, public opinion, their integrity, objectivity, self-respect and patriotism (if they had any to begin with) and contact with many of their friends and family as well.

        • Thomas Lee Brown

          You mean like carping about Obama’s birth certificate even though it’s been verified numerous times, but not a peep about Romney’s BC, which wasn’t even authenticated, and had “Void” stamped all over it? That kind of hypocrisy?

        • Slartibartfast


          Yes. That’s just the sort of hypocrisy I was talking about.

        • ramboike

          Hi Jimmy,

          Slartifartfast & fellow traveling comrades are running a scam on you. They wallow deep in the Abyss of Hypocrisy. I believe you noticed that after 12 chances not one of them could list even one “original record” Obama has released that the American people have been asking for.

          Here’s an example of how they operate: Part of an Amazon promotion for a book full of theories claiming to debunk Birthers: “Even after Barack Obama’s release of an official long-form birth certificate online, a Gallup poll showed that fewer than half of Americans are fully convinced that Barack Obama was actually born in the United States.” In other words these crapweasels have been labeling more than 1/2 of us Americans as racists for wanting the original records released to clear up the many controversies caused by what Obama and people close to him have claimed over a period of years that starts back when he was in grade school.

          The “official long-form birth certificate online” says at the bottom it’s a true copy of what’s on file at the HDoH. But we have no tangible proof of what that is that is being claimed to be on file. It doesn’t say “original record”. How are we, the majority of the American people, to know that the official LFBC released in April of 2011 is a true copy of what is on file unless it’s released for inspection? How are we to know that the info listed on that LFBC came from what is alleged to be on file? Should we do an “Obotski” and just say “because somebody told us so”?

          People have to realize that single piece of evidence presented by Obama as a claim that makes him eligible for the presidency is not an authentic, original piece of evidence, it was produced after he was in the White House. Plus no hospital anywhere in the United States is claiming him as being born there.

          Just how sick is this?

  • Jim

    Squeeky Fromm: “Not that the Birther Titantic can be saved.”

    They’ve always been closer the Birther Good Ship Nuttypop.

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