Stop The Presses!!! Mean Person Teases Post And Email Reader!!!

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Sharon Rondeau Shines The Light Of Truth And Justice On People Who Write Nasty Letters!

Well, over on the front page of the Post and Email, Editor Sharon “Mommy!” Rondeau comes to the aid of her reader, Robert Laity, who is being mercilessly pummeled in the presses by some guy who had the audacity to write this:

Dude, Really?????

The bull**** “Birther” obsession AGAIN??

Get over it and get a grip on REALITY!!!

Orly Taitz is a ****** NUT JOB from the former Soviet Union.


According to the story, Robert Laity emailed a tip to the Examiner about the alleged Orly Taitz whistleblower. This tip led to a story.   I am not sure if the horribly offensive, obscene, and scandalous remark was emailed to him, or put in the comment section, because it does not now show in the 135 comments.

Here is the link to the Examiner story:

Here is the link to the Post and Email article:

Mr. Laity also comments at The Birther Think Tank from time to time, and was the subject of a June 20, 2013 article here, It Came From The Post and Email!!! (See Note 2 below for link.)

I heard from an anonymous source, that Mr. Laity is currently recovering from this trauma under the watchful eye of medical professionals who have thoughtfully provided him with 24 hour around the clock monitoring. He should be released from the 72 hour evaluation period sometime on Monday. Supposedly, Rondeau has visited the ward, and brought soup.

But I can not confirm this.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

(PS: Sharon Rondeau: By any chance, do you give free courtesy subscriptions to other Girl Reporters??? Because I am sure I would find a whole lot more to write about The Post and Email and its readers, if I could get behind your  paywall!)

Note 1. The Image. This is Patricia Laffan in the 1954 Oscar Winning, Devil Girl From Mars! Wiki says:

Devil Girl from Mars is a black and white 1954 British science fiction film, directed by David MacDonald. It was adapted from a stage play and has become a cult favorite.

Nyah, commanding female alien dressed in black vinyl, is headed for London. She is part of the advanced team that is looking for men to replace the dying male population on their planet. However, because of damage to her spaceship caused by entering Earth’s atmosphere, she is forced to land in the remote Scottish moors. She is armed with a raygun that can paralyze or kill, and has a menacing robot.

The film takes place mostly in the lounge bar of a Scottish country inn, the Bonnie Charlie, somewhere in Inverness-shire. The alien occasionally enters the room, makes threats, then leaves so the residents can contemplate her words.

As I read the Wiki article, I could not help but notice the many similarities to Birtherism, and bolded them:

Rolling Stone columnist Doug Pratt called it a “delightfully bad movie“. The “acting is really bad and the whole thing is so much fun you want to run to your local community theater group and have them put it on next, instead of Brigadoon.” American film reviewer Leonard Maltin said the film is a “hilariously solemn, high camp British imitation of U.S. cheapies”. he reviewer for the Monthly Film Bulletin (1954) wrote that the “settings, dialogue, characterisation and special effects are of a low order, but even their modest unreality has its charm.

There is really no fault in this film that one would like to see eliminated. Everything, in its way, is quite perfect.” In Going to Mars, the authors described the film as “an undeniably awful but oddly interesting” film. They noted that the plot was “more a reflection of the 1950s view of politics and the era’s inequality of the sexes than a thoughtful projection of present or future possibilities”.

Eric S. Rabkin likens the character Nyah to a dominatrix and even a neo-nazi. He said of the film that, “a host of charged images and subconscious fears” are handled with a broad camp irony. Otherwise, “without some underlying psychological engagement, how could anyone sit through a movie so badly made”?

Note 2. It Came From The Post and Email!!!



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2 responses to “Stop The Presses!!! Mean Person Teases Post And Email Reader!!!

  • Frank Bolivar

    OH NOES!!! Someone was a mean poopyhead to Mr. Faux Law Degree Laity.

    Now THAT’S front-page newsworthy stuff for the highly regarded “online newspaper” P&E.


  • Robert Christopher Laity

    I do not believe that the comment you cited was in reply to a comment of mine. “Mercilessly pummeled”? You wish. I am not the least bit fazed by such responses. That is what Freedom of Speech is all about. I speak MY mind,people speak theirs. It is the American way. It wasn’t I who received the Obscene remarks. I suggest you take some remedial classes in reading comprehension. The rumor of my hospitalization under observance is not true. Frank,you Obamatoid twit. You are a fool.

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