PHOTO!!! Zullo Meets With “High” Government Official???

Zullo and High Govt Official_phixr

They Worked Overtime To Polish Off Another Cold Case

One of my anonymous Squeekarazzi got me this candid photograph of Deputy Mike “The Arizona Kid” Zullo meeting late last night with a high government official in a Washington Hotel. As she was restocking the mini-bar she overheard Zullo begging the un-named official to at least promise to hold some kind of a hearing on “it”  to “buy them a few more months.” She was not sure what the “it” was. But she was very sure that the government official was definitely “as high as a kite.”

She also said the drunk government official was probably a Republican, because he had red suspenders. The room was registered to The Cold Case Posse so she could not get the official’s name. But she said he had a badge on which looked like it said NIST(???) on it. They also gave her no tip whatsoever.

I know this article doesn’t provide much information, but it is still a lot more than what Zullo and his mouthpieces are providing. Here is a link to the story over at ObamaReleaseYourRecords, and as you can see there is nothing but a lick and a promise about the whole thing.

Which like we have said before, Team Arpaio is just jerking everybody off while getting some attention and having a good time. Ice down another case, Mike.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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One response to “PHOTO!!! Zullo Meets With “High” Government Official???

  • Jim

    Wish I could locate a pic of a pub senator or rep patting a child on the head, put zullo in as the child. Senator says “There, there, we’ll get right on it just as soon as we finish with the flat-earthers.” 😀

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