Dial B For Birther!!!


The Phone Call Gave Him A Chance To Pull The Wool Over Her Eyes

It seems the Birthers are back up to their Phone Ambush tactics again. (See Note 2 below for a previous instance). This time, Rep. Kay Granger’s (TX) office got the annoying Birther soliciatation:

During an Interview with Carl Gallups on Freedom Friday Mike Zullo took a caller from Texas who played audio of a phone call she recorded with her representative Kay Granger’s office. The official who spoke for Granger HUNG UP on the constituent. We have the entire interview here.


When you get there,  you have two audio recordings of the radio show to listen through. BUT, I made a transcript of the part covering the call to Mattie of Granger’s office!


At 8:23 Cheryl(sp?) to Carl Gallups: My congresswoman is Kay Granger and I have been trying and trying and trying to get her to just contact you, to look at the evidence. I mean just what you can see, she is old to know, that if she looked at that certificate of live birth, that the term African was not a legitimate term in 1961. She can, it’s false on its face and she is old enough to know that.  And I actually recorded a conversation, a  45 second conversation today, where after having left a message to again look at the information and contact Mr. Zullo or Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and she has refused to do that. I’d would love to play that real quick, it’s about a 45 second thing, but here’s her response, it’s not Kay Granger’s response but it’s the person who works in her office.

Carl Gallups: OK, if we can get a good sound quality, try it,  if its no more than 45 seconds, let’s try it. [Now the recording]

At 9:15 Mattie: How can I help you?

Cheryl: Hi, who am I speaking with please?

Mattie: This is Mattie.

Cheryl: Hi Mattie.

Mattie: And I appreciate your phone call. We’re not going to be taking any meetings, though, and I just wanted to let you know that. Okay.

Cheryl: You’re not doing what now?

Mattie: We’re not going to be taking any meetings with the man that you referenced on your phone call last week, or this week, excuse me.

Cheryl: And why is that?

Mattie: We’re just choosing not to do that. But I do appreciate your calling again. Okay.

Cheryl: Tell me again your name, Mattie. M. A. T. T. I. E.

Mattie: Yes.

Cheryl: Ok, and this is Congresswoman Kay Granger’s office. . .

Mattie: Yes. Thank you very much. Good-bye. CLICK!

Cheryl: Ma’am???

Carl Gallups: So you just got hung up on?

There was some jabbering going on that I didn’t get. After Cheryl complained to Gallups a little more, Deputy Mike “The Arizon Kid” Zullo came on and it was back to more,  “We don’t get no respect” and “We are meeting with a Very Important Official” song and dance.

Obviously, Granger’s office didn’t want anything to do with the goobers and gave Cheryl the bum’s rush off the phone line. Look for more of these ambush and secret recordings to try to shame Republican officials to commit professional hari kiri. It won’t work. Why? Let the Mark Halliday character from the Dial M For Murder movie answer:

Well, because in stories things usually turn out the way the author wants them to; and in real life they don’t… always.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Grace Kelly from the 1954 Hitchcock film, Dial M For Murder. There is an interesting article at this website:


Note 2. On June 28, 2013, Birther Chris Farrell did an ambush of Rep. Louis Gohmert (TX) by calling in on a radio show:



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One response to “Dial B For Birther!!!

  • Frank Bolivar

    Good for Granger… And Mattie.

    And why can’t these stupid birthers get it through their heads that “African” is a self-reported designation, meaningless as to Obama’s birth in HI and his citizenship. Unbelievable.

    And just because I like saying it… Gallups is such a friggin’ moron.

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