The George Zimmerman Verdict and The New Birthers!!!


Sometimes Mobs Just Get Tunnel Vision

The Birther Think Tank  tries to stay away from partisan politics and just focus on the Birther issue. Personally,  I am about 60% conservative and 40% progressive. Maybe 55%-45%. Anyway,  if I ever did a politically oriented blog, I would have about zero readership. The conservatives would call me a commie, and the liberals would call me a Nazi. Libertarians of both sides would be trying to hunt me down to tar and feather me, or worse.

Sooo, I am reluctant to even get into the whole Trayvon Martin cluster-f*ck at this website. But I feel compelled to say something. Here’s the reason.  I often wonder why it is that we Anti-Birthers and Obots are so fascinated by the Birther mindset. The answer I come up with is that we recognize something universal about Humanity in their various mental machinations. It’s like the Cinderella fairy-tale where people relate to the whole evil step-mother archetype and the story gets told over and over.  Birtherism is fun because it skulks around the extremes of human foolishness.  But it is hardly the only example. I see the same tendencies in the over-wrought histrionics about the Zimmerman verdict.

Let me say from the outset, that I never saw this story as anything particularly special.  Without sufficient provocation or threat, Person A jumped on a Person B, broke his nose,  and started banging his head on the concrete.  Person B shoots him. I am from Texas. If somebody jumped on me, broke my nose, and started banging my head on the sidewalk, I would have shot him, too. Then when I got up, I would have shot him a few more times for good measure. Then, I would have jumped up and down on his head with both feet until the cops got there.  Because I have seen too many scary movies where some psycho serial killer comes back to life and starts killing people all over again. It would not have made any difference to me what color the sumbitch was, I would be coloring him DEAD.

That’s my opinion. But I can understand how the less Texan people among us could focus in on the whole Unarmed-Teenager vs. Gun-Toting-Grown-Up aspect of it.  And I can see a little bit of the “Zimmerman was a busy-body” argument.  I think all that disappears the second Trayvon started battering Zimmerman, but I can see how people could find those arguments germane in the beginning. However, there was a very open trial and a jury found Zimmerman innocent.  And now the reactions, from whom I will call the Trayvonites, begin looking more and more Birtherish, and even exceeding them in large degree. It is so ridiculous, I call the Travonites The New Birthers.

First, the whole Birther movement started with SUSPICIONS. Birthers started out suspecting that Obama was born in Kenya, and from those SUSPICIONS rose all the phony COLB claims, and forged long form nonsense. It has gone so far now that otherwise intelligent people believe Obama’s mother wasn’t Stanley Dunham

Similarly, the Trayvonites started off SUSPECTING racism on Zimmerman’s part. This was egged on by a Liberal Lynch Mob who see racists behind every tree.  The police and the FBI investigated Zimmerman and from all the reports in the news, he is one of the least racist people around. He dated a Black girl, and he and his wife tutored Black children. He had Black friends who liked him. But, the racist hook was set, and the tug of war to land him in the boat with some race baiting was afoot.

Then, you have the Imaginary Scenario Creations, often constructed from erroneous facts. Birthers sit around and fantasize about Obama’s mama sneaking off to Canada or Kenya or Timbuktu prior to him being born, and then Obama’s grandparents paying a clerk to fake an Hawaiian birth certificate for him. Or, the false assertion that nobody remembers Obama at Columbia.

The Trayvonites do the same thing. For example, they imagine that Zimmerman first threatened Trayvon and maybe even pulled the gun, and then it was Trayvon who fought back for his very life. Another scenario is being advanced that Trayvon thought Zimmerman was a mad homosexual rapist about to molest him.  They also keep thumping the completely false assertion that Zimmerman was told by the police to stay in his car, and if he only had obeyed the po po, then none of this would have happened. The problem with both groups’ hypothesized scenarios, and often their facts, is that while the imagined scenario is possible, the available evidence and the real facts don’t tend to support them. The State spent a great deal of time trying to prove that Zimmerman did something wrong, and the evidence just wasn’t there.

With both groups, there seems to be some underlying preconception or preoccupation that provides the fertile soil for the Seeds of Suspicion. Many think the “Scary Black Man” Archetype is what lies beneath the Birther subconscious. That it wouldn’t matter who the President was, if he was Black, there would be Birthers. I personally don’t agree with that, but I do admit the possibility. Similarly,  the Trayvonites seem to be motivated by an underlying “Oppressed Black Man” Archetype.  That it doesn’t matter what Trayvon did, the mere suspicion that Zimmerman profiled him tells the whole story for them. GUILTY!  As for me, if an upset reader should wish to break my nose and bang my head into the concrete, I respectfully request that you profile me instead.

The mob mentality of the Birthers is encouraged by their active fantasy life. They seem to be living back in the 1950/1960s era where they play the role of anti-commie, anti-Marxist Patriots keeping America safe and secure. Therefore, the “Scary Black Man” Archetype plays right into their Foreign Invasion Fantasy.

The Trayvonite mob is no different. They seem to be living back in the 1950/1960s era where they play the role of Freedom Riders and civil rights pioneers rushing in to save the poor black folks from the KKK. Therefore, the “Oppressed Black Man” Archetype plays right into their Saving The Poor Black Man Fantasy.

Both groups are stupid and silly. The Commies aren’t even commies any more. If the Birthers want to keep America safe and secure, then please,  set up some Citizen Grand Juries and guillotines over on Wall Street. Pretty please. As for the Trayvonites, most harms suffered by Blacks in 2013 are self-inflicted wounds arising out of extremely poor personal choices. Like fantasizing you’re a gangsta, and going around trying to whup up on people. Here is a link to one interesting article I read today on this subject:

Both groups are encouraged to some degree by their respective parties as a means to energize the base. And I do mean base. As in ignoble and without moral virtue. Here the Democrats are far more culpable. For just one example,  Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton are both egging on all the unjustified hand wringing and p*ssing and moaning. Holder is trying to involve the DOJ in this mess, when the FBI has already cleared Zimmerman.

Hillary Clinton, who I actually like, came out with this bunch of crap: “No mother, no father, should ever have to fear for their child walking down a street in the United States of America.” Sure, but maybe if you encourage your kids not to jump on strangers, break their nose, and beat their heads against the concrete, they would be a little safer, too. Funny how that part gets left out. There are more examples here than I can list. I am sure there will be books written.

The Republicans are far behind the Democrats on this particular point for just one reason: Birtherism is so nutty and crazy that the silly crap tends to splash back up on the people who encourage it.  Then you got to send your clothes off to the dry cleaners, and the smell tends to linger. If Zimmerman had been found guilty, then the Republicans would be pushing the hell out of the story. But, he won.

Whereas, the idiotic Democratic racial sob story hooey is part and parcel of their political strategy. Which is why the race card and race baiting are so prevalent in the party. Even a harmless prank about the names of the Asiana pilots is racist to these people. Ho Le Fuk! Sum Ting Wong there!

Moving on to the next area of similarity, the Birthers are completely incapable of accepting either electoral or judicial losses. They are still trying to overturn the 2008 election, and make null and void the laws passed during Obama’s presidency.  Birther leaders stir up the Birther mob. The Trayvonites are up to the same thing.  Rev. Al Sharpton, the proud heir to the legacy of George Wallace and Lester Maddox, is in Cat Heaven over this. He is planning Trayvonpalooza’s in a hundred cities to stir up the Trayvonite mob. They want to overturn the verdict, rather than accept it. Oh Pretty Pleeeeaasse! Give us a do-over! Just ignore the JURY behind the curtain!

Both groups are lobbying like the dickens to get Washington to step in and pull a deus ex machina victory out for them. Zullo and his bunch are meeting with Very Important Officials in Washington, to get the eligibility issue before Congress. Same with the Trayvonites. Except, they are making some headway with Eric “Oblivious” Holder. He has actually set up a DOJ website to take email tips on this.

You know things are really bad in Fake Partisan Investigation Land when Attorney General Eric Zullo, I mean Sheriff Joe Holder, oh what’s his name, ERIC HOLDER makes Sheriff Joe and The Cold Case Posse look smart in comparison. Once again, the Trayvonites are way ahead on the Government Officious Inter-Meddling Event with it being so blatantly, stinking bad that Alan Dershowitz is calling for Prosecutor Angela Corey to be disbarred. I suspect (pray? hope?) calls for Holder’s resignation will begin to snowball.

Both sets of mobs want to change the laws. The Birthers don’t like all that 14th Amendment stuff, because well, you know just anybody who is born here gets to be a citizen, and maybe even a natural born citizen if they are honest enough to admit it. Which most aren’t. Currently,the Trayvonites are fixated on the Florida Stand Your Ground law, even though that defense was not used at the trial. There is an interesting article at Wiki on Stand Your Ground Laws:

From that  link we find, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. declared in Brown v. United States (1921) (256 U.S. 335, 343 (16 May 1921)), a case that upheld the “no duty to retreat” maxim, that “detached reflection cannot be demanded in the presence of an uplifted knife”. I would submit that detached reflection cannot be demanded in the case of Mr. Head vs. Mr. Concrete!, either.  The law is colorblind, and had Zimmerman been black, and Trayvon white, I expect the verdict would have been the same.

However, both Birthers and Trayvonites seem convinced that when the outcome is not what they wish, it must be the law that is wrong. Because it sure can’t be them or their expectations that are messed up. I would not be surprised to see the Trayvonites attempt to replace the jury trial with Trial By Press. They have already made a darn good start.

Both groups have their martyrs. For the Birthers, one of them is poor old Terry Lakin, who chose to deploy not to Afghanistan, and spent six months in Leavenworth. Trayvon has become the poster child of innocent victims of gun violence. I suspect both groups would like the Post Office to honor their man with a first class postage stamp. Maybe it can be part of the Cowards and Batterers series???

And, both groups have their nutty signs. The Birthers have their idiotic “Where’s The Birth Certificate?” signs,  when the darn thing is plastered  all over the Internet. Not to be outdone in stupidity, the First Baptist Church University Park, in CHICAGO, of all places, has, “It Is Safe To Kill Black People In Amerikkka.” What a complete frigging joke. Yeah, killing black folks is pretty safe in CHICAGO. But it ain’t the KKK. It’s other young black thugs. See the ChicagoNow article linked above.

Speaking about killing people, there are numerous Birthers who openly contemplate assassination, The Secret Service has paid quite a few of them a visit. Some are locked up. Most of us here are in complete agreement with that, and we feel little sorrow for those folks, or the Walter Fitzpatricks and Darren Huffs. We are not afraid to criticize them for any violent tendencies, even though most of it is only Keyboard Commandoing. That sort of stuff is just plain wrong.

Here, the Trayvonites imitate and exceed the Birthers. Death threats are common against Zimmerman and his family. There is even violence in some cities, something neither the Tea Party nor Birthers have ever resulted to. Yet, I have seen no investigations into the Trayvonites whatsoever. Where is Operation Vigilant Eagle when you really need it?

Finally, and this is only finally to keep this article from becoming way too long, there is all the idiotic Plea de’ Hyperbole that gets thrown around in the complete disregard of the legal and factual underpinnings. How many times have we seen a Birther come out with:

But if being born in the United States is all it takes, then the son of Osama Bin Laden can be President!!!

Oh Noes! Quelle Horreur! Meanwhile, the Trayvonites are just as silly. The Guardian, not just some random Birther nut, actually ran:

Open Season On Black Boys After A Verdict Like This!!!

I suspect someone there at the Guardian must have had his head banged against some concrete, or suffered some other form of Traumatic Brain Injury. I could fill this website up with the other over-the-top statements I have seen on this subject. Which is why this whole article is  relevant. The Birthers jump straight to the Parade of Horribles and ignore all the intermediate steps like elections, and judicial hearings. The Trayvonites do the same. Poor little black kids with a handful of Skittles will be shot down in the street like dogs by hordes of psychotic creepy ass crackers. And let’s just ignore that whole intermediate jumping on somebody and beating them thingie, OK! Rah, rah, siss boom CRAP!

The delusional and mob mentality qualities of Birtherism do not stop with that issue alone.  Nor do  hysterical conspiracy theories built on groundless suspicions.  Part of the inherent fun in reporting on Birthers, and laughing at them, is the morbid joy of gawking at obvious fools and charlatans. And rejoicing that we aren’t that stupid and mendacious. Sometimes we all need to take a little personal inventory to make sure that is still true.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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57 responses to “The George Zimmerman Verdict and The New Birthers!!!

  • Jimmy

    Question1. How many different types of U.S citizen are mentioned on USCIS.GOV ?
    Question2. Name them.

  • Thomas Lee Brown

    Squeeky, your opinion seems based on totally accepting Zimmerman’s side of the story.

    If it had been another guy who resembled Travon, say 26 years old, who didn’t live in the area, who turned out to have been carrying break-in tools, a bunch of stolen credit cards and an unmarked 9mm automatic, who had been seen in someone’s yard, a guy with a rap sheet for violent crime… and Zimmerman had bone fractures and cuts, but then managed to fire first… maybe GZ would be the hero he so pathetically tried to be, and we would all agree: self defense, justifiable homicide, case closed.

    But Trayvon was, and did, none of those things. He wasn’t carrying so much as a pen-knife. He had no criminal record except being caught with weed residue. He didn’t drop out of school and he got good grades. There are ten million young men like him who are considered good kids, not thugs. He was walking to his nearby home on a public sidewalk. Trayvon was almost as close to the opposite of the guy I described above. Nothing in common… except for their dark-colored skin.

    Trayvon had every right to be where he was. He had a Constitutional right to his liberty and to the expectation that he not be detained without cause. Zimmerman was a make-believe cop; he had no right to assault or detain anyone unless he saw a crime being committed. Even real police have only a limited and delineated right to do that. He used deadly force to get himself out of a situation he created, based on unfounded suspicion, and then invented a vicious unprovoked attack to keep his sorry ass out of the slammer.

    If the legal system cannot mete out justice to Zimmerman, that is a failure. I’ve been told that the law and justice seldom perfectly correlate. But I have no doubt that GZ is guilty morally if not technically of murder. And those who want to create a bizarro-world Trayvon who was just a punk thug, a worthless piece of trash; who want to add to the torture of his parents’ mourning the ghastly assertion that he deserved to be killed, should all burn in hell.

    But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

    • Thomas Lee Brown

      P.S. I’m not saying the verdict was wrong. Our legal system has set a high bar in the beyond-reasonable-doubt requirement.

      “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” —William Blackstone

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi Thomas Brown!!!

      I appreciate your opinion. Things could have happened like you speculated. But there was a jury trial and the prosecution tried every way they could to paint Zimmerman with those same kind of suspicions. Too much, in my opinion and Dershowitz’s.

      The thing is, the trial is over. It’s just time to move on. But, like with the Birthers, there is a new group that want’s to ignore the realities and start a new Conspiracy Theory.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    • Jimmy

      Let’s see…Sanford PD ought to have the crime stats from June2011 to June2013.

  • Reality Check

    Thomas I agree with you and disagree with Squeeky on this one. I think the comparison of this with the Birthers entirely off base. First, I believe I read that the jury instructions given to the jury were from the SYG laws even though that defense was not invoked. Second, even if it were not invoked the laws could have certainly “colored” (did you catch that?) the jury’s attitude toward acquittal.

    In the case of the Birthers they started with nothing, found nothing and still have nothing. The Zimmerman case started with a dead unarmed person, the child of a mother with his life mostly before him. It is not surprising that there might be some overreaction on both sides based on this emotionally charged issue that has been on the media radar from the beginning.

    Apparently in Florida gun ownership carries no responsibility at all. An armed policeman wannabe can accost an unarmed young man who was breaking breaking no laws and initiate contact that results in the death of the unarmed person without the armed person bearing any responsibility at all. In most civilized states that is not the case. It is probably not the case in Florida when the races are reversed. Oh yeah don’t you dare try to sue the gun and ammo manufacturers you liberal commie.

    The current state of politics in the South makes me think that the USA should have allowed these morons to secede without a war and they would have been back begging for readmission in 50 years or less after they had turned into a third world country in danger of being annexed by Mexico.

  • Joel Lawler

    One can never tell who the real Squeeky is, but this analysis is just so asinine that I hope it’s Rabelasian joke of some sort.

    There was no evidence offered at trial that Mr Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin, other than Mr Zimmerman’s self-serving assertion. The first juror to be anonymously interviewed made statements regarding the right to self defense that seemed to clearly indicate she had perjured herself during voir dire, and that the jury inappropriately considered a “stand your ground” defense THAT WAS NEVER OFFERED. Really think there’s no element of racial prejudice in Florida? Ask Marissa Alexander about that.

    Fuck you and how “Texan” you are – when some birther hunts you down, chases you for a mile, then throws you a knife that you catch right before he put two .38 calibre holes in your heart, we’ll see how fuckin’ yippee-ki-ay-a you feel about “stand your ground”. Better yet, we’ll see how you feel when someone decides to hunt down and kill your son, or brother, or father, because of some emotion like ” you fuckin’ Obots always get away with it”. Stand my ground, my hairy black ass – it’s murder, but you fuckin’ rednecks are too stupid to see past Wayne LaPierre’s desperate need to grow his retirement fund.

    And fuck Alan Dershowitz, too – that racist attention-whore wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the real world of lawyering, outside of his tenure-protected gloryhole at Harvard.

    Wake the fuck up, Lynette.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi JoelL!!!

      Well, I see you are as feisty as ever. Let’s see, you say:

      “There was no evidence offered at trial that Mr Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin, other than Mr Zimmerman’s self-serving assertion.”

      Uh, there was that broken nose thingy, and the blood on the back of the head, and an eyewitness or two, plus even Jeantel said Trayvon threw the first punch. Which is hard for me to figure out, because the sweet, innocent child had a telephone, and I am sure he had heard about 911. . .So why wasn’t there a call that said:

      “Yo, I am walking home, and there is some creepy ass cracka following me. Can you send some help???”

      But let’s see. We have no evidence of racism and pretty good evidence that little Thug wannabe Trayvon punched the dude, and then started pounding on him. Yeah, that really adds up to all the histrionic outrage. But why I am not surprised at all that a Birther is throwing a tantrum???

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  • Joel Lawler

    Hi Lynette,

    There was NO evidence introduced at trial that Mr Zimmerman’ nose was broken as a result of any alleged altercation; neither was there any evidence of the sort of life-threatening injuries associated with having one’s head repeatedly smashed against a concrete sidewalk. No concussion, no skull fracture, no serious edema. Of course, if those injuries had been suffered, Mr Zimmerman would not have been able to reach for, draw, aim and fire his weapon.
    There is also no evidence (aside from your unfortunate racist tendencies) to characterize the VICTIM in this crime as a “little Thug (sic) wannabe”. No violent criminal history, good grades, no indication that Mr Martin was anything but a typical 17 year old boy.

    The part about Trayvon being “little” is as close as you come to being right. Little as in 70 pounds lighter than Mr Zimmerman (who besides actually being a cop wannabe is a martial arts student). But those “little Thug wannabes” pack quite a punch, don’t they? I mean, those people are naturally athletic, aren’t they? One of those people would easily be able to ovecome a 70 lb weight disadvantage and quickly physically dominate a trained fighter. In your sad world, these things actually seem reasonable, don’t they?

    Feisty? I’d rather be feisty than glib about the tragic and avoidable death of a child, and I’d sure as hell rather be passionate about justice than talk about what a good ol’ Texan I am. I’d suggest you stop reassuring yourself that you have some black friends (they really don’t like you) and take a deep look into your own sad racist soul. You shouldn’t like what you see.

    Stay tuned for the Federal civil rights trial – Mr Zimmerman will be punished for killing that child.

    Best Regards,


    • Jimmy

      On Feb. 6, 2012
      Martin 5’11 at 158 lbs.
      Zimmerman 5′ 7 at 185 lbs.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


      BS. If you don’t like the facts, then that is just tough. Trayvon adopted a Thug personae, he thought it was cool, and he acted on it. Like he told Jeantel, he was a “gangsta.”

      Who knows if he would have continued in that vein in the future, but that is not relevant. He decided to attack a person, and break their nose, and bang their head against the concrete. That is a serious attack, and there was no excuse for it. Unfortunately for him, the victim had a gun, and he shot the little SOB. I would feel the same way if he was white. But I bet you wouldn’t.

      At age 17, he was young, but guess what? Most states have criminal statutes which provide for charging perps his age as adults, and until recently, even had death penalties available. You know why??? Because so many “youth” are nothing but frigging thugs, and they rob,kill, and rape just like grown-ups.

      If you are upset about this, maybe you need to spend your time figuring out what it is that makes guys like him think it is cool to be a “gangsta.” Because the rest of the world is not required to sit back and let him practice growing up by banging their heads against the concrete.

      Maybe you can start with this piece of atrocious shit, which is the song No Limit Nigga by Kane and Abel which obviously impressed Trayvon enough for him to adopt that name on Twitter:

      No Limit Niggas Lyrics – Kane & Able

      Say twins you know how we go do a fucking show
      Get that bitch rowdy how crazy they be acting out there
      Niggas can’t control theirself be like uh

      They call me C-Murder and I got TRU tagged on my motherfucking back
      Ever since I started rapping all my real ass niggas come and follow my lead
      Got my balls and my word nigga ask Young Bleed
      We come do a show in your motherfucking city
      They call me the baddest cause No Limit act shitty
      Beats By The Pound make them ignant ass beats
      When a nigga like me bring the shit to the streets
      Because the ghetto is my home nigga I’m ghetto raised
      I’m unpredictable ask the nigga with the braids
      My motherfucking music be jumping out of record stores
      Nigga where’s your proof motherfucker check billboards
      To all my tank dogs that’s bout it
      Then throw off your set and get this motherfucker rowdy

      We be No Limit niggas and we bout it
      We come to a club and get the motherfucker rowdy x2

      [Kane & Abel]
      6 shots of hennesey I’m feeling right in this bitch
      Hit the dash flow off Mike start a fight in this bitch
      I got the crowd jumping gangstafied shit pumping
      Tell that bitch and that hoe I’m trying to do something
      I cracked the optimal open in the middle of the club
      Don’t give a fuck about the popos niggas smoke some bud
      Let’s go half on a 40 sack show me some love
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      All the hustlers picks the baddest so love to bank
      Kane & Abel kick butt knuckle up don’t give a fuck
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      Chorus x2

      I was dropped from the clouds above given a gat and some slugs
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      With the type of skills to knock a baller off his pivot
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      Chorus x3

      [C-Murder talking]
      Yeah another example of that gangsta shit
      C-Murder in this bitch Kane & Abel the F. I. Fiend
      Shit just another motherfucking day another dollar
      Get it right cause we bout it peace

      Like I said, the rest of the world is not required to indulge some wannabe idiot little Thug’s fantasy about being a “gangsta.” And I seriously doubt that if it was YOUR nose that got broken, and YOUR head that was getting banged on the concrete, that you would so charitable as you expect the rest of us to be.

      Perhaps you can prevail upon the race baiters like Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder to put their efforts to cleaning up this “Gangsta” shit instead of muling and puking about Poor Little Trayvon. Or, would their contributors lose too much money???

      If more black parents would get in their kids rooms and throw this shit away and tell them “This is why you behave yourself and don’t act like a Thug!!!” as opposed to, “Oh, they are murdering poor little black children in the street” then maybe the death would serve some purpose. Trayvon could be a good example of what you don’t try to live like.

      But beyond that, there was a verdict, and you can hypothesize to your heart’s delight about coulda, shoulda, woulda, but the fact is people are not going to sit still while some Thug is beating on them. Not in Florida. Particularly not down here in Texas. And surely not in my yard! I am surprised you think anybody would or should consent to being beaten.

      Grow a brain!!!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  • ramboike

    Uh-oh!!!! As Jimmy Hatlo would say, “They’ll Do It Every Time”

    Squeeky did a No-No and has committed the revolting mortal sin of straying off the Left’s Liberal-Progressive Plantation.

    So now she will be subjected to what I and many others have endured for years. We had this notion that it was our right to have an opinion – how silly of us. She will come to understand like we have that it’s only what the Left’s “Thought Cops & Speech Nazis” say is Ok that will be allowed, or prepare to receive the “you fuckin’ redneck” treatment, and make sure “you take a deep look into your own sad racist soul”. Welcome aboard, Squeeky. Plantation Boss Lawler has made you an official member of the Crazy Crackas Club. He does the Justice Brothas, Jessie & Al, proud.

    Talk about an identity crisis: When I was growing up as a catholic in the “Holy City in the Heart of it All” I was called a redneck by the whites. When I moved to Texas the whites call me a Yankee, and online the blacks call me a redneck. Sheesh!

    The hispanic Zimmerman wasn’t on trial, White America was. Just ask Boss Lawler.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi RamboIke!!!

      Well, I was never on the “Left’s Liberal-Progressive Plantation.” Instead, I always maintained a small bungalow over on the Center’s Conservative-Progressive Commune. It is a nice place, and quiet. Not very crowded, and you can go outside in the morning and do a little nude sun-bathing without anybody seeing you. Most people either live 10 miles to the right of us, or 10 miles to the left.

      Sooo, I will probably have to fight with a few Boss Lawlers, but I am from Texas, and I don’t go down easy! I feel I am in the right on this, and am comfortable with my position.

      Strangely, it is the Birthers who seem most angry at the comparison with the Trayvonites.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      • ramboike

        Hi Squeeky.

        Not to take away from some very truthful/factual comments you made to “Boss Lawler”, but there are a couple fundamental errors in what you presented.

        The Nazi vs Commie devide. It looks like you are placing the Nazis on the Right. That’s lying Leftist propaganda that has been peddled for years.

        Your comparison of what you coined as Trayvonites to the Birthers is a misrepresentation of the facts. After the Trayvon-Zimmerson incident the black mob violence that had been going on for some years before found themselves with a new excuse to continue on with the Polar Bear Hunting & Knockout Game. Many of the personal attacks that followed were stated by the mobs to be done for Trayvon. The Birthers have never organized into mobs with the intent to go out and murder, maim, rob, and vandalize people, property, and businesses.

  • Joel Lawler

    Hi Lynette,

    Not your usual witty repartee, I see. I guess that only comes out when you’re arguing with your sock puppets.

    I hope that all of those Foggy Bottom dwellers who were taken in by your painfully obvious attempt to switch to the winning side of the Birther debate are enlightened as to your true nature by this unfortunate but revealing article, and your desperate attempts to defend it. Your horribly racist equation of the victim in this crime to all the negative elements of popular African-American culture that scare and mystify you is the fundamental tell.

    No evidence was offered at trial that Mr Martin was anything but a good student and an otherwise typical American 17 year old. You attribute every negative an violent aspect of hardcore gangsta rap (a sub-culture within American popular music) to this young man without any evidence. Mr Zimmerman was a self-professed member of that group that professional law enforcement officers derisively refer to as “buffs”, and yet you don’t seem to be asserting that he held any of the negative traits associated with that group (i.e., that he was a loser wannabe mall cop who didn’t possess the intellectual, moral or psychological wherewithal to become a real police).

    Your basic assertion that Mr Zimmerman was somehow justified in stalking a 17 year old boy with the intent to shoot him because that boy was a “gangsta” does not meet the most primer of societal norms. There was a verdict here, but there was verdict in Emmett Till, and in Medgar Evers, and Rodney King. Juries GET IT WRONG SOMETIMES! In many cases, that’s the end of it – we respect our system of law with all its flaws and move on to the civil case. In this case, state and federal law were violated by Mr Zimmerman, and so he will stand trial for violating the civil rights of Mr Martin. We’ll see what the jury says then.

    Best regards,


    ps – I hope you’ve noticed how much my writing style has changed and I daresay improved. Why, one might posit that I am in fact not the same old Yoel of birther fame. To use a nom de plume to enhance ironic effect, Lynette – what a crazy idea!

    pps – I do apologize for my coarse language in my first response. I am a parent, and both the murder of children and apologists for the same tend to get my Irish up. Still, there’s no room for that in civil discourse – mea culpa.

    ppps – Jimmy, George Zimmerman might have weighed 185 when he was 14, but that fat boy tipped the scales at 230 at the time of the shooting. You do the math.

    pppps – You do have a right to an opinion, Mr Ike, but not to your own set of facts. That whole two-parent citizenship thing you espouse all over the admittedly few places on the WWW where anyone cares to listen to you – you should ask Squeeky about that.

    • Jimmy

      GZ was 185 lbs. at the time TM messed with the wrong neighborhood watch.

    • ramboike

      Re: 2 citizen parent requirement.

      I believe it’s necessary, and if Squeeky doesn’t that’s her opinion. Here’s the difference: I don’t have to do a “Lawler” over it and make her out to be a redneck racist or play some phony word-code game to smear her, nor do I have to do a “Patty Da Perv” and degrade her for being a female over her beliefs. I definitely will poke at her for siding with silly Obots.

      Speaking of code words, all you in here who have come down on the side of Travon are showing you didn’t want a trial. Your comments on the aftermath shows you wanted a public lynching, one where you could add another notch to your hate belt on white America. It doesn’t necessarily make you racists. It could be said you’re keeping in lockstep with your Overlords by supporting a marxist/farLeft agenda for America.

      • Joel Lawler

        Yes, yes, controlled by our party overlords, blah blah – do you ever tire of saying the same thing over and over??

        You may believe the sky is orange, but the facts disagree. People don’t “support Trayvon”, as you and Lynette would like believe they do. What they support is the rule of law. There are only a few facts stipulated by both sides in this case, and the most important one is that George Zimmerman pursued and then shot an unarmed child. There are no facts surrounding the circumstance of the shooting, just the inherently self-serving testimony of the man who shot the only other witness. That the jury might have made a decision influenced by the sort of racial prejudice and cultural ignorance displayed by Squeeky in her original article and following responses is unfortunate, but juries are made up of humans, and humans are imperfect.

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


    Oh, coarse language doesn’t bother me. This is an emotional issue for a lot of people, and maybe even me, too. Plus just saying something the way you really feel it is a lot better than mealy-mouthing around and being vague. But thank you for apologizing.

    Here is a thing you said that I take exception with, and maybe the root of our disagreement:

    “Your horribly racist equation of the victim in this crime to all the negative elements of popular African-American culture that scare and mystify you is the fundamental tell.”

    First, I don’t think it’s racist at all to attribute the negative elements to Little Trayvon. He took those negative elements on to himself as is openly evident from perusing any number of websites. Here’s one of thousands:

    And I like one of the comments there, which ought to sum up what a reasonable person would have thought, and how their initial opinions ought to have changed:

    “I admit I don’t support Trayvon Martin. When this story broke, the way it was portrayed in the media, I DID support him. The media painted Trayvon as some angelic little cherub with that picture and Zimmerman as some crazed racist with that doctored 911 tape (which resulted in the firing of whoever doctored it. Something Zimmerman will be suing and winning for). But Trayvon MArtin was a thug. He was buying his ingredients for his “Watermelon Lean” and had a phone in his hand. he never dialied 911 because thugs don’t call 911. His “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” handle and his posts and school history paint a far different picture of Trayvon Martin.

    I believe this thug did what he bragged about on Facebook. He was a “gangsta” and wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to flex his gangsta muscles. Like most gangtas, he wound up dead. Saved him a life of jail. Supporters of this thug actually paint his behavior as “normal” for teens. As if EVERY teen tries to buy guns, sells weed, stages fights, and steals property. I never did. My friends never did. My kids never did. Maybe that’s because we aren’t “gangstas”. Martin’s own parents didn’t want him.”

    Personally, I never saw him as anything but a wannabe Thug, because by the time the story was news to me, Trayvon’s attack on Zimmerman was part of the story as were the photos and text messages.

    What disturbs me is how you openly admit that these “negative elements [are part] of popular African-American culture.” OH, sooo gangsta-ism and being a gangsta is kinda popular among Black Americans??? What part of that doesn’t scream F*CKED UP to you, and others??? And I mean super FUBAR.

    But beyond that, how do you then proceed to the conclusion that most White Americans, and I guess even all those Uncle Tom-ish conservative Black Americans, are somehow racists for believing it in the first place, and pointing it out in the second place, and then telling you how F*CKED UP it is in the third place???

    The little gangsta boys, like Trayvon, are the exact reason why life sucks for a whole lot of Black people. They drive around mostly Black neighborhoods shooting the place up, often killing innocent people in addition to the large number of fellow Black Thugs they send to Gangsta Paradise. The Black people who live in these neighborhoods have to board up and iron bar up their windows to keep the sorry little bastards from stealing everything that isn’t tied down. Its like these poor people have to live in a frigging war zone. In America.

    The little gangsta boys and dey bitchez screw up education for any little Black kids actually trying to learn and better their station in life. People are afraid to let their kids play outside. A lot of elderly Blacks, who can’t afford air conditioning, are afraid to open up their windows because of the trashy SOBs. They sit there in the stifling damn heat with maybe a fan to keep them cool.

    Trayvon and his Bro’s aren’t worthless. Worthless means “zero”, worth nothing. That bunch is worse than worthless. They cost everybody around them, most of whom are Black.

    Yet, when one of the little Thugs gets offed, the White Liberal Pukes start crying their stupid eyes out. That bunch of clowns is worse than the KKK could ever hope to be. To them, all Blacks look alike. Trayvon looks just like Rosa Parks because, well they are both the same color. Rosa Parks trying to get a seat on the bus like a normal person is synonymous with Poor Little Trayvon being free to case the neighborhood and assault people. Those people are 4+ frigging crazy, and to make it worse, they are the first to go label other people as racists. It is sick and perverted.

    I don’t even know where to begin on all the Black whiners and race-baiters. Their response to this is another thing that is totally incomprehensible to me. Some of them, like Sharpton, are probably making some bucks off all this. I guess the others have their noses so far up the Democratic Party’s rear-end that they have oxygen-deprivation syndrome. Either that or they just really love all the pity party crap.

    You talk about being a parent, and being mad at the people who are “apologists.” I don’t see it as being an “apologist.” I see it as being realistic. Don’t act like a gangsta, or somebody is going to wind up shooting your dumb ass. I am not a parent, but I had two. When one of my friends died in a DWI accident in high school, I didn’t hear “OH, we just can’t believe someone gave alcohol to that poor innocent child! What adult would ever be so cruel and thoughtless to sell booze to her. They should be arrested, and taken to court, and spend the rest of their life in prison! Hell no!

    What I heard was, “Well, that is what happens to these dumbass little teenagers who think it is cute to sneak some drinks and drive around. They end up dead, and their poor families have to bury them and go to their funerals. She was as drunk as a skunk, and now her poor mother is crying her eyes out. No more Christmas. No more birthday parties. No more swimming pool. And her poor little dog is probably sitting by the front door and crying for her. And she will never come home again.”

    And let me tell you, the part about the poor little dog got me most of all, so I was always careful after that not to drink too much before I drove anywhere. Which is like what my parents would have said if Trayvon was white, and went to my school. “Well, a dumbass little teenager thought he was big and tough, but he ain’t bigger and tougher than a gun. I guess his parents didn’t love him enough to spank him, like we spanked you.” That’s what I would heard. All of which is what DIDN’T happen with Trayvon. Because to the Trayvonites, Trayvon isn’t really a human being who made a really bad mistake and got shot as a result. Trayvon is just a cause celebre for a bunch of whacked out, sanctimonious pieces of crap liberals who badly need a poster child for their Great Racist Witch Hunt. So they can convince themselves that they really love Black people. Which they don’t.

    Which to me, is why it is important for those of us who are not perverted, deluded, or on the take, to speak out forcefully and loud about all this nonsense. Because it would sure be a lot easier to just sit there and watch the oncoming train wreck that is Black America, and place bets as to whether the Black Conservatives and Black middle class can stop the engines, or whether the White Liberals will continue to sit in the engineers’ seat and ram it all together.

    Nothing I say is going to satisfy the Black idiots, because to them I will be nothing but a redneck racist no matter what. As will any White person who tries to get through to them. Sensible Blacks will have to convert them. But I can sure get in there with the White Liberals and mix it up.

    So, to Hell with the damn Trayvonites and to Hell with their damn Birther thinking!!! If the comparison hurts, there is a darned good reason. As explained in the above Internet Article.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  • Joel Lawler

    Sorry, Lynette, but the only thing that you’ve “explained” is that you’re a privileged little upper middle class white kid who has no understanding of race relations in the United States. Even worse, you use that ignorance to justify your fundamentally racist opinions. When you say “Black idiots”, you mean “niggers” – you’re just smart enough to use the code word. When you dismiss the value of a human life, you use the word “gangsta”, but once again you really mean “nigger”. When you refer to “the little gangsta boys and dey bitches”, you really mean “those goddamn niggers”.

    You’re a 29 year old dingbat who knows nothing of life in the ‘hood, or poverty, or being the target of racial prejudice, or of growing up in a system that’s rigged against you from the very beginning. But your little friends at the Young Conservative Club think it’s “edgy” to talk smack about the niggers using the code, and you like being one of the cool kids, don’t you?

    Maybe you’ll understand some of this when you grow up. For the sake of American society, I hope so.

    Stick with simplistic social issues like Birtherism, where there is a clear black and white distinction between what’s right and wrong. That’s clearly about all you have the maturity and experience to handle.

    • ramboike

      Contrary to what the nappyheaded Lawler with the hairy black-ass says, Squeeky shows, to my surprise, an insightful understanding & empathy beyond her stated years, when she wrote about the plight of those blacks, especially elders & the very young, who live in the general areas where thugs/gangstas operate daily.

      Why is the nappyheaded Lawler with the hairy black-ass projecting his hatred onto others? Could it be he’s trying to cover for what he called “the target of racial prejudice”? Has he heard about Polar Bear Hunting, the Knockout Game, and all the black mob violence against whites that has been going on for years? Maybe it’s entertainment to him.

      • Joel Lawler

        Ramboike, the Gollum of birther trolls.
        Yes, Ike, the mean uppity black folk are terrorizing white society! You read in the papers all the time about white kids being shaken down and targeted by racist black cops. There are all those new voter id laws designed to limit the voting rights of the white middle class. And of course, white citizens get disproportionately longer jail sentences for drug and violent crimes then blacks. Hell, there was that whole special class of drug laws that focused on the form of cocaine favored by white investment bankers, while the evil black man got a slap on the wrist for the type sold in the ‘hood.
        What color is the sky in your world, Ikey?

        • Jimmy

          93% of inter-racial crime is committed by a black on a white….not that there’s anything wrong with it.

        • Joel Lawler

          Buh-buh-buh-buh-bullshit! Nothing makes you look stupider than pulling statistics out of your ass, Jimmy.

        • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

          Don’t even get me started on the voter ID stuff. My goodness, the Victim Lobby is acting like it’s the Third Reich all over again if people have to show an ID to vote. Jeesh, haven’t you read the ORYR thing about Barry Soetoro registering to vote in D.C.??? Somebody is punking them, but the truth is, if the name was John Smith, that person could vote and nobody would ever know the difference.

          I am trying to lay off the Trayvonite stuff and see if the issue dies down. Because I don’t see even Eric Holder, as stupid as he is, trying to stick his nose into this. But, I was wrong about Arpaio and I may be wrong about him.

          Plus, the Trayvonites are already taking a whipping at most blogs. The truth is, most White people, and an ever-increasing number of Black people, see this crap for what it is – – -race baiting bullsh*t!!! Hopefully, the Great Racist Witch Hunt is winding down.

          But, if it don’t die down, and the DOJ keeps stoking the fire, then I will add another category to here, and light into the Trayvonites, too.

          And yes, RamboIke, I do sympathize with the poor Black people who have to live around that worthless Gangsta scum! Whenever I work with my BFF Fabia Sheen, Esq.,an attorney, we deal with some Black clients who live in SHEER LIVING HELL because of these pathetic thuggish excuses for human beings. They can’t even come to the office unless they get somebody to house sit for them, because they will get picked clean before they can get back home. Then you have poor Black mothers having to hock their houses and stuff to pay for a lawyer for their worthless, pieces-of-crap little Gangsta boyz.

          And then you get Obama telling us how sensitive we are supposed to be. BULLSH*T!!! If he had any balls at all, he would have told the Martin family how sorry he was for them, because they seem like nice people, and then he would have said Poor Little Trayvon should have behaved himself, and not played Gangsta, and his dumb ass wouldn’t be dead, now. That what happened was his own damn fault.

          But, that is just the racism of low expectations. Cuddle a thug, and you just get more thugs.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        • ramboike


          Are you related to Patty Da Perv? I ask because I see alot of similarities in the way you 2 comment.

          Telling you to take your blinders off or pull your head out of the sand wouldn’t fit here. You know what Squeeky said and the documented evidence in the link I posted is the truth.

          You pull your head out of the Obama butt-crack and see your sky is as clear as mine. So to keep from dealing with reality you plunge back in. You can’t admit to the truth or you’d be seen as a traitor to “down with the cause” and labeled an Uncle Tom. That wouldn’t sit very well with your Bros.

          Your attacking smears on Squeeky wasn’t bad enough. Nope. You had to follow that with a sleazy parody making fun of a very serous situation. I think you’re getting enjoyment out of what is going on.

  • Joel Lawler

    What a horribly insensitive way to describe the death of a teenager, Jimmy – the evidence suggests that you’re a real asshole.
    The 185 weight was self-stated by Zimmerman when he was in-processed by the sheriff’s department. The night of the shooting, he described his weight as 200 lbs to the Sanford PD. He was not weighed during his medical treatment the night of the shooting.
    So you say 185, and I say bullshit – that fat boy was running at least 210, and maybe more.
    Speaking of weight, it’s funny how George stopped exercising and gained a ton of weight in the time before the trial. The pictures and videos taken before the shooting show an aspiring, if failed, LEO trying to look lean and mean. By the time he got to trial, he was a pathetic doughboy who obviously couldn’t defend himself against that awful “gangsta”. I ain’t buyin it.

    • Jimmy

      All six of the jurors must describe St.Tray’s death the same way I did. Otherwise they would not have said ”not guilty of the crimes charged”.

  • Joel L Lawler

    The difference that you notice between your comments and mine is that I’m a good writer and you’re not, Rambette. The facts I point to are real; you like to find creepy racist websites that support your own hate-filled worldview and cut and paste stuff that’s already been cut and pasted by ten losers before you.
    It’s all over the Internet that you work in an off-camera role in the male gay pornographic video industry. Can you prove that you don’t? Can you publish original documentary evidence that you are not a fluffer on the set at RamRod Productions? Until I see that definitive proof I have no choice but to assume that you are a professional cocksucker. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • ramboike


    Ok, something we can agree on: You’re a better writer than I am, and so are the majority of the people making comments online. Butttt, then it changes when you go head to head with me on issues. Ol’ Ike’s Truth Machine will blow you away issue by issue over 90% of the time.

    Re: “The facts I point to are real; you like to find creepy racist websites that support your own hate-filled worldview and cut and paste stuff that’s already been cut and pasted by ten losers before you.”

    Looks like you’re calling the many black writers I’ve leaned on for years to get an understanding on a good number of the issues and who are well respected among their peers in the media, racists. Also, based on your previous comments you must see Squeeky’s as a creepy racist website that supports a hate-filled worldview.

    I’m an at-large director at RamRod Productions and need a gay-porn couple as lead in a coming [no pun intended] production. Would you and Patty Da Perv be interested in an audition?

    Re: “”Professional cocksucker”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

    I’m sure male members of the LavenderHill Mob wouldn’t find anything wrong with that. ~grin~

    • Joel L Lawler

      That’s the most cohesive writing you’ve ever done, Rambette – keep it up. Which black writers are you reading, because I don’t see the influence of a black perspective in your comments.
      Although we disagree about a lot of things,I don’t think of Squeekie’s site is creepy or racist (although I called her a racist on this thread ). Now ORYR, or DrTaitzEsq, or WND, or Stormfront – those are some creepy, racist websites. A lot of your comments echo their sentiments.
      I’ll stop with the Rambo-is-a gay-porn-fluffer, but seriously – I have seen that allegation on at least three sites that you regularly post on.

  • jayHG

    Wow, Squeeky is a racist….I’m not entirely surprised, but still. I see her over at Obama Conspiracy trying to sound relatively sane after she got banned from Free Republic when she stopped being a full on birther, because, Squeeky, you know you were at one time.

    But from this post of yours, you’re a full on racist. When you finally posted this sentence: “Nothing I say is going to satisfy the Black idiots, because to them I will be nothing but a redneck racist no matter what. As will any White person who tries to get through to them. Sensible Blacks will have to convert them. But I can sure get in there with the White Liberals and mix it up.” I said, uh oh… THAT’S where she’s coming from.

    But you’re no match for Mr. Lawler. He’s called you out on it. Anyhow, carry on Squeeky. But know this: black people are not Black idiots. Most of them get up, shower and go to work just like little lilly white you…..and that’s it. But you would never believe that as I see from your post about this issue.

    • ramboike

      For the “boys” {Lawler & jayHG]

      You both were served up irrefutable truths, but the anti-white – hate-America plantation programming from your farLeft marxist mind-masters won’t allow you to admit it. It would have to suck going through life having your brain controlled by others.

      Squeeky and I are, from what I can best tell, mostly political opposites, but I’ll always acknowledge the truth when I see it, especially when it involves tyranny against others.

      Lawler is an idiotic black racist of the worst sort and jayHG is his parrot. There is little difference between them and StormFront. “Idiot is their Name – Racism is their Game”.

      Well, that’s all for now “boys”. Think I’ll have me a slice of ice cold watermelon.

      As always,
      Rambo Ike {riding roughshod over ignorant racist]

      • Joel L. Lawler

        You’re not smart enough to eat watermelon, Rambette. A hot dog would be safer – it has that familiar shape you like in your mouth so much!

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi JayHG!!!

      Wow, JayHG is a RACE Baiter!!! You haven’t actually READ the article. Instead, you PERCEIVED it through your racist-colored glasses.

      I have read some of the Obot blogs, and the Zimmerman comments there are as bad and irrational as anything the worst craziest Birthers come up with. I am ashamed of them, and for them. It makes me physically ill to read some of the smug, self-righteous bullshit you guys are putting on paper. What makes it really bad, is that you guys are the worst RACISTS in the bunch. It’s sickening.

      Five years of debating foolishness and faulty thinking, and the “good” side has degenerated into a bunch of monkeys flinging poo and indistinguishable from the Birther monkeys flinging poo.

      Somebody wrote that for you Race-Baiters, it is always 1963, because if it isn’t then you would have to face up to your own responsibilities in this mess. Frankly, that SPLC guys needs to declare the whole Democratic Party a hate group.

      Because, if somebody really really hates blacks, and want to screw them over, they can just skip the KKK and go to work as a Liberal Democrat.

      I am really sorry that you have got no more sense then to write the foolishness that you did, and I really hope you pull your head out of your ass and try to take an honest look at reality.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      • Joel L. Lawler

        Race-baiter is just your hipster way of saying nigger-lover, Squeeky. Racism began long before 1963, and it continues in travesties like the Zimmerman trial. We get it; you wish black people and black culture were more white, because white is right. You’re racist, Lynette – embrace it or get beyond it.

        • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

          Hi Joel!!!

          No, “race-baiter” is my way of saying “race-baiter.” But, Latent Racists have this horrible habit of decoding stuff that is already decoded. Cause you know, you guys have just got to find some racism or you can’t sleep at night. I can just see a bunch of Trayvonites sitting around a table and hitting the bong, and surfing their smart phones scouring the Internet jonesing for some racism to satisfy the itch.

          I wrote a very good Internet Article about exactly what is wrong with the whole Trayvonite nonsense. The jury said it was not about race, the prosecutors ditto, the defense ditto. The facts of Zimmerman’s life speak for themselves, and the guy comes across as very racially open-minded.

          But you know what the Real Tell is in this??? It’s the fact that even the Trayvonites themselves have now moved the goalpost to the SYG laws. Which they wouldn’t have had to do if the Racist Trope had any legs.

          Sooo, you need to quit thinking for yourself on this issue and just listen to me, and I will talk you down off the ledge.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

  • Joel L. Lawler

    The so-called “Stand Your Ground” laws are the result of a particularly cynical NRA fundraising campaign. These laws set up an endless game of “he started it” with predictably deadly results. If the duty to retreat had been in place in Florida, George Zimmerman would certainly be exactly where he belongs right now – in prison.

    Like most aspects of American criminal law, there are racial disparities in the enforcement and judgment of SYG cases. You choose to pretend this is not the case, but the plain facts of case law simply disagree. Pretending that there is no racial element in law or in any aspect of American society is itself a racist act, Lynette. Your youth and inexperience may lead you to believe that to pretend racism isn’t there will somehow make it go away, but both history and I can assure you that this is simply not the case. As a fellow denizen of the wacky republic where you reside once said, “(y)ou do not wipe away the scars of centuries by saying: ‘now, you are free to go where you want, do as you desire, and choose the leaders you please.’ You do not take a man who for years has been hobbled by chains, liberate him, bring him to the starting line of a race, saying, “you are free to compete with all the others,” and still justly believe you have been completely fair… This is the next and more profound stage of the battle for civil rights. We seek not just freedom but opportunity—not just legal equity but human ability—not just equality as a right and a theory, but equality as a fact and as a result.” That was less than 50 years ago, Squeeky – these things don’t happen overnight, no matter how much you pretend that it’s so.

    Taking a human life is a hell of a thing, and SYG laws encourage those who have clear paths of safe retreat ( e.g.,Mr Zimmerman) to act out their “new sheriff in town” fantasies and kill with relative impunity. Civilized, thinking and reasonable people would not live in a SYG state. How are things in Texas, by the way?

    • jayHG

      Hello Mr. Lawler,

      I want to say that in this whole thing, the most bothersome for me was, as in Squeeky’s entire screed above and in her posts, the “whatever” feelings toward a 17 year old person. T. Martin was not a serial killer. He was a kid who’d done no more than a ton of other 17 year olds. Squeeky and her band of Zimmerman apologists call him names and practically celebrate his death cause, well, he’s a thug, after all, and he deserved it.

      Squeeky, et al attribute all kinds of nefarious behavior to T. Martin. In one blog post at free republic, butterdezillion (bad example here cause this woman is truly mentally ill) said Martin was cases houses and when I called her on it, she did not respond. In Squeeky’s blog, she says she’s reluctant to get into the whole thing, then goes on to talk about Martin as if he was the biggest criminal ever to live in Florida and deserved it and he was a racist and Zimmerman was a pilor of society and was getting pummelled by the big bad black teen thug and THANK GOD Zimmerman HAD THAT GUN!!!

      Wow….just wow….

  • jayHG

    Hi Squeeky!!!

    No, I read it….every word. I love how you used all kinds of racist stereotypes in your description of Trayvon Martin but I’M the race-baiter?? Look in the mirror, squeeky. You will see the mother of all heads in asses!!

    You can’t possibly be put off by what the Zimmerman apologists are saying because you’re the president of the club…at least based on this article, you are. You refuse to address you, yourself calling black people “black idiots.” Just WOW!!! Seriously. I know you don’t see how that is offensive because, well, you’re a bigot, and bigots NEVER see their own bigotry. NEVER!!!!

    Actually, if I’m being honest, I’m surprised. I had you pegged differently. I thought you were conservative, which is no problem – to each his own, but I never thought you were a plain old garden variety bigot…..until now. Oh well….live and learn.

  • ramboike

    Lawler & jayHG,

    You 2 “boys” still haten on white folk? Do you 2 spend your whole day in hate? It’ll drive yas crazy.

    Here’s something to lighten your day and give yas a smile: Chicken Waffles

  • Joel L. Lawler

    What is your major malfunction, son?
    I’m more of a Roscoe’s kind of guy.

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