Mike Zullo Gets Some Support???

Zullo Monkey Trial

Flanked By Fabia Sheen, Esq. and Squeeky Fromm, Mike Zullo Mugs For The Camera

Dr. Conspiracy recently offered Birthers a GOLDEN opportunity to speak up on behalf of Mike Zullo and his mouthpiece, Carl Gallups:

It was shameful, shameful, but very much in character for Gallups and his sidekick Mike Zullo. They are fine when they control the microphone, but they will not debate. They will not release their proof. They flee in terror from subpoenas where they might be cross-examined in court. They are liars and frauds and they know full well that their so-called evidence is a house of cards that will fall down from the slightest touch of criticism.

If you think otherwise, I offer you 1,000 words that I will publish on this blog, to make your argument to the contrary.


At the time of this article, no Birther has come forward to speak in Zullo’s defense. Now, I am one of Mike “The Arizona Kid” Zullo’s harshest critics. I mercilessly lambast him, and most other Birthers. But after no one came forward to speak on his behalf, that just seemed wrong. Sooo, I asked my BFF Fabia Sheen, Esq., an attorney, if she would take a stab at defending him. In return, I promised to treat her to Mexican food and Top Shelf Margaritas.  Here is a PDF of the Motion, where the formatting is better than you can get on the blog software:

Zullo Defense

And here is the cut and paste, which comes in at 540 words, well within Dr. C’s limits:


Comes now, the Defendant, Mike Zullo, by and through his attorney, Fabia Sheen, Esq. and in defense to the specific charges of Fraud, and other conduct in violation of 18 USC § 1343, including but not limited to lying, cheating, tampering with documents, frightening elderly residents of a nursing home,  providing legal advice while not licensed as an attorney, champerty and maintenance, and transporting Birthers across state lines for the purpose of providing false testimony, states that:

1. The Defendant hereby notifies the Court in accordance with, and pursuant to, F.R.Crim.P.12.2(a) et. seq., that he intends to plead insanity (A Mezvinsky Plea), as an exculpatory defense.

2. At all times relevant, the Defendant operated under the debilitating effects of a psychotic delusion.

3. The Defense does not, at this time, contemplate the calling of expert witnesses due to the open and obvious nature of this psychotic disorder, and presents a partial list of his erratic behavior, to wit:

a. The Defendant believed he was a law enforcement officer and the leader of a posse which traveled across the country, including several trips to Hawaii, to obtain information;

b. The Defendant believed that he was on a special mission to prove that then President Barack H. Obama was an illegal usurper in the office, who had obtained that office by means of a forged birth certificate;

c. Fantastically, while unable to obtain actual physical possession of the aforementioned document, the Defendant maintained he had proven forgery by the examination of an online image of the document; and

d. The Defendant blatantly ignored several communications with the appropriate Hawaii state officials to the effect that the document was genuine;

4. While the Defendant does not believe that expert testimony is necessary due to the overwhelming evidence of mental dysfunction, he does intend to present confidential testimony from a member of the aforesaid posse to the effect that:

a.  In addition to the victims, Posse members were also taken on weekly rides, via horseback;

b. On these excursions, which the Defendant called training sessions, Posse members were required to pretend they had pursued and captured such diverse characters as Billy the Kid, Doc Ock(sp?), and The Masked Forger;

c.  Posse members were provided secret Posse decoder rings and required to communicate through means of coded messages; and

d. Posse members were required to sign confidentiality agreements that they would keep these activities and others, secret.

5. These are obviously NOT the actions of a person in full control of their mental faculties and the Defendant prays this Honorable Court take judicial notice of this fact, since the Defendant has already spent all the money he surreptitiously obtained, and is unable to adequately compensate his attorney.

6. The Defendant, pleading now as a Third Party Plaintiff, further seeks permission to add as Third Party Defendants, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Jerome Corsi, and John Does 1-100, to be named at a future time, for their intentional and reprehensible conduct in taking advantage of the Defendant’s impaired mental condition in criminal violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

For this, and all other just and proper relief, the Defendant earnestly pleads.

Respectfully submitted,

Fabia Sheen, Esq.

All in all, it is a very sad day in Birtherdom, when an anti-Birther has to pay a lawyer to defend one of them. But, that makes it an even happier day for a certain Girl Reporter who gets to drink Margaritas!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. A Mezvinsky Plea. Technically, there is no such thing. However, as Wiki notes, some do plead the insanity defense to fraud charges:

Edward “Ed” Mezvinsky (/mɛzˈvɪnski/; born January 17, 1937) is a former congressman. A Democrat, he represented Iowa’s 1st congressional district in the United States House of Representatives for two terms, from 1973 to 1977.
Mezvinsky was involved in a series of business transactions that ultimately led to his downfall.

In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes. Shortly after his indictment, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but the judge at his trial disallowed a mental illness defense. He served his time at Federal Prison Camp, Eglin. Mezvinsky, Federal Bureau of Prisons# 55040-066, he was released in April 2008. He remained on federal probation until 2011, and owes substantial restitution to his victims.

In 2010 Edward Mezvinsky’s son, Marc, married Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former U.S President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State and U.S Senator from New York Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Note 2. Procedural Rules.  Yes, there is a F.R.Crim.P.12.2(a)!

Rule 12.2 Notice of an Insanity Defense; Mental Examination

(a) Notice of an Insanity Defense. A defendant who intends to assert a defense of insanity at the time of the alleged offense must so notify an attorney for the government in writing within the time provided for filing a pretrial motion, or at any later time the court sets, and file a copy of the notice with the clerk. A defendant who fails to do so cannot rely on an insanity defense. The court may, for good cause, allow the defendant to file the notice late, grant additional trial-preparation time, or make other appropriate orders.

The rest of the Rule may be found here:


If you are interested, 18 USC § 1343 provides, in part:

18 USC § 1343 – Fraud by wire, radio, or television

Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.



About Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

Hi!!! I am a Girl Reporter on the Internet. I am 34. Plus I am a INTP. I have a Major in Human Kinetics, and a Minor in English. I have 2 cats, and a new kitten! I write poetry, and plus I am trying to learn how to play guitar. I think that is all??? Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter View all posts by Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

76 responses to “Mike Zullo Gets Some Support???

  • Thomas Lee Brown

    Did you sneak a J. Fred Muggs pun into that picture caption? Can it be?

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      KUDOS! I didn’t think anybody would catch that! Plus, there was a little hidden shout out to Dr. C in the last paragraph of the Motion about abusing the disabled. I bury a lot snark in these things. Sometimes, I even forget they’re there.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  • Frank Bolivar

    I hope Mr. Zullo appreciates all Fabia has done on his behalf.

    He’s a birther, so that’s highly unlikely, in my opinion, but just sayin’.

  • Jim

    Squeeky, I think you went off the rails on this one…but enjoyed it!

  • Jim

    Oh no, I’m not a birther. I think Doc was looking more for someone to defend Zullo’s positions and evidence than to bring Zullo up on charges. I’m not worried about that. Once the birthers find out that Zullo has just been running a scam on them, he’s going to be more worried about them than the law. 😀

  • Jim

    You know, I may have the original from the Hospital. If I ever run for President…and change the color of my skin…I’ll be sure to search for it! 😀

  • ramboike

    Jim statements on Dr. Con’s blog – My reply in brackets: [ ]

    Jim- July 19, 2013 at 11:21 am (Quote)#
    Evidence the President was Born in Hawaii [I haven’t seen any]
    1) Hawaii Records, all consistent with his birth in Hawaii [no original records released]
    2) Newspaper announcements of the birth [immaterial, no original record to verify them]
    3) Independent witness vouching for the birth [please list the witness so we can have them sign a deposition & take a polygraph]
    4) The President never lost or revoked his American Citizenship [without hawaiian hospital records & birth record alleged to be on file released for inspection you can’t claim citizenship]

    Evidence the President was born anywhere but Hawaii
    1) ??? [no conclusive incontrovertible proof Obama was born in Hawaii. Slartifartfast could not list even 1 original record released that would have any bearing on an Hawaiian birth.]

    Nice scam all you Obots are running on the American people.

    • Jim

      Poor Rambo…still lost and can’t find your way hmm. I notice that you’re admitting that you have absolutely nothing to show the President was born anywhere but Hawaii. Poor thing, you do realize that would be a requirement if you wanted to disprove the President’s citizenship, don’t you?

      BTW, you’re final response “without hawaiian hospital records & birth record alleged to be on file released for inspection you can’t claim citizenship”

      Is not true. The President has a passport, and he wasn’t naturalized. That is further proof of his citizenship.

      “Prior to enactment of 22 U.S.C. 2705, a United States passport was regarded only as prima facie evidence of United States citizenship. Now, however, United States passports are given the same weight for proof of United States citizenship as certificates of naturalization or citizenship.”

      • Jim

        RamboDyke: “please list the witness so we can have them sign a deposition & take a polygraph”

        Just as soon as you allow me to hook Zullo up to a polygraph, I’ll tell you. However, we both know Zullo would NEVER allow that to happen, it would prove how much he’s been lying to you. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      • Jimmy

        All they have to prove is that BHO can not and did not prove he was eligible to be POTUS…. not that he was born somewhere else.
        It was the job of the DNC to certify that he was eligible. What happened?

        • Jim

          Jimmy: “It was the job of the DNC to certify that he was eligible. What happened?”

          They certified him, he ran twice, was elected twice and is now our current President. In the meantime, birthers have lost over 200 cases, been swindled out of their money by scammers looking to profit from their stupidity, and now is limited to a few poor souls who are only left with limp accusations with no proof on the internet.

        • Jim

          Jimmy: All they have to prove is that BHO can not and did not prove he was eligible to be POTUS…. not that he was born somewhere else.

          You think so? How would they prove that? I must warn you Jimmy, you may think you’re clever but you aren’t even close. So, when you answer this, you will end up looking so dumb, keyboards will have to be replaced and monitors will have to be cleaned. Are you brave enough to take the bait? BWAHAHAHAHA

        • ramboike

          Hi Jimmy

          The passport the Obots are touting is a Red Herring. All date stamps are 2009, and the issue/expiration dates are blocked out – no reason for that. What they call the back page isn’t the back page. Back page has a barcode with numbers below it. It looks like something the Obama operatives made for him at the time he started his squat in our White House.

        • Jim

          Rambo: “The passport the Obots are touting is a Red Herring.”

          You’re the one that said he couldn’t be a citizen without the Hawaii records. Well, the passport shows that he’s a citizen in the eyes of the US Government. Now, we see that you’re basic argument is everything that proves the President was eligible is forgery in your eyes, and every made-up thing without proof that you think shows him not eligible is suddenly the gold standard. Well, at least when you’re typing kids are safe from you. BTW Jimmy, did you realize that Rambo runs around taking pics of young kids in bathing suits? You wonder what he’s been doing with those pics?

        • th3bt


          The back page is the final endorsement page. That is where any notes are put.

          The numbers you talk about are on the inside of the back cover.

          For answers to your document questions try the following link.


        • Jim

          Rambo: “All date stamps are 2009,”

          “The U.S. Passport Book and U.S. Passport Card for adults are valid for ten years. Passports for minors under age 16 are valid for five years. The U.S. Passport is not just used for travel anymore. It serves as proof of U.S. citizenship and identity for important purposes such as work authorization and eligibility for many Federal benefits.”


          So, the President had to renew his passport…like quite a few other Americans. And poor Rambo thinks that means something nefarious.

    • Joel Lawler

      So I hear that you work in the gay porn industry – that must be interesting. What exactly is a fluffer, anyway – do you work with pillows?
      Have you started to think about a reason to claim that Hillary Rodham’s presidency is invalid? The sooner the better, don’t you think – why wait until the last minute?

  • Jimmy

    How did they certify him? Did Pelosi, say, ”oh, he has a passport”?
    Naturalizations are under the authority of the US Attorney General and are administered by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS.
    You say he was not naturalized. RE: 22 USC 2705 A passport shall have the same force and effect as proof of United States citizenship as certificates of naturalization or of citizenship issued by the Attorney General or by a court having naturalization jurisdiction.
    As a native born citizen he’d not have been issued citizenship from either entity.

    • Jim

      Awwww, poor Jimmy. Just because you don’t like how they certified him, you think everybody should just answer to you. You are absolutely right, the President has not had his citizenship issued by any entity…just like you and just like me and just like any other citizen you wish to point to. Our births are what grants us the citizenship, births that are recognized by the State and recognized by the Federal Government. If the state you were born in did not recognize and record your birth in some way, you would NOT be a citizen at birth. So, the State of Hawaii acknowledges the birth and records it. As has happened millions of time across this great country. Then some BS artists like you come along and think you KNOW better than the State of Hawaii how to properly keep and report their records. You wouldn’t know proper record-keeping if it bit you in the a$$. Here’s what you don’t understand, if neither the states and the Federal Government recognizes you as a citizen, then you aren’t a citizen. The President was born a citizen in the eyes of the State of Hawaii, who has his records, and the Federal Government, attesting to his citizenship via issuing him a passport. YOU are a keyboard warrior, you have no authority or, in fact, knowledge of who should or should not be a citizen. You don’t even have enough of a basic knowledge of record-keeping to have your opinion used for more than wiping my a$$.

    • Jimmy

      Is a Passport, proof of citizenship? Yes
      Proof of native born or natural born? No.

      • Jimmy

        How many people post on this website think they are more convincing or feel justified if they insult people?
        Please don’t insult me personally. I’ll never respond in kind.
        The more insulting you are the more threatened you appear.

        • Jim

          You insult me every time you type. You have absolutely, completely, and totally no evidence the President was born anywhere but Hawaii. Unless you have some naturalization papers somewhere, a passport is absolute proof that he’s natural born.

        • Jimmy

          my point was that under 22 USC 2705 a passport proves US citizenship. It may not prove native born if it does not say. Needless to say if millions were tricked into believing he has a valid BC that could include the passport processor.

        • Jim

          Awwww, poor Jimmy. He has no proof of forgery and yet he thinks his imagination holds any sway. Needless to say Jimmy, if some scam artists like say…WND and MCCCP were to claim forgery and trick some gullible idiots…like you, then the President would have nothing to worry about. Guess what Jimmy, to the President, you’re no more than a joke to be made. Guess he has nothing to worry about. BTW Jimmy, when are we gonna see a perp walk by Sheriff Joe when he arrests the Xerox Workstation that he claims made the so-called forgery? BWAHAHAHAHA

        • th3bt


          Answer the question posed, don’t cut and paste a off topic reply. In reference to your comment on the Zimmerman thread about the mentioned classes of USCIS citizenship, what gender is mentioned when the distinction between native and natural born is made?

          And in your opinion, why?

      • Joel Lawler

        Wrong again, Jimmy-boy! If you held a US Passport, you’d know that it specifies place of birth. President Obama’s passport states that he was born in Honolulu, HI.
        It’s just jus soli, baby – citizenship proven! As a consolation prize, you get to start thinking about how you’ll deal with the next Clinton presidency !

        • Jimmy

          my point was that under 22 USC 2705 a passport proves US citizenship. It may not prove native born if it does not say. Needless to say if millions were tricked into believing he has a valid BC that could include the passport processor.
          Hillary will be a lot better than Barry. I’m waiting for the book on how the Clinton’s ‘violated Barry’s civil rights’ and the DNC ‘urbanized’ the caucuses.
          Once again, Hillary hired Phil Berg. Don’t forget that.

        • Jim

          Jimmy: “Once again, Hillary hired Phil Berg. Don’t forget that”

          BWAHAHAHAHA!!! You are once again showing your stupidity. Phil Berg was a supporter of Hillary, he never was a paid employee. Is there any limit to the stupidity of your posts?

        • ramboike

          Jimmy. Once again these Obots are blowing smoke.

          Document fraud is big business. That includes passports, visas, social security cards, birth certificate, and other identity documents.

          Obama could have originally used false documents to get a passport and then had it renewed without question when he started his squat in our White House. It looks like what is shown is a 2009 issue.

          The following is subject to correction by anyone:
          According to a Berg interview there was no connection between Berg & the Hillary campaign. There was some type of connection between Berg & a Hillary support group that contacted him about Obama’s eligibility. Also, from what I’ve read this group was the original Birthers.

        • Jim

          Rambo: “Obama could have originally used false documents to get a passport and then had it renewed without question when he started his squat in our White House. It looks like what is shown is a 2009 issue.”

          Or, he could have renewed his passport. Of course, you have absolutely NO PROOF that the President didn’t just renew it, as happens thousands of times a year. You also have NO PROOF that any documents the President has presented has not been true and accurate.

          So tell me Rambo, when is Zullo going to frog-march the Xerox Workcenter out of the WH for forgery? How many more lies is Zullo going to caught in?

      • CarlOrcas


        In the case of the passport shown on the White House video it is, in fact, proof of natural born citizenship because it is a Diplomatic Passport issued to the President of the United States….who has to be a natural born citizen.

        Also your comments about it being from 2009 makes sense because that’s when Obama became President.

        Get it now?

        • ramboike

          Jim, CarlOrcas, and fellow clowns

          Obama hasn’t released his passport records. What did he use for identification to get a passport to go to Pakistan and later Kenya? What happened to that birth certificate?

          The Diplomatic Passports are customary for those working out of the White House. That in no way proves natural born citizen. Is there no limit to the scam you Obots will try? Did Madeleine Albright, Sec. of State, have a Diplomatic Passport?

        • Jim

          DumboIke: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…I ain’t got no proof of any wrongdoing”

          Sorry you don’t like how our society works Dumbo, but the Passport is good as gold and shows the Federal Government stands behind the President. You, not so much.

        • CarlOrcas


          You ran out the thread so I couldn’t reply to you message.

          Yes…..the Secretary of State has a Diplomatic Passport. Why? She’s a diplomat!

          As far as his previous personal passports I assume he acquired them the same way most people do……send in an application with their birth certificate (as in his case) or naturalization papers as in the case of Madeline Albright and Henry Kissinger.

    • Joel Lawler

      President Obama was born on the soil of the USofA, and as such meets all citizenship requirements for presidential eligibility. That’s it, Jimmy. End of story. Which word don’t you understand?

      • Jimmy

        Fraudulence from the top down.

        • Jim

          Actually, the fraudulence has been by the birthers there Jimmy. How many lies do you need for Zullo to be caught in before you realize that the State of Hawaii is looking a hell of a lot more honest than a make-believe cop from Arizona? So, when is Zullo going to arrest the Xerox Workcenter?

        • Joel Lawler

          An allegation not supported by the facts, Jimmy. It must be difficult to live blinded by irrational hatred – hope you get better soon!

  • Jimmy

    That’s not the purpose of 22 USC 2705. Its for naturalization purposes. Its for people who can’t show a BC from where they were born. I just showed you.. Neither you nor I need evidence of anything. He is the one who needs evidence. He applied for the job.
    The act of my typing can never be construed as an insult to you.

    • Jim

      Jimmy: “That’s not the purpose of 22 USC 2705. Its for naturalization purposes.”

      Well, DUH! Before you make someone go through naturalization, wouldn’t you need to know who WOULDN’T NEED to be naturalized? Who is ALREADY *GASP* a citizen? So the purpose is 2-fold…who is and is not a citizen. And you think you have a clue about how things work? You really need to go back and take a Civics 101 course, you didn’t learn anything the first time around.

    • Joel Lawler

      The ideas you type are an insult to all real Americans, Jimmy.

  • Jim

    Jimmy: “He applied for the job.”

    And again, you show your stupidity. He got the job, twice. All government agencies, including Congress and SCOTUS agree he is eligible. In fact, a majority of the voters also agree he is eligible. You have no proof he isn’t, except for unproven theories and worthless opinions. You have no proof he was born anywhere but Hawaii. Must suck to be you when all you’re left doing is proving how worthless you are to society.

    • Joel Lawler

      The evidence is clear and overwhelming- it DOES suck to be Jimmy.

    • Jimmy

      If you apply for a job and attained it through forgery you can then be fired and then prosecuted.

      • Joel Lawler

        Tense shift! Careful with that keyboard, Jimmy – you might hurt someone.

      • Jim

        Not necessarily, if a contract stipulates something else, the employment contract or the union contract would override. In this case, the contract is called The Constitution. The President cannot be prosecuted or fired. He can only be impeached. Here’s what you do, gather all your birthers together, arm yourselves, and march on Washington and demand that your congressmen and women (stick to the pubs) impeach the President. The 5 or 6 of you should make a great show for the 6 o’clock news. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Jimmy

    BTW how many times do you want to be able to forge a passport before they put you in jail?. Just asking. No one on this blog will answer the question.

    • Jim

      What’s the problem Jimmy, you been breaking the law again? I recommend you hire a lawyer, with your legal skills and understanding of how things work, you’d end up in jail for life.

    • Joel Lawler

      None, Jimmy – not one. There’s a definitive answer.

      • Jimmy

        Not according to Uncle Pat Leahy who admitted Wednesday that under the Senate immigration bill, forging up to two passports is not a crime, adding that the bill leaves the decision whether to charge someone with passport fraud up to the discretion of prosecutors.
        You see, Uncle Chuck and Uncle Pat are trying to fluff it up a little for Barry.
        We need to pass it so we can find out what’s in it, again. Right, Nancy?

        • Whatever4

          You need to learn to read the US Code in addition to proposed bills. Forging passports has always been against the law. The bill doesn’t affect section 1543 of the US Code, which lays out penalties for forging any number of passports. Forging even 1 passport can get you up to 25 years, and that isn’t changed by the bill. Forging 3 or more is trafficking and gets additional penalties under specified circumstances.

        • Joel Lawler

          As evidenced by his general lack of knowledge, it can be more simply stated that Jimmy needs to learn to read.

        • Joel Lawler

          So you do know something about fluffing after all!

  • Jimmy

    Uncle Pat needs you on his staff.

    • Joel L Lawler

      I’d love to help, Jimmy, but I can’t afford the pay cut.

      • Jim

        bada-bing!!! BWAHAHAHAHA

      • ramboike

        Pay cut? Leahy will pay you more than what you get on welfare. Just think, you’ll beable to buy more Bling & chicken from Popeyes.

        • Jimmy

          These Obots are weak Rambo. Not convincing.
          They need to go back to playing dominos and pocket pool.
          There are bigger fish to fry. Good riddance.

        • ramboike


          They have nothing. It’s all a cover because they know they have no original records to prove conclusively where Obama was born. The claimed 2011 long form copy is dependent on releasing what is on file at the HDoH for a comparison. Because of all the controversy surrounding Obama’s birth story many original records were needed to be released. Since he didn’t & won’t release them he should be arrested.

        • Jim

          DumboIke: “They have nothing.”

          We got the President in the Whitehouse, you’re only fooling yourselves.

        • th3bt

          Challenge for Ramboike:

          Name a presidential candidate who has released original birth documents.

          Name any individual who has ever had to release original records,anywhere (for any
          purpose )
          in the United States within the last 100 years.

        • ramboike


          You Obots keep muddying the issue by using other candidates for president as a diversion. Obots, get it through your thick skulls that everyone is on to your deceit. This issue is about when & where your Dear Leader was born, and who his real parents are.

          Join the Birthers in demanding that the original records pertaining to his birth be released. This is only for clearing up all the controversy surrounding the manufactured COLBs and past statements by your Dear Leader.

        • Jim

          DumboIke: “Obots, get it through your thick skulls that everyone is on to your deceit.”

          BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! Poor Dumbo, he thinks a few birthers are everyone. It’s kind of fun watching birthers slowly sink into oblivion…left only with their own hatred and bigotry. Sorry Dumbo, there is no controversy, the President is sitting in the WH and will be there until January 20, 2017…and you’ll still be showing your stupidity and bigotry.

        • th3bt

          Keep running Ike. You have no conviction. You have no evidence. You have nothing, except a desire for lame, recycled attempted put downs. You are just an opportunistic contrarian.

          The original records speil is the obvious choice for a birther with nothing left. Weak stuff. Really weak stuff. You are an embarrassment to the birthers, and that is beyond pathetic.

  • Joel L Lawler

    You assume that because I’m black, I’m on welfare – how typically racist of you, Rambette. Actually, I paid more in taxes than you earned last year.
    I can understand the bitterness that must come from all those years in the closet, but you’re out now. Why not settle down and marry that Chippendale dancer you’ve had your eye on? There’s still time for a happy, fulfilling life.
    Or you can keep being the racist fucknut that we all know and laugh at. Your call.

    • ramboike


      This was too easy. You make my case. You assumed because you’re black that my comments directed at you had to be racist. You did the same to Squeeky. A white person wouldn’t have thought that. It’s part of the victim culture your Overlords – yes, Overlords like Jessie & Al – have conditioned your mind to believe that you’re the one always being persecuted by whites.

      More whites on welfare, I see people of all races wearing bling-bling, I’ve gotten chicken from Popeye’s and seen more whites & mexicans there than blacks.

      Get off the plantation. Quit being a “boy” for the race-hustlers & poverty pimps. Become your own man.

      • Joel L Lawler

        I didn’t assume anything – you assumed that because I was black, I was on welfare. That’s what being a racist is, Rambette – making assumptions about and assigning stereotypical behaviors to people you don’t know due to race. That’s you – you’re a racist. Your writing indicates that you’re a particularly stupid racist, at that.
        How’s that film career coming?

  • Jim

    Joel L Lawler: “Actually, I paid more in taxes than you earned last year.”

    Actually, your taxes more than covered Dumbo’s pension. He should really be thanking you.

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