The Notorious Doctor Fibs Rises Again???

phibes final

He Was Surprised To Find Out Somebody Else Was Putting Words In His Electronic Voice Box

Well darned if the Birthers aren’t up to their old “Everybody Is A Birther!!!” trick once again. Now, the poor target is Michael Savage, or Doctor Savage of radio fame. ORYR has this little headline up:

Dr. Savage: Obama’s Birth Certificate 
Fabricated: His Whole Story Is Fraudulent

As usual, there is another dumb video/audio you are supposed to listen to, and I almost didn’t waste my time because this isn’t my first Birther Rodeo. And these things have a remarkable tendency to not say what the headline says. But, it was only 3:36, so I said, “What the heck?”, put on my headphones, and grabbed the barf bag, just in case. Here is a transcript of the relevant part:

At :56

As far as him being killed ten years before, I find that bizarre, I don’t believe it. But you know, given the fact that there were issues about Obama’s friends, and Obama’s birth certificate, which was eliminated by the fabrication, or whatever you want to call it. . . many people say that’s not an issue. So he’ll go past the issue. The issue of his college records being sealed . . . the whole story is fraudulent. I want to go back to my main point, and then I’ll move on again with the Obama thing.

He’s president now for what 4 ½ years. How long is it already that we have suffered under this man. I will say it again because I think it’s the most salient point of all with regard to this man. Had he applied for a position as an FBI Agent, he could not have gotten clearance to become an FBI agent. If Obama had applied to become a secret service agent to protect the president, because of his past associations, he could not have become a secret service agent, That’s all you have to remember, I mean the rest is just spurious, or you know things that people make up. He could not have qualified to become a FBI agent or a secret service agent owing to his friendships, his sitting in a church for twenty years listening to hate America speeches by Rev. Wright. And many other things that were in his past. Say, Well what do I care about that, I don’t know, don’t care about it. It’s too late to care about it anyway. As they say in the vernacular, the house is out of the barn, so what’s the point.

It seems apparent to me that Savage was answering some stupid caller, with some stupid conspiracy theory about Obama having been killed ten years earlier. It looked to me like Savage was categorizing the birth certificate as a “fabrication” for purposes of argument and then saying that anything about Obama’s past outside of his conduct and associations was irrelevant. Once again, a whole lot different than the headline. But, I wasn’t positive of my conclusion. It seems like ORYR was a little spooky, too, because after the video,  he wrote:

Listen to Savage’s many comments about Obama’s ID Fraud

There was a link to a June 2010 audio/video where Savage goes on a dual allegiance and British citizenship rant. But, that was three years ago. A lot of really really wonderful people were Birthers back then. That doesn’t mean that they stayed Birthers.  Heck, the long form came out less than a year after that, and there were numerous court decisions on the two citizen parent stuff. Sooo, I found a later  video from Savage, from April 26, 2011, which was already transcribed:

Here’s the problem with the Birther issue. It’s irrelevant where he was born in one sense but quite relevant in another. It’s relevant because if he wasn’t born here then he’s not qualified to be president. However, even if it turns out to be true that Barack was not born here, it’s too late to impeach him for that in the sense that it would take two years to get an impeachment or any other hearing going with this congress at which point he’d be out of business anyway. That’s Number One.

But to link all of your criticisms about this Marxist president to this birth issue is a disastrous error for two reasons. Firstly, because his biggest crimes and misdemeanors are not about where he was born, but about his social policies, most particularly his economic policies, which are classic Das Kapital Marxism.

Secondly, there’s another major problem with this which is that I believe he’s probably going to pull out an authentic birth certificate — or facsimile thereof — just around the time of the debates during the next election when he faces his Republican opponent. If he does that, it’s the end of the road for the Republicans if they’ve linked themselves to this issue, but even if they haven’t linked themselves to this issue, they’re finished. Why?

Let’s say the candidate is a middle of the road guy like Romney who has never linked himself to the Birther issue. Obama’s going to show his real birth certificate. And if Romney should, God forbid, accuse him truthfully of being a Marxist socialist on the economic level — which I doubt he would have the guts to do anyway — Obama’s going to pull out the real birth certificate, smirk and say, “You know, Mitt, here’s the problem with your argument. Your crackpot extremist Republican Party accused me of not even being an American. And yet here’s my birth certificate. Now you’re going out of your way as an extremist to say I’m a Marxist when, in fact, I’m a centrist trying to help the most number of people.” That’s the end of the Republican party as we know it.

And that’s why the Birther controversy is a disastrous issue on which to hang all our criticism of this Marxist President. Remember who you’re dealing with here. You’re dealing with a Chicago gangster regime that is printing money based upon nothing. They have the printing presses. And if they can print money and they can print bonds that have no value whatsoever, why do you assume they couldn’t forge an “original birth certificate” at the end of the road and use this instrument to foist this charlatan upon America again.

That’s my position on the birther issue.

That seems to kind of dovetail with what Savage said in the latest ORYR post, that ” That’s all you have to remember, I mean the rest is just spurious, or you know things that people make up.”

Yes, kind of like ObamaReleaseYourRecords does.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from one of the fantastic  Dr. Phibes movies, about which Wiki says:

The Abominable Dr. Phibes is a 1971 horror film starring Vincent Price and Joseph Cotten. Its art deco sets, dark humour and performance by Price have made the film and its sequel Dr. Phibes Rises Again cult classics. Dr. Phibes is inspired for his murderous spree by the Ten plagues of Egypt from the Old Testament.

These really are some cool movies, and the artwork is magnificent. The caption is a reference to the fact that Dr. Phibes:

After each murder, the twisted zombie doctor (who cannot move his lips but speaks through an electronic voice box disguised as a phonograph) melts down a waxen image of the dead doctor with a blow torch and plans his next attack — a sly homage to Price’s trademark 1953 horror classic House of Wax .

For ESL’s The Image Easter Egg is a wordplay on High Fives. Here is a good review of the movie:

Note 2. Rise/Rises. Yes, it should read “Rise” in the title because here, “Doctor” is an adjective modifying “Fibs”, and NOT part of a compound noun “Doctor Fibs.” But, it just looks and sounds funny because the tendency is to read is as a compound noun.


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7 responses to “The Notorious Doctor Fibs Rises Again???

  • davidfarrard

    The problem here is we have even more US Citizens at birth who somehow think of themselves made Art. II, §1, cl. 4 natural born Citizens* by positive law, which, of course, is impossible. Natural law is based on natural truths and inalienable rights.

    ex animo
    *Sens Cruz, Rubio, Jindal

    • Jim

      David: “The problem here is we have even more US Citizens at birth who somehow think of themselves made Art. II, §1, cl. 4 natural born Citizens*”

      No, what we have are more citizens that the US Constitution considers natural born citizens, that YOU don’t consider them is irrelevant.

    • Joel L. Lawler

      Mr Faaaarrraaarrrdd doesn’t understand US law, and he’s not clever enough to learn. Who cares, though?

    • Northland10

      On a side note David, why are you suing:

      Natalie Tennant
      Debra Bowen
      Brian Kemp (you already lost to him once)
      William Gardner
      Nancy Pelosi
      Michael Astrue
      William Chatfield
      Brian Schatz
      Lynn Matusow
      Alice Germond
      The Board of Directors of the California Republican Party
      Dean Logan
      Elizabeth Emken (former GOP Candidate for Senate in CA)
      John Avlon
      Judge Clay D. Land, Central District of Georgia
      Kevin Underhill
      KFI AM 640
      John and Ken Show
      John Kobelt
      Patrick Donohue
      Clearchannel Communication

      and many others?

      • Slartibartfast


        What case is that? Is David going pro se? (since Orly thinks the two citizen parent stuff is dumb, I’m guessing she’s not his lawyer anymore…)


        Are you going to try to get the judge to say that your evidence has absolutely no probative value this time so there’s no confusion on your part? Do you think you can pull off a bigger FAIL than Orly did in ALJ Malihi’s courtroom? Do you cry yourself to sleep at night when you realize that the PR victory you passed up in Judge Malihi’s chambers would have been the greatest thing you ever did in your life and you’ll never have another opportunity like that? Do you have any idea how shameful, dishonest and hypocritical your behavior has been? Have you figured out what the term “prima facie” means yet?

        I’m just asking questions…

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