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Oh My!!! Another Birther Book!!! (Or, You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover)

Strange Things Grow From Fertile Imaginations

Well, thanks to my friends at the Orly’s World Facebook page, I learned about this brand new Birther book. What a page turner!

Here is the cover and a few pages from Chapter 1. Don’t let the sweet little hearts on the cover fool you! This is a book that goes for the jugular!

Miki “The Mad Hawaiian” Booth had better look out. She is being upstaged by Ms. Brown. Here is the one bad review the book got:

By Martin Kandinski
Format:Kindle Edition

The description for this book ends with ‎”Christina’s diary leads its characters across the full gamut of the human experience.” A more apt description might be found in paraphrasing the great Dorothy Parker, “This book runs the gamut of human experience from A to B.”

From the first page of this hack-job piece of …nonsense, the reader is transported into thoughts of the ten things they COULD have bought at the 99 Cents Store instead.

Seriously? Nazis and Barack Obama? “Even before he had been elected, Christina had known something was badly amiss with this young candidate from Chicago, with the funny name…Yes, she had been watching this American hating, Muslim sympathizer very closely!” And THAT is just the FIRST page! It just about sums up this birther-racist rhetorical fantasy.

Again I refer to Dorothy Parker when I say “This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown aside with great force.”

Here is the link to the book:


As soon as this book goes down in price, I am buying it. It looks like a keeper! You just don’t come across books like this every day.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Magritte’s Book of Reminiscences.

Surrogate – Naming The Cold Case Posse Scandal!!!

Joseph Farah Demonstrates Advanced String-Pulling Finger Techniques To Jerome "Jerry" Corsi

Some idiot over at the Washington Times, named Jeffrey T. Kuhner, has a name for the whole “birth certificate is a forgery” thing. He calls it, Forgerygate. Here is a link to it if you want to read the nonsense:


I never heard of this person before, and frankly his whole premise is flawed. Had he bothered to actually research the matter, as opposed to simply parroting the “They are ignoring us” line of World Net Daily, he might have discovered this little gem from Obama Conspiracy Theories:


But, it did get me to thinking that the Anti-Birthers and Obots needed a good name for the Cold Case Posse scandal where grossly biased third parties like Jerome “Jerry” Corsi were given an unprecedented role in the investigation. And, where Corsi and one of the investigators, Michael Zullo, co-authored a book with the alleged findings. And, where the book was in the works about the time the investigation started.

All of this gives Corsi and the Cold Case Posse a financial interest in the outcome of the investigation. No negative findings = no book sales. Now THAT is a scandal. But it needs a catchy gate name. Sooo, Squeeky to the rescue!!!


Surrogate is defined as:

noun /ˈsərəgit/  /-ˌgāt/
surrogates, plural

A substitute, esp. a person deputizing for another in a specific role or office
– she was regarded as the surrogate for the governor during his final illness.

someone who takes the place of another person;

deputy: a person appointed to represent or act on behalf of others;

and, interestingly:

A copy of the information content of an original item in another medium, usually one which is more durable. See also: Reproduction and Facsimile.

Sooo, I think that SURROGATE fits the bill nicely, and I shall begin using it to describe the scandalous relationship between World Net Daily and Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Dear Miki Booth – TMI Is NOT Your Friend!!!

In A Happier Time, Being A Space Cadet Was A Good Thing

Dear Miki,

How are you? Fine I hope. I was reading your letter about your book, and I have some unsolicited advice for you. Let me give you an analogy.  Suppose for a moment you are the editor, and it is your money that will be used to publish books. Then suppose that someone writes you a letter which says:

Dear Editor,

My book,  How To Make Safe 25% Returns Per Year On Your Stock Market Picks, has received outstanding reviews from members of  The Young Investors Club of New York.  I have been called “The Warren Buffet of Greater Sandusky” in a newspaper article for developing this safe and sure-fire method to earn these high returns.

Now so far, so good, right? The writer has your attention and you are interested.  Heck, you’re even thinking about hocking your jewelry so you can invest. Now for paragraph 2:

I was taught this method by aliens from the Galaxy, Grokk 7, located 3,000 light years from Earth. I was abducted from the weekly Moon Landing Deniers meeting  (of which I am the local coordinator) and taken to the Uranus Space Base, where I was probed every which way but loose.  Afterward, while sharing a drink, one of the Aliens, named Brizzibbit, showed me how to use superior Alien technology to psychically forecast moves in the Stock Market.

Now, somewhere in paragraph 2, I am betting the writer lost you. Probably before you could get to the Uranus Space Base. The reason is that the writer revealed herself to be a crank. Because only cranks believe stuff like this. This is a classic example of TMIToo Much Information.

This is probably why your book is not doing so well. Now, let’s look at your letter.

[Miki Booth

… February 15, 2012

Dear Editor,

My book, Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i, debuted on Thursday, February 9 at CPAC the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, to outstanding reviews. My work is the product of three years of investigating and documenting corruption and cover-up of Obama’s illegal election and the lengths his handlers have gone through to keep the truth from seeing the light of day. Obama has stated that his administration would be the most transparent in history but it should be clear by now to everyone that transparency was never his intention.

Now, up to this point  conservatives are probably salivating and waiting to read the juicy details about  Obama’s crimes against Humanity. But now you are about to lose them.  Here is your foray into the world of TMI, with BOLDED notes by me, so that you can gauge the degree to which you are chasing away your audience,  in comparison with the example above.

Obama has all the money and power in the world to silence people like me who challenge his eligibility [I was taught this method by aliens] to serve as President and Commander in Chief of the American Army as mandated by Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the Constitution. The Democrat Socialist Party and the ruling elite may have succeeded in duping Americans the first time around claiming that Obama is a natural born Citizen [from the Galaxy, Grokk 7, located 3,000 light years from Earth.] but it won’t work for them again if the voices of the ‘silent majority’ are allowed to be heard.

The requirement and term, “Natural born Citizen[I was abducted from the weekly Moon Landing Deniers meeting] apply only to the two highest positions in our federal government. The reason is simply to ensure no outside or foreign interest would breach our national sovereignty and security. “Natural born Citizen[(of which I am the local coordinator)] and “native born[ and taken to the Uranus Space Base, ] are not the same kind of citizen. [where I was probed every which way but loose.] Obama, Sr., was a British national in the colony of Kenya [Afterward, while sharing a drink, one of the Aliens, named Brizzibbit, ] when Obama was born so he was not and can never be a natural born Citizen [showed me how to use superior Alien technology] and is illegally occupying the White House.[to  psychically forecast moves in the Stock Market. ]

Left-wing enablers continue to cover up the truth. Why just today the only bookstore in my area, Chapters in Miami, OK, owned by Ann Neal, has just banned my book.

Miki Booth
[address and phone number redacted]

You see, the plain fact is that outside of the Birther Echo Chambers, people just think Birthers are crazy.  Particularly people who are smart enough to be editors. Birther legal theories don’t make any sense, Birther cases get thrown out of the courts left and right, and frankly, you pretty much have to a 4+ rolling conspiracy theorist to believe the Birther stuff.

As a practical matter, I would at least remove all the Birther references from you letter. I am not saying this to be mean to you. Writing a book is something to be very proud of.  But, I hope you start thinking about these issues, and maybe start spending more time with sane people who do not believe this delusional Birther nonsense.  It will give you a better perspective on Reality.

Good luck,

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: This is my second “advice” Internet Article in one day.  Am I turning into Dear Abby or something??? Will I start taking in stray cats??? OMG, is my biological clock starting to tick???