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Vermont Saps At Sea!!! (Or, A Week Case???)

Frantic, Apuzzo And Paige Show The Washington Times National Weekly Ad To An Uninterested Judge

Oh My!  Vermonter H. Brooke Paige and his putative attorney, Mario “The Mangler” Apuzzo, Esq. nearly set a record for how quickly their Birther lawsuit seeking to keep Obama off the ballot got denied by the court. The lawsuit was filed on September 5, 2012 but did not hit the news until September 17, 2012.

Less than a week later, by Friday, September 21, 2012, Judge Robert Bent had already denied the injunction. These excerpts are from the Burlington Free Press:

H. Brooke Paige of the town of Washington had asked the Vermont Superior Court in Montpelier for an injunction to stop distribution of the ballots. Paige contends Obama is not a “natural born citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution because his father was not an American citizen at the time of Obama’s birth.

“The court has been presented with a radically insufficient basis on which to issue a temporary or even a preliminary injunction,” Judge Robert Bent wrote in a four-page ruling issued late Friday afternoon. [Sept. 21, 2012]

Bent, however, signaled that he thinks there is little evidence to support Paige’s claim that Obama is not a “natural born citizen,” noting the jurists in a number of other states had reviewed that issue and rejected it.

“The myriad versions of the claim that President Obama is ineligible for office because he is not a ‘natural born citizen’ have been litigated throughout the country exhaustively,” Bent wrote. “They have never succeeded, usually on standing or jurisdictional bases.”

The full story is here:


I will post a copy of the 4 page decision as soon as it is available.  I am not sure if the case in chief goes on or not.  Paige seems to think it does. All in all, this does not speak well about Apuzzo’s legal abilities. The Article II Constitutional Expert’s opinion on natural born citizenship got disrespectfully whomped upside the head before the lawsuit was even served on Defendant Obama.  Shouldn’t an expert win a case every once in a while??? Anyway, I guess Mario Apuzzo needs to update  his Curriculum Vitae:

Apuzzo CV

As far as H. Brooke Paige, I wonder if he will say to Apuzzo, “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!”

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the 1940 film, Saps At Sea, starring Laurel and Hardy. Wiki says about the film: Wiki says:

Stan and Ollie work in a horn factory, where Ollie is sent home after developing “hornophobia” and starts going crazy each time he hears horns or horn-based musical instruments. A physician (Jimmy Finlayson) is called to treat Ollie and, warning Ollie that he could develop a more serious condition, “hornomania,” he prescribes a relaxing boat trip and goat’s milk. Ollie dismisses the idea because he is afraid to sail on the ocean, but Stan prescribes an alternative: they will simply rent a boat and keep it attached to the dock, getting all the sea air they can while never actually going out to sea. When Stan’s trombone teacher arrives and Ollie hears the music and throws the teacher out, he knows he should take that advice.

Stan and Ollie rent an unseaworthy boat called Prickly Heat that is supposed to stay moored to the dock. An escaped murderer named Nick Grainger stows away on the boat to avoid being caught by the police. The goat which they have brought to provide milk chews away at the docking line and overnight the boat drifts out to sea. Nick confronts Stan and Ollie with a gun (which he affectionately names “Nick Jr”) and tells them to make him breakfast. They have no food on board, so they decide to prepare Nick a “synthetic” breakfast made up of string, soap and whatever else they can find. Nick spies on them and realizes what they are up to, and forces them to eat the fake food. Stan becomes inspired and starts to play his trombone. Ollie starts to go crazy and overcomes the criminal.

Here is a short clip, dealing with an “expert.”

Note 2. The Title. Saps is a reference to Vermont, which is famous for it’s Maple Syrup. But it also means a “sucker.” “At Sea” is an idiom which means:

(all) at sea (about something)

Figuratively, to be confused; to be lost, confused, and bewildered. (Alludes to being lost at sea.) When it comes to higher math, John is totally at sea.

The Caption, is a reference to the ridiculous ads run by CDR Kerchner, Apuzzo’s original Birther patron. The ads are full of false legal theory. You can always find them at ObamaReleaseYourRecords. Here is an example:

Bad Ad

Note 3. The Apuzzo Curriculum Vitae. This originally appeared back on April 1, 2012, here:


Apuzzo Resurfaces In Vermont!!! (Or, The Un-Champ Monster)

When Uncas Heard A Big Snake Was Coming To Town, He Mistakenly Went Down To Lake Champlain

Well, unable to make any headway in the bigger states, Mario “The Mangler” Apuzzo, Esq. decided to resurface in poor little Vermont. For those of you who do not know where Vermont is, it is one of the light blue spaces on the Monopoly Board row as Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues, but before you get to Jail. Apuzzo has been rather quiet since losing his last case in New Jersey.

I hear Vermont is nice this time of year. It even has its very own lake monster, Champ.  Here is an excerpt from The Burlington Free Press:

The losing candidate in last month’s Republican U.S. Senate primary has filed a 40-page lawsuit claiming President Barack Obama is ineligible to seek the White House and demanding his name be removed from Vermont’s election ballot.

PDF: Brooke Paige’s complaint

PDF: Attachments to the complaint

The lawsuit, filed by Washington, Vt., resident H. Brooke Paige, names Obama, the state of Vermont and Secretary of State James Condos as defendants. Condos, a Democrat, is named because he is the state’s top election official.

Paige’s lawsuit indicates that it was prepared by Mario Apuzzo, a Jamesburg, N.J., lawyer who has filed a similar action in that state.

Apuzzo, however, is not licensed to practice law in Vermont. Paige said he was unable to enlist a Vermont lawyer to represent his claims, so he plans to represent himself when the case is argued in court and have Apuzzo there as an advisor.

Burlington Free Press Article -Former GOP Senate candidate sues to get Obama off Vermont ballot over birth eligibility?

Having never won a Birther case, it is a pretty good bet Apuzzo will lose this one, too. He is kind of like a counterpoint to Lake Champlain’s “Champ” monster.  Apuzzo is the “Un-Champ.”

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from a really cool “Champ“, the American Loch Ness Monster,  page, where you also find this:

Reports of the monster start showing up in newspapers around 1873. According to a story in the New York Times, a railroad work crew was laying track near Dresden, New York, when they saw the head of an “enormous serpent” emerge from the water. After a moment of paralyzing shock, the workmen ran away. The creature, in turn, swam away. Witnesses reported that the animal had bright, silver-like scales that glistened in the sun. The article said, “The appearance of his head was round and flat, with a hood spreading out from the lower part of it like a rubber cap often worn by mariners.”

In August of that same year, a small steamship loaded with tourists, allegedly struck the creature and nearly turned over. According to newspaper accounts, the head and neck of the animal were sighted afterward about a 100 feet from the ship.

As the fame of Champ grew, showman P.T. Barnum posted a $50,000 reward for the “hide of the great Champlain serpent to add to my mammoth World’s Fair Show.”

All the reports of this era seem to picture the creature as a long serpent with an arched back and a broad, flat tail. In modern times there have also been similar reports about Champ. In 1970 the creature was reported spotted by two independent witnesses traveling on a ferry across the lake. Richard Spear, one witness, said the animal was “dark brownish-olive” in color with “the size and shape of a barrel in cross-section.” The other witness said the creature appeared to be “a large snakelike creature, swimming with its head above water, held as snakes do, with coils behind.”


Note 2: The Image Easter Egg. KAUSEKHOIKEH KSCHACHTEU!!! This is the best I can do to say “Holy Smoke!” in Mohican. Here is the source I used:


Oh, For Goodness Sake Blog Has First Hand Account Of Kansas Birther Hearing

Well, Gaughan Was There, And Some Fruit Loops.

There is a GREAT first hand account by slash2k of the Kansas Birther Hearing at the blog, Oh For Goodness Sake.  Here is a brief teaser from the full account to whet your appetite:

Taitz said the board had 10 days to consider qualifications, Obama using stolen SSN, Connecticut, forged selective service. Kobach repeated the board didn’t have jurisdiction, there were 3 days, not ten, and those days were up on 9/11. If Orly had wanted to, she could have filed her own objection, even as out-of-state resident, but she didn’t do so. She demanded he read the statute 25-208; a staffer eventually read it, noting that Obama’s filing was not a petition or declaration, and this wasn’t a state office, so the statute didn’t apply.

Kobach repeated she could have filed, and if she had the board would have listened, but she didn’t. Her objection was not timely now. Taitz repeated about withdrawal under duress; Kobach said nobody had provided the board evidence of duress; Taitz was free to pursue this in court. The board had been very gracious in allowing her to speak, but they had no jurisdiction and no statutory authority to accept new objection. On 2nd by Campbell, the motion to enter the Hawai’ian documents and adjourn the meeting carried, and it was over at 10:10.

Kobach and company beat a swift retreat, while Taitz started giving interview in the auditorium to multiple reporters, telling them about the MS and IN hearings, her mound of evidence, etc. (she gave copies of a DVD to several, claiming it explained everything). Gaughan interrupted her (pretty belligerently), demanding “where are you from?” and “we’re citizens of Kansas and you are interrupting US with this.” Officer Lee, standing in the auditorium observing, ran him off for yelling and creating a scene, and Taitz packed her belongings and headed out into hallway trailed by reporters, one of whom asked her if she would be filing a court action in Kansas. She said no, she could add the three in her current federal case.

The rest of the exciting action, with a photograph, may be found here:


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Paul Gaugin’s self portrait with Halo 1889:

Oil Paintings By Gauguin, Paul(1848-1903)French Painter

Title: Self-portrait(Gauguin) with Halo 1889

Artist: Paul Gauguin (1848-1903)

Oil on wood 79.6 x 51.7 cm (31 3/8 x 20 3/8 in) National Gallery of Art, Washington

Description: Gauguin painted many self-portraits, but few are as enigmatic as this one. It was part of the decoration that Gauguin and his colleague Meyer de Haan created for the dining room of the inn where they were staying in Le Pouldu. In six weeks, soon after their arrival in late 1889, they made dozens of ceramic works, woodcarvings, and sculpture, and they covered the walls with paintings.

This self-portrait, and a paired portrait Gauguin did of de Haan, may have decorated cupboard doors. At the time, Gauguin’s likeness was described by friends as an “unkind character sketch”, a caricature. Today, it is the subject of intense analysis. Some see the artist casting himself in the role of Satan, others as Christ. What are we to make of the imagery: the apples that precipitate man’s fall from grace; the halo over Gauguin’s disembodied head; the snake that is both tempter of Eve and the embodiment of knowledge; the bold division into vivid yellow and red, evocative of both hellfire and the heat of creation?

Perhaps it is most likely that Gauguin is revealing his conception of the artist as hero, and, almost to challenge his colleagues’s view of himself, particularly, as a kind of magus, a master who knows that he possesses the power of magic by virtue of talent and genius.


KERSPLAT! Republican Establishment Falls On Orly Taitz!!! (Tells Taitz To “Shoo!”)

Though Temporarily Brought To Heel, Taitz Thought She Saw The Foundation For A New Lawsuit!

Well, this ended about like everybody expected. Dr. Orly Taitz tries to shoehorn in on the Kansas Objections Board hearing and it goes nowhere. Here is a brief excerpt from a source I found at the Fogbow:

TOPEKA – The State Objections Board brought the issue of President Barack Obama’s eligibility to be on Kansas ballots to a swift end Monday morning.

After accepting several records related to Obama’s birth in Hawaii, Mark Dugan, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer’s chief of staff, moved to overrule the objection and close the board’s meeting.

The board’s unanimous vote brings an end to an objection raised by Manhattan resident Joe Montgomery, who said Obama shouldn’t be on Kansas ballots and isn’t qualified to be president because his parents were not both born in the United States.

But the board’s move got tripped up momentarily when Orly Taitz, a Californian who is a leader in the so-called birther movement, pressed the board to take more time to review the documents, suggesting forgery on behalf of Obama.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach deflected her complaints, saying the board has no jurisdiction to deal with the issue at this point. Kobach said the time to file objections has passed.

“At this point, we are without jurisdiction,” he said.


Apparently there were some arguments and heated exchanges.  There is more at the link. Notwithstanding any genuine respect for the law, the Republican Establishment does not wish to look crazy by cozying up to the Birthers. The three member panel consisting of the Kansas Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Lt. Governor, all Republicans who have to run for office, told Orly Taitz that she had missed the three day deadline for filing an objection to the nomination of Obama and that was simply that.

I am sure Taitz will find the men to be traitors and complicit in all sorts of crimes. She will add them to her latest lawsuit. Who cudda knowed??? Who cudda seen this coming??? EVERYBODY! For what it is worth, I wrote the bulk of this Internet Article about 4:25 AM CDT, nearly 6 hours before the hearing.

Now we can sit back and wait for all the Birther Blogs to write their obligatory “It was the cowardly,corrupt politicians!” blather. Kerchner will place another ad in the Washington Times. ORYR will do a story about the Kansas loss which will include the ad that Kerchner put in the Washington Times.  Birthers will pen indignant Open Letters to whoever, and the Birther Blogs will do stories on them. Orly Taitz will fly back to California, and pound out some more semi-coherent blogs about it. There will be chest-thumping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

In other words, just another day in Birther World.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the 1939 film, The Wizard Of Oz. Dorothy has just ridden her house all the way from Kansas, through a tornado, and managed to land on top of The Wicked Witch of the East.

The Illegibility Pro Claymation??? (Or, Joe The Birther Pontificates)

Joe The Birther Had Carefully Constructed His Own Universe,Where It Really Did Take Two Citizen Parents!

Well, as Reader Dave B pointed out, the Kansas Birther put out a youtube video. Normally, Joe the Birther doesn’t make much sense but there is a way to dramatically improve the quality of his thought!  Just switch on the “cc” closed caption function on the youtube bar, and select, “English Transcribe.” This increases the clarity of Joe the Birther’s vision for America. In fact, I have never seen him so coherent before:

As an aid to Readers of the Birther Think Tank, and for posterity, I have had the New Speech transcribed, and you may read it here and in the pdf below. I took the liberty of trying to punctuate and paragraph it, and if there are errors there, I apologize.:

Page 1:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)

page 2:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)

and here is the pdf, so that you might share this wonderful speech with others:

The Illegibility Pro Claymation

Again, a big thank you to Reader Dave B for the video, and the most interesting way to watch it!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the very funny 2012 claymation film, The Pirates. Claymation is a method of animation in which clay figures are filmed using stop-motion photography. The person in the Image is NOT Joe the Birther, it is key animator, Ian Whitlock. You can read more about it here:


Bust In The Wind??? (Or, I’ve A Feeling We’re Not In California Anymore)

Orly Attempted To Disguise Herself As Gertrude, A Simple Kansas Farm Girl

Well, Dr. Orly Taitz is working overtime to insert herself into the Kansas ballot challenge. The original Birther, Joe Montgomery asked to withdraw his objection, and the request is being heard on Monday morning. This is the third Internet Article in a row on this subject, but things have been moving fast.  Links to the other two articles are in the Notes below.

Here is the latest from Taitz, a letter faxed to the Kansas Attorney General. Since I already had some extra stationery of hers lying around from a previous post, I went ahead and did like they did in Hawaii with Obama’s birth certificate, and ran her letter out on it.  Waste not, want not! She is thrifty, so I am sure she won’t mind. Plus, it is just such happy stationery!

(Click on Image to Enlarge.)

(Click on Image to Enlarge.)

Taitz Kansas Letter


ONE BIG PROBLEM I saw with all this is that Taitz is NOT a citizen of Kansas, but of California!  Therefore she would be an Illegal Usurper trying to hijack the Kansas election process. Of course, she could always seek out some bona fide Kansas Citizen to hire her and renew Montgomery’s objection. But her blog posts and her letter to the Kansas AG,  made it clear that she is the real party in interest. Plus, in most states, it is a breach of legal ethics to go around trying to drum up and solicit clients in this manner.

This is what I thought. But, like a good little Girl Reporter, I decided to look up the law and make sure before I went out on that seemingly safe limb. Imagine my surprise when I found language in the law providing that any person can make the objection:

d. Objections

An objection is a method to review the validity of a candidate filing or nomination. It may occur at either of two points in the election process:

(1) after the candidate files for office, or
(2) after the candidate wins a party’s nomination. [KSA 25-208a, 25-308]

An objection at the time the candidate files for office may occur in one of two ways:

(1) a person other than the candidate files an objection, or
(2) the candidate files an objection if the election officer determines the
candidate’s filing to be invalid. [KSA 25-208a(c)]

Any person may file an objection after the candidate is issued a certificate of nomination after the primary.

The deadline for filing any objection is:

(1) three days after the date of the candidate’s filing, or
(2) three days after the determination of invalidity by the election officer, or
(3) three days after the date of the issuance of the certificate of nomination after a

Note: The date of issuance of the certificate of nomination varies by office. Certificates or local offices are issued after the county canvass. Certificates for national and state offices are issued after the state canvass several weeks later. [KSA 25-308(a)]

Objections to nominations for national and state offices are filed with the Secretary of State. Objections to nominations for local offices are filed with the county election officer. The grounds for filing an objection are the same as the grounds for contesting a general election in court:

(1) the candidate is ineligible to hold the office
(2) one or more eligible voters were deprived of the right to vote
(3) illegal votes were received or legal votes were rejected
(4) error or fraud occurred in computing the results of the election which could
change the outcome of the election
(5) the candidate bribed an election officer, or
(6) any other cause showing that a different candidate should have won. [KSA 25-308(e), 25-1436]

For national and state offices, objections are decided by the state objections board, consisting of the Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General. For county, township, city and school offices, objections are decided by the county objections board, consisting of the county election officer, county or district attorney and an elected county official whose position is not involved in the controversy. The latter official is designated by the county election officer. [KSA 25-308(c)


See Part IV Candidates, pages 7 and 8, for the above. For what it is worth, CBS News made the same assumption I did:

The Mercury newspaper reported that the Kansas complaint, from a man named Joe Montgomery, alleges that Mr. Obama’s father “retained his British and Kenyan citizenship and passed them on to his son.” It claims that the president “has failed to provide any valid, certified, documentary evidence to legally establish birth in this country, much less to citizen parents.” Under Kansas law, after its state primaries, any Kansan can object to the eligibility of a general election candidate for any office.


So, unless there is some court case which limits the language, Taitz has standing to make an objection. I am not sure that Orly Taitz knows any of  this. If we are lucky,we will show up as I first imagined in the Image above.  And, since she has standing, I guess she will just have to lose the old-fashioned way – – – on the lack of merits.

There does appear to be a three day limit to file, so she may be told to go home on that basis. The three people sitting on the Kansas Objections Board are all Republicans, so when she either loses, or is not permitted to speak, the aftermath ought to be something to behold. Cover your ears.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is a Valkyrie from some Wagnerian production. I can not verify which one.

Note 2. The Title. I’ve A Feeling We’re Not In California Anymore. . . This is a word play on the famous line from the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. From IMDB:

Dorothy: [has just arrived in Oz, looking around and awed at the beauty and splendor] Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.

Dorothy: [after a pause] We must be over the rainbow!

[a bubble appears in the sky and gets closer and closer. It finally lands, then turns into Glinda the Good Witch wearing a spectacular white dress and crown, holding a wand]

Dorothy: [to Toto] Now I… I know we’re not in Kansas!

Note 3. Bust in the Wind. This is a word play on a famous song by Kansas, Dust in The Wind. A bust is when something doesn’t work out right. “In the Wind” means that something is coming. With Taitz, you always know in advance that her projects will not work out.

Plus, Hallelujah! I finally have an excuse to share one of my favorite youtube videos! This is sooo Jungian, and she sings it sooo beautifully:

Note 4. Links:



Wicked Witch Of The West Flying To Kansas!!! (UPDATED)

Screw The Frequent Flier Miles, I Got To Get To Kansas NOW!!!

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., Officious Intermeddler Extraordinaire, is plopping herself into another Birther ballot challenge, this time in Kansas. Thanks to Reader Mark for pointing this out! Here is a screenshot of her post:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)


Taitz is just being a grandstanding little busybody here. The Birther who originally filed the objection, asked that it be withdrawn ahead of Monday’s meeting by The Kansas Objections Board. The only item on the agenda is his request.  (See the link in Note 4 below for the full story.) I am not sure if Taitz will even be allowed to speak at the meeting.

But, if you live in Kansas,  it might not hurt to glance up at the sky occasionally and look for this:

She Was Always HAARPing About The Same Old Thing

UPDATE! Right after I finished publishing this, Orly Taitz posted this letter to the Kansas Attorney General. Here is a pdf:

Taitz Kansas Letter


I am doing a NEW piece on this, and it will be up in a few minutes. In the meantime, I thought this needed to be mentioned.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


Note 1. The Image. This is the Wicked Witch of the West from the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz.

Note 2. Officious Intermeddler. A legal term defined as:

n. a volunteer who assists and/or benefits another without contractual responsibility or legal duty to do so, but nevertheless wants compensation for his/her actions. The courts generally find that the intermeddler must rely on the equally voluntary gratitude of the recipient of the alleged benefit.

I am using it loosely in the sense of somebody who sticks their nose into other people’s business for the publicity.

Note 3. The Image Easter Egg.  Quid is a slangish term for money, or sometimes one pound sterling. One meaning of Ditch is to get rid of something.  Quidditch is the flying broomstick game from the Harry Potter movies.

Note 4. Links. Here is the brief Internet Article from a few hours ago about the Birther’s request to withdraw his objection:


Note 5. HAARP.  Another conspiracy theory which sometimes incorporates chemtrails into the corpus. Wiki notes:

The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials. This theory is not accepted by the scientific community, which states that they are just normal contrails, as there is no scientific evidence supporting the chemtrail theory.

In other accounts it is alleged the skies are being seeded with electrically conductive materials as part of a massive electromagnetic superweapons program based around the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).Those who believe in the conspiracy say the chemtrails are toxic, but the reasons given by those who believe in the conspiracy vary widely, spanning from military weapons testing, chemical population control, to global warming mitigation measures.  Scientists and federal agencies have consistently denied that chemtrails exist, insisting the sky tracks are simply persistent contrails.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

HAARP has been blamed by conspiracy theorists for a range of events, including numerous natural disasters. Various scientists have commented that HAARP is an attractive target for conspiracy theorists because according to computer scientist David Naiditch, “its purpose seems deeply mysterious to the scientifically uninformed”.

Kansas Birther Rejoins Human Race??? (Or, Homo Numbskullicus Evolves)

Gromp Was Shocked To Discover His Escaped Lunatic Impersonation Got On People’s Nerves

Well, maybe social pressure works after all. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports their local Birther, Joe Montgomery, wants to withdraw his objection to Obama’s candidacy. Here is a few excerpts:

The Manhattan man who posed a formal challenge to President Barack Obama’s place on the Kansas general election ballot Friday requested immediate withdrawal of the appeal due to an avalanche of criticism.

The Kansas Objections Board had taken the complaint filed by Joe Montgomery under advisement on Thursday, pending requests for official copies of Obama’s birth records. The ballot issue was tied to Montgomery’s assertion Obama wasn’t a qualified candidate for president because of his citizenship status and that of his father.

There has been a great deal of animosity and intimidation directed not only at me, but at people around me,” Montgomery said in the formal withdrawal request to Secretary of State Kris Kobach. “I don’t wish to burden anyone with more of this negative reaction.”

Kobach, Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer had planned to convene the state board on Monday to consider new documentary evidence regarding Montgomery’s claim that Obama should be dropped from ballots. Kay Curtis, spokeswoman for the secretary of state, said there was a tentative plan to conduct the meeting Monday. The procedure remains unclear, but it may be necessary for the board to formally accept Montgomery’s decision.

This is kind of unprecedented,” Curtis said.


Unprecedented? You can certainly say that again. When was the last time a Birther  had any consideration for the people who have to listen to his or her incessant, mindless babbling about two citizen parents and pixels???  Never. There were  surely some “You’re friggin’ nuts!” type comments in all that animosity and negative reaction he received, and Wonder of Wonders!, Montgomery listened. When has that ever happened in Birtherdom??? Again, never.

Whatever Montgomery has, I hope it is contagious. If it is, I think we all ought to raise enough money to send him on vacation in Laguna Niguel, and hire Princess Miki Booth as his driver.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


Note 1. The Image. This is an Aboriginal cave painting from Whitsunday Islands off the east coast of Australlia.

This Is The Chorus Of The Song – (or, Are You Ready, Orly???)

The Birthers Decided To Milk It For All It Was Worth, And Leave The Hoosiers To Clean Up Behind Them

The Birthers return to Indiana on Friday, February 24, 2012 for an eligibility hearing.  As reported by Bob Unruh of World Net Dairy:

A state commission in Indiana that was asked to review whether Barack Obama is eligible to be on the state’s 2012 ballot has scheduled a hearing for Friday, and warned the parties to the argument that those who fail to attend may be subject to a default decision.

The notice was signed by Trent Deckard and J. Bradley King, co-directors of the Indiana Election Commission, and regards case No. 2012-176, which is a challenge to Obama brought by Karl Swihart.


I am not sure which Birthers are going to the hearing. Orly Taitz’s website runs you around in circles.  Maybe she is, and maybe she isn’t. The Notice of Hearing document is so faint and hard to read that it is not worth linking here.  I am not sure who Karl Swihart, the Plaintiff, is or what forms the basis of his objection.

The chances of success are nil. Indiana is the state which Birther Ankeny tried  and failed in 2009.  See, The Case The “Two Citizen Parent” Birthers Just HATE!!! listed above in the website heading. This whole Indiana thing is amateurish even for Birthers and reminds me of a song by the Hoosier Hotshots, This is the Chorus of the Song.  Play this, while you read the lyrics, and you will see why:


This Is The Chorus of the Song

This is the chorus of the song, this is the chorus you’re hearing now.
You make up the words as you go along, ’cause no one listens to the lyrics anyhow.
Tralala, dumdeedum, if you want to, you can whistle or hum.
When you’re singing this song to your friends, just remember this is where the chorus ends.

The man who wrote this song was deaf, he couldn’t hear a note; this is the verse,
But he knew all the rules, he did, and that is why he wrote the first verse first.
The guy who wrote the the lyrics was as crazy as a loon, so there’s nothing to this song but the tune.

This is the chorus once again, tralalalalala, with sealing wax.
A rooster is different from a hen.
Have you ever sharpened pencils with an axe?
Tralala, dumdeedee, had a sweetie, but she wouldn’t marry me.
Here’s the part that everybody recommends,
That’s because it comes just where the chorus ends.

This song was written bit by bit and there’s nothing to show where each bit fits,
But if you sing a word with every note, you’re bound to know which fits with which.
Here and there the writer left a place to take a breath, so the singer wouldn’t choke to death!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: The Hoosier Hotshots. Wiki says:

The Hoosier Hot Shots were an American quartet of madcap musicians who entertained on stage, screen, radio, and records from the mid 1930s into the 1970s. The group initially consisted of players from the U. S. State of Indiana. Beginning on local Indiana radio in the early 1930s, the Hot Shots went on to a successful national radio career on National Barn Dance on WLS-AM in Chicago, Illinois and a successful and prolific recording career, before moving to Hollywood to star in many feature-length western movies.

The Hot Shots’ core personnel were multi-instrumentalists, playing brass band instruments as well as their standard instrumentation of guitar (Ken), clarinet (Gabe), string bass (various), and a strange, homemade instrument known both as the “Wabash Washboard” and “the Zither,” played by Hezzie. It consisted of a corrugated sheet metal washboard on a metal stand with various noisemakers attached, including bells and a multi-octave range of squeeze-type bicycle horns. Trietsch constructed this instrument himself as well as a series of slide whistles he played in addition to the washboard. The washboard, along with other artifacts from the band, is now in the collection of the Indiana State Museum.


Note 2. Are You Ready, Orly???  This is a reference to “Are you ready, Hezzie?” question directed by Ken at his brother Paul — and it became one of the band’s big taglines, even entering the common vernacular. Here is a youtube video version, with the Hezzie Moment: