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WARNING!!! If You Experience A Rejection Lasting Longer Than 4 Years. . .


Legal Scholar Herb Titus Really Enjoyed His Morning Constitutional!!!

On March 16, 2009, the Tw0-Citizen Parents Birther Plaintiffs in  Ankeny v. Governor had their case dismissed by an Indiana state district judge.  The Birthers appealed and were once again slapped down. You can find the Indiana Appeals Court decision above the blog title under, Ankeny: The Case The “Two Citizen Parents” Birthers Just HATE!!! Thus began the four year history of judicial smack downs of the claim that it requires two citizen parents to make a natural born citizen,

That was over 4 years ago. Since that time the judicial rejections of the idiotic theory have continued to pile up.  To mark the anniversary, on April 3, 2013, a New York court ordered Birther Christopher Strunk to pay $177,000 in damages. Judge Schack gave a review worthy of a bad Broadway play:

“If the complaint in this action was a movie script, it would be entitled ‘The Manchurian Candidate Meets The Da Vinci Code,’ ” wrote Judge Arthur Schack, calling the allegations, “fanciful, delusional and irrational.”

Here is a link to the full story:


Strunk had filed over 20 such lawsuits over the years. Here is a pdf copy of the order, and a link to the scribd source from Jack Ryan of Fogbow:



This is part of what I find sooo fascinating about the Birthers. It is one thing to come up with a contrarian legal interpretation, but when one gets stomped in court, time after time, then it is time for any reasonable person to just admit they are wrong. After all, the Birthers are quite free to argue that their standard would be superior to the current law.  But, if Birthers were reasonable, then they wouldn’t be Birthers.

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Note 1:  From the image caption, Morning Constitutional:

a walk taken for one’s health


She’s gone out for her morning constitutional.

The phrase was frequently used to euphemistically describe the first trot to the outhouse upon awakening. And sometimes for any morning activity which got the blood flowing, such as doing jumping jacks, or perhaps chopping wood. Like for the kitchen stove.

Note 2. Birther Case String Cite: Here is a link containing 12 pages of Birther legal losses:


Note 3. Herb Titus, mentioned in the Image above. Mr. Titus is an actual legal constitutional scholar, and former law school Dean.  He is one of the few attorneys who promotes the nonsensical theory that it takes two citizen parents to create a natural born citizen. Here he is in a youtube video promoting the silliness:

Note 4. The Title. This is a word play on the warning for Viagra type pills,  “if you experience an erection lasting more than four hours. . .”  to which I have always wished to respond with, “. . . then you’re really screwed!!!”