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Birther Wayne Allyn Root: Failing His Way To Repress???

Wayne Allen Rasputin 2

He Discovered That Failure Wasn’t Quite The Joy It Was Cracked Up To Be!

Hmmm, what an interesting story! It seems that BIRTHER Wayne Allyn Root is upset that he is being called a Birther. So upset that he is trying to force a retraction from Nevada Blogger Jon Ralston. Here are a few excerpts from the story:

Wayne Allyn Root is upset.

Root, scheduled this weekend to be an “honored guest” with the No. 3 man in the House, Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Joe Heck, has demanded I retract the “libelous” claim that he is a birther. I raised the issue in advance of House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s trip to Las Vegas on Saturday to appear at a major GOP event.

Root, through his lawyer, who has an interesting history of his own (I’ll get to that), says he is not a birther, even has declared himself not to be one, so I must correct the record. Or else, I suppose.

Well, I don’t like being called an obnoxious jerk, but some people may think so and they have every right to say so. Root and his lawyer may not understand the concept of the First Amendment, commentary on public figures and protected political speech, but I do.

Besides, I think someone who claims the president of the United States was a foreign-exchange student is a birther. If Root and his lawyer need a dictionary to define what “foreign” means, let me be of service.

My guess is Root doesn’t like the birther label because he believes it might hurt his future failed political ambitions. (He has already run for vice president on the Libertarian ticket.


There is a lot more information at the link and you ought to check it out. After providing the foundation for his claim that Root is a Birther, Ralston pretty much tells him to FOAD.  What surprises me is how Mr. Root fails to take his own advice regarding failure, something he seems a little obsessed with.  In addition to his 1996 book, The Joy of Failure, Mr. Root put out an article and a youtube video called Failing Your Way to Success.

rasputin wayne

Here is the link:


And here is an interesting little blurb from that article:

A college classmate of Barack Obama at Columbia University (Class of ’83), Wayne is now the face and voice of Libertarian-conservative politics in the mainstream national media- with thousands of media appearances since the 2008 election. In each of those appearances he is a dynamic and passionate fighter on behalf of small business owners, taxpayers, entrepreneurship, capitalism, free markets, and dramatically lower taxes to reward the heroes of the business world- financial risk takers.

But isn’t that what Mr. Root claims to have forgotten??? That Obama was his classmate??? It seems that he also forgot this  youtube video:

Because if he had remembered it, then he would simply own up to his past Birther babblings. That way, he could genuinely engage in failing his way to success, as opposed to failing in his attempts to repress those who remind him.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Christopher Lee from the 1966 Hammer Film, Rasputin The Mad Monk. Here is a link to a great article on the film, and some more stills from the movie. This is a FANTASTIC website, and I can’t wait to go back there and browse around some more:


Note 2.  The Birther Think Tank did an article on Mr. Root back on August 28, 2012, where we linked to this youtube video of him on Sean Hannity’s show:

Here is the link to the original article:



Witless For The Prosecution??? (Or, Sheriff Joe Flops With The Prosecutor)

They Couldn’t Believe The Crap Sheriff Joe Was Trying To Pull

Well, a Birther wrote one of those “Open Letters” to the Maricopa County Prosecutor Bill Montgomery, and here is the answer. The original letter, and other information is at the link below.

Dear Mr. Reilly,

Thank you for taking the time to write and for the concerns you have expressed. There are a couple of points of analysis, though, in determining whether a criminal charge can be filed, regardless of the charge or who the suspect might be. The first is whether I have jurisdiction over the case. That requires that some conduct had to have occurred in Maricopa County for me to have jurisdiction. From the Sheriff’s Office investigation into suspect documents produced by the White House to date, that investigation has not revealed any evidence that conduct occurred in Maricopa County. I have discussed this with the Sheriff. As for any issues regarding qualifications or information provided regarding the Presidential Election itself, that is a statewide election. Under Arizona law, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General have jurisdiction over statewide elections. I do not.

I will share with you, as well, that the criminal statute you cited in your message requires additional evidence that the MCSO investigation to date has not uncovered. Specifically, we would need evidence to affirmatively prove that Mr. Obama is not a US citizen. To date, there has been evidence presented leading to speculation that documents have been forged and other documents do not exist. That alone, though, is not sufficient evidence to present to a grand jury and actually have a reasonable likelihood of conviction. I cannot speak for other prosecutors at the state level around the rest of the country or for prosecutors at the federal level but Arizona?s ethics rules do not permit prosecutors to file a charge they can only hope to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt at a later stage.

I stand ready and willing, however, to review any case submitted for charges and, if the evidence is there, I will prosecute regardless of who the suspect/defendant may be.


Bill Montgomery
Maricopa County Attorney


Birthers should not be surprised that there is insufficient evidence for prosecution. I patiently explained this to them in a previous  Internet Article:

Others, like Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. and numerous Freeper Birfers, are filled with indignation because the saner part of the universe simply ignores Arpaio and the Cold Case Posse’s claims of forgery. Sooo, I have decided to deconstruct the issue and get down to specifics. First, let us get a workable definition offorgery. This one, from the Free Legal Dictionary, seems typical:

The creation of a false written document or alteration of a genuine onewith the intent to defraud.

Forgery consists of filling in blanks on a document containing a genuine signature, or materially altering or erasing an existing instrument. An underlying intent to defraud, based on knowledge of the false nature of the instrument, must accompany the act.

Since the word defraud is used twice, let’s define that word also, from the same source:

[T]o use deceit, falsehoods, or trickery to obtain money, an object, rights or anything of value belonging to another.

Legally, any erroneous information would have to have been put in, or altered,  with the intent to defraud, so that simple clerical errors or harmless mistakes would not constitute forgery. For example, if a clerk penciled in the number “9″ for the Father’s Race, when the correct code should have been “2″, there is no forgery.  Mainly, because there was no evil intent and no one is being defrauded of anything.

I would submit that Sheriff Joe, Deputy Zullo, The Cold Case Posse, Jerome “Jerry” Corsi, and other Birthers have completely and utterly failed to prove any of the elements of a forgery claim. Not only have they failed to substantially prove any of the forgery elements, they have not even made a credible  allegation of any element of forgery.


In other words. . .


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Tyrone Power and Marlene Dietrich from the 1957 film, Witness For The Prosecution. Wiki says, in part:

Witness for the Prosecution is a 1957 American courtroom drama film based on a short story (and later play) by Agatha Christie dealing with the trial of a man accused of murder. The first film adaptation of this story, it stars Tyrone Power (in his final screen role), Marlene Dietrich, and Charles Laughton, and features Elsa Lanchester. The film was adapted by Larry Marcus, Harry Kurnitz and the film’s director Billy Wilder.

Note 2. Bio. Mr. Montgomery’s bio can be found here:


Note 3. The Image Easter Egg. Marlene Dietrich became famous in the 1930 film, The Blue Angel. Arpaio blew (messed up) his angle ( a biased way of looking at or presenting something) by failing to find any false information on the long form image.


Birthers: Some Help On How To Stake Your Claim

Not Staking Your Claim Can Take Your Mine Off A Lode

A well-known Birther Lawyer, who wishes to remain Anonymous, has asked me for help.  For professional reasons,  this person is not able to give this help directly.  Here is the email:


Many Birthers are suing the putative President, and the Brownshirt Obots always try to have their cases dismissed for a failure to state a claim. I have prepared a one page fill-in-the-blank  Motion to Reconsider for them to use.  BTW (which means “by the way”) they just need to be sure to get some extra file-marked copies of their Complaints when they first file. I know you don’t personally believe this two citizen parent stuff, but you have always seemed to be such a fair and thoughtful person, who writes some really great Internet Articles. Please take pity on them! Pretty Please With Cherries On Top??? Thanking you in advance!

Peace be With You,

Anon. Birther

Well, with all the compliments how could I refuse? Here is a pdf file of the form.

Birther Motion To Reconsider

For some inexplicable  reason, I have to say that I am sooo very happy to help the Birthers out with this.

Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Get Your Kicks On Rule 12(b)6.  The Easter Egg in the Image above is a wordplay on the song, Get Your Kicks On Route 66:

Note 2. Rule 12(b)6. This rule is found the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and most state court rules. It permits a dismissal of a claim for various reasons, one of them, (b)6, being a failure to state an actual legal basis for the lawsuit. As Wiki says:

The Rule 12(b)(6) motion, which replaced the common law demurrer, is how lawsuits with insufficient legal theories underlying their cause of action are dismissed from court. For example, assault requires intent, so if the plaintiff has failed to plead intent, the defense can seek dismissal by filing a 12(b)(6) motion. “While a complaint attacked by a Rule 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss does not need detailed factual allegations, a plaintiff’s obligation to provide the grounds of his entitlement to relief requires more than labels and conclusions, and a formulaic recitation of the elements of a cause of action will not do. Factual allegations must be enough to raise a right to relief above the speculative level, on the assumption that all the allegations in the complaint are true (even if doubtful in fact).”