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Taitz’s Whistleblower Still Blowing!!!

whistling night-of-the-living-dead-2

“Don’t Forget To Whistle!”, He Yelled At Her.

Whew, that was close! This morning Orly Taitz couldn’t make contact with her whistleblower, and then later in the day she did! Here is the comforting news from Taitz’s website:

I received an answer to one of the questions.

The question was, why is HESC listed as created in 1986, while Obama started in Occidental in 1979.

I received an answer from the whistle-blower. She stated that there was a name change, that it used to be HEA, Higher Education aid, but later was changed to HESC-Higher Education Services Corporation.

according to the whistle-blower Obama received a grant, not a loan and it was for him as a foreign student, citizen of Indonesia . I am trying to see, if he got such aid for all three universities he went to.

I, also, have a record from another source supposedly Obama’s name, address in GA and the SSN supposedly of his step brother Mark Obama Ndsanjo, his father’s  son from his third marriage. It might be an error, I do not know for sure. I am trying to ascertain whether Mark Ndsanjo, his half brother, got the same aid for his studies at Stanford, Brown and Emory university in GA. Also, whether his step sister, Maya Soetoro, got similar grants.


This morning, sometime to prior to 6:00 A.M., it was a different story:

I am extremely concerned that i was not able to get a response from the whistle -blower either through e-mails or phone . I talked to her at the rally on WD, from what I understand she was at work on Th, but she has not been responding since.

See the Internet Article here called Whistle Stop??? preceding this one for those details. Taitz’s website doesn’t list the exact time an article is posted, and both stories have today’s date. Sooo, the drama continues.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from George Romero’s 1968 zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead. This particular scene occurs in the graveyard, right before all hell breaks loose. This is still a great film!


The Woods Are Full Of Cuckoos!!! (The Birther Poll)

To Find Birthers, One Just Has To Go Out In The Woods And Yodel Them Up

I have been looking for a good recent poll on how many Birthers there might be, and Lo And Behold!, someone at Orly’s World Facebook page had a link. Here is an excerpt:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)


IIRC, back in 2010 about 58% of the country had some degree of doubt about where Obama was born. Now, that number is down to about 40%, but seems to be holding firm at that level. The comments at the above link are good, too.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Minna Reverelli, and here is a youtube of her singing Cuckoo in the Wood, from around 1940ish.

I really wanted to base this on the 1937 Merrie Melodies hit, The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos, but I couldn’t find a copy.