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Indiana Judge Says Orly Taitz’s Case Really Stinks???

Well, It Was A Reeko Case. . .

Well, this sounds like a really great story, but I can’t find any confirmation for the judge’s actual statement.  Maybe this is an exclusive or something??? Nothing personal, but I refuse to pay for the privilege of perusing The Post & Email.  Anyway, here is the part I got to read:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)


This is in line with what all the FogBow Secret Agents at the hearing said about Taitz’s case, that it was pretty strong and really stank up the place.  The judge went on to deny Dr. Taitz’s request for an injunction based on the lack of any evidence. Also see here:


On a side note,  I wonder how that pay to read stuff is working out for Ms. Rondeau??? I bet Nigerian email scammers would pay a pretty penny for her subscriber list. And marketers of anti-psychotic medications. That must be where the REAL money is. A list of VGP’s (very gullible people) would have a lot of value to some less than scrupulous sellers.

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Orly Taitz Cracks Up In Indianapolis!!! (A Prediction) UPDATED

Orly Taitz Learned Once Again That Her Formula Was All Wrong

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. has been such a buzzsaw of activity lately that I can barely keep up with all her activity. Later today, she appears in Judge Reid’s court in Indianapolis. I think the only thing on the docket is an emergency hearing for injunctive relief:

Law offices of Dr. Orly Taitz

Honorable Sherry K. Reid granted a motion by Attorney Orly Taitz to conduct an emergency hearing for injunction preventing Candidate for the U.S. President in 2012 Barack Hussein Obama to be on the ballot in the State of Indiana due to fraud committed by Obama and due to his use of forged IDs.

Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barack (Barry) Soetoro, aka Barack(Barry) Soebarkah, a citizen of Indonesia and possibly still a citizen of Kenya, committed fraud by submitting his candidacy to be on the ballot in Indiana and other states, as he is using a forged birth certificate, forged Selective Service certificate and a stolen Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 as a proof of his identity.


Taitz doesn’t have enough ammunition to make a case, much less enough to merit injunctive relief. I predict she will crash and burn. She and the Birthers will blame the judge as usual.

The blog, Oh For Goodness Sake, points out that Indiana has an anti-SLAPP law, and since Taitz has sued  a radio station and its talk show host,  she may be looking at paying their attorney’s fees.


UPDATE: According to FogBow observers, Judge Reid denied Orly Taitz’s Motion For Injunction because of a lack of evidence. Therefore, this is no longer a PREDICTION, but FACT.    


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Note 1.  The Indianapolis 500. Car racing is really not my thing, but I know they have a big race every year in Indianapolis. Wiki says:

The Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, also known as the Indianapolis 500, the 500 Miles at Indianapolis, the Indy 500 or The 500, is held annually over the Memorial Day weekend, the last full weekend in May, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. The event lends its name to the IndyCar class, or formula, of open-wheel race cars that have competed in it.

The event, billed as The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, is considered one of the three most significant motorsports events in the world. The official attendance is not disclosed by Speedway management, but the permanent seating capacity is more than 257,000 people, and infield seating raises capacity to an approximate 400,000.

Which explains the Caption. The Image is of somebody named Vitor Meira, who didn’t die in this 2009 wreck. There were some really good pictures I found, but they were of fatal wrecks, so I didn’t think it was right to use them just to poke fun at Orly Taitz.

SCOOP!!! Is This Orly Taitz’s Indiana Order???

Behind Every Great Dictator Is Somebody Who Takes Dictation

One of my Flying Monkey spies slipped this out to me. I am not sure if it is for real or not, but Girl Reporters have to take chances. If this really is the Order prepared by Orly Taitz for the latest Indiana hearing in Judge Reid’s court, maybe I can get a Pulitzer??? You can click on the pages to make them larger:

Here is a pdf file of the Order:

Taitz Indiana Order

Sooo, I am not sure if this is real or not. It does kind of have that “Orly Taitz” feel to it, and there are spelling errors and other Taitz mannerisms. Who knows??? I report, and you can decide.

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Note 1. The Image. No, this is not Adolph Hitler. This is Charlie Chaplin from the 1940 film, The Great Dictator. I mention this because:


Orly Taitz Doesn’t Lose In Indiana!!!

Though She Didn’t Actually Learn How To Swim,  She Was Nonetheless Very Proud To Accept Her “Didn’t Drown” Medal

Well, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., went to Indiana for a hearing today, and the big news is SHE DIDN’T LOSE.  Here is  a brief excerpt, in her own words, more or less:

OMG!!! I didn’t lose!!! Can You believe it??? OH Happy Day!!! I feel like the Snoopy Dog who dances in Charlie Brown cartoons!!! This was a hectic day, but things are looking up!

I got up at 4 am yesterday and drove to LA and flew to Phoenix and from there to Indianapolis eating peanuts. I landed at 3:30 and immediately headed to court. I was horrified to see that one important motion, Motion for a leave of court to proceed as relators on writ of mandamus and quo warranto was not docketed. I inquired the clerk, WTF???

I sprinted to the office of  AG.  One of the employees was able to located the leadings by Garn and copy them. From there I went to Fedex Kinkos, which cost more money, and proceeded woring on the pleading. I had my reply ready in the morning and I filed it with the judge one hour before the hearing. So There AG!!!

At the hearing the judge agreed with me and ruled that I can proseed on the causes of action for Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Negligence against the Secretary of State and the Elections Commission. OH is this AMERICA or not??? I did it. I did bild it by myself so NO THANKS to YOU Obama!!! Only one cause of action, dealing with the agency appeal, I will refile later, when the general election filing period starts.

This is great news. Actually during the hearing at one point the judge told me on the record: ”it looks like you know what you are doing” . This is the first time I see any judge saying anything nice to me!!! Ever!!! And NO SANCTIONS!!! OH I am happy person.  I am currently at the airport waiting for my flight. This time, NO PEANUTS for Orly Taitz!!!

Only one thing bother me. The judge assigned to me to draft her proposed order and submit to her signature. Why I have to do this when I the winner??? Shouldn’t loser have to do all the extra work???  What is her motiff??? Never to mind. I can do this. I can do anything now!!!

Here is a link to her full statement on her website, with no more or less:


Say what you will about Dr. Taitz, she never gives up.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


Most People Think The Issue Is Black And White

Well, tomorrow (August 8, 2012) is the day when Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. has some kind of hearing in Indiana trying to boot Obama from the ballot. Apparently, nothing else has worked and this Mandamus filing is the last daily special item on the menu. When she loses, and she will lose, then she will have to start ordering ala carte, and we will see various appeals and Motions to Reconsider.

A mandamus action is defined as:


(man-dame-us) n. Latin for “we order,” a writ (more modernly called a “writ of mandate”) which orders a public agency or governmental body to perform an act required by law when it has neglected or refused to do so.

Examples: After petitions were filed with sufficient valid signatures to qualify a proposition for the ballot, the city refuses to call the election, claiming it has a legal opinion that the proposal is unconstitutional. The backers of the proposition file a petition for a writ ordering the city to hold the election. The court will order a hearing on the writ and afterwards either issue the writ or deny the petition.

Here is a pdf copy of Taitz’s Petition For A Writ of Mandamus:


Detective Mike Zullo of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse has been subpoenaed, but I am betting he doesn’t show up in Indiana. It is a safe bet that this latest act of Birther Judicial Theatre will not play well beyond the Birther cult fans.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is a movie poster from the 1975 film, Mandingo, about which Wiki says:

On Falconhurst, a run-down plantation owned by the widowed Warren Maxwell (James Mason) and his son Hammond (Perry King), a Mandingo slave Ganymede, or Mede (Ken Norton), is trained to fight other slaves. Hammond neglects his wife Blanche (Susan George), whom he rejects on their wedding night after discovering she was not a virgin. Hammond instead ravishes his slave Ellen (Brenda Sykes), while Blanche seduces Mede. These various, conflicting affairs all eventually come together causing the film to end tragically.

Upon its release in 1975, critical response was mixed although box office was strong. Roger Ebert despised the film and gave it a “zero star” rating. Richard Schickel of TIME found the film boring and cliche-ridden. The movie critic Robin Wood was enthusiastic about the film, calling it “the greatest film about race ever made in Hollywood”. Quentin Tarantino has cited Mandingo as one of only two instances “in the last twenty years [that] a major studio made a full-on, gigantic, big-budget exploitation movie”, comparing it to Showgirls. In Leonard Maltin’s annual publication “TV Movies,” the film is ranked as a “BOMB” and dismissed with the word “Stinko!”. Some prominent critics hail the film, including the New York Times columnist Dave Kehr, who called it “a thinly veiled Holocaust film that spares none of its protagonists”, further describing it as “Fleischer’s last great crime film, in which the role of the faceless killer is played by an entire social system.”

Sooo, with comments like, a “zero star” rating, boring and cliche-ridden, “BOMB”, and “Stinko!” that kind of fits the anti-Birther view of the Indiana action.

And for the Birthers, they can rejoice in comments like, greatest film about race ever made, a full-on, gigantic, big-budget exploitation movie, and the last great crime film.

This Is The Chorus Of The Song – (or, Are You Ready, Orly???)

The Birthers Decided To Milk It For All It Was Worth, And Leave The Hoosiers To Clean Up Behind Them

The Birthers return to Indiana on Friday, February 24, 2012 for an eligibility hearing.  As reported by Bob Unruh of World Net Dairy:

A state commission in Indiana that was asked to review whether Barack Obama is eligible to be on the state’s 2012 ballot has scheduled a hearing for Friday, and warned the parties to the argument that those who fail to attend may be subject to a default decision.

The notice was signed by Trent Deckard and J. Bradley King, co-directors of the Indiana Election Commission, and regards case No. 2012-176, which is a challenge to Obama brought by Karl Swihart.


I am not sure which Birthers are going to the hearing. Orly Taitz’s website runs you around in circles.  Maybe she is, and maybe she isn’t. The Notice of Hearing document is so faint and hard to read that it is not worth linking here.  I am not sure who Karl Swihart, the Plaintiff, is or what forms the basis of his objection.

The chances of success are nil. Indiana is the state which Birther Ankeny tried  and failed in 2009.  See, The Case The “Two Citizen Parent” Birthers Just HATE!!! listed above in the website heading. This whole Indiana thing is amateurish even for Birthers and reminds me of a song by the Hoosier Hotshots, This is the Chorus of the Song.  Play this, while you read the lyrics, and you will see why:


This Is The Chorus of the Song

This is the chorus of the song, this is the chorus you’re hearing now.
You make up the words as you go along, ’cause no one listens to the lyrics anyhow.
Tralala, dumdeedum, if you want to, you can whistle or hum.
When you’re singing this song to your friends, just remember this is where the chorus ends.

The man who wrote this song was deaf, he couldn’t hear a note; this is the verse,
But he knew all the rules, he did, and that is why he wrote the first verse first.
The guy who wrote the the lyrics was as crazy as a loon, so there’s nothing to this song but the tune.

This is the chorus once again, tralalalalala, with sealing wax.
A rooster is different from a hen.
Have you ever sharpened pencils with an axe?
Tralala, dumdeedee, had a sweetie, but she wouldn’t marry me.
Here’s the part that everybody recommends,
That’s because it comes just where the chorus ends.

This song was written bit by bit and there’s nothing to show where each bit fits,
But if you sing a word with every note, you’re bound to know which fits with which.
Here and there the writer left a place to take a breath, so the singer wouldn’t choke to death!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: The Hoosier Hotshots. Wiki says:

The Hoosier Hot Shots were an American quartet of madcap musicians who entertained on stage, screen, radio, and records from the mid 1930s into the 1970s. The group initially consisted of players from the U. S. State of Indiana. Beginning on local Indiana radio in the early 1930s, the Hot Shots went on to a successful national radio career on National Barn Dance on WLS-AM in Chicago, Illinois and a successful and prolific recording career, before moving to Hollywood to star in many feature-length western movies.

The Hot Shots’ core personnel were multi-instrumentalists, playing brass band instruments as well as their standard instrumentation of guitar (Ken), clarinet (Gabe), string bass (various), and a strange, homemade instrument known both as the “Wabash Washboard” and “the Zither,” played by Hezzie. It consisted of a corrugated sheet metal washboard on a metal stand with various noisemakers attached, including bells and a multi-octave range of squeeze-type bicycle horns. Trietsch constructed this instrument himself as well as a series of slide whistles he played in addition to the washboard. The washboard, along with other artifacts from the band, is now in the collection of the Indiana State Museum.


Note 2. Are You Ready, Orly???  This is a reference to “Are you ready, Hezzie?” question directed by Ken at his brother Paul — and it became one of the band’s big taglines, even entering the common vernacular. Here is a youtube video version, with the Hezzie Moment:

The Second Book Of Judges (Update to The Birther Bible!!!)

The Birthers Were Too Busy Tooting Their Own Horns To Hear What The Judges Said

Oh, this is great news!!! More secret Birther information, and a new book to add to The Birther Bible, the rest of which may be found here:


The Second Book of Judges

Chapter 1

1. Trusting in the Prophet Vattel, verily did his Disciples begin to spread his word among all the peoples of the land, yea even unto the very Courts of the Law
2. Yet the Judges thereof were cold men of hard demeanor, who kneweth not of visions and strange divinations.
3.  First, the Judges of the Tribe of Indiana didst send the Birthers packing, saying they kneweth not whereof they spake, and that the Birthers understoodeth not the words of the  Judges of Minor v. Happersett.
4.  Then, in like manner a Judge of the Tribe of Georgia, didst send the Birthers packing, saying they kneweth not whereof they spake, and that the Birthers understoodeth not the words of the  Judges of Minor v. Happersett.
5. With great impudence, the Judge of The Tribe of Georgia, favored the words of an empty chair, though it spoke not, over the words of the Birthers.
6. Verily, in a third such smite, a Judge of the Tribe of Virginia didst send a Birther of that land packing, saying he kneweth not whereof he spake, and that the Birther understoodeth not the words of the Judges of Minor v. Happersett.
7. And, with much disdain, the Judge of the Tribe of Virginia didst also speak harsh words unto the Birther, mocking him for a Fool, saying his words were without worth,  and forbade him from coming again unto that Court.
8. Lo, but the travails mounted up unto the very Heavens,  for then a Judge of the Tribe of Illinois didst send a Birther of that land packing, saying he kneweth not whereof he spake, and that the Birther understoodeth not the words of the Judges of Minor v. Happersett.

Chapter 2

1. It taketh not a wise man to discerneth a pattern in these things, and portents of things yet to come.
2. For liketh unto a small ball of snow rolling down a mountain, it mayst but grow larger and larger until it buries all before it.
3. So likewise might the words of the Judges, over a time, be heard and reinforce one the other, until the voices of the Birthers are met everywhere with laughter and great  jeering.
4.  For then will the people sayeth unto us,  that we knoweth not whereof we speak, and we understandeth not the words of the Judges of Minor v. Happersett.
5. Perhaps it wouldst be a wise thing for us Birthers to haveth ready made excuses near at hand, to explaineth away these defeats, and the ones yet to cometh.
6. Therefore, let it be said, when we meet with defeat in the Courts of the Law, that the Judges thereof are but exchanging false decisions for gold and favors.
7. Or, let it be said, that the  Judges are but minions of the Usurper, and thus provide false decisions out of loyalty unto him.
8. Shouldst the Judge be of a group opposed to the Usurper, let it be said that he has been threatened for his life, or that unknown persons have graven images of him in compromising positions of adultery, which they doth dangle over his head.
9. Also might we blame our defeats on our Advocates, saying that they doth secretly labor on behalf of the Usurper, or are not truly wise in the ways of the Law, having learned their craft at long distances from the places of teaching.
10. Nor shouldst we stoppeth with these alone.
11. Let our explanations be called Legion, for from these signs and omens, great will be our needs.

Oh wow, this is really a scoop getting this information!!! I hope it helps everybody understand better where the Birthers are coming from.

Squeeky Fromm
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