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REPENT??? Poo Poo Simmons Warns Of The Apocalyptic GREAT OBOT TIZZY!!!

VT, guy shoveling manure

Even When Simmons Stopped To Make A Pitch,  The Manure Kept Flying

Well, I am not afraid to admit that I am scared stiff!!! I have re-written Poo Poo Simmon’s GREAT OBOT TIZZY post in Biblical terms for effect:

Lo, in those last days shalt all the minions of the Great Usurper be afflicted with a fit of tizzy, and they shalt fall over as DEAD as the knobs of doors!!!

Here is the link to the story, as originally written for those who are interested:


I think he is on to something, and I am really, truly scared. Because, when I read the following lines, I ALMOST DIED!!!

If it turns out that Sheriff Arpaio is successful in getting Congress to investigate the authenticity of Obama’s BC, the Perkins-Coie legal team, who will be defending Obama, will be hard pressed to simply dismiss Reed Hayes as a “quack.”  This fact will be especially significant now that it is a revealed and proven  truth that members of the Perkins – Coie  firm have used Hayes as an expert witness! Their own prior cases, where Hayes was used as a witness, would be severely compromised if they use Saul Alinski-styled mocking  attacks on Hayes.

Luckily, my BFF Fabia Sheen, Esq., an attorney, was there drinking with me, and she quickly pushed me off the couch and began CPR on my lifeless body! After what seemed like an eternity, and me seeing a white light where Puff, my first kitten ever, was meowing for me, I spit out a lungful of Franzia White Zinfadel Wine, and a soggy Cheeto. I recovered rapidly, but I felt I had a duty to warn all the Obots and Anti-Birthers out there.

Because my research indicated that all us Obots and Anti-Birthers are susceptible to an actual medical condition known as FATAL HILARITY!!! Yes, it is possible to die laughing, and it has been documented throughout history. I am NOT just making this up! As Wiki notes:

Death from laughter refers to a rare instance of death, usually resulting from cardiac arrest or asphyxiation, caused by a fit of laughter. Instances of death by laughter have been recorded from Ancient Greece to the modern day. The first recorded use of the alternative term FATAL HILARITY is from 1956.


Death may result from several pathologies that deviate from benign laughter. Infarction of the pons and medulla oblongata in the brain may cause pathological laughter.

Laughter can cause atonia and collapse (“gelastic syncope”),which in turn can cause trauma. See also laughter-induced syncope, cataplexy, and Bezold-Jarisch reflex. Gelastic seizures can be due to focal lesions to the hypothalamus. Depending upon the size of the lesion, the emotional lability may be a sign of an acute condition, and not itself the cause of the fatality. Gelastic syncope has also been associated with the cerebellum.

Historical deaths attributed to laughter

Zeuxis, a 5th-century BC Greek painter, is said to have died laughing at the humorous way he painted the goddess Aphrodite – after the old woman who commissioned it insisted on modeling for the portrait.

One ancient account of the death of Chrysippus, the 3rd century BC Greek Stoic philosopher, tells that he died of laughter after he saw a donkey eating his figs; he told a slave to give the donkey neat wine to drink to wash them down with, and then, ‘…having laughed too much, he died’ (Diogenes Laertius 7.185)

In 1410, King Martin of Aragon died from a combination of indigestion and uncontrollable laughter.

In 1556, Pietro Aretino “is said to have died of suffocation from laughing too much”.

In 1660, Thomas Urquhart, the Scottish aristocrat, polymath and first translator of François Rabelais’s writings into English, is said to have died laughing upon hearing that Charles II had taken the throne.

On 24 March 1975, Alex Mitchell, from King’s Lynn, England, died laughing while watching the “Kung Fu Kapers” episode of The Goodies, featuring a kilt-clad Scotsman with his bagpipes battling a master of the Lancastrian martial art “Eckythump”, who was armed with a black pudding. After 25 minutes of continuous laughter, Mitchell finally slumped on the sofa and died from heart failure. His widow later sent The Goodies a letter thanking them for making Mitchell’s final moments of life so pleasant.

Diagnosis of his granddaughter in 2012 of having the inheritable long QT syndrome (a heart rhythm abnormality) suggests that Mitchell may have died of a cardiac arrest caused by long QT syndrome.

In 1989, Ole Bentzen, a Danish audiologist, died laughing while watching A Fish Called Wanda. His heart was estimated to have beaten at between 250 and 500 beats per minute, before he succumbed to cardiac arrest.


After reading the above descriptions, I figured when I saw the words, “If it turns out that Sheriff Arpaio is successful in getting Congress to investigate the authenticity of Obama’s BC” . . . I began to laugh and swallowed the half-chewed Cheeto and the sip of wine and thus began my short journey to Beulah Land. Fortunately, I had a trained attorney there, or there would be a little RIP thingie over my head!!!

Now, it is just not possible to read some of this Birther stuff and not go into hysterics. My goodness, most of what we do is tease the idiots and laugh at them. I am not sure that we should all REPENT, or anything like that, but maybe we should be careful to not read Birther dribble with food in our mouths, or when floating in a swimming pool.  And all those little “rolling on the floor laughing our asses off” emoticons??? If we are not careful, those could be the last thing we ever type!!!

If this Internet Article saves just one Obot or Anti-Birther life, I figure it is worth it!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Reed Hayes And The Crapomite Maneuver!!!


In Hindsight, They Probably Should Have Realized He Was Just A Big Dummy

Well, if you have never seen The Corbomite Maneuver from the first season of the original Star Trek TV series, then SPOILERS! Don’t read any further!

Now, for those of you are are still here, this is what Wiki says about the episode:

On stardate 1512.2, the Federation starship USS Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, finishes a third day of mapping stars, when novice navigator Lt. Dave Bailey (Anthony Call) spots a large spinning colored cube floating in space. Kirk arrives and orders the ship to back away from the object. The cube responds by coming even closer and emitting harmful radiation, and Kirk destroys it.

In the midst of a series of attack drills, Spock informs the Captain that a much larger object is rapidly approaching.

Responding to the object’s destruction – which the crew soon learn was a boundary marker – a gigantic glowing sphere quickly approaches the Enterprise. It fills the bridge viewscreen, even at low magnification. The vessel’s controller, Commander Balok, identifies his ship as the Fesarius, the flagship of the “First Federation”.

Mr. Spock manages to get a visual of Balok, a grotesque, blue-skinned humanoid with a frightening face. Balok ignores Kirk’s greetings, and announces that he will destroy the Enterprise for trespassing into First Federation territory and destroying the marker buoy. Balok informs the crew they have ten minutes to pray to their deities before their demise.

Mr. Spock compares the situation to a game of chess: “In chess, when one player is outmatched, the game is over.” He regrets that he can find no logical answer. Kirk replies that the solution is not chess, but poker. He bluffs, telling Balok that the Enterprise has incorporated into it a protective substance known as Corbomite which, when the ship is attacked, creates an equal force rebounding on the attacker.

Apparently falling for the ruse, Balok does not destroy the ship as previously announced. Afterward, Balok makes direct contact with the Enterprise, requesting details on the Corbomite device. After allowing sufficient time, mostly to cause Balok to worry the details, Kirk refuses.

A tug ship then detaches from the Fesarius and tows the Enterprise deep into First Federation space, where Balok announces he will intern the crew and destroy the Enterprise. Under tow, Kirk orders the Enterprise to increasingly resist the tug ship’s tractor beam. Just as the Enterprise’s engines are about to explode from the overload, it breaks free. This disables the alien vehicle.

Rather than flee, Kirk, McCoy, and Bailey form a boarding party to render assistance. Spock remains on the Enterprise to assist them, in case this was a trap. Scott, operating the transporter, tells them to bend down, as the scan on the alien ship reveals it has a very low ceiling. Upon arrival they discover that the “Balok” who appeared on their monitor is just a dummy, and the real Balok resembles a hyperintelligent human child. He enthusiastically welcomes them aboard, offering them “tranya”, his favorite beverage.

Balok explains that he was merely testing the Enterprise and its crew, to discover their true intentions. Although he had read the Enterprise computer records, he felt they could have been a deception. He created his dummy alter-ego, as he knew his true appearance would never frighten anyone.

Everybody lives happily ever after. This is what I suspect is going on with Reed Hayes, the document expert for Deputy Zullo and the Cold Case Posse.  First, no report from Hayes has been presented either in court or in any of Zullo’s numerous appearances.  If such a report even exists, then it must be pure crap or it would have already surfaced.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Posse have already tried to get prosecutor Bill Montgomery to prosecute Obama, and he refused for lack of evidence. A copy of the refusal is in Note 1., below. If the Cold Case Posse had a report from Hayes, and presented it, then it obviously did not contain enough to permit prosecution.  If the Cold Case Posse had such a bang-up report, and did not present it to the prosecutor,  just prior to the presidential election, then there is something else going on between Obama and Arpaio, such as been alleged by Orly Taitz. In that case,  the report will probably never see the light of day.

Post presidential election, there have been numerous chances for Zullo to present the report, and no particular reason to prolong the process. Zullo has gotten egg on his face for his numerous statements that all legal hell is about to break loose, and then there is nothing but the sound of crickets. His credibility is suffering.

Just a few days ago on June 1, 2013, Zullo spoke before the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention in St. Charles, Missouri. Supposedly they were shocked and awed by what they heard. They may have actually had the chance to go into full seizure mode if there was a credible report from Hayes. I don’t think there is any kind of explosive report sitting out there, or it would already have been detonated.

Second, I don’t see Reed Hayes risking professional Hari-Kari by becoming known as that Birther document guy. Imagine Hayes has just recited all his credentials for a jury, and gives his opinion and then. . . opposing counsel gets up and asks, “Hey, aren’t you the same expert who said President Obama’s long form birth certificate was a forgery???” That’s when a judge has to give his Everybody STFU! or I’ll clear the courtroom! speech because of all the laughter.

Unless the rent  was due, or the pantry was bare, I don’t see Hayes putting any of this silliness down in writing in any big way. You might get a little speculative musing that falls far short of accusing Obama, or his handlers, of forgery. Which brings us to the final reason why I think this whole thing is a Crapomite Maneuver, where Zullo and the Gang are trying to get as much mileage as possible from a pile of crap. That is, Zullo has already tipped his hand about what he has, and what input he got from Reed Hayes.

From FreeRepublic, we learn that on June 1, 2013, Zullo said:

Some of the anomalies that we have pointed out today were first discovered by a certified document examiner named Reed Hayes.

Mr. Hayes conclusion after examining Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate pretty much says it all. Mr Hayes says that: ‘In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion the birth certificate is entirely fabricated.'”


Oh WOW! I am all in a tizzy! NOT!!!  Again, no report has been presented to back up this claim, and Hayes hasn’t even seen the actual long form birth certificate. All he has seen is a PICTURE of it on a computer screen. Sooo, there are some anomalies on a computer picture. Did somebody violate the Online Picture Anomaly Act???  Did someone cross state lines to perform an act of Incompetent Uploading???

Nothing new here. Same old crap we have been looking  at for months.  Meanwhile, Captain Zullo struts around with, “I got an expert! I got an expert!”, and all the time he is holding 5 crummy cards, with an 8 high. I call the bluff. Go ahead Zullo and pull the Crapomite Maneuver. Just do it outside, and take a bar of soap with you. I’ll turn the water hose on you to clean off all the crap. With the nozzle set to “sting.”

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Refusal To Prosecute. This is from the ObamaReleaseYourRecords website:

Arizona Refusal To Prosecute

(Click On Image To Make Larger.)

The Squeeky – Mario Discussions

Sometimes You Can Take Advantage Of Things

The other day I posted an Internet Article in which I tore into one of Mario Apuzzo, Esq.’s lines of reasoning.  Apuzzo responded on his website in the comment section, and now I am responding to his response. A lot of this is long legal stuff, and to make it easier to follow, I am just going to post pdf”s and links here.  If I didn’t this, this thing would be like 20 feet long or more. Plus, this is going to be boring to people who do not like legal arguments, and this will make it easier to skip past it.

Here is the link to the first salvo, from me:


Here is a pdf of Mario’s response, and a link to his website, where you can find it in the comment section:

Mario Apuzzo Esq.’s Response To Squeeky


Here is my latest response to Mario’s response:

Squeeky’s Response to Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

The Chicken REAL (Dedicated to Scott Erlandson, Birther)

A Chicken And A Punk

The Birther Representative was nowhere to be found last Tuesday night at  the Great Birther-Obot Debate and verbal slugfest. There was concern that he had perhaps met with some sort of trouble, but now we find out his promise to show up and participate in a formal debate was nothing but a deliberate lie from the get-go.  Mr. Scott Erlandson, aka Chief White Feather, probably not the Last of the Mochickens, sent an email to the host:

this from a guy who won’t tell me his name. “trust me” fogbow… this will be better for all of us.
nobody wants to play in your acid catbox. fogbow is in the nasty business, and we’re at war now (actually we were before, you just didn’t know it).
 you got punked, get over it, but this is just the beginning.
BTW   your “radio show” was like “waiting for godot”. we were dying laughing at you assholes.
 hey, can you get me david alinsky’s autograph ?? LOL… cheers, scott e.

You can read the full story here, at RC Radio Blog:


There is a pretty big distinction between LYING and PUNKING which escapes Erlandson.  Both entail elements of falsehood and deception, but punking has as its goal, some larger practical joke aspect.  When the punk is over, even the victim gets a laugh out of it. Like you see with Ashton Kucher and Punk’d, or Tracy Morgan and Scare Tactics.  Blatant lying is different. If you doubt this, try this experiment.  Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you will meet them at 8:00 PM somewhere for drinks. Then, don’t show up. When they ask you “WTF???”, tell them you were punking them.  I do not think they will laugh.

Frankly, Mr. Erlandson is either a very simple-minded would-be punk artist, or a chicken. My vote is for the latter. To that end, we have some music for Mr. Erlandson, which he may use as his theme song. Perhaps he can fix it so that it plays in the background at his blog, where he is promising us the full story next week:

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: Chief White Feather. Meant here in the British sense. Wiki says:

A white feather has been a traditional symbol of cowardice, used and recognised especially within the British Army and in countries associated with the British Empire since the 18th century.

Note 2: The Chicken Reel. Well, live and learn. When I first started on this Internet Article, I thought the Chicken Reel was an old time fiddle tune from the 1700’s or something. Oh, was I ever wrong. Wiki says

“Chicken Reel” is a dance tune. It was composed by Joseph M. Daly in 1910.  Joseph Mittenthal added lyrics in 1911.

Along with “Turkey in the Straw”, “Chicken Reel” is probably best known for its use in early animated cartoons as a catchy tune used to represent animal activity. Originally composed as a novelty song, it has since passed into modern folk tradition. Today, the tune is usually played without the words, which would often have been sung in the minstrel style (in stereotyped African-American vernacular).

Chicken Reel was made popular again years later by Les Paul who recorded the song as a catchy instrumental, whimsically mimicking chicken sounds on his guitar.

The lyrics are included in the Wiki Internet Article” here:


And, here is an old timey cylinder recording of the song, with lyrics.


There are more such cylinder recordings at this link:


Cryptobirfology and The Search For The Elusive OctPaw

Unlike Most Kittehs, Puff Appreciated Being Thrown Into The Family Swimming Pool

Martha Trowbridge of The Terrible Truth Blog is looking over her shoulders. She is convinced a Secret Society of Obots exists which engages in all kinds of nefarious business across the intertubz.  Here are a few lines from her latest Internet Article:

Truth, Obliterated: The “Obama Conspiracy Theory” Psychological Assault Weapon

America, if you’ve felt assaulted every time you seek the Truth about the personal history of “Barack Obama II”, you haven’t been over-reacting.

You have been assaulted.

Assaulted by the greatest Psychological Assault Weapon ever levied against Americans.

It’s name?

The “Obama Conspiracy Theory” Psychological Assault Weapon.

Its purpose?

To personally demolish you – thereby dis-engaging you from discourse about Obama’s personal history – so that whatever “Obama” Truth you’re on to, gets obliterated!

The “Obama Conspiracy Theory” Psychological Assault Weapon [OCTPAW] was designed by The Obama Campaign to utterly destroy those who question the “Official Obama Narrative”. Since its initial deployment in 2007, this weapon of words has been extremely effective – with ridicule, mocking, shaming, scolding, lying, accusation, word-twisting, confusion creation, threatening and intimidation embedded in its warhead.

It’s precision-designed to knock us, full force, back on our heels.

Here is the link to the full Internet Article, which is worth a read, out of morbid curiosity, if nothing else:


First, let me say that I agree that it would be very possible to orchestrate Internet response teams using sock puppets. And, I am sure some Companies are already doing it for marketing and damage control purposes.  You don’t have to imagine that some Birthers might actually be Obots punking the Birthers. The Fogbow Obots admit to such, and laugh themselves silly about it.  I don’t blame them.

There are probably other groups doing the same thing. I was once asked on the old Gretawire Forum, if I was secretly a CABAL Obot whatever that is, and warned about some undercover Birthers pretending to be Obots. Something like that, but I could never figure out what they were talking about and they erased their message really quick.  So who knows???

But there is a more simple explanation why the Obots might appear more focused and consistent. 

One, there are a lot less Obot/anti-Birther websites and they are information friendly. There are two primary Obot websites: Obama Conspiracy Theories and The FogbowObots and anti-Birthers, like me, who have their own blogs post links to articles there or are included on the blogroll.  The Obots only have to check one of those two sites and they can stay fairly current on most major issues.  Reference to 3 or 4 more blogs provides the remaining coverage of the news, even down to the micro level of providing individual Birther comments on selected threads across the web. Information is shared and discussed by all, and through this process, bad information is sifted out and the more correct facts and legal interpretations rise to the top.

Birthers, on the other hand, are spread out among a dozen or more main websites and hundreds of blogs.  In addition, new Birther blogs and websites are coming online almost daily, often recycling discredited legal theories or dis-proven facts.  But there is no mechanism, or even desire, among the Birthers to weed out admittedly bad or false information. In fact, Birthers actively discourage discussion and disagreement. Obots and anti-Birthers are usually not permitted to post at Birther websites, so bad information there has an infinite shelf life. Birthers live in their own insular world. It is an echo chamber.

Two, there is no consistent agreement among the  Birthers on why they are Birthers in the first place.  There are two citizen-parent Birthers,  phony Birth Certificate Birthers,  British Citizen Birthers, and 14th Amendment Sovereign Citizen Birthers.  That list is far from complete. Obots and Anti-Birthers do not suffer from all these internal inconsistencies and confusion. That is why the Obot/anti-Birther response to the Birther mis-interpretation of Minor v. Happersett remains consistent across all their websites and in discussion threads and forums.  No one had to  program the response. It is the logical result of having a good working knowledge of the applicable facts and law.

So if Trowbridge is looking for a sinister mastermind to explain the superior Obot organizational skills, it does not require a George Soros or “Uncle FredNewman.  First, do the arithmetic.  Next, look at the  Birther internal confusionAlso look at the Birther paranoia and the tendency to stifle free and open discussions. Birthers just don’t know their stuff and are not willing to learn. Those are the root causes that lead Trowbridge to feel overwhelmed by the Obot and anti-Birther response.  

Trowbridge also slams the Obot’s for  ridicule, mocking, shaming, scolding, lying, accusation, word-twisting, confusion creation, threatening and intimidation.

Those are not Psychological Assault Weapons. They are just the natural results of Birthers believing really stupid things right out in public.  It happens to most people who believe really stupid things. Which do you think Moon Landing Deniers get thrown at them more often,  bouquets of roses, or cat calls and rotten veggies???  With all due respect, if a person is stupid enough to admit believing The Law of Nations referred to in the U.S. Constitution is Emerich de Vattel’s book, then they ought to be shamed, scolded, and ridiculed.

If a person thinks that the 99.9999% of the Conservative lawyers and judges in the country who don’t have eligibility concerns are in on a conspiracy, or that there is something screwy with every single judge who tosses their silliness out of court, or that French law is the source of Americans law. . . then that person should expect  to get bushel baskets of ridicule emptied out on them. If a person invents and spreads a Bari Shabazz story with NO EVIDENCE, then that person should be prepared to be shamed and scolded. They deserve it.

Additionally, pointing out mistakes to stupid people is not confusion creation — it is confusion destruction.  People should get smarter, not dumber when mistakes are corrected. The same is true of the other canards. In fact, from my experiences, it is the Birthers who lie, accuse, twist words, threaten and intimidate. How else does Minor v. Happersett become a magical precedent without word-twisting and lying by Leo Donofrio, Esq. and Mario Apuzzo, Esq.???  How else does not necessary to resolve these doubts get contorted by Birthers into “YIPPEE, they resolved the doubts in our favor!!!” ??? You gotta twist  them words real hard to make ’em say that.

You want threatening and intimidation??? Check out Orly Taitz’s reactions to any judge who rules against her, like Malihi’s Origin is Iranian??? Or, read the Internet Article here about Joseph Farah, which lists the name calling and slurs found in just one of his writings:


Plus,  Trowbridge obviously does not know her Obots very well. Dr. Conspiracy is pretty laid back.  He does his blog and covers the issues and provides an organized resource. If any of the Obots are organized to accomplish what is alleged, it is more likely the Fogbow Obots.  You can just tell by reading the two websites which group is more combative.  But the FogBow Obots would not hide. Nope, they would do it,  tell you they did it right to your face, and then laugh at you. Which tells me that Trowbridge didn’t do her homework before writing the Internet Article or it would have been called FOGPAW.

And that full force which knocks the hapless Birther back on his heels??? That would be The Brick Wall of REALITY. If someone persists in running head long into it, yeah, I bet they are going to stagger back some. Maybe Trowbridge should take her own advice. Get off the Internet and start doing things with her family and friends.  Go to that bar-b-que and just enjoy the food and fellowship.  Forget this stupid Birther nonsense.  Because if she doesn’t, and she  keeps up the delusional ranting,  she will probably find her friends and family forgetting to invite her. If they haven’t already.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Cryptobirfology.  A new branch of science dedicated to the search for Birther facts and legal conclusions whose existence has not been proven. It is based on Cryptozoology, about which Wiki says:

 Cryptozoology (from Greek κρυπτός, kryptos, “hidden” + zoology; literally, “study of hidden animals”) refers to the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. This includes looking for living examples of animals that are considered extinct, such as dinosaurs; animals whose existence lacks physical evidence but which appear in myths, legends, or are reported, such as Bigfoot and Chupacabra; and wild animals dramatically outside their normal geographic ranges, such as phantom cats or “ABCs” (an initialism commonly used by cryptozoologists that stands for Alien Big Cats).

It is possible that Puff,  the OctPaw above, is a mutant Alien Big Cat.

Note 2. The Image. This fascinating piece is called Octupus Kitty, by aeryael and may be found here:


No Birther Has Ever Escaped From Obotski Stall-ag 13???

PJFoggy and Dr. Conspiracy Were Feeling Pretty Cool About The Perfect Record Thingy!!!

When I moved earlier this year, it took a few days for the cable to get hooked up, sooo I connected a antenna and there is this really wonderful ME TV Channel thing where they show old timey TV shows, some of which I never heard of before, like Route 66 and now, some bald detective guy named Kojak.  Another show that was on was called Hogan’s Heroes, and is a historic comedy show about World War II and how some Allied prisoners just make complete fools of the Germans.

The guy who runs Stalag 13 is called Colonel Klink, and he is not very good at his job. The prisoners come and go as they please,  and are even friends with all the German Shepherd guard dogs. There is a tunnel, with a door that opens up outside the prison through a tree trunk with a hinged door. Colonel Hogan and his men blow up stuff like every night and slip away into town to party. But the Germans never catch on because no prisoner has ever escaped Stalag 13.The perfect record keeps the Germans from getting the Big Picture, that stuff is blowing up all around them on a regular basis.

Things are kind of like that in the Obotski world. So far, Obama and his Obotski minions have a perfect record IN COURT. They have never lost a Birther case.  Now, over three years after Obama put out his short form birth certificate, cases are still going on IN COURT.  The U.S. Supreme Court is about to decide whether or not to hear another one. If I had to bet, Birthers will lose again.  But, just like at Stalag 13, a perfect record can be deceiving.  Because what a smart and effective person would want to do is put an end to the questions concerning eligibility. If Obama and his Obotski Retinue had any sense, they would want to confront the issues, win them, and put an end to the questions.  They would not keep stalling in their “Stall-ag.”  But, that would put an end to the Obotski merriment, and  not be as much fun as winning IN COURT and getting to tease Birthers about it.

Sooo, the next time you see the Obotski teasing Dr. Taitz, or bragging about their perfect record IN COURT, just think of Colonel Hogan. And think about Obama, and how political stuff keeps blowing up around him.  Now, everybody is catching on to his ineffectiveness, his amateurish administration, and his obliviousness to the true state of affairs IN THE COUNTRY.  Meanwhile, Obama’s approval numbers are sinking  IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION, and even Admiral Axelrod is using the “T” word—Titanic.  On websites across the country, the Birther versus Obotski fights are still the most contentious and debated threads.  And, there is a election coming up. But, the Obotski, like Sgt. Schultz,  know Nothing–Nothing!!!

Tee Hee!!! Tee Hee!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Dr. Confusious and the Great Obotski Knowledge Quest

Dr. Confusious, With Obotski Retinue, On The Road To Laguna Niguel

Well, it seems the Head Obotski, Dr. Conspiracy, of Obama Conspiracy Theories, has decided to set forth on a Knowledge Quest to better understand Birtherism:

My personal focus for the summer is expanding the Understanding the birthers article series. My concern is that the analysis of the birther phenomenon (including my own) is overly simplistic.[Emphasis Added]

This is part of his “Understanding The Birthers” series. Here is a link to that quote, and if you click on the “Understanding the Birthers” link above, it pulls up the rest of those Internet Articles.


But, as much as The Birther Think Tank respects Knowledge, in all its many forms, perhaps the Good Doctor is on the wrong quest.  Bitherism was, and is, pretty easy to understand. There is an underlying, and well-deserved, mistrust of government, the Elites, and the Main Stream Media.  There were wide-scale questions (based, with hindsight, on misplaced suspicions) for proof  of Obama’s place of birth. Unsatisfactory information was provided, followed by a three year refusal to supplement the evidence. What is hard to understand about the rumors flying like crazy???

No, the Better Quest would be for Dr. Confusious to first seek to understand The Obotski, including himself. What ever possessed the Obama and the Obotski to shut down for three years, and let the rumor blossom to the point where 58% of the country had some degree of doubt where Obama was born??? The Birther Think Tank always viewed this as the REAL Birther Question, and developed the KISS MATRIXes to address these concerns.

And, this remark by Dr. Confusious is particularly telling:

I gain a sense [of] power by exposing the flaws in individual birthers.

To the REAL Confucius, wisdom started first with understanding oneself followed with the gradual comprehension of the rest of the world.

To be wise is to recognize what you do know and what you do not know. To think that you know more than you do is delusion, likewise failing to acknowledge what you do not have an understanding of is again delusion. “Every time three people walk together, there must be one that can be my teacher.” Another important component of wisdom is never failing to identify one’s own shortcoming while be able to appreciate others’ strengths for everyone is someone worth learning from.

But perhaps, as is sometimes the case, Dr. Confusious will stumble across these insights somewhere along the way.

Bon voyage.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Yes We Koan!!! Part Deux – The Vine of Much Itching

A Yin That Can Not Be Scratched

This is another entry into the Koan Kontest at Obotski Central. Because of it’s length, and the fact that it kind of sums up the whole issue, I have made it a separate post. The original Koans I did are a few entries back from this one. Like the others, this will probably fly right over the heads of the Obotski, because they are limited in thinking New Thoughts. Here is where you can find the contest:


The Vine of Much Itching

Once, as a Master instructed a group of acolytes by Koan, one of them inquired why the Master recited to them the Koans of The Master of Dung, and of The Ship of Village Idiots, and of The Wisdom of Feet, yet did not instruct them in the Greatest of All Koans, The Vine of Much Itching. This Koan was known by the learned and un-learned alike, under one name or another, and all had oft heard the story since the age of children. The Master directed the acolyte to relate the tale, in his own manner, and thus:

Once, in the corner of the garden of newly appointed Prefect, the Palace Gardener noticed a small vine growing, a vine known by many names – The Vine of Misery, The Vine of Skin Bubbles, but most often, The Vine of Much Itching. Tales of this vine were so ancient, and so ubiquitous, that the great Fu Xi himself had indeed written of it, The Book of Itching, believing that Great Divinations could be had simply from the study thereof. The Prefect, supposedly a Man of Great Wisdom, instructed the Gardener to simply cut off the vine at the ground. The Gardener obeyed, leaving the root of the Vine in the ground.

When the Vine re-grew, as indeed it did to great degree, the Prefect ignored it, and all entreaties to uproot the Vine. Soon, the Misery was great among the dwellers of the Palace, for lo, did all passing the Vine swear that the very air itself would afflict them with the poisonous oil. But, still the Prefect did not order the uprooting and burning of the Vine, said refusal being the reason for much curiosity and speculation.

Some, among those who were never pleased with the appointment of the Prefect, thought the reason to be Foolish Pride, wherein the Prefect would not admit his error in not properly disposing of the Vine. Others, that the Prefect was not a man of Wisdom after all, but merely a Fool in robes of authority, while still others mused that the Prefect, being born in a different Province, was simply unaware of the nature of the Vine.

Still others, versed in the ways of political intrigue, voiced with certainty that the Prefect intended to confound those not close to him with miserable scratching.  And, those who were most faithful to the Prefect, and close to him in their daily duties, mocked the doubters with derision, and defended their Lord, swearing that the Prefect had already disposed of the Vine, and that verily there was no need to do aught else, even while scratching furiously themselves, and wailing in grief. Finally, after well nigh three years of suffering, the Prefect, who himself had finally been touched by the Itch, and whose Ministers could barely carry on their duties for the constant scratching, moaning, and putting on of tinctures, ordered the Vine be uprooted and burned.

However, even after destruction, the Vine continued to afflict, for it had propagated by way of sprigs and berries, and those previously infected were made even more susceptible to the poison. Even those who scratched not, had lost confidence in the Prefect. Because of this, the province suffered, and the Prefect was recalled by the Emperor to serve in small and sundry ways, where he could do little harm.

Thus ended the acolyte’s telling of the tale, and all awaited the words of The Master. The Master spoke saying, verily, that this was the Greatest of Koans, and one from which much knowledge could be gleaned. And, that all the Koans taught thus far, were but small kernels of enlightenment which the acolytes must take in to fully understand the Vine of Much Itching, for the Vine itself was not the true source of the Great Misery and Suffering that befell the province.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

The Obotski Hall of Shame – Bovril

Obotski On Hidden Prison Cam Waterboarding An Inmate

The third Shamee to be admitted to The Obotski Hall of Shame is a Obot called Bovril. Sometimes he adds a 1 or something to his name. Bovril is one of the Obotski who helped shut down Gretawire, along with PJFoggy and Rikker. He is proud of this achievement, probably because the Obotski win more arguments when the opposition has been stifled.

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One would note simply arguing with someone is not getting down in the mud to fight.  No, I was there at Gretawire when this was going on, and getting down in the mud to fight was gross, calculated forum disruption. Bovril, and PJFoggy, and Rikker were successful. They managed to cause enough ruckus that a forum was shut down. But, better that than argument or debate!!! It is comforting to know that Bovril is possessed of  all the moral superiority of the Conquistadors in South America, or the Belgians in the Congo:

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And stridently, Bovril reminds us not to turn the other cheek, or pussy foot around. No, for Bovril it is Onward Obotski Soldiers, marching as to war!!! For unless people who disagree with you, the others, the ENEMY are stomped down, you know where demonization of the other through these tactics will lead. . .you might become another Bovril.

Shame on you, Bovril!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

The Obotski Hall of Shame – Rikker

Obotski Caught On Hidden Cemetery Cam Robbing Graves For Beer Money

It is fitting that the Obot referred to as the sidekick of PJFoggy be the second Shamee admitted to the Obotski Hall of Shame. The Obot is named Rikker, and who knows what other aliases he operates under. Rikker is being admitted for his sins against Freedom of Speech. Rikker admits to doing his best to Stifle the Opposition, not by his LOGIC, or good debate, but by trashing at least one forum, Greta van Susteran’s Gretawire, which was shut down because she did not wish to have full time moderation to control the vandals and Internet thugs who invaded the website. Here the two are bragging about their depradations:

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And then, Rikker the Sidekick,

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I used to post on Gretawire, and there were times when the Obotski forum disruptors were sooo bad you couldn’t discuss news or threads.  While it is one thing to disagree, it is completely un-American to deliberately set out to destroy someone else’s Freedom of Speech.  But what is really unbelievable are the many statements from Rikker, and other Obotski, about what bad Americans the Birthers were. There must be no mirrors in their houses, or perhaps they are so hollow they cast no reflection.

Shame on you, Rikker!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter