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Obotski Fearanheit 451- The Banning Of Birthers!!!

Obotski, Trying To Stifle The Opposition

Oh, tonight was a HIGH POINT in my life!!! I regularly listen to the Obotski Radio Station each Thursday night. I get many ideas on Internet Articles from them, plus it is a smart thing to keep tabs on the other side. But tonight, I was locked out of the Chat Room by one of the new guys running the show, a blogger known to the world as Dr. Ken Noisewater. I didn’t do anything wrong, or use bad language. No, I just scared the BEEJESUS out of Dr. Ken Noisewater with my intellect!!!

I used to regularly beat him WITH LOGIC at Obama Conspiracy Theories, and really gave him hell when he admitted criticizing Internet Articles WITHOUT even reading them. Well, tonight he got his Obotski Revenge for me just beating him WITH LOGIC like a carpet over a clothesline. OH, TEE HEE!!!, how will I ever survive such a fate, not being able to argue with somebody who is as dumb as a bag of hammers!!!

This reinforces my idea that I am the one person the Obotski fear more than any other Birther, or whatever we should be called now that Obama coughed up his long form birth certificate. Oh, how badly I must frighten Dr. Ken Noisewater and the rest of the Obotski.

Sooo, when you hear the Obotski talk about how smart they are and how they win arguments. . .well they are right.  As long as there is no one else can say anything.

Seig Heil Obotski!!!

Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

UPDATE: Tonight, June 17, 2011, I was told by the person who runs the radio program, Reality Check, that I was permitted back into the chat room the next time the show airs.  I don’t chat much when I am there, but it is the principle of the thing that is important.