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Scat Scratch Fever??? (Or, Ted Nugent Goes Out On A Limb!!!)

tarzan leopard woman

He Didn’t Need To Worry . . . She Was DEFINITELY Doing It For Free

Well, Ted Nugent done went and fell onto the Birther Turnip Truck.  Here is a piece of his latest rant from World Net Daily:

And with all due respect, your holy phoniness, who can’t see the terminal phoniness of wasting more tax dollars with more phony charges against George Zimmerman in defiance of your own FBI investigation and the same exhaustive evidence that proved his obvious innocence to the jury of his peers and everyone paying attention who was not blinded by your phony racism?

And we mustn’t forget your phony Nobel Peace Prize, or your phony real estate scammaster ripoff artist Tony Rezko, or your phony claims that your phony “Affordable Healthcare” scam will make our healthcare system cheaper and better when just the opposite is guaranteed.

And let’s all be honest here; more of us believe in the American hero Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s thorough investigation into your phony birth certificate and phony history than the phony media’s smoke and mirrors.


This is a shame, because Ted was on a great rant, most of which I agree with. Then, he had to go into Birther LaLa Land with the idiotic Cold Case Posse stuff. This is another case of what I call Pixel Pox, where the amount of technobabble overwhelms the senses. People tend to believe the phony report about forgery, because they do not have the time, inclination, or expertise to unravel the volume of silliness. Ted Nugent is a smart person, with good sense, and I am pretty sure that if he actually understood what is in the alleged report, and the fact that it means absolutely squat, then he would change his mind.

Sooo, Ted, if you are listening, here’s the skinny. There wasn’t any evidence of forgery. The Cold Case Posse just couldn’t duplicate the manner in which a copy of Obama’s long form was uploaded to the net. They have not proven that any piece of information on the form is false, or materially altered. In Deputy Zullo’s own words:

There is not enough evidence to convict him on jaywalking … let alone anything else.”

Please Ted, consider me the “doctor”, and consider this “the cure.”

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the exciting 1946 film, Tarzan and the Leopard Woman. As Wiki notes:

Tarzan and the Leopard Woman was a 1946 action film based on the Tarzan character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and portrayed by Johnny Weissmuller. Travelers near Zambezi are being killed, apparently by leopards. Tarzan immediately doubts that leopards are the problem. At the same time, Tarzan, Jane, and Boy take in Kimba, a boy who claims to have become lost in the jungle. Kimba (Tommy Cook) is the brother of Queen Lea, leader of a leopard cult.

Kimba has a goal of his own: to take the heart of Jane (Brenda Joyce) a deed that would make him a warrior in the eyes of the cult. The Leopard Men wear leopard skins that form a cowl and cape, with iron claws attached to the back of each hand. Queen Lea (Acquanetta) wears a headband, wrist bands, ankle bands, halter top and miniskirt made of leopard skin. As “Variety” put it: “She displays plenty of what it takes to stir male interest and handles her acting chores adequately.”  The plot is summed up by these lines spoken by Tarzan (about Cheeta):

                           “If an animal can act like a man, why not a man like an animal?”

There is even an Arizona car dealer connection and some questionable birth issues!

The actress is Acquanetta (July 17, 1921 – August 16, 2004), nicknamed “The Venezuelan Volcano,” was a B-movie actress known for her exotic beauty. Although accounts differ, Acquanetta claimed she was born Burnu Acquanetta in Ozone, Wyoming. Orphaned by her Arapaho parents at the age of 2, she lived briefly with another family before being taken in by an artistic couple with whom she remained until she made the choice to live independently at the age of 15.

Acquanetta started her career as a model in New York City with Harry Conover. She signed with Universal Studios in 1942 and acted mostly in B-movies, including Tarzan and the Leopard Woman, Arabian Nights, The Sword of Monte Cristo, and Captive Wild Woman, in which Universal attempted to create a female monster movie franchise with Acquanetta as an ape.

She retired from movies in the 1950s after marrying Jack Ross, a car dealer. They settled in Mesa, Arizona, and she returned to a degree of celebrity by appearing with Ross in his local television advertisements,[4] and also by hosting a local television show called Acqua’s Corner that accompanied the Friday late-night movies. She and Ross had four children, and divorced in the 1980s.

Acquanetta also authored a book of poetry, The Audible Silence, illustrated by Emilie Touraine (Flagstaff, AZ): Northland Press, 1974. In 1987, the all-girl band The Aquanettas adopted (and adapted) their name from hers.

Note 2. The Title and Caption. This is based on lyrics from Ted Nugent’s hit, Cat Scratch Fever. As is the last sentence of the article. Scat is a nice word for “poop.” Here are the lyrics:


Note 3. Pixel Pox. See here for the first article about this condition:


The Marchant Maroon!!! (Or, 100% Sure It’s A Forgery!!!)

Marchant Maroon

The USS BirtherReport Five Minutes BEFORE Being Torpedoed

Well, the Birther blog, ObamaReleaseYourRecords has a little problem. It seems that they posted this letter, ostensibly from Rep. Kenny Marchant (TX):

marchant  TX 2

(Click on Image to make larger.)


HOUSTON – A pro-impeachment letter written by a congressman that has shown up on tea party and birther websites recently is not legitimate, according to his office.

A July 8 letter apparently signed by U.S. Rep. Kenny Marchant, R–Texas, which expresses sympathy with a constituent calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama, has been turning up on tea party-oriented sites and conservative message boards over the last 10 days. […]

“The letter floating around there was indeed altered from its original text and doctored-up,” Marchant’s legislative director, Scott Cunningham, wrote in an email. “We do not know who did this.”

The sites credit the letter to a poster using the name Dougster on a birther website called ObamaReleaseYourRecords.com – See more at: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/07/update-rep-kenny-marchant-says-obama.html#sthash.G2VNZeFk.dpuf

HOUSTON – A pro-impeachment letter written by a congressman that has shown up on tea party and birther websites recently is not legitimate, according to his office.

A July 8 letter apparently signed by U.S. Rep. Kenny Marchant, R–Texas, which expresses sympathy with a constituent calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama, has been turning up on tea party-oriented sites and conservative message boards over the last 10 days. […]

“The letter floating around there was indeed altered from its original text and doctored-up,” Marchant’s legislative director, Scott Cunningham, wrote in an email. “We do not know who did this.”

The sites credit the letter to a poster using the name Dougster on a birther website called ObamaReleaseYourRecords.com – See more at: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/07/update-rep-kenny-marchant-says-obama.html#sthash.G2VNZeFk.dpufhttp://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/07/update-rep-kenny-marchant-says-obama.html

The only problem is, the letter is a fake! This was caught by  Jon Cassidy at Watchdog.org, and here are a few excerpts from their article:

HOUSTON – A pro-impeachment letter written by a congressman that has shown up on tea party and birther websites recently is not legitimate, according to his office.

A July 8 letter apparently signed by U.S. Rep. Kenny Marchant, R–Texas, which expresses sympathy with a constituent calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama, has been turning up on tea party-oriented sites and conservative message boards over the last 10 days.

“The letter floating around there was indeed altered from its original text and doctored-up,” Marchant’s legislative director, Scott Cunningham, wrote in an email. “We do not know who did this.”

The sites credit the letter to a poster using the name Dougster on a birther website called ObamaReleaseYourRecords.com.


It seems Rep. Marchant left the Birthers high and dry! The folks at ORYR are upset by the whole incident. Apparently, no one can find the original letter, which I strongly suspect looked something like this:

marchant letter

(Click on Image to make larger.)

Altering letters is very simple! It took me less than a minute to pop the phony letter in MS Paint, and remove the highlighted language, and move the rest around a little. Actually forging it in the first place would have taken a little more time, but if one had the original to work with, it still would have been a very simple process.

The phony letter that ORYR fell for was not done very well at all.  The font type is different and larger on the first paragraph. And, there was not enough physical space left for the constituent’s full address. Just the M____, and not enough for two lines of address. The phony language was also highlighted, although that fact alone would not have necessarily indicated forgery.

In the following paragraph, the language is both stilted, and grammatically incorrect.  The writing style alone clearly indicates there were two writers. In the original language, sentences are short, concise, and to the point. The added language contains run-on-sentences and lousy syntax. The last sentence is clearly goofy, rambles around, and contains superfluous verbiage.

Jon Cassidy noticed the same things I did, as you can see at the above link. But I promise you that I wrote this before I read his full article. The misfit is that obvious.  I think calling it “illiterate” is rather  harsh. It comes across to me more as amateurish or juvenile.  This was either written by a Birther, or a very clever Obot who wished it to make it look like typical Birther writings, in order to screw with them. But, my bet is on a  Birther.  Here is the added language:

Marchant Fake Letter Excerpt

(Click on Image to make larger.)

If these are the general thoughts he wished to express, a more experienced forger should have written:

Investigations are currently underway in both the House and Senate. The FBI has been asked to gather information from the Administration. I am involved with, and support these investigations, in order to obtain as much information as possible about the responsible parties.  The President is also under scrutiny, and if appropriate or necessary, will be held accountable for his actions.

That would have better matched the original language. I am surprised that ORYR fell for this. Maybe sometimes you just see what you want to see. Or what somebody wants you to see. Personally, I can’t wait to see the actual original and how it compares to my GUESS.

Now, another theological question arises. How do we really know that the first letter is a forgery??? After all, the only thing we have to work with are online images. Aren’t we assuming that we can do that very thing that we accuse The Cold Case Posse of not being able to do? Namely, conclude that something is a forgery without examining the actual physical document? Yes! We are!

The only difference is that we have a facially valid denial of the document by the person who allegedly signed it and sent it out, Rep. Kenny Marchant.  If instead, Marchant had adopted this as his genuine letter, and said that it was his valid writing, then our entire conclusion would fall by the wayside. Th0se anomalies that we found, which indicate tampering? They would be useless if Marchant acknowledged it.

Hmmm. Didn’t the Hawaii Department of Health acknowledge Obama’s birth certificates and his birth in Hawaii??? ‘Nuff said!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is a photo of a torpedoed Merchant Marine vessel in WWII in the Pacific Theater of Operations. Here is a link:


The Merchant Marine is an extremely important group, as noted as Wiki:

The United States Merchant Marine is the fleet of U.S. civilian-owned merchant vessels, operated by either the government or the private sector, that engage in commerce or transportation of goods and services in and out of the navigable waters of the United States. The Merchant Marine is responsible for transporting cargo and passengers during peace time. In time of war, the Merchant Marine is capable of being an auxiliary to the Navy, and can be called upon to deliver troops and supplies for the military. The Merchant Marine however, does not have a role in combat but rather the U.S. Merchant Marines protects any precious cargo.

The merchant marine was active in subsequent wars, from the Confederate commerce raiders of the American Civil War, to the assaults on Allied commerce in the First and in the Second World Wars. 3.1 million tons of merchant ships were lost in World War II. Mariners died at a rate of 1 in 24, which was the highest rate of casualties of any service. All told, 733 American cargo ships were lost and 8,651 of the 215,000 who served perished in troubled waters and off enemy shores.

Although they suffered the greatest casualty rate of any service, Merchant mariners who served in WWII were denied such recognition until 1988 when a Federal Court ordered it.


Israeli Birth Certificate Article Disappears!!! (Or, The Invisible Hanukoglu???)

Though A Little Lax Scientifically, Hanukoglu Prepares To Apply Phenolphthalein To The Computer Screen

Hmmm. Remember the BIG STORY yesterday about that Israeli scientist, a Mr. Israel Hanukoglu, who claimed Obama’s long form birth certificate was a phony??? Well,  guess what happens today when you hit the World Net Daily link for the Israeli Scientist’s article:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)

Here is the WND link again, so you can try it for yourself:


I played around the website a little, and the 404 still shows up, even if you try to link from the site index page. Oh, I wonder what happened??? I hope the swift response from The Birther Think Tank played a part in this. Plus, Dr. Conspiracy discovered the article was an inaccurate retread from May 2011. (See links below in Note 2.) Did we spook Mr. Hanukoglu, or make him look silly???  Is he hiding out, ala:

Israel Hanukoglu??? Uh, No. My Name Is Smith. Uh, Fred Smith.

Perhaps Mr. Hanukoglu just couldn’t fix the problems with his article by putting band-aids on it.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Images. These are from the 1933 film, The Invisible Man.

Note 2. Links. Here is a link to yesterday’s Internet Article about this:


Here is the link to Dr. Conspiracy’s article:


Note 3. Put A Band-Aid On It:  Word playing on the Invisible Man’s bandage disguise. This is an American idiom which means:

A temporary solution to a problem, or something that seems to be a solution but has no real effect.

Usage notes: Band-Aid is a trademark for a thin piece of sticky material used to cover small cuts on the body.

A few food and medical supplies were delivered to the region but it was little more than a Band-Aid.

Note 4. The Image Caption And Easter Egg.  WTF, Phenolphthalein??? Well, it lends that scientific air to this Internet Article. And according to Wiki, phenolphthalein is:

A white or pale yellow crystalline powder, C20H14O4, used as an acid-base indicator, in making dyes, and formerly in medicine as a laxative. Because of its toxicity, it is no longer used in over-the-counter laxatives.

Sooo, get the word plays??? Bring out the base. A little lax.

The Weird Science Of The Israeli Birther (Or, Another Corsi Puff Piece)

I Will Name Him Puff, And I Will Hug Him And Pet Him And Squeeze Him…

One of the latest stories floating around Birferdom is that Israeli scientists have declared Obama’s long form birth certificate to be a phony. The story started with Jerome Corsi and World Net Daily(WND). This is just another one of his vain attempts to make himself, and the Birther cause, look respectable. Instead of the old “Look, a real live sheriff said it’s fake!“, now it’sLook, a real live scientist said it’s fake!

First WND gives you this teaser, where it looks like the whole dang nation of Israel is telling us something:


Then when you click on that link, you get this, where the eight million Israelis quickly devolves down to one website and one individual:

Award-winning, former Netanyahu adviser behind assessment

Maybe Corsi could sell this Israeli Reduction technique to Iran for a few extra bucks?  Anyway, here are a few excerpts, and the link follows:

Israel Science and Technology, the national database and directory of science and technology-related websites in Israel, has published an article asserting the long-form birth certificate released by the White House is a forged document.

The website was created by a former science adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Hanukoglu, Ph.D.

Hanukoglu, an award-winning researcher, is a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology in the Department of Molecular Biology at Ariel University Center of Samaria in Ariel, Israel.

The professor established the first version of his website during his tenure as Netanyahu’s science adviser. The site has evolved into “the premier science and technology portal for Israel.”

The website says that the White House’s release of the Obama document in April 2011, after years of controversy, “raised in our minds the possibility that there could be something suspicious about the information available on this document.”

The website conducted an independent analysis and cites others who came to the same conclusion.


Well,  this means you have to surf off to Israel to check this out:


and when you type “Obama birth certificate” into the site search, you get this, which I screen saved:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)

Rather than going straight to the “phony birth certificate”  story, I hit the second link, which takes you to an October 27, 2008 article at rhe site.  You know, to kind of check out Hanukoglu’s street cred a little. This anti-Obama screed pops up with a list of 27 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Obama:

Imagine for a few moments that you are the Human Resources Director of a major multi-billion dollar corporation. You are sitting in your office when you receive a phone call from the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He tells you that the board is considering a candidate for a high-level executive position. He advises you to complete a thorough background investigation and have it to him within 10 days.

You immediately call the Private Detective Agency you have used for years and give them the name and address of the prospective candidate, along with the deadline for a high level security clearance. Your next move is to call your assistant to your office, giving him/her the candidate’s personal information along with instructions to ‘do your standard beginning background checks.’

Preliminary findings begin landing in your fax machine on the third day.

1. Your candidate has used more than one name.

5. On day four, you receive in the mail from the security agency two books the candidate has written. You read both books, highlighting the anti-American, anti-white racist passages. You note the admissions of drug use.

8. The fifth day brings to your special delivery mail: The complete background on Bill Ayers; his association with your candidate, his FBI criminal record, and a copy of the book ‘Rules for Radicals’ written by communist Saul Alinsky.

9. You are advised your candidate used tactics from ‘Rules for Radicals’ at his previous employment.

15. You receive printed transcripts of his pastor’s anti-White, anti-American ‘sermons’ and are advised your candidate has been close personal friends with this ‘pastor’ for two decades.

24. The candidate has surrounded himself with anti-American grievance mongers, and appears to manipulate ‘typical white people’ by appealing to their guilt about slavery. He is a socialist, and totally disenfranchised from the history of ‘root America .’


Hmmm,  that doesn’t sound very much like science to me. It’s a fun read, and you need to read the whole thing, but it ain’t science. Science is supposed to be non-biased, and rational, and fair to both sides of an issue. But this stuff reads like a Jerome Corsiesque smear job.

By putting that on his website,  Mr. Hanukoglu  made his personal opinion of Obama very clear. Which there is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but how in the world can someone plaster over their opinions with a SCIENCE label, and not feel pretty cheesy about it???

Moving forward to what I am sure is going to be a fair and independent analysis of the birth certificate [NOT!!!], we find that Mr. Hanukoglu  realizes this shticks out like a sore thumb on what is supposed to be a science website. So, he tries to fool us into believing there is a noble and scientific reason for it to be here:

Since this is a site of Science and technology, there is a need to explain why this site dedicates a page to expose forgery about a document related to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Obama is the President of the USA that is currently the leader of the Free World, and the most powerful country in the Western hemisphere. In his position as the President, the policies pursued by Mr. Obama affects the whole world and not just the USA.

Yeah. Sure.  Then he does a little more editorializing, and plays around a little with opening the birth certificate pdf in a program, and wiggling it around some,  and then passes the reader off to some links with a series of experts like Mara Zebest and the Cold Case Posse to tie up any loose ends.  And this is supposed to be SCIENCE??? There is nothing new here that hasn’t been addressed and debunked before. This is just recycling old garbage. Here is the link so you can see for yourself:


This is just another smear job, this time with the aura of SCIENCE to cover up all the bullsh*t. Hanukoglu, aka Mr. Science, doesn’t explain to us which information on the long form image is false or how one would go about proving a document is forged by analyzing its image. It could be done, but so far none of the Birther experts, including him, have even come close. And Mr. Science provided no parameters for his research, and what he intended to prove, and how his findings proved anything. He didn’t even define what forgery is.

Which is also why the Cold Case Posse isn’t going anywhere. None of this wonderful group of so-called experts has laid out the basic elements of a forgery charge, because to do so would show how pitiful their efforts have been. Forgery is either creating false documents, or materially altering real ones with the purpose of defrauding someone of some benefit. All these Birther “experts” have proven is that they can’t figure out how a document was scanned and uploaded.

Another thing that I found interesting  is where these articles are listed on his website. It is NOT in the science section of the website, but under the  Arab-Israeli Conflict section under U.S. Policy.  Definitely not the stuff of science. More like an editorial section. Here is the link:


You can find other fun stuff here, like:

Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim “Plant” in the White House?

To sum it all up, this piece is typical Jerome Corsi-ish World Net Daily-ish histrionic yellow-journalism CRAP.   With a SCIENCE label slapped on it to fool the idiots.  I am surprised that Israel Hanukoglu is stooping to this level and playing along. Meanwhile, Birthers are already holding hands and dancing horas to Hava Nagila. Rudy1776 is probably trying to sign up as a double naught spy for the Mossad.

What a bunch of meshuganas.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

UPDATE!!! By using the Wayback Machine, Dr. Conspiracy has determined the analysis by Hanukoglu was originally put out nearly a year and a half ago in May 2011, and his method of analysis was so lame that it was even debunked by one of the BIRTHER experts, Garrett Papit:


Note 1. Links. For people who are interested in all the imaging aspects of the birth certificate question, Mr. John Woodman has written a book which debunks all that Birther nonsense. Here is a link to his website:


Note 2. The Caption. This is a word play on the dragon Image ( Puff, the Magic Dragon?) and a quote from the 1961 film, The Abominable Snow Rabbit starring Bugs Bunny, and Hugo The Abominable Snowman.  A “Puff Piece” is:

A newspaper article or item on a television show using exaggerated praise to advertise or promote a celebrity, book, or event.

Note 3. Horas and Hava Nagila. Here is a groovy way to do it:

Here is a different version: