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The Woods Are Full Of Cuckoos!!! (The Birther Poll)

To Find Birthers, One Just Has To Go Out In The Woods And Yodel Them Up

I have been looking for a good recent poll on how many Birthers there might be, and Lo And Behold!, someone at Orly’s World Facebook page had a link. Here is an excerpt:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)


IIRC, back in 2010 about 58% of the country had some degree of doubt about where Obama was born. Now, that number is down to about 40%, but seems to be holding firm at that level. The comments at the above link are good, too.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Minna Reverelli, and here is a youtube of her singing Cuckoo in the Wood, from around 1940ish.

I really wanted to base this on the 1937 Merrie Melodies hit, The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos, but I couldn’t find a copy.


Chris Matthews – The Birthers Are Beating Us (WITH LOGIC!) Video!


Here is a video from August 4, 2010 THIS YEAR where Chris Matthews admits that us QUESTIONERS (which is the new word for Birthers) have snuck up on everybody and beat them! They just thought they were winning by beating us IN COURT, but OHHHH, were they ever wrong!!!


Plus, here is the poll, if you want to read it:


Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter