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Exclusive!!! Leo Donofrio’s First Post-Birther Song!!!

The Sheep Always Loved Whatever Donofrio Did. The Other Animals Were More Critical.

Well, the former Birther Lawyer, Leo “The Paraclete” Donofrio, has quit his legal blogging and decided to turn his many talents to music and song writing:

After long consideration and discussion with my family, I am saying goodbye to this blog and the law. I am retiring my law license and will be concentrating on making films, and writing music.


Perhaps this will allow him to emotionally move past 1875 and the Minor v. Happersett case where he could just not seem to get it through his thick skull that the language, not necessary to resolve these doubts, meant just what it said. That the Court was not going to resolve the issue of whether children born inside the United States of foreign parents were citizens or not. It just wasn’t necessary to what was going on in court to resolve those doubts. Twenty three years later in 1898, the doubts were decided in the Wonk Kim Ark case.

Donofrio and his flock of Birfer Sheep have been clogging up the courts with just the opposite conclusion, even when the courts clearly tell them that Minor v. Happersett left the issue open as in Ankeny v. Governor.  But, maybe Donofrio can now get on with his life, away from this whole topic.  At least that was my sincere prayer. Then one of my undercover Birther agents snuck out a copy of the song Donofrio has been working on the last few days.

I am not positive this is authentic, but the insistence of the song writer that his woman’s cheatin’ doubts about him needed to be resolved, even though  she had already moved on to a new lover and had closure,  is telling. This is like Donofrio insisting the Minor v. Happersett court needed in some way to resolve an issue not at contest in the case. No. Sometimes you just leave the doubts open and move on to what matters.

Here are the lyrics. It looks to be some kind of blues. Whatever, I don’t think Donofrio has closure with Birtherism, yet.

It Ain’t Necessary (To Resolve Those Doubts)
By Leo Donofrio???

You say you never trusted me,
And always had some doubts.
You heard I was a “hound dog.”
Who was always stepping out.
But now you say you’re  over me,
My games have wore you out.
Now, it  ain’t necessary to,
Resolve those doubts.

It doesn’t matter any more
You got a brand new man.
So who cares if I ran around
‘Cause you don’t give a damn.
And now you say you’re through with me,
Don’t care about my pouts.
Now, it ain’t necessary to
Resolve those doubts.

Sooo, I have tried to make those words
Reverse from what you meant.
So not resolving doubts instead,
Proves I was innocent.
But you ask if I am crazy,
And you say I’m washing out.
And still not necessary to,
Resolve those doubts.

You say accept reality,
Forget about the doubts
“Cause your new man is moving in
And I am moving out.”
You tell me to start packing.
No need for screams and shouts.
Now, it  ain’t necessary to,
Resolve those doubts.

I feel like I been here before,
Head bangin’ this Brick Wall???
Perhaps my education
Needs a legal overhaul.
Now that I have been usurped. . .
Those no good cheatin’ louts!
Guess it ain’t necessary to,
Resolve those doubts.

No, I guess I learned one thing,
From these domestic bouts,
Don’t argue with a woman when,
She resolves to throw you out.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image.  This is  Orpheus Charming The Animals by Leandro Bassano.