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Dreams From My Real Fertile Imagination (Or, Wholly Moley???)

The Mole Poked His Head Up Long Enough To Ask, “Is This Ohio???”

Well, it seems that Director Joel Gilbert, who produced the sordid DVD, Dreams from My Real Father, is now mailing free copies of the DVD into Ohio and other places. But, the really fun story here seems to be down in the comments section at ORYR, as you will see later. However, first:

(Click on Image to enlarge.)


The story is at ObamaReleaseYourRecords, and the headline there is

Joel Gilbert Punks Media: Mails 1,000,000 DVDs To Ohio Voters; Million More Being Sent

Moles And Birthers Mix It Up In An Orgy Of Self Destruction

While the overall Birther reception is enthusiastic, there is one  Birther down in the comment section who is suspicious that this is a Double Reverse Whammy, and Gilbert’s whole point is to sabotage the stupid two citizen parent theory. Because, if Frank Marshall Davis is really Obama’s father, and not the guy from Kenya, then horror of horrors, Obama is a natural born citizen after all!

Isn’t this ironic? Gilbert invents this delusional conspiracy theory tale, and darned if his paranoid and delusional Birther audience doesn’t  start inventing their own. Birther Bog starts the ball rolling:

bog said…[Reply]
OK Listen up! Gilbert’s assertion of Obama having a different father is a cleverly disguised damage control in reverse. The true intent is to couple Obama with a father who is an American Citizen! This is propaganda to diffuse and negate the fact that Obama’s real father is not an American Citizen which therefor causes Obama to be ineligible! Think folks, think! Gilbert s a MOLE!

September 19, 2012 11:09 AM

bog said…[Reply]
Joel Gilbert’s DVD mailing blitz is propaganda to cause belief in Obama having a different father than the one that makes Obama ineligible to be President! Gilbert is a MOLE. Expose him! It may allow Obama to switch ships from the one which he is on currently. That one is sinking due to him not being a “natural born citizen” because of his true father being an Indonesian citizen. No one is contesting that fact.

September 19, 2012 11:26 AM

The Birthers Engaged In A Whack-A-Mole Hunt

Then, other Birthers join in the insanity, chasing down their own possible moles, frauds, and traitors, such as Martha Trowbridge:

@Anonymous at 4:17 PM

I’m afraid Mario Apuzzo, whom I consider one of the most principled lawyers working to uncover Obama’s ineligibility may have given Trowbridge’s idea too much exposure.

I personally became quite interested in her blog posts, but I now regret that because ultimately she chose to hold all her cards. Her long absence of late I think can only be understood as implying that she didn’t have any credible evidence after all.

If she had gathered solid evidence and possessed any integrity she would have released that evidence by now. She claims to have turned it over to authorities, I believe; however, that was months ago and no authorities have spoken up.

If she has remained silent in the hope that delaying the timing for her disclosure would produce maximum political leverage, I think she has waited a bit too long by now. The only possible advantage to be gained was arguably by waiting until Obama was the official DNC nominee–in order to prevent the Dems from having a quick fall-back candidate.

The nomination was two weeks ago and still Trowbridge remains silent. While I do not know her to be a fraud, I can now only assume for all practical purposes that she is.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for Gilbert’s film and glad it’s getting out. And, for that guy who is trying to say Gilbert is a mole, I would echo the sentiments of others: whether he’s technically eligible or not, simply proving that the White House website has published a forged Birth Certificate, which he continues to hide behind, should be more than sufficient to impugn him enough to utterly dash any hope he has of electability.

Martha, if you’re still out there and you still have secrets, don’t wait any longer. You are begging us to regard you as a fraud who deserves to be called out and dismissed as either horribly negligent or as one who seeks to subvert the cause of patriotism.

September 19, 2012 5:27 PM

and Birther John Doe, Sr. even digs up the Dead Breitbart to give him a whack:

John Doe Sr. said…[Reply]

“soetor hussein’s indonesian citizenship will soon be exposed by breitbart.”

If someone is looking for defense of Obama, I’d suggest Breitbart.com and not Joel Gilbert.

The Breitbart website apologized for revealing the 1991 booklet in which Obama described himself as born in Kenya. Breitbart said they thought he was lying….so, even if Obama tells the truth if he says the wrong thing….he is lying. That is how well the Alinsky demonization of “birthers” has worked.

September 19, 2012 1:24 PM

and Birther CanTone turns on Donald Trump and Karl Rove and gives his Pod People point and screech:

CanTone said…[Reply]
Well there’s only 6 more weeks to go. I really thought Trump would have said something by now. I’m sure Rove silenced him at the convention. But Trump doesn’t owe the GOP anything. I didn’t think hed mind embarrassing the R. Party. He knows what we do as does the GOP but I thought Trump would say it anyway. Looks like I was wrong. We are fucked.

September 19, 2012 7:18 PM

CanTone said…[Reply]
I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. I don’t care what they find. These judges are cowards and the (Karl Rove) GOP is happy to wait n see if they win in Nov. I think the GOP had rather lose than say anything. It’s up to us to do something. I’m sure someone will disagree. They always do. If enough people cared”like we do” maybe we could change things but sadly, not many care.

September 19, 2012 2:50 PM

I guess it is only natural that they turn on each. After all, they have met with defeat in every court challenge, and blaming the judges this many times comes off as silly. The Republican Party was so embarrassed that during its convention,  it crammed them in a dark closet with a flashlight, a blankie,  and a box of Fruit Loops and locked the door until the cameras went away. The September 22nd Birfapalooza couldn’t sell enough tickets to come off even in the Tea Party rich state of Arizona. Courts are beginning to assess them costs for wasting judicial time. And to top it all off,  they couldn’t even prevail in Kansas with a Republican-stacked board.

Birthers Turn To Dowsing To Find The Mole

While they are making some inroads selling the Birther silliness to the masses, they can not gain any real official traction. So there must be someone else to blame for all the losses. God Forbid, they should ever take a real hard look at their idiotic theories and suspicions.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Images.  These are from the 1956 Academy Award winning film in the Genre’d Confusion category, The Mole People. Here is a great place to read about it:


Note 2. Squeeky Suspicions. I wonder if the “Anonymous” in the Martha Trowbridge comment above is Mario Apuzzo, Esq.???  It has that “self-serving” feel to it. He bit on the Bari Shabazz thing, and then there was nothing. If it is him, he would do himself a service to openly renounce that nonsense, even if Martha asks for her Man of the Year Award back.

Note 3. Words: Mole:

noun /mōl/

A small burrowing insectivorous mammal with dark velvety fur, a long muzzle, and very small eyes

A spy who achieves over a long period an important position within the security defenses of a country

Someone within an organization who anonymously betrays confidential information

Eat Their Own. A reference to cannibalism, and mindless feeding. Here is a good Internet Article:


Note 4.  Another masterpiece of Birther legal theory which probably destroys Gilbert’s thesis of blood transmission of philosophical beliefs from father to son:

Anonymous said…[Reply]
Anon 2:03pm has it right. Citizenship is established at birth and not at conception. Assuming that Obama Senior was the legal father at birth, then it is his citizenship which was passed on to Obama Junior, and not that of the biological father.

September 19, 2012 6:31 PM

Jerome Corsi And The Frank Marshall Davis “Corruption of Blood” Smear

Corrupted Blood Wasn’t The Only Reason Corsi Stayed In The Booby Hatch

Jerome “Deputy Jerry” Corsi, Ph.D is not just sinking to personal lows in his latest attacks on Obama, but is now violating the very spirit of the  U.S. Constitution he proclaims so much to love.  And common decency to boot. Corsi is busily playing the Frank Marshall Davis (FMD) card over to the World Net Daily Gossip Magazine:

New research by Joel Gilbert into Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis’ seedy history in Hawaii has bolstered the filmmaker’s theory that Davis was the biological father of Barack Obama.

In a compilation of Davis poems published in the book “Black Moods,” compiled by his biographer, University of Kansas English Professor John Edgar Tidwell, are 37 “portraits” grouped in a section subtitled “Horizontal Cameos.” Each poem is dedicated to a different woman identified by her first name only. The second of these is dedicated to “Anne,” reading as follows:


In the gangling hours Thin, adolescent hours Before night runs softly Away into the west Anne rises wearily From her tired bed And sleeps Sitting in a chair.

“If ‘Flo’ was based on Margaret Burroughs,” Gilbert argues, “then I consider it very possible the character of ‘Anne’ is based on Ann Dunham.”

Here is a link to the garbage, and the above excerpt is relatively mild compared to some of the other smears there:


It isn’t just the logical stretches you have to perform to get from those few lines to the conclusion that FMD is Obama’s father. It’s the whole rationale for why anyone would care outside of some gossipy old women.  Legally, whoever or whatever Frank Marshall Davis may have been, our Constitution specifically forbids holding the sins of a father against the children.  Our Founding Fathers thought it wrong to punish children for the acts of their parents. Here it is in Article 3, Section 3, Clause 2:

Article III – The Judicial Branch
Section 3

Clause 2:

The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

Now, what is Corruption of Blood???  As a legal matter, Wiki explains it simply:

In English criminal law, attainder or attinctura is the metaphorical “stain” or “corruption of blood” which arises from being condemned for a serious capital crime ( felony or treason). It entails losing not only one’s property and hereditary titles, but typically also the right to pass them on to one’s heirs.  Both men and women condemned of capital crimes could be attainted.

Section 9 of Article One of the United States Constitution provides that no bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed by Congress. Article One, Section 10 forbids states from passing them.

Now this covers the legal aspects of corruption of blood, and Jerome Corsi as an individual has no power to breach any of this. But what about the moral aspects.  Here, Corsi violates  the spirit of the law by implying Obama is in some way tainted by the acts of his ancestors. You can be sure that this is his intent, because if the Frank Marshall Davis gossip/smear is true, then the  Birthers are kaput.

IF, Davis is Obama’s father, then he has two citizen parents, and the Vattel Birthers can go pound sand. Even if Obama was born in Kenya, he would still be a natural born citizen by statute, so the Birth Certificate Birthers can hit the unemployment line. So, there is no eligibility angle here, except to pop a double-tap into  Birtherism.

This only leaves Corsi two non-monetary excuses for printing this sort of crap.

1.  The prurient interest of the gossipy;

2.  The desire to smear Obama in any vile way possible.

Neither of those are decent excuses. Either one would send a normal person off to take a good hot shower with plenty of anti-bacterial soap. But Corsi doesn’t care. He is simply trying to imply that because Obama’s father was a communist, that somehow makes Obama a communist, too. And, to make it worse, Corsi is doing this without any real evidence of parentage.   I guess because Ronald Reagan’s father was a drunk, Corsi would find that a relevant story to run during election season. NOT.

But even it were true that Davis was Obama’s father, most human beings nowadays no longer impute the sins of the father to the children. As a species, we grew out of this nonsense centuries ago.  Why is Corsi trying to bring this horrible belief system back to life??? What’s next, slavery? Public hangings?

When you look at it that way, isn’t Jerome Corsi , and the whole bunch who are engaged in this smear, pretty gross and disgusting???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. the Image. This is from the 1922 German film, Nosferatu. The vampire is played by Max Shreck, which explains the Easter Egg.  Meanwhile, Shrek is the Ogre from the animated 2001 film, and sequels.