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Road To Joy, Or, Roll Over Beethoven!!! (Part 4 of the Birther Feud Trilogy)

He Thought He Was On The Road To Zanzibar, But He Missed The Boat

Wait a minute! Don’t Trilogies only have three parts???  Maybe, but the Birthers don’t follow the rules, so why should I??? Plus, in music, the Fourth Movement of a Symphony, particularly a Choral Symphony, is the part which ties all the other parts together and provides closure. So first, here is the Chorale Finale – – – Oswald The Lucky Rabbit starring in the 1935 musical film Africa. Then after that, I will tie all this in and explain the relevance to  Birtherism:

This represents the fourth Internet Article in a row  relating to the Taitz-Haskins feud.   I seem to be paying it  a lot more attention than other anti-Birther websites. This is because I believe this schism  is more than a simple personality squabble or Diva Spotlight Catfight like we have seen before in Birtherdom.  I see this as a watershed event, which has the potential to seriously unravel a substantial part of the  Birther Movement.

What is different, is that this dispute is the first one where virtue plays an important part. Now, it is not just a dispute over the obvious legal incompetence in the mis-interpretation of a statute, for example, but whether that mis-interpretation has been purposely overlooked to pad a  Pay-Pal button, or to reinforce one’s self image.  Of course, all three possibilities have been proposed by those of us on the other, along with accusations of severe mental issues. But now, it comes from another Birther, and he has friends.

Once this process begins, then the Birther Movement is in serious trouble. How  long before the questioning turns to Donofrio’s tortured reading of Minor v. Happersett, or Mario Apuzzo’s beatification of Emerech de Vattel??? And this will not be based on the fact that us on the other side have worked ourselves silly trying to tell Birthers these exact things ad nauseum. This will arise from a few Birthers’ own realistic and ethical search for truth. From Haskins:

Like many of you, I once accepted all the false drivel as truth, and even publicly supported it. I also (even though I found it disgusting, unethical, and immoral) kept my mouth shut about the gross self-idolization, the begging for donations based on misleading information, and the attempted cutting-off-at-the-knees of anyone in the movement who isn’t Orly. Yes, I was also lulled into stupidity by the “team” mentality, and the ludicrous notion that a flurry of activity was advancing our cause.

So, once the outright lies about “judge-issued subpoenas” and Obama being “ordered to stand trial” were being preached to the faithful followers, I arrived at a serious dilemma of conscience. Should I go along to get along, or should I say something? I knew there had to be a reason why most everyone privately condemned Orly’s bizarre world, yet nobody dared even whisper the slightest public disapproval. Well, as far as I can tell, the reasons came down to two things—the fact that Orly will publicly attack anybody who exposes her, and she has a group of useful idiots who believe her utter garbage, and who will attack like rabid chihuahuas on a moment’s notice.

As a matter of conscience, I could no longer keep silent. There are so many levels of wrong in that camp that biting one’s tongue should not be considered a morally sound alternative to rocking the boat. One does not silently accept a cancer in the hopes that, in the end, one’s body will thrive because of physical “unity” with the disease. No, to strengthen the body, and increase one’s chances for survival, the cancer must be eradicated, as painful a process as that sometimes can be.

As for those very few members of the team who have such a problem dealing with the truth I have been sharing, I invite you to refute anything I have said. I have stated that there has been a steady stream of disinformation shared on Orly’s website, that there are many pleas for donations based upon deceptive information and incompetence, that there is constant self-aggrandizement, and that it is very typical for Orly to trivialize, marginalize, and/or demonize others within our movement—for no other reason than her fear that they might receive attention for their efforts. And, because of what I think at least appears to be clinically definable, she believes she deserves all attention (and donations).

So, since sane people view those behaviors as ethically/morally questionable at best, the only viable conclusion one may draw about someone who supports it is that either his ethics/morals must be questioned, or his intelligence must be. With her minions who supposedly send the supportive emails that she posts on her website, I would likely suspect the latter. As for those who are active leaders/bloggers in our movement, I would be more inclined to question the former. So, if you cannot refute what I have said, but you still want to vilify me, then I believe it necessarily becomes a matter of character, and maybe that should be exposed also.


As is evident, a growing sense of  virtue is the driving force behind the schism.  Haskins and others are tired of parroting the blatant lies, half-truths, and phony legalisms and tires of being bullied into acquiescence. Not to be pollyannish but hopefully the desire to start doing right  will work where logic and reason have failed. And there sure hasn’t been much of it on the Birther side of things so far. It sure can’t hurt anything. Sooo, the point of this Fourth Part to the Birther Feud Trilogy, is to add the importance of Virtue to the Trilogy:

Part 1. Trouble In Birther Paradise – An overview of the Haskins-Taitz feud.

Part 2. A Conundrum of Confidence – Discussing  the Taitz role to date.

Part 3. A Prodigal Rouses -Discussing Haskins’  growing awareness of the situation.

Part 4Road to Joy – The importance  of Virtue in ending Birtherism..

As demonstrated in the song above, much of Oswald Rabbit’s luck comes from simply doing the things he ought to do. Which is a good part of virtue. The lyrics are provided for those wishing to study this phenomenon:

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Song

Queen: Who are you?
Oswald: Who, me???

Lucky rabbit
That lucky Oswald rabbit
Nicest rabbit that you ever knew.

Lucky habit
That lucky Oswald habit
If you want it here’s what you must do:

Reading and writing and arithmetic
May often make you awful sick
But if you learn your lessons quick
The quicker you’ll be through.

Don’t be scrappy
But smile and do things snappy
Make folks happy
And you’ll be lucky too

Lucky Rabbit
That lucky Oswald Rabbit
Nicest rabbit that you ever knew.

Lucky habit
That lucky Oswald habit
If you want it here’s what you must do:

Every morning when you wake
Some revolution you should make
Don’t stuff your tummies til they ache
With candy, cake, and goo

Play and study
Don’t get your books all muddy
Help your buddy
You’ll be lucky, too.

Lucky Rabbit
I’ve got that Oswald Habit
Tell me, Sweetie, will you be my king???

I don’t know just what to do
I’ve never met a Queen like you
But I just love to bill and coo
So I will be your King!

So, the moral here is to lead a virtuous life. Help your buddy. Make people happy. And don’t be too scrappy! In conclusion, I hope this 4 Part Trilogy has proved interested and entertaining. At the very least, it is different.


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Road to Joy. This is an allusion to the Ode to Joy which is sung in the 4th Movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Here is an English translation of the Schiller’s Poem which scrolls across the screen in the youtube video:

Note 2: Coincidences. At the 4:58 point in the film, a Fife player emerges who plays the tune, The Girl I Left Behind Me. I could not help but think of Haskins and how he is leaving Orly Taitz behind him.

Note 3. The Number 4. The number 4 also symbolizes completeness.  Carl Jung supposedly spent his final years contemplating the meaning of the number 4.


Note 4. The Image above is from the 1935 film Bronco Buster, starring Oswald Rabbit. The caption is an reference to the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby series of Road movies, specifically The Road To Zanzibar. Zanzibar is the island part of Tanzania which abuts the southern border of Kenya on the south. At one point in time, a person could not get to Zanzibar if he missed the boat. Which is also a slang term for getting something completely wrong. Which is also an allusion to those trying to link Obama to an African birth, missing the boat, and getting it completely wrong.