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Not So Pretty Pleas???

little match girl

She Only Had A Few Matches Left, And This One Was About To Fizzle Out

Orly Taitz is about to strike out again, this time in Judge Lamberth’s court in her Taitz v. Colvin (once Astrue) action. The other day she was dancing about and high-fiving the Flying Monkeys because the government failed to answer her Motion For Reconsideration. There is an article here a few days ago about it, called Doing The Loco Motion (Doing The Loco Motion!!!)).

Now, the government has responded with a short 3 page reply, 2 of which follow. The third page was just the continuation of an address. Here are the two relevant pages from the brief. PDF’s of both the government’s Response and Brief are in Note 2 below.

Gov't Brief (Colvin) Page 1

(Click On Image To Make Larger.)

Page 2:

Gov't Brief (Colvin) Page 2

(Click On Image To Make Larger.)

Here is the link to Taitz’s page, where we find this ironic statement, from SHE Who Must Have Help Redacting!:

Department of Justice is asking Judge Lamberth to allow them to file a late answer after the notice of failure to respond was docketed because they were confused and did not understand that they need to answer the motion.

I kid you not, read the pleading. This is just unbelievable. Do you think they can be that stupid or are they suddenly got worried that Judge Lamberth might rule to release Bounel’s SS5, SSN application and the whole world will see that Obama is using a stolen Social Security number.


To sum it all up, procedurally,  the government was one day late filing their response because they thought the judge had dismissed Taitz’s Motion for Reconsideration. So, they Motioned the Court to permit their response. What with all of Taitz’s various procedural screw-ups, and difficulties redacting Obama’s social security number, I suspect the Court will grant the government’s request.

Procedurally, the government points out that Taitz was late filing her Motion for Reconsideration. Substantively, they point out that Taitz’s,

In any event, plaintiff’s motion for reconsideration is meritless. In order to receive relief under Rule 60(b)(2), plaintiff must establish that she has identified “‘newly discovered evidence’ that could not have discovered through ‘reasonable diligence’” and that “must be admissible and of such importance that it probably would have changed the outcome.” Lightfoot v. District of Columbia, 555 F. Supp. 2d 61, 68 (D.D.C. 2008). Plaintiff has not demonstrated that any of the evidence she now relies upon could not have been discovered through reasonable diligence prior to this Court’s original order.

She relies in her motion for reconsideration primarily upon a report she claims was released to the public on March 7, 2011, more than five months before this Court issued its final judgment. See Doc. 45 at 6. Plaintiff also has not shown how any of the evidence she relies upon, even if admissible, is “of such importance that it would probably have changed the outcome.” Lightfoot, 555 F. Supp. 2d at 68. Rather, plaintiff’s motion is premised on “nothing more than an unsubstantiated ‘bare suspicion’ of wrongdoing.’” Memorandum and Order Denying Plaintiff’s Motion for Reconsideration, Doc. 39 at 3 (quoting Nat’l Archives and Records Admin. v. Favish, 541 U.S. 157, 174 (2004)).

Based on this, Taitz’s Motion will be denied, and she will have one less match in her book. Nonetheless, our scrappy little match girl will go down swinging. She adds:

I am posting both a request to file  a late opposition and the opposition the want to file. I did not do research on it yet, as it was just posted, but after 3 seconds of looking at it, I already know that this is a total BS and a sign of dishonesty by the defendant and the Department of Justice

a. they are late with filing an opposition and they claim that my motions are late. If the judge were to rule based on lateness, than he should not consider their late opposition claiming that I am late

b. it was filed under 2 rules: 60b(2) and 60b(6) Motion under 60(b)(6) can be filed any time as long as it serves justice, 2 years from the ruling a 100 years after the ruling, so the whole argument is BS. Moreover the final decision came from the Court of Appeal in August of 2012, less than 1 year, so it is good under both 60(b)(2) and 60 b(6)

c.  The feds had a duty to advise the court that the new 120 year rule was instituted and that Bounel falls under this rule, they flagrantly and maliciously defrauded the court by hiding this rule, hiding Bounel’s identity and his DOB in 1890 and lying to judge Lamberth that the SS-5 cannot be released under the privacy rules. They now want to be rewarded for lyin,g for fraud on the court. Not only they should not be rewarded, they should be severely sanctioned.

Sooo, we will have a little sizzle before the fizzle.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from Jean Renoir’s 1928 film, The Little Match Girl.

The Little Match Girl, a 40 minute adaptation of a Hans Christian Anderson story, is one of his best and most affecting films. The title character is a waif forced to sell matches on the streets in the dead of winter in order to earn her livelihood. While literally freezing to death, the match girl looks through a toy store window and fantasizes that she is inside and that the toys have magically come to life all around her. The dream-like visuals and fantasy element are atypical for Renoir, the humanism is not.

This image and the excerpt came from a great website:


Note 2. PDF’s Of Government’s Response, and Brief:



Orly Taitz Doesn’t Lose In Indiana!!!

Though She Didn’t Actually Learn How To Swim,  She Was Nonetheless Very Proud To Accept Her “Didn’t Drown” Medal

Well, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., went to Indiana for a hearing today, and the big news is SHE DIDN’T LOSE.  Here is  a brief excerpt, in her own words, more or less:

OMG!!! I didn’t lose!!! Can You believe it??? OH Happy Day!!! I feel like the Snoopy Dog who dances in Charlie Brown cartoons!!! This was a hectic day, but things are looking up!

I got up at 4 am yesterday and drove to LA and flew to Phoenix and from there to Indianapolis eating peanuts. I landed at 3:30 and immediately headed to court. I was horrified to see that one important motion, Motion for a leave of court to proceed as relators on writ of mandamus and quo warranto was not docketed. I inquired the clerk, WTF???

I sprinted to the office of  AG.  One of the employees was able to located the leadings by Garn and copy them. From there I went to Fedex Kinkos, which cost more money, and proceeded woring on the pleading. I had my reply ready in the morning and I filed it with the judge one hour before the hearing. So There AG!!!

At the hearing the judge agreed with me and ruled that I can proseed on the causes of action for Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Negligence against the Secretary of State and the Elections Commission. OH is this AMERICA or not??? I did it. I did bild it by myself so NO THANKS to YOU Obama!!! Only one cause of action, dealing with the agency appeal, I will refile later, when the general election filing period starts.

This is great news. Actually during the hearing at one point the judge told me on the record: ”it looks like you know what you are doing” . This is the first time I see any judge saying anything nice to me!!! Ever!!! And NO SANCTIONS!!! OH I am happy person.  I am currently at the airport waiting for my flight. This time, NO PEANUTS for Orly Taitz!!!

Only one thing bother me. The judge assigned to me to draft her proposed order and submit to her signature. Why I have to do this when I the winner??? Shouldn’t loser have to do all the extra work???  What is her motiff??? Never to mind. I can do this. I can do anything now!!!

Here is a link to her full statement on her website, with no more or less:


Say what you will about Dr. Taitz, she never gives up.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

This Is The Chorus Of The Song – (or, Are You Ready, Orly???)

The Birthers Decided To Milk It For All It Was Worth, And Leave The Hoosiers To Clean Up Behind Them

The Birthers return to Indiana on Friday, February 24, 2012 for an eligibility hearing.  As reported by Bob Unruh of World Net Dairy:

A state commission in Indiana that was asked to review whether Barack Obama is eligible to be on the state’s 2012 ballot has scheduled a hearing for Friday, and warned the parties to the argument that those who fail to attend may be subject to a default decision.

The notice was signed by Trent Deckard and J. Bradley King, co-directors of the Indiana Election Commission, and regards case No. 2012-176, which is a challenge to Obama brought by Karl Swihart.


I am not sure which Birthers are going to the hearing. Orly Taitz’s website runs you around in circles.  Maybe she is, and maybe she isn’t. The Notice of Hearing document is so faint and hard to read that it is not worth linking here.  I am not sure who Karl Swihart, the Plaintiff, is or what forms the basis of his objection.

The chances of success are nil. Indiana is the state which Birther Ankeny tried  and failed in 2009.  See, The Case The “Two Citizen Parent” Birthers Just HATE!!! listed above in the website heading. This whole Indiana thing is amateurish even for Birthers and reminds me of a song by the Hoosier Hotshots, This is the Chorus of the Song.  Play this, while you read the lyrics, and you will see why:


This Is The Chorus of the Song

This is the chorus of the song, this is the chorus you’re hearing now.
You make up the words as you go along, ’cause no one listens to the lyrics anyhow.
Tralala, dumdeedum, if you want to, you can whistle or hum.
When you’re singing this song to your friends, just remember this is where the chorus ends.

The man who wrote this song was deaf, he couldn’t hear a note; this is the verse,
But he knew all the rules, he did, and that is why he wrote the first verse first.
The guy who wrote the the lyrics was as crazy as a loon, so there’s nothing to this song but the tune.

This is the chorus once again, tralalalalala, with sealing wax.
A rooster is different from a hen.
Have you ever sharpened pencils with an axe?
Tralala, dumdeedee, had a sweetie, but she wouldn’t marry me.
Here’s the part that everybody recommends,
That’s because it comes just where the chorus ends.

This song was written bit by bit and there’s nothing to show where each bit fits,
But if you sing a word with every note, you’re bound to know which fits with which.
Here and there the writer left a place to take a breath, so the singer wouldn’t choke to death!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: The Hoosier Hotshots. Wiki says:

The Hoosier Hot Shots were an American quartet of madcap musicians who entertained on stage, screen, radio, and records from the mid 1930s into the 1970s. The group initially consisted of players from the U. S. State of Indiana. Beginning on local Indiana radio in the early 1930s, the Hot Shots went on to a successful national radio career on National Barn Dance on WLS-AM in Chicago, Illinois and a successful and prolific recording career, before moving to Hollywood to star in many feature-length western movies.

The Hot Shots’ core personnel were multi-instrumentalists, playing brass band instruments as well as their standard instrumentation of guitar (Ken), clarinet (Gabe), string bass (various), and a strange, homemade instrument known both as the “Wabash Washboard” and “the Zither,” played by Hezzie. It consisted of a corrugated sheet metal washboard on a metal stand with various noisemakers attached, including bells and a multi-octave range of squeeze-type bicycle horns. Trietsch constructed this instrument himself as well as a series of slide whistles he played in addition to the washboard. The washboard, along with other artifacts from the band, is now in the collection of the Indiana State Museum.


Note 2. Are You Ready, Orly???  This is a reference to “Are you ready, Hezzie?” question directed by Ken at his brother Paul — and it became one of the band’s big taglines, even entering the common vernacular. Here is a youtube video version, with the Hezzie Moment:

Twin Piques – The Birther Summit On Ice!!!

Leo's Party Was Interesting For A Season, But It Was Time To Leave

Dean Haskins has indefinitely postponed The Birther Summit scheduled for late March 2012. His two main piques seem to have been the schism between himself and Orly Taitz, and general apathy on the part of Birthers.  In his own words, with bolding by me:

Additionally, we have observed other calls for mass gatherings and demonstrations, and have had to accept the fact that, barring some major event occurring, levels of apathy about issues such as ours seem nearly impossible to overcome. It is far easier to air one’s complaints via computer keyboard than it is to leave the comfort of one’s home and actually make a physical effort. Past participation in such calls for mass gatherings have been highly embarrassing, and that is certainly not an indictment of the individuals who planned them. Our nation is likely on a crash-course toward extinction simply because of the apathy of our citizenry toward doing anything beyond “talking tough” on the Internet.

Moreover, our message is currently nowhere near cohesive, as disinformation and incompetence are still driving people to believe things that are simply not true, and the gullible few who swallow the spin don’t even realize that it is unethically being used to elicit funding. Even though the truth has been explained at length, there are still folks who view themselves as being part of our team, and yet cling to demonstrably false notions about things like the laws that apply to birth certificates in general, and in Hawaii specifically.

That is largely due to a steady stream of incompetence that continues to flow from one who some still regard as possessing any knowledge of the law and legal procedure. Anytime we come across one who speaks of things like “access to the ‘original’ or ‘vault copy’ of Obama’s birth certificate,” or such absurdities as a state court on the mainland having jurisdictional authority to force Hawaii to break its laws regarding vital statistics records, we must recognize such a person as being complacent in his ignorance of the law (much like the glory hound he likely supports).

We have concluded that providing a venue for those who still seem to support the one who is arguably the worst attorney ever, would not only be a disservice to our country, but it could be considered irresponsible, as a gathering of such people might actually constitute a public danger—for anyone who could still be supporting such an aberration cannot be believed to be mentally or emotionally stable.


The Birther Think Tank ran a four part trilogy on the schism between Haskins and Taitz, and is not at all surprised by this announcement. In fact, we congratulate Mr. Haskins on his growing dissatisfaction with Birtherism and his willingness to start asking legal questions hithertofore left unquestioned within the Birther Community. If Orly Taitz falls, can Leo Donofrio and Mario Apuzzo be far behind? Oh, and Larry Klayman, too. The Birther Feud Trilogy begins here, and runs for 4 consecutive Internet Articles:


While Mr. Haskins professes to still be a Birther, it is our opinion that he will change his mind. One can not ask the questions and make the observations that he makes, and stay a member in good standing of  the Birther Herd of Ninnies.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: Twin Piques. This is a wordplay on Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s surreal television series of the eary 90’s. you know, peaks, mountains, summits. Oh, I’m sure everybody gets it.


A feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight, esp. to one’s pride.

Stimulate (interest or curiosity).

Note 2. The Image Above. This is an image of Leo Johnson, a character in Twin Peaks. The reference is to Leo Donofrio, Esq., inventor of the Imaginary two citizen-parent requirement.  About Leo Johnson, Wiki says:

Leo Johnson, a criminal and wife abuser, spends most of the second season in a vegetative state, cared for by Shelly and Bobby, who agree to take him in as part of a scheme to commit insurance fraud. The plan backfires, however, when it turns out that Leo’s home care is far more expensive than they had anticipated, and the pair are left destitute. To vent their frustration, they take to abusing Leo whilst simultaneously flaunting their relationship in front of him.

Near the end of the season, Leo regains some of his cognitive abilities and instinctively attacks Shelly and Bobby. Wounded during the course of a struggle, he staggers into the woods, where he is abducted by escaped mental patient (and former FBI agent) Windom Earle. Earle enslaves the barely coherent Leo by affixing him with a shock collar and forcing him into submission. Leo spends the remainder of the series as a mute drone, serving Windom Earle.

In the third to last episode, Leo seems to regain some more functioning ability, as he frees another one of Earle’s captives,  Major Garland Briggs, believing Shelly’s life to be in danger after Earle posts a photo of her on his cabin wall. In the series finale, Earle leaves Leo for dead, rigging a cage of poisonous tarantulas above Leo’s head, with a string affixed between Leo’s teeth; if Leo lets go of the string, the cage will drop on his face, releasing the agitated tarantulas. His fate is never revealed, although a shooting script indicated that he was supposed to be found by the Twin Peaks’ Sheriff’s Department, and that, upon seeing them break into Earle’s cabin, he would have tried to speak, releasing the cage onto his face.

You know, I sometimes wonder about the cognitive functioning of Donofrio. I wonder if  Mute Drone Shock Collars and Poisonous Tarantula Cage Kits are legal in . . . Oh, never mind.

Road To Joy, Or, Roll Over Beethoven!!! (Part 4 of the Birther Feud Trilogy)

He Thought He Was On The Road To Zanzibar, But He Missed The Boat

Wait a minute! Don’t Trilogies only have three parts???  Maybe, but the Birthers don’t follow the rules, so why should I??? Plus, in music, the Fourth Movement of a Symphony, particularly a Choral Symphony, is the part which ties all the other parts together and provides closure. So first, here is the Chorale Finale – – – Oswald The Lucky Rabbit starring in the 1935 musical film Africa. Then after that, I will tie all this in and explain the relevance to  Birtherism:

This represents the fourth Internet Article in a row  relating to the Taitz-Haskins feud.   I seem to be paying it  a lot more attention than other anti-Birther websites. This is because I believe this schism  is more than a simple personality squabble or Diva Spotlight Catfight like we have seen before in Birtherdom.  I see this as a watershed event, which has the potential to seriously unravel a substantial part of the  Birther Movement.

What is different, is that this dispute is the first one where virtue plays an important part. Now, it is not just a dispute over the obvious legal incompetence in the mis-interpretation of a statute, for example, but whether that mis-interpretation has been purposely overlooked to pad a  Pay-Pal button, or to reinforce one’s self image.  Of course, all three possibilities have been proposed by those of us on the other, along with accusations of severe mental issues. But now, it comes from another Birther, and he has friends.

Once this process begins, then the Birther Movement is in serious trouble. How  long before the questioning turns to Donofrio’s tortured reading of Minor v. Happersett, or Mario Apuzzo’s beatification of Emerech de Vattel??? And this will not be based on the fact that us on the other side have worked ourselves silly trying to tell Birthers these exact things ad nauseum. This will arise from a few Birthers’ own realistic and ethical search for truth. From Haskins:

Like many of you, I once accepted all the false drivel as truth, and even publicly supported it. I also (even though I found it disgusting, unethical, and immoral) kept my mouth shut about the gross self-idolization, the begging for donations based on misleading information, and the attempted cutting-off-at-the-knees of anyone in the movement who isn’t Orly. Yes, I was also lulled into stupidity by the “team” mentality, and the ludicrous notion that a flurry of activity was advancing our cause.

So, once the outright lies about “judge-issued subpoenas” and Obama being “ordered to stand trial” were being preached to the faithful followers, I arrived at a serious dilemma of conscience. Should I go along to get along, or should I say something? I knew there had to be a reason why most everyone privately condemned Orly’s bizarre world, yet nobody dared even whisper the slightest public disapproval. Well, as far as I can tell, the reasons came down to two things—the fact that Orly will publicly attack anybody who exposes her, and she has a group of useful idiots who believe her utter garbage, and who will attack like rabid chihuahuas on a moment’s notice.

As a matter of conscience, I could no longer keep silent. There are so many levels of wrong in that camp that biting one’s tongue should not be considered a morally sound alternative to rocking the boat. One does not silently accept a cancer in the hopes that, in the end, one’s body will thrive because of physical “unity” with the disease. No, to strengthen the body, and increase one’s chances for survival, the cancer must be eradicated, as painful a process as that sometimes can be.

As for those very few members of the team who have such a problem dealing with the truth I have been sharing, I invite you to refute anything I have said. I have stated that there has been a steady stream of disinformation shared on Orly’s website, that there are many pleas for donations based upon deceptive information and incompetence, that there is constant self-aggrandizement, and that it is very typical for Orly to trivialize, marginalize, and/or demonize others within our movement—for no other reason than her fear that they might receive attention for their efforts. And, because of what I think at least appears to be clinically definable, she believes she deserves all attention (and donations).

So, since sane people view those behaviors as ethically/morally questionable at best, the only viable conclusion one may draw about someone who supports it is that either his ethics/morals must be questioned, or his intelligence must be. With her minions who supposedly send the supportive emails that she posts on her website, I would likely suspect the latter. As for those who are active leaders/bloggers in our movement, I would be more inclined to question the former. So, if you cannot refute what I have said, but you still want to vilify me, then I believe it necessarily becomes a matter of character, and maybe that should be exposed also.


As is evident, a growing sense of  virtue is the driving force behind the schism.  Haskins and others are tired of parroting the blatant lies, half-truths, and phony legalisms and tires of being bullied into acquiescence. Not to be pollyannish but hopefully the desire to start doing right  will work where logic and reason have failed. And there sure hasn’t been much of it on the Birther side of things so far. It sure can’t hurt anything. Sooo, the point of this Fourth Part to the Birther Feud Trilogy, is to add the importance of Virtue to the Trilogy:

Part 1. Trouble In Birther Paradise – An overview of the Haskins-Taitz feud.

Part 2. A Conundrum of Confidence – Discussing  the Taitz role to date.

Part 3. A Prodigal Rouses -Discussing Haskins’  growing awareness of the situation.

Part 4Road to Joy – The importance  of Virtue in ending Birtherism..

As demonstrated in the song above, much of Oswald Rabbit’s luck comes from simply doing the things he ought to do. Which is a good part of virtue. The lyrics are provided for those wishing to study this phenomenon:

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Song

Queen: Who are you?
Oswald: Who, me???

Lucky rabbit
That lucky Oswald rabbit
Nicest rabbit that you ever knew.

Lucky habit
That lucky Oswald habit
If you want it here’s what you must do:

Reading and writing and arithmetic
May often make you awful sick
But if you learn your lessons quick
The quicker you’ll be through.

Don’t be scrappy
But smile and do things snappy
Make folks happy
And you’ll be lucky too

Lucky Rabbit
That lucky Oswald Rabbit
Nicest rabbit that you ever knew.

Lucky habit
That lucky Oswald habit
If you want it here’s what you must do:

Every morning when you wake
Some revolution you should make
Don’t stuff your tummies til they ache
With candy, cake, and goo

Play and study
Don’t get your books all muddy
Help your buddy
You’ll be lucky, too.

Lucky Rabbit
I’ve got that Oswald Habit
Tell me, Sweetie, will you be my king???

I don’t know just what to do
I’ve never met a Queen like you
But I just love to bill and coo
So I will be your King!

So, the moral here is to lead a virtuous life. Help your buddy. Make people happy. And don’t be too scrappy! In conclusion, I hope this 4 Part Trilogy has proved interested and entertaining. At the very least, it is different.


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Road to Joy. This is an allusion to the Ode to Joy which is sung in the 4th Movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Here is an English translation of the Schiller’s Poem which scrolls across the screen in the youtube video:

Note 2: Coincidences. At the 4:58 point in the film, a Fife player emerges who plays the tune, The Girl I Left Behind Me. I could not help but think of Haskins and how he is leaving Orly Taitz behind him.

Note 3. The Number 4. The number 4 also symbolizes completeness.  Carl Jung supposedly spent his final years contemplating the meaning of the number 4.


Note 4. The Image above is from the 1935 film Bronco Buster, starring Oswald Rabbit. The caption is an reference to the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby series of Road movies, specifically The Road To Zanzibar. Zanzibar is the island part of Tanzania which abuts the southern border of Kenya on the south. At one point in time, a person could not get to Zanzibar if he missed the boat. Which is also a slang term for getting something completely wrong. Which is also an allusion to those trying to link Obama to an African birth, missing the boat, and getting it completely wrong.

The Prodigal Rouses, Or, Don’t Have A Cow, Man!!! (Part 3 of the Birther Feud Trilogy)

Bossy Really Wanted Off The High Wires, But She Wasn't Sure She Was Grounded

This is the third part of the Birther Feud Trilogy and deals with the schism between Dean Haskins of The Birther Summit, along with his supporters,  and Orly Taitz, Esq.,  the most well-known Birther attorney.  The numbers in parentheses refer to Note 1 below, which identifies the source Internet Article. The first two parts of this Trilogy, may be found here:



The Parable of the Prodigal Son is found in the Bible at Luke 15: 11-32. It is a well known story, and it is the part where the son “comes to his senses”  that is relevant here is:

13 “Not long after that, the younger son got together all he had, set off for a distant country and there squandered his wealth in wild living. 14 After he had spent everything, there was a severe famine in that whole country, and he began to be in need. 15 So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country, who sent him to his fields to feed pigs. 16He longed to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs were eating, but no one gave him anything.

17When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have food to spare, and here I am starving to death! 18 I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. 19 I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired servants.’ 20 So he got up and went to his father.

I hope from reading Dean Haskins’ Internet Articles at The Birther Summit, that something like this may be starting to happen  in some Birther Circles.  That perhaps some  small number of Birthers are slowly rousing themselves from their mental slumber, poking their heads up out of  the Birther slop, and starting to ask, ” Where am I??? What I am doing here???” 

Reality, for the Prodigal, was realizing that he was so hungry he was considering eating the corn cobs out of the pig slop.  Reality, for the Birthers, should be a ravenous hunger  for mental nourishment, aggravated along by realizing how atrociously some of their compadres comport themselves in combination with a new appreciation that the Courts are not Satan’s Spawn after all.  As Haskins states it:

For more than three years, we have literally screamed our disapproval of the vast numbers of Americans who have accepted statements at face value made by a campaign, an administration, Congress, and the media, and we have labeled such people “sheeple.” But, sadly, many in our movement have done the same thing regarding the one person who has garnered the lion’s share of public attention in this matter, by accepting at face value that anything positive was occurring.

Add to the seemingly insurmountable task of working within the current law to obtain any damning evidence for our cause, there is yet another legal mountain that would have to be scaled, and that is the proper legal use of the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution. While it was improperly, and laughably, argued in Hawaii that the FFC Clause would give Georgia jurisdiction over Hawaii, the proper interpretation of the FFC Clause would be that, in a court of law, whatever a state certifies as a birth certificate is deemed to be “self verifying,” meaning that a court will regard it as valid apart from any corroborating evidence. If a court automatically regards evidence as valid, then no counter-evidence will be considered. We might not like it, but it’s the law, folks.

To overcome the present laws that apply to birth certificates, if that is even possible, would require a legal mastermind and a brilliant argument that has not yet even been constructed.(6)

So, in those 3 paragraphs we see a self-realization that Birthers are just as capable of deluding themselves as any other human being,  a recognition that substantial evidence against Obama is lacking, and an acceptance that there may not be any legal recourse.  He continues:

Here’s what will probably happen: after Jablonski (Obama’s Attorney) recovers from his blanket party, he will likely file an amended Motion to Quash; and it will probably be one of the most thorough Motions to Quash in the history of Motions to Quash, and Judge Malihi will probably grant that motion.

In the unlikelihood that Judge Malihi does not grant his amended Motion to Quash, there is something that is virtually guaranteed to happen: Obama not showing up to an administrative law hearing in the state of Georgia. Jablonski would appear on his behalf, and present a certified “birth certificate” and proof of residency for the past 14 years. As the certified “birth certificate” will be considered self-verifying by the court, nothing Orly will say will sway it. And remember, the end result of this hearing is a non-binding recommendation to the Secretary of State. So, no, Obama will not be handcuffed in Atlanta next week (he won’t even be there).

I’m not trying to be a downer, or burst anybody’s bubble—but, honestly folks—we need to stop spreading the spin all over the internet, just to be made fools of when what was posted never happens. I’m amazed at the number of people who haven’t figured that one out with Orly yet. It’s just not going to happen like we want it to. (5)

Now, we are seeing a deeper acceptance of the legal system, as neither skewed in favor of Obama, nor skewed against Birthers. The laws just are what they are.  Then we see below, a recognition that norms of behavior apply to  Birthers the same way they do to any other human being.  That nastiness is nastiness, untruth is untruth, and that each of us have a duty to promulgate the truth, even when that truth is unpleasant to us.

As long as I rationalized that, with everyone on the planet, acceptance is accompanied with both good and bad, then my silence wasn’t so much a betrayal of truth as it was an assent to the human condition, and a belief that unity could help usher in our desired result. But then, a funny thing happened on my way to sanity—I asked myself a salient question, and my head nearly exploded: Where’s the good?

I know there are times in life wherein one believes his cause to be so just that, to assure what one deems a proper conclusion, he must find, and rely on, a bulldog advocate—that one ruthless counselor who is ultra-versed in the necessary knowledge, and is tenacious and unforgiving in the righteous pursuit. That person is normally not often accused of being overly gracious—but, that’s why we’re enamored—because that person will go after the opposition’s jugular to accomplish what we know to be right. We accept the nastiness simply because it furthers our cause.

And, as I saw the purposely misleading messages, and thoroughly invalid legal statements being made across the internet (along with a seemingly steady stream of vicious attacks against anyone who was thought to either be siphoning her deserved donations from her, or garnering a bit too much of the limelight), I realized that what I had been doing was accepting the bad with the bad. Why on earth would we accept both the nastiness and nothing but failure in furthering our cause? (4)

If I am to be “blamed” for telling the truth, then so be it. I suppose there will always be those who believe that Orly is the face of our movement, and I’m sure they now believe I am the movement’s ass. Well, as I’ve stated, I’m not interested in popularity contests, I’m only interested in the truth. If you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t read what I write. It’s that simple. But, I will promise those who choose to spend an occasional couple of minutes hearing from the voices in my head, I will try my best to present the truth the best I can, and will not lie simply for the purpose of promoting myself or prying a donation from you. I will not be boxed into any mandate for group-speak, and even when I hate the truth I share, I will share it anyway. In life, I have learned that the truth will set you free, but it will usually piss you off first. Ultimately, friends are no substitute for truth; and, if one’s friends abandon him for speaking the truth, they weren’t friends anyway. (4)

Then, in his response to a slammed door from Sharon Rondeau, Haskins reiterates his recognition and characterization of Birther misinformation as just that, misinformation, and his intention to stop being a part of it:

Some of us entered this movement for no other reason than wanting to know the truth. Along the way, it was as if something other than pure truth was being disseminated, and suddenly, the masses congregated like jackals being fed red meat, each morsel a new, tantalizing twist of events that titillated our anticipation that some new and improved “effort” would finally bring about our much-anticipated goal of Obama’s eligibility finally being addressed in broad daylight.

Well, it has come to a point that some of us have stopped and tasted what is being tossed into the community trough, and realized that it doesn’t taste like meat at all. In fact, it tastes like something that the cattle have previously eaten. (3)

You see, because of the things I have done, I am necessarily identified as being a part of this movement, and I am not willing to be “guilty by association” of the blatant dishonesty that gets bandied about as patriotism. We are either fully for the truth, or we are fully against it. When I see something posted that is misleading, deceptive, or blatantly false, I’m going to call it what it is.(3)

Finally, Haskins endorses an objective standard of analysis,  as opposed to the vague, illogical, knee-jerk ,World Net Dailyish condemnations and name-calling:

As for those very few members of the team who have such a problem dealing with the truth I have been sharing, I invite you to refute anything I have said. I have stated that there has been a steady stream of disinformation shared on Orly’s website, that there are many pleas for donations based upon deceptive information and incompetence, that there is constant self-aggrandizement, and that it is very typical for Orly to trivialize, marginalize, and/or demonize others within our movement—for no other reason than her fear that they might receive attention for their efforts. And, because of what I think at least appears to be clinically definable, she believes she deserves all attention (and donations).

So, since sane people view those behaviors as ethically/morally questionable at best, the only viable conclusion one may draw about someone who supports it is that either his ethics/morals must be questioned, or his intelligence must be. With her minions who supposedly send the supportive emails that she posts on her website, I would likely suspect the latter. As for those who are active leaders/bloggers in our movement, I would be more inclined to question the former. So, if you cannot refute what I have said, but you still want to vilify me, then I believe it necessarily becomes a matter of character, and maybe that should be exposed also. (1)

Now, summing this up, we have:

realization that Birthers are capable of self delusion;

recognition that evidence against Obama is lacking;

acceptance that there may not be any legal recourse;

acceptance of the legal system as neither skewed in favor of Obama, nor skewed against Birthers;

recognition that norms of behavior apply to  Birthers too;

belief that we  have a duty to promulgate the truth, even if unpleasant to us;

recognition and characterization of Birther lies, as lies;

intention to stop being a part of  the misinformation system; and

endorsement of an objective standard of analysis,  as opposed to the vague, illogical, knee jerk, World Net Daily-ish sort of  condemnations and name calling.

Add to that, a growing sense of humor, a refusal to be bullied into GroupThink and GroupSpeak, a willingness to engage with “Obots”, and the recognition that sometimes the “Obots” may even be right.  Sooo, what I wonder is, when you add all this up, why are Haskins and his supporters still Birthers???  I mean, if the above is your New Normal, isn’t this the equivalent of  admitting that your Old Normal was a moral and logical pigsty??? That your Old Normal was just time and energy squandered in wild living with Orly, Leo, and Mario???

Perhaps Haskins and the others are waiting for the results of Sheriff Joe’s Cold Posse Investigation to reanimate the Birtherism Cadaver. I don’t see much happening in the way of “Our investigation reveals Obama was not born in the United States.” I sure don’t see Sheriff Joe playing “judge” and endorsing the two citizen-parent stuff. I could be wrong, but I suspect there will be tons of heart-broken/rabid Birthers come March 1. Time will tell on this.

Maybe Haskins and his sect need  to realize that Orly Taitz, with all her many problems, isn’t the basic problem. She is only a symptom of the basic problem with Birtherism. . . the fact that there never was any real substance to Birtherism other than a vague suspicion that Obama may have been born someplace other than Hawaii . . . and the fact that the whole two citizen-parent thingy is an imaginary requirement invented in  late 2008 by Leo Donofrio. Of logical necessity, any movement based on those two non-existent foundations had to be one of excess, bluster, naked partisan politics, theatrics, and hot air.

With their new resolve to boldly forth and tell the truth, do Haskin and Company still plan on preaching to the world that Minor v. Happersett was precedental for natural born citizenship??? That not necessary to solve these doubts really means just the opposite??? Or that Wong Kim Ark does not mean exactly what the Ankeny court said it meant??? Or, if Sheriff Joe comes up empty-handed, that it isn’t time to fold the tents and steal away???

Because if all that stuff doesn’t stop, then what’s the point??? Sooo, here’s hoping that something good comes from all of Haskins’ self-introspection. That like the Prodigal above,  he points his feet towards home, and takes that next step.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Reference Table for Dean Haskin Quotes:

5 HAS ORLY ACTUALLY WON!!! WON!!! WON??? 1/20/2012

Note 2: Don’t Have A Cow, Man!!! Wiki says:

Don’t have a cow is a humorous cautionary phrase, dating from the late 1950s at least, possibly of US origin. It appeared in the 1984 movie, “Sixteen Candles”. The metaphoric warning means “don’t get so worked up.” If one pauses to reflect on the physical aspects of a human being giving birth to a full-grown cow, one can see what this phrase alludes to in terms of emotional expressiveness. Prior to “Don’t have a cow,” the phrase was “Don’t have kittens” (or “Don’t have a cat”). A variation in the past tense is also used when someone has already become worked up, e.g. “She had a cow when she found out he’d been smoking.”

Bart Simpson used the phrase “Don’t have a cow, man!” as a catchphrase in early episodes of The Simpsons. Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo uses this phrase often.

Its meaning here is two fold. First, don’t get worked up about leaving Birtherism, just do it. You’re not leaving anything of value behind. Second, it is a reference to the Fatted Calf in the parable. The Fatted Calf should be given, and not retained by the offeror, hence, “Don’t have a cow, man!”

Note 3: The Image above is from the 1937 Oswald Rabbit film, The Mechanical Handy Man. As a side note, no cows were harmed in the making of that film, and Bossy made it safely down from the electrical lines.

A Conundrum Of Competence, or, The Tao of Poo (Part 2 of the Birther Feud Trilogy)

Sometimes A Screwball Is Exactly What Is Called For

This is the second part of the Birther Feud Trilogy and deals with the schism between Dean Haskins of The Birther Summit, along with his supporters,  and Orly Taitz, Esq.,  the most well-known Birther attorney.  The numbers in parentheses refer to Note 1 below, which identifies the source Internet Article. The first part of this Trilogy, may be found here:


First, let us examine the basis for Haskins’ negative assessments.  He states:

At issue are two dynamics concerning Orly Taitz I believe need to be addressed—namely, a lack of understanding of the law, and a megalomaniacal persona. (6)

Haskins provides numerous examples, including this one:

Orly released a list of 22 witnesses that she has supposedly “served,” even though she never actually went to the trouble of doing what one must do to obtain proper service, so, any of those 22 who don’t actually reside in the State of Georgia have not actually been served, and have no legal reason to respond or appear. Any of them may choose to ask the judge to quash a subpoena, but that would be out of respect for the court and the legal process, and not because there is any validity to the subpoena itself. In fact, any such motion to quash would likely include the fact that the subpoena is legally invalid as a reason for it to be quashed.

Interestingly, one of the “witnesses” Orly lists is “Custodian of records Assissi [sic] school Jakarta, Indonesia;” so, not only does Orly believe that Georgia somehow has jurisdiction over Hawaii and other states (which, it doesn’t), she seems to believe that it has jurisdiction over Jakarta, Indonesia as well. Are you beginning to see the problem here? (6)

Haskins follows up in his next article with the Taitz personality issues:

This is one of the issues I have already discussed—that everything from Orly seems to come with her own flavor of spin. And then, once the spin has been made, it is blindly believed by people (who just want so badly for it to be true), and it starts getting posted around the internet. Problem is, when it turns out that it wasn’t entirely true, the only recourse Orly has is to scream “corruption!” (5)

As we have all come to expect, Orly continues to show the most debased levels of egomania, and still tries to attack others who have worked on this team as long as she has. She still has all the graciousness of a cactus loofah, and the attitude of a spoiled brat child (who is the only one who deserves your donations, and if you don’t donate, you’re an Obama operative).

So, again, when we’re on the other side of this HEARING, and it turns out I am wrong, I’ll freely admit it. However, and unfortunately for our side, I’m not wrong—so get ready to hear endless wails of “corruption.” And, I do want to make a side note here before signing off: Orly’s incompetence is, by no means, to be construed as an indictment against the other two hearings that will take place. Both of those cases have real attorneys involved, so I am hopeful that they will be able to produce positive results. It’s funny . . . I haven’t heard those other lawyers publicly proclaim ME, ME, ME even once. That alone gives me some hope about their cases.(5)

He says worse:

Believe me, I understand the principle of flinging enough poo against the wall in the belief that, eventually, something will stick; and generally, I know that, in the right situation, that can be an effective approach. Unfortunately, in this instance, it has not been; and my gut feeling is that both the Hawaii and Georgia courts have intercepted the proverbial poo before it has hit the wall, and very soon, will be tossing it at a fan. (6)

And, continuing the scatological comparison, he states:

Well, it has come to a point that some of us have stopped and tasted what is being tossed into the community trough, and realized that it doesn’t taste like meat at all. In fact, it tastes like something that the cattle have previously eaten. And, while I choose not to partake of that, I had also held my tongue “for the sake of unity,” even though most of the leaders in the movement, with whom I would converse often, would complain about the constant assaults on their palates as well. So, who was I to say anything?

Once that substance formerly known as cattle feed was viciously used as a weapon against folks who are friends of mine, and have worked very hard in this cause, I was no longer able to remain quiet, and I merely started exposing one of the main sources of that which one takes great care not to step in on the farm. (3)

Sharon, I do not write this as a personal indictment against you, but to continue exposing the single biggest problem that exists in our movement. You (and others) might wish that I would just keep my mouth shut and go away; however, I have personally invested much in this movement, so I have every right to sit at this table. The problem is, I will not sit quietly while someone slaps poop on a plate and calls it prime rib.

And, lest anyone try to use the quasi-pragmatic argument about your friend’s tenaciousness, tireless pursuit of justice, and super-human resolve, it might be useful to understand that one can expend unbelievable amounts of energy, and through sheer determination, move a mountain of manure from one spot to another, but actually do nothing beneficial for the field.

It is doubtful that anyone but the dullest among us would ever argue that there is not a vast level of incompetence involved in what we’ve witnessed in all of the dentist’s cases. While we have a contingency who strongly believes that the ineptitude is merely feigned as a brilliant ploy to keep us from ever advancing to a stage of serious discussion of the matter, I will stipulate to the pitiful legal shenanigans (which have doomed us at every step) being the result of honest incompetence, rather than a conspiratorial facade. (3)

Ouch!!! Now, with that in mind, it is my opinion that Haskins has laid a more than sufficient basis for his dual diagnosis of incompetence, a lack of understanding of the law, and a megalo-maniacal persona. But,  in a larger sense, is he correct? Is it time for Taitz to, “understand the damage she continues to inflict on our efforts . . .and stand down.”(2)

I don’t think so. First, let me state that I have always considered Orly Taitz to be the perfect Birther attorney. Her overall intelligence is beyond question. She is licensed to practice both Dentistry and Law. While some mock her for that, I am impressed that she holds two professional licenses. I am more impressed by how she accomplished those feats. English is not her first language, yet she took and passed the California Bar with not much more than a legal correspondence course. She did this while working full time and raising three children.

Now, that being said, Haskins has a valid point about a string of losses in court, and the questionable legal tactics and maneuvers. But there is a concept in law called proximate cause:

Proximate cause is the primary cause of an injury.  It is also known as legal cause.

To help determine the proximate cause of an injury in Negligence or other tort cases, courts have devised the “but for” or “sine qua non” rule, which considers whether the injury would not have occurred but for the defendant’s negligent act. A finding that an injury would not have occurred but for a defendant’s act establishes that the particular act or omission is the proximate cause of the harm, but it does not necessarily establish liability since a variety of other factors can come into play in tort actions.

One can not, in good faith, accuse Orly Taitz of legal incompetence without considering this issue. Is there anything that Orly Taitz could have done differently that would have resulted in a legal victory??? The only thing I can think of is that maybe she and the other two attorneys in Georgia should have opted for the Default Judgment. but outside of that, no. There is nothing she could have done that would result in victory.

Consider that not a single Birther attorney has ever won a single victory in Court. Not a single one. Not Apuzzo. Not Donofrio. Not Hemenway.  Not Kreep. Not Hatfield.  Not Van Irion. Not any of the others. None. And, they are not any more to blame than Orly Taitz on a legal basis. Ethically and morally, I suspect many of these attorneys will spend a lot of time in Purgatory shoveling  that stuff that came out of the cows, as Haskins describes it.

But legally, are they culpable for anything outside of filing frivolous lawsuits? No. First, the two citizen parent theory is pure nonsense. No Court will ever recognize that lunacy as valid.  Second, as Haskins himself points out, Hawaiian law does not permit access to birth records to strangers.  There is no substantial evidence that Obama was born outside of Hawaii. All there has ever been are suspicions. In reality, there isn’t a Birther case. Frankly, the Birthers could resurrect Clarence Darrow and Perry Mason, and put them on the case and the results would be the same.  Except, Hamilton Burger would finally get to remove the goose egg from the  score board.

Sooo, does Haskins have a valid point about Orly Taitz embarrassing the Birthers with her antics? How do you measure that in light of the fact that the Birthers lack of any factual or legal basis for their suits.  Isn’t that embarrassing enough all by itself??? But, on the other hand, Americans do love celebrities.  Even train wrecks like Charlie Sheen get attention.  As Brendan Behan said, “There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.”

Haskins is a musician, and perhaps a musical analogy will help. Do people attend Lady Gaga concerts for her wonderful musical talents, or for the show? The pyrotechnics and the dancing strippers in S&M regalia??? Rightly or wrongly, smartly or dumbly, and morally or immorally, Orly Taitz is Birtherism’s version of Lady GaGa.

Thousands of Obots stare transfixed at her every mis-step, dissecting  her latest miscue with the same thoroughness as the National Transportation Safety Board investigating a train wreck. Meanwhile, millions of Birthers flock to her banner.  Do you think many of those people understand anything at all about Georgia courts and Indonesian citizens and Silly Subpoenas???  Taitz is the soap opera and the melodrama, whether you view her as Snidely Whiplash, or Nell Fenwick. She is the Face of Birtherism, even though Haskins  and more than any other person has kept the Birther case alive in The Court of Public Opinion. Would any of us recognize Hatfield or Van Irion if we met them on the street???

Haskins  made this observation:

This was also demonstrated in Taitz’s involvement in the Georgia Ballot Challenge hearings. The basis of the first two hearings had been underway long before she ever injected herself into the proceedings; and, once she did, the other two lawyers did everything they could to separate their cases from hers—and even symbolically left the courtroom before her “case” was heard.(2)

But isn’t this like Moe and Larry trying to disassociate themselves from Curly??? Sorry, but the three are a team. The other lawyers are just Orly, without the panache. Perhaps Haskins is right that Taitz has brought some Jerry Springer Show vibes to the Birther Movement. Or maybe those vibes were already there and she just tapped into them.  But ask the proximate cause question in reverse. Would there be as many Birthers but for Taitz?  I don’t think so.  She packs them in, and that says more about the Birthers than it does Orly Taitz. What is really scary, to continue the Jerry Springer analogy, is considering that even people who cheat on their lovers with Transvestite Midget Wrestlers get to vote.

Sooo, my advice to those who either recognize, or are coming to recognize, Birtherism as a delusional farce, is to keep on blogging, keep on commenting, and keep on trying  to tell the truth as best you can.  Fight the good fight.  And sometimes . . .  just grab a bowl of popcorn,  sit back,  and enjoy the show.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. Reference Table for Dean Haskin Quotes:

5 HAS ORLY ACTUALLY WON!!! WON!!! WON??? 1/20/2012

Note 2: Screwball: Found in the first Image above.  This word has several meanings.


1. Baseball. A pitched ball (also known as the screwgie) that curves in the direction opposite to that of a normal curve ball. Depending on the pitcher’s arm angle, the ball may also have a sinking action.
2. Slang. An eccentric, impulsively whimsical, or irrational person.

adj. Slang
Impulsively whimsical; eccentric: That screwball proposal won’t work.

Screwball also refers to a comedy genre. As Wiki says:

The screwball comedy is a principally American genre of comedy film that became popular during the Great Depression, originating in the early 1930s and thriving until the early 1940s. It is characterized by fast-paced repartee, farcical situations, escapist themes, and plot lines involving courtship and marriage. Screwball comedies often depict social classes in conflict, as in It Happened One Night (1934) and My Man Godfrey (1936). Some comic plays are also described as screwball comedies.

It has proven to be one of the most popular and enduring film genres. It first gained prominence in 1934 with It Happened One Night, which is often cited as being the first true screwball. Although many film scholars would agree that its classic period had effectively ended by 1942, elements of the genre have persisted, or have been paid homage, in contemporary film.

During the Great Depression, there was a general demand for films with a strong social class critique and hopeful, escapist-oriented themes. The screwball format arose largely as a result of the major film studios’ desire to avoid censorship by the increasingly enforced Hays Code. As such, they were routinely able to incorporate adult, risqué elements, such as pre-marital sex and adultery, into their plots.

The screwball comedy has close links with the theatrical genre of farce, and some comic plays are also described as screwball comedies. Many elements of the screwball genre can be traced back to such stage plays as Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It and A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Other genres with which screwball comedy is associated include slapstick, situation comedy, and romantic comedy.

Note 3. The Tao of Poo. This is a wordplay on The Tao of Pooh, as in Winnie The, which may be found here:


The reference herein is to the way that BeeEss occurs in Life, and moves in its own Way.

Note 4. Conundrum.


1. A confusing and difficult problem or question.
2. A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle.

Here, the answer to the question of Whether Taitz is Competent?, may be found in the caption of the Image: Sometimes A Screwball Is Exactly What Is Called For

Note 5. The Image above is from the 1936 Oswald Rabbit film Soft Ball Game.

Trouble In Birther Paradise, 0r, A Diet of Worms (Part 1 of the Birther Feud Trilogy)

Whichever Way It Turned Out, The Looney Tunes Were Guaranteed A Win

Dean Haskins, organizer of The Birther Summit, must have watched the movie, Patton, and was stirred by George C. Scott’s rendition of General Patton’s motivational speech. Particularly this part:

Americans love a winner. Americans will not tolerate a loser. Americans despise cowards. Americans play to win all of the time. I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed. That’s why Americans have never lost nor will ever lose a war; for the very idea of losing is hateful to an American.”

I guess he got to thinking about it, and realized that Birthers have pretty much lost every court battle they have fought, and Haskins thinks he has discovered the reason. . . Orly Taitz.  The first shots in the feud were fired on January 19, 2012. In Haskins‘ own words, from some choice excerpts in his OF SUBPOENAS, TRIALS, AND A VEXATIOUS LITIGANT:

At issue are two dynamics concerning Orly Taitz I believe need to be addressed—namely, a lack of understanding of the law, and a megalomaniacal persona.

I think we have all been very forgiving of Orly’s numerous legal “missteps” in the past, because we have all believed that she would eventually do something right, and our case would finally be “heard.” I am now convinced that will never happen—at least not at the hand of Orly Taitz

Repeatedly filing  motions and “subpoenas” to obtain something to which she has no legal right is what will eventually win her “vexatious litigant” status.

Believe me, I understand the principle of flinging enough poo against the wall in the belief that, eventually, something will stick; and generally, I know that, in the right situation, that can be an effective approach. Unfortunately, in this instance, it has not been; and my gut feeling is that both the Hawaii and Georgia courts have intercepted the proverbial poo before it has hit the wall, and very soon, will be tossing it at a fan.


This was followed on January 20, 2012 by the analytical thesis,  HAS ORLY ACTUALLY WON!!! WON!!! WON???

This is a follow-up to something I posted yesterday. Before making my observations, I want to make a guarantee. If it turns out that I was wrong in my previous statement, I will gladly state that I was wrong, and issue a full apology to Orly about my legal assessment (which is something I already know would never be a reciprocal agreement). However, I am certainly not prepared to do that today, regardless of Orly’s “I won!!! I won!!! I won!!!” foolishness. You see, unlike Orly, I am not going to look at a cow patty, and assume that because there is evidence of a cow somewhere, I get to serve ice cream to everybody right now. Let me rephrase that . . . SELL ice cream to everybody right now.

This is one of the issues I have already discussed—that everything from Orly seems to come with her own flavor of spin. And then, once the spin has been made, it is blindly believed by people (who just want so badly for it to be true), and it starts getting posted around the internet. Problem is, when it turns out that it wasn’t entirely true, the only recourse Orly has is to scream “corruption!”

I’m not trying to be a downer, or burst anybody’s bubble—but, honestly folks—we need to stop spreading the spin all over the internet, just to be made fools of when what was posted never happens. I’m amazed at the number of people who haven’t figured that one out with Orly yet. It’s just not going to happen like we want it to.


Haskins,  a musician by trade,  must have remembered those well-known lyrics, “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, Guess I’ll go eat worms.”   Either that, or some massive missles of Flying Monkey poo got flung at Haskins, because the very next day we find this . . . HAS DEAN HASKINS LOST HIS MIND?:

Of course, over the past few days, I’ve received some hate mail, but, not as much as one might think. I have received far more messages from those who have basically said, “It’s about time.” So, the Obots hate me because I’m a birther, the Orlybots hate me because I’ve told the truth, and then there is a publicly silent group who chooses to remain Swiss in this matter (now, isn’t that an amazing coincidence?). It appears I may be making myself a man with no country. I’ve heard that island living isn’t all that bad.

There are even those who suggest that what I have said could injure our cause. Well, if you believe that the truth will hurt your cause, then either you are corrupt, or your cause is; and, I’m not willing to concede that our cause is. Nothing I have said can harm our cause, because nothing I have said is untrue. Again, not liking the law, or proper legal procedure, is not a reason to ignore them. And, working outside of them is a formula for certain defeat. It is also worth mentioning the intellectual dishonesty involved in chiding me for telling a blunt truth, but giving incessant passes to the hateful attacks from the she-god.


Lest there be any doubt that Haskins’ ex-communication is in process, here is a communication from an ex-supporter, Sharon Rondeau, Editor of The Post and Email:


On January 20, 2012, I received the following email from you:

I am personally appalled at the defamation of character you have displayed against Orly Taitz. As editor of The Post & Email, I normally keep opinions to myself; however, your egregious attack on her character and efforts is very revealing about your motivation. I am truly shocked at what you have written, for which Dr. Taitz could hold you legally liable.

I will not be publishing anything from The Birther Summit in the future.

Haskins pubished that on February 4, 2012 in AN OPEN LETTER TO THE POST & EMAIL’S SHARON RONDEAU:


The Schism widens. A few days later, on February 8, 2012, Haskins accused Taitz of Gross Diva-ism and impeding Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, in his HAS THE COLD CASE POSSE’S INVESTIGATION BEEN DELAYED?:

Before proceeding, I want to explain something important, as this is crucial to understanding what is repeatedly happening to our initiatives. Orly Taitz seems to display a need to attach herself to every possible aspect of our movement in a tireless effort to remain the self-exalted face of it. When she is hampered in her quests to hijack what others are trying to accomplish (to try to claim their efforts as her own), she will inevitably do all she can to sabotage them.

As most people are likely aware, during a law enforcement investigation, those who are conducting it cannot reveal any of the evidence they are examining, as doing so can often hamper the investigation itself. However, there has been a concerted effort by someone playing the role of an attorney (very poorly, I might add) to either hijack or sabotage this investigation, as was evidenced by her mailing an unenforceable, downloaded “subpoena” form from Georgia’s OSAH website. This was an attempt to “force” Sheriff Joe into prematurely revealing the products of his investigation, which, thankfully, was seen as the ignoble and ignorable act that it was. It was an attempted hijacking.

Being unsuccessful in hijacking the investigation, the next step was, predictably, sabotage. Very recently, she posted this statement on her website: I HOPE ARPAIO IS NOT USING HIS INVESTIGATION OF OBAMA AS A BARGAINING CHIP WITH THE FEDS. THIS WOULD EXPLAIN THE DELAYS.

While there may still be some who believe that Orly Taitz advanced our cause in the past, many now question her motives, and understand the damage she continues to inflict on our efforts. Whatever her motives may be, it is time for her to stand down and let professional law enforcement proceed in its investigation without any further hampering or interference.


Then, on February 14, 2012, Haskins penned the Allegorical,  BREAKING! SURGEON KILLS MULTIPLE PATIENTS. BLAMES HOSPITAL.  It is a quite creative and witty piece, and includes:

What if you read this chilling headline, and further discovered that it was even worse than initially thought . . . that every patient upon whom this surgeon operated died as a result of the surgeon’s incompetence? But, imagine even further that this surgeon had a blog, and on that blog were statements like, “I am, surgeon who does 99%, of work advancing medical, science,” and the posts were full of scientific falsehoods and medical impossibilities, and usually included pleas for donations so that the surgeon could “operate” on more unsuspecting patients?

No rational adult would ever state that this was a surgeon who deserved support and gratitude. No, we would be wondering why the surgeon even had a medical license, and why malpractice complaints and fines hadn’t shut down the horrendous enterprise.

It gets even better. Go here to read the whole thing:


Taitz has responded thusly:

Cannon of Legal Ethics??? I'll Show You Cannons!!!

OK, so I jest a little. Actually, there are two more Internet Articles I have planned to discuss other aspects of this issue. The next one will deal more with Orly Taitz, and her perceived incompetence.

Squeeky Fromm
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Note 1: The Images. The Images are from the 1935 film, The Hillbilly, Directed by Walter Lantz, starring Oswald “The Lucky” Rabbit, and Poodles Hound. More may be found here:


Note 2: A Diet of Worms. This is a wordplay on The Diet of Wurms, about which Wiki says:

The Diet of Worms 1521 (German: Reichstag zu Worms, [ˈʁaɪçstaːk tsuː ˈvɔɐms]) was a diet (a formal deliberative assembly, specifically an Imperial Diet) that took place in Worms, Germany, and is most memorable for the Edict of Worms (Wormser Edikt), which addressed Martin Luther and the effects of the Protestant Reformation. It was conducted from 28 January to 25 May 1521, with Emperor Charles V presiding.

In June of the previous year, 1520, Pope Leo X issued the Papal bull Exsurge Domine (“Arise, O Lord”), outlining 41 purported errors found in Martin Luther’s 95 theses and other writings related to or written by him. Luther was summoned by the emperor. Prince Frederick III, Elector of Saxony obtained an agreement that if Luther appeared he would be promised safe passage to and from the meeting. This guarantee was essential after the treatment of Jan Hus, who was tried and executed at the Council of Constance in 1415 despite a promise of safe conduct.

Emperor Charles V commenced the Imperial Diet of Worms on 28 January 1521. Luther was summoned to renounce or reaffirm his views. When he appeared before the assembly on 16 April, Johann Eck, an assistant of the Archbishop of Trier (Richard Greiffenklau zu Vollraths at that time), acted as spokesman for the emperor.

Note 3: Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, Guess I’ll go eat worms. . . This is a reference to the The Worm Song, of which several versions can be found here. The melody is the same as Polly Wolly Doodle:


Thanks to “G” who suggested this note be added!!!

Corsi, The Hatchet Man, Gets The Axe!!! (Some Legal Advice)

In A Previous Existence, Corsi Was A Lumberjack In A Pulp Wood Factory

Jerome Corsi, PhD., the Birther Agent Provacateur Extraordinaire, got canned from his day job as senior managing director at investment firm, Gilford Securities. He has been employed by the firm since 2010. Corsi complains that he was fired for working on a money-laundering story for World Net Daily, where he is employed in a part time capacity as a writer and assistant janitor.

Corsi said that Gilford notified him Monday that it would file a U-5 form with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, to deregister him from the firm due to “corporate reorganization.”


Time will tell who is telling the truth on this matter, and personally, I wonder whether  he was perhaps sent packing for being a nut. I mean the guy is into all this Obama birth certificate and two citizen-parent Birfer stuff, 9/11 truther stuff, abiotic oil stuff,  and New World Order stuff. I don’t know about the last two of those, but I think I am on firm ground that being a 9/11 Trufer-Birfer is indicative of a strong delusional streak. The kind of delusional thinking that causes people to bet the bank on European Sovereign Debt, and the pet.com sock puppet.  Delusions are not good things in the investment business.

But what I really wanted to do in this Internet Article was to give some legal advice to Corsi.  He is going to have to hire attorneys to help him through this, and I suggest that he hire the Dream Team of  Orly Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, and Leo Donofrio. I am not being sarcastic or anything.

Orly Taitz is nothing, if not a fighter as proven by the number of appeals she files. Leo Donofrio seems to be under-employed and could use the money to pay off some sanctions. He has plenty of time to research the issues, and is not afraid of going all the way back to 1785 to find legal precedents to overturn 1898 SCOTUS cases.  I mean, you just don’t find that kind of dedication every day.  Mario Apuzzo is located right there in New Jersey, so it is just a hop, skip, and a jump over to the Wall Street District for court and depositions and stuff.

Corsi obviously trusts their legal acumen, preferring their legal analysis to the 99.9999% of attorneys who think Obama is a natural born citizen and wonder what all the fuss is about. Corsi and World Net Daily constantly trumpet the findings of each of these attorneys, and you just know they would never do that unless they were really impressed with their legal abilities and talents.

It is true, that none of these three has any securities law background, but a lack of background did not stop them from diving into all this Birther stuff  and coming up with all sorts of new insights that eluded the Brand Name Attorneys and White Shoe Law Firms .  I mean, did Hillary Clinton’s legal advisers realize that Minor v. Happersett was the precedent for determining natural born citizenship??? No. That was Leo Donofrio who discovered that, and Hillary Clinton would be president now if she had been properly advised that Obama was not eligible for the presidency.

Mario Apuzzo is no legal slouch either, and his seminal works on the influence of Emerich de Vattel and French law upon the development of  American Law even escaped the like of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., who foolishly thought it was the English who provided the foundation. Orly Taitz has single-handedly over-turned the outdated twin concepts of judicial immunity and judicial respect, which have long allowed judges in this country to make unpopular decisions with impunity. She has introduced a whole new generation of lawyers to her Moldavan Krav Maga Method of Litigation.

Sooo, in conclusion, I think Jerome Corsi should put them all on his payroll ASAP before Gilford Investments hires them out from under him.  I mean if these lawyers are good enough for Jerome Corsi and World Net Daily to push on the rest  of us,  shouldn’t they be good enough for Corsi???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: Moldavan Krav Maga Method of Litigation. This approach to litigation, with its emphasis on brutality, no rules, and a no frills street fighting efficiency, is based on the Krav Maga fighting method. Wiki says:

Krav Maga  /krɑːv məˈɡɑː/ (Hebrew: קרב מגע‎ [ˈkʁav maˈɡa], lit. “contact combat”) is a noncompetitive eclectic self-defense system developed in Israel that involves striking techniques, wrestling and grappling. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient, brutal counter-attacks. It was derived from street-fighting skills developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, who made use of his training as a boxer and wrestler, as a means of defending the Jewish quarter against fascist groups in Bratislava in the mid-to-late 1930s. In the late-1940s, following his immigration to Israel, he began to provide lessons on combat training to what was to become the IDF, who went on to develop the system that became known as Krav Maga. It has since been refined for civilian, police and military applications.

Krav Maga has a philosophy emphasizing threat neutralization, simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers, and aggression. Krav Maga is used by Israeli Defense Forces, both regular and special forces, and several closely related variations have been developed and adopted by law enforcement and intelligence organizations, Mossad and Shin Bet. Outside Israel, Krav Maga is used by various special police, military and intelligence forces, such as American CIA, FBI, US Marshals, USAF, DEA, Federal Air Marshals, various police departments (SWAT teams), French GIGN, Belgian Army, etc.

A key principle of Krav Maga is finishing a fight as quickly as possible and therefore all attacks are aimed towards the most vulnerable parts of the body (e.g., face, neck, groin, knee, etc.). Because there are no sporting rules, individuals trained in Krav Maga are not limited to techniques that avoid severely injuring their opponents, but training and sparring drills provide maximum safety to the students by the use of protective equipment and the use of reasonable force. For example, kicks to the groin during sparring is commonplace, but groin protection must be worn and students should demonstrate due diligence with regards for their partners’ safety. Students learn to defend against all variety of attacks before engaging in full-contact sparring. Students are taught to respond to attacks in the quickest and most efficient way; a common lesson taught is ‘always use the nearest tool for the job’. This basically means use whichever limb is closest to your attacker at the time and whichever feels most natural. Men and women generally undergo the same drills. It has no sporting federation and there are no official uniforms such as a gi. Usual training attire consists of a t-shirt and loose fitting trousers. Krav Maga is also one of the few martial arts in which footwear is habitually worn due to it being ‘reality based training’. Most organizations recognize progress through training with rank badges, different levels, and belts.

General principles include:

* Counter attacking as soon as possible (or attacking preemptively).
* Targeting attacks to the body’s most vulnerable points such as the eyes, jaw, throat, groin, knee, etc.
* Neutralizing the opponent as quickly as possible by responding with an unbroken stream of counter attacks and if necessary a take down/joint break.
* Maintaining awareness of surroundings while dealing with the threat in order to look for escape routes, further attackers, objects that could be used to defend or help attack and so on.

Default Lies Not In Our Stars – (The Georgia Birther Backstory)

The Empty Chairs Got Paid More Than us???

This has to be one of the weirdest legal stories ever. Neither Obama nor his attorney show up in court the day of the Georgia eligibility hearing. Judge Malihi calls the three Birther attorneys, Orly Taitz, Mark Hatfield, and Van Irion into his chambers and offers them the choice of either taking a default judgment or proceeding to hearing against the empty chair on the other side of the courtroom. Now, if they accept a default judgment, that means they win.

Obama must then work to overturn the default judgment which is not an easy thing to do when your lawyer has filed a response in the matter, you have notice of the hearing, and no particularly good reason not to be there.  Obama would then have had to fight against the rules of civil procedure and the applicable standards and laws which apply. In short, Obama would have had the burden to fight the system. The Birthers would have had their first victory, and the worst that could have happened if Obama was successful in overturning the default judgment, is that the hearing would take place at a new time.

But, the Birther attorneys elected to forego the sure victory and go to hearing. Which they then managed to lose to the empty chairs. Let’s look at the choices again:

Door Number 1. Accept a default judgment, win, and have the propaganda and bragging rights that Obama was scairt to show up in Court.

Door Number 2. Go to hearing and put your evidence into the record, and risk losing if your evidence  is insufficient or the law is against you. (Which it was.)

Sooo, the three Birther attorneys opt for Door Number 2. You can’t make this crap up.

Here is a link to the decision, and the relevant is on page 2:


I suspect that the Birthers may hire new lawyers. Maybe this firm:

One Moe Time???

Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1.  Default lies not in our stars. . .This is, of course, a pun on the language from William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar: The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves if we are underlings.

I have also seen this stated as:

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

Perhaps these words from the play are also applicable:  You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!