When Will The Birthers Use Sex???


Rep. Tex “Tubby” Thompson Didn’t Know It Yet, But He Was About To Become A Birther!

The Birthers are nothing if not persistent, and one can not help but wonder exactly how far they will go to get a congressman to introduce Team Arpaio’s foolishness and call for an investigation into Obama’s eligibility. They have tried some marches and demonstrations here and there, but hardly anybody shows up. Some are hanging off of overpasses with signs. That’s no fun in the summer heat. And dangerous to boot.

They have taken to showing up on radio shows as unannounced callers, and popping into Town Hall meetings like Princess Miki Booth did the other day to embarrass or intimidate their representatives.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them roll in some little kid in a wheelchair that they promised a new bike and X-box to if he would shave his head and hold out a copy of Zullo’s Affidavit to “the nice congressman.” But I also wonder why they haven’t just resorted to the oldest trick in the book and used the “Honeypot.” About which Wiki says:

Love, honeypots, and recruitment

U.S. intelligence services, for example, are concerned when their own personnel could be subject to sexual blackmail. This applied to any homosexual relationship until the mid-1990s, and also applied to heterosexual relationships with most foreign nationals. See honeypots in espionage fiction for fictional examples. In some cases, especially when the national was a citizen of a friendly nation, the relationship needed to be reported. Failure to do so, even with a friendly nation, could result in dismissal.

One former CIA officer said that while sexual entrapment wasn’t generally a good tool to recruit a foreign official, it was sometimes employed successfully to solve short-term problems. Seduction is a classic technique; “swallow” was the KGB tradecraft term for women, and “raven” the term for men, trained to seduce intelligence targets.

During the Cold War, the KGB (and allied services, including the East German Stasi under Markus Wolf, and the Cuban Intelligence Directorate (formerly known as Dirección General de Inteligencia or DGI)) frequently sought to entrap CIA officers. The KGB believed that Americans were sex-obsessed materialists, and that U.S. spies could easily be entrapped by sexual lures. The best-known incident, however, was of Clayton Lonetree, a Marine guard supervisor at the Moscow embassy, who was seduced by a “swallow” who was a translator at the Embassy of the United States in Moscow. Once the seduction took place, she put him in touch with a KGB handler. The espionage continued after his transfer to Vienna, although he eventually turned himself in.

The Soviets used sex not only for direct recruitment, but as a contingency where an American officer might need to be compromised in the future. The CIA itself made limited use of sexual recruitment against foreign intelligence services. “Coercive recruitment generally didn’t work. We found that offers of money and freedom worked better”. If the Agency found a Soviet intelligence officer had a girlfriend, they would try to recruit the girlfriend as an access agent. Once the CIA personnel had access to the Soviet officer, they might attempt to double him.

Clandestine_HUMINT_asset_recruitinghoneypots and_recruitment

Surely there are some hot little Birther chicks who would take one for the team, so  to speak.  Seduce a congressman from a Bible Belt state, and take pictures. The kinkier the better. And there are professionals who would do it for money. It isn’t like your average congressman has a lot of morals to begin with. Once snared, I bet you would see a call for an investigation quicker than you could say junket!

Sooo, I wonder when the Birthers will think of this??? They certainly have the money, and they certainly have the desire.  And, they are not above doing extra-legal things, like applying for someone else’s social security number information. All the necessary elements are in place. Therefore, I think this is just a matter of WHEN, not IF.

Remember, you heard it here first!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Louise Brooks, from the 1929 film, Pandora’s Box. This is a great film!

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7 responses to “When Will The Birthers Use Sex???

  • anotherparadox

    Keep it up Squeeky. I always read and rarely comment. It is interesting how your mind works.

  • Joel Lawler

    This whole “sex” thing could lead to reproduction – who needs another batch of little birthers?

    • ArthurWankspittle

      When I read this my immediate thought was to be reminded of an old comedy sketch which was a charity appeal on behalf of “clumsy people”. The presenter explained that one of the things that the money raised would be used for was providing care for “clumsy children” but so far there hadn’t been any.

      and my second thought was:
      “but you said you were an American citizen….”

  • Thomas Brown

    A foxy Birther? Dang, you really DO have a knack for fiction!

    • Joel Lawler

      Upon retrospection, given the propensities of the birther men, it would be more likely that a pretty little birther twink would be giving it up for the cause. Rambette seems like a likely volunteer!

  • The European

    There is no doubt that Dr. Taitz has used her sex-appeal on those who fall prey to it – men between age 60 and dead. And I admit that her sex-appeal is stronger than Hillary Clinton´s. I am 65.

  • Joel Lawler

    .The European has a point – as a man between 60 and dead, I find Lena strangely (disturbingly) arousing. I have had the good fortune to meet Ms Clinton twice, and she is also quite magnetic in a more wholesome way.

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