Natural Born Citizenship

Below is a detailed explanation of natural born citizenship and debunking of the two citizen parent theory and other BILGE. (Birther Imaginary Law Governing Eligibility).


Click here for a PDF of the memo.


If you don’t want to read the whole 50 pages, then click here:

Spoilers NBC


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

5 responses to “Natural Born Citizenship

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  • Doctor Reno

    Nice bit of propaganda. Just enough facts to infer that Barry soetoro-soebarak-Obama is a citizen (where no proof is in evidence) while avoiding altogether the fact that: a.) there is a whiteness to his African birth, but b.) no witness to a supposed Hawaii birth.
    Further, the fact that no proof of citizenship nor of formal ID was forthcoming by the due date of election day and that any and all “proof” offered by persons on behalf of soebarka-soetoro is after the fact and is therefore as illegitimate as the candidate himself.
    To clarify for the haters, I.e. democrats here it is a PREREQUISITE for candidacy that proof must be provided NOT a matter to be later proven or disproven. Meaning if you cannot prove you are a qualified candidate PRIOR to running you cannot be on a ballot and cannot be in the running.
    As a side issue (also side stepped by you) no constitution provision allows an american citizen to nominate, vote for, or have ratified thereof any person or allows to be sworn in into any public office who’s provision is an absolute qualification for such swearing in to allow any such constitional mandates to be waived, ignored, or otherwise set asside as was illegally done in the case of mister soetoro-soebarka-Obama and in that no such proof was forthcoming by this man he could no run and could not be elected, QED. The man, whoever he is, is NOT president and ignoring, lying and misstating the facts does not make him president.

    • Rick Bulow

      Squeeky is speaking out against the birthers who claim Obama is not born here. he most certainly was born here and as such is a natural born citizen and is there eligible to run for president. so you best stop lying.

  • whatever4

    “there is a whiteness to his African birth”

    Interesting slip of the keyboard, eh?

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